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Search engine optimization wise choice of network marketing

in E-commerce mall, the emergence of the shop successfully get consumers talent shows itself,? This has become a problem for those who choose to engage in e-commerce have to face. Shanghai dragon, also known as search engine optimization, the network marketing is undoubtedly a very wise choice. In the tide of e-commerce era, the traditional marketing way is obviously just by advertising be inopportune or inappropriate, the traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other means, so that the effect of harvest has been greatly reduced, came into being under this condition more new network marketing, forum marketing, such as mailing lists, online advertising Links, exchange, and in these new methods can be said that the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) is the most effective way of marketing, because those before the targeted users does not necessarily require businesses needed goods, is not a specific consumer groups, and the network marketing means if the improper use of often will cause consumer resentment, resentment, and when the Internet users use Google search, love Shanghai A search engine to search, they tend to search the goods have a certain degree of demand, so we can say that the search engine optimization and other network marketing more targeted, more likely to produce good results so as to improve the quality of the goods sold to the sales network and shop popularity, credit and so on fast.

How to

at the same time, compared with other network promotion methods, search engine optimization has absolute advantage on cost, because in the network promotion through the network advertisement, bidding promotion way, often need to promote a great cost, like Sina, YAHOO and other advertising in the portal to the cost is a costly can not afford the expenses for entering the e-commerce industry businesses, and for promotion in this way will affect their sales profits, or occasionally is feasible if things go on like this.

for Internet users accustomed to the survey results show that users use search engines when they often only pay attention to the first page of search results in front of the location and ignore after retrieval, and through the search engine optimization, businesses can put their search rankings to a more significant position in order to get more the attention of consumers, so the choice of the Shanghai dragon network marketing for their online shopping mall, shop network promotion, often get unexpected good effect.

in recent years, with more and more families have computer, the development of the Internet has reached an alarming rate, and online shopping is known as accepted. Whether large appliances, audio books, snacks or clothing, more and more consumers choose online shopping through the way to get the goods they need, Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong, where customers and other shopping sites to seize the e-commerce market great e-commerce fast for a time in our country, more and more a person with breadth of vision to join in the meantime, and get a great success.

According to a

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Shanghai to promote the quality of love keyword optimization guide

power hitsIn addition,

is suitable for PC search promotion additional style promotion:


optimization is through the promotion of quality, performance factors to affect the quality of. Specifically, we can optimize the ranking and optimize the target page and optimize three aspects of creative.

ranking directly affect the promotion of the results of the click rate. The left high ranking promotion results, more likely to attract users click. So the optimal ranking can significantly improve the quality of.

optimization of the target page is: according to the link to the page content of creative writing. The creative point, to find the access to URL links in Web pages.

The key of The applicable conditions of style

optimization page

1: optimization and promotion of landing page ranking correlation

wants to know about the quality of the optimization techniques, to sort out the quality of what are the influencing factors:

high quality of the benefits are: for advertisers, can obtain better rankings with lower click price, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. At the same time, improve the quality of the degree, the advertisement may jump left, increase the click rate. The search for users, users search more interested in, click on the more people, visitors experience better, the higher the degree of quality, to help improve the user experience.

we all know, ranking by quality and offer mutual influence. So when the degree of poor quality, increase keyword bid, get better ranking, so as to realize the quality promotion.

optimization ranking promotion landing page relevance and creativity, you can also pay attention to love Shanghai promotion to create a large number of attachment style for your promotion.

when the Internet was creative selling point to attract point into the web page, but can not find the corresponding content, most people will leave the site. The target page high bounce rate will affect the quality of the performance of Oh, it is not recommended to exaggerate, not true of the description in the creative.

love Shanghai in the promotion of quality is a key attribute, it is the love of Shanghai to promote the system according to the creative quality, click rate, account structure, the history of the account (the account into other keywords keywords time, account of the hit rate) of various factors such as the calculated value. In the accounts, the quality is divided into 10 levels, 10 stars and 1 stars is the difference is.

style name value < >

Optimization of

second: inventory promotion style

they can make your promotion more attractive, promote the overall hit rate increase, and thus enhance the quality score.

optimization ranking

next, we will help the inventory of the various hits the additional style for your promotion.

ranking method

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You still are confined to the old idea of Shanghai dragon

new idea: good update, bad mood will not only update the content more, useful to the user.

good mood will be updated, not updated. Please rest assured, this Wang Shifan station to do a test, new and old station can, problems can be to shoot me. Of course, if working in the company, supervisor or boss for every day of the new data, then, according to their request to do, remember, only to update the useful information, pseudo original and how, my website can stick to the user, the search engine also flatter the user is god.

1. old idea: every time to update the original article.

Wang Shifan found that the personnel of the enterprise website optimization too much of the Shanghai dragon Manual: daily update + daily chain. In the face of such a routine, you ask yourself is not in use, if it is, please tell yourself "within a year, or if in accordance with such a routine to work, must be laid off!" said these words, Wang Shifan is not alarmist, but not the fact that curry favour by claptrap, and listen to me slowly to.


old ideas of "original content update" refers to what? Most enterprise website optimization personnel is a manipulation, to find information in digital library, and find the relevant information to the enterprise web site update. As a registered company, we find in books, and then copied to the site, to the second day Shanghai is indeed included. But, do you think useful? Useful to the enterprise website? Useful for enterprise potential customers? Useful for search engines? All useless, those not reflect the service content of the enterprise, the enterprise is not more potential customers need to find information, so that users do not need to search engine. What are you doing site? Drop right! K! This is why many of my friends asked Wang Shi fan "why my site is the original content, search engine is also included, but I drop right or K stand?" the reason.

!< >

"every quantitative construction site outside the chain", a simple word, but tired N webmaster friends and Shanghai Longfeng workers. In the days before the chain resources shortage under the Internet environment, it is tired and tired. Despite this sentence, the liberation of their own! Shanghai dragon forum, IT forum, the forum of stationmaster everywhere outside the chain, can be used to exchange Shanghai dragon industry knowledge forum can have several? Not polite to say, only the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, basically is a chain of camp. We have no reflection? The chain, do in the forum signature, what good can enhance the weight of the rankings??? Or to the site to bring order? Estimated only advantage is to attract spider crawling, no other good

2. old idea: every quantitative chain.


new ideas: only lure users to browse the web site of the chain.

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Each site should seize the chance to fall in love with the sea

in fact we see this title was confused, here to explain. We all know that love Shanghai click principle, is also the top twenty websites can enjoy the click principle. If your website in the top twenty, if you click on more than the first, then tomorrow to update your ranking will be to love Shanghai home. This is the legendary click principle, we may ask what does this have to do with a chance to love Shanghai. Because of this opportunity principle is according to the principle to click. Because the search engine only your website mentioned on page second first page to know your website user experience is not better than the current page of these websites.

impressive art just make people feel the real value and find everything fresh and new, not. If you want to have a real value to the users, we also need the content. Can attract or to solve the user difficult content, which is required by the user site. Of course, this is a function of demand, of course, if we can meet. First time users are satisfied, the next encounter similar problems I believe will come to our website again.

if you are selling products of the site, you must clear their site’s core competitiveness. To express their core competitiveness, that is to say to the user a reason to choose our website. For example, either you or a good service, good quality, low price and so on either. Our rural words you must have a three sihde.

said these are some things about the user experience, these things should be done well in the early stage, but today we want to say is love Shanghai give us this a chance to enter the home page. >

means that each site as long as you can with the strength of the top twenty, but this time the search engine will give you a chance to enter the home page. The observation and practice of many sites and keywords that experience. In fact, of course, when the site into the top twenty, this time not to fight the update and the chain. The chain can only help you squeeze into the top twenty, but it is very difficult to help you in love with Shanghai home. The reason is because of the principle of the principle and click, click on is how to do, click on the principle is based on the principle of the user experience and come. You want to, when a site is when users click on the more, this is of course the users love the site. The search engine is such a judgment, the above is to tell you clearly principle. The next is to give you some practice.

said some of the experiences of author in these aspects, the author observed a lot of websites and keywords. When you can enter the keywords from page second page when the first day we may feel very fresh, never seen this website. Look at the others and what is not the same place, the first time may enter. But if the first time you cannot attract people, give people a good impression, they may never give up your web site. So in this respect our website in terms of style or art must be impressive.

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Yu Minhong if the company was founded at the beginning with Xu Xiaoping, New Oriental will dieHow to

I have a point of view, according to different periods, different stages of development, with different people.


as a partner!

went through Mr. Yu’s account to see how the golden age of China’s partners was dying out.

business model: my business model is reasonable and effective, whether there is room for improvement, how much space, how to improve? Whether you need to completely change, transformation or upgrade, how to reform, transformation and upgrading? What are the key success factors of the business model, how to capture and create these critical success factors of

, for example, New Oriental was later able to do big, of which, on the one hand, did not ask Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping to help me back from the beginning.

8, strategy implementation functional strategy: is my capital structure, organizational system and management system suited to my business strategy and business model? How do I need to improve, optimize, change or change?

strategy is the enterprise according to its external environment and internal resources and ability, for enterprise survival and long-term stable development, to gain new competitive advantage, the general ways and means of enterprise development goals, achieve the goal of the plan. When you think about a company’s strategic planning, which aspects will be analyzed? This article will analyze how to complete the systematic thinking of the company strategy.

uses different people at different stages and stages of development. When Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang left Yu Minhong to reflect the new oriental history, he says, different times will change accordingly, with the help of New Oriental family business early strength bigger, so from the beginning, Wang Qiang did not ask Xu Xiaoping to return. With the development of the company and family members becoming obstacles to the development of New Oriental, Yu Minhong began to introduce foreign talent, and successfully promoted the New Oriental into a new stage of development.

since 1995, I have been deeply aware that family members will become a barrier to the development of new oriental. Based on this, I go abroad to university students, secondary school students recruited back, they from talent to >

5, the competition: what are my own industry benchmark enterprise? Why are they successful? What should I learn them? What is the business model of competition and the key points of my success? How do I face the competition will evolve? Who are the rivals, where their competitive strategy and competitive advantage what? I and competitors, what advantage is, where is the gap? Competition strategy, mode and strategy should I choose? How do I start

7, capacity, resources and threats: what are my core competencies and resources? What are my weaknesses and threats? What this means is that the ability and resources, vulnerable and threatened? Can they influence me where to go, go, go far?

if you start with Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping, New Oriental might soon die,

, for example, is not good for management. With the new development and growth, the company continued to introduce foreign talent, family cultural level and management experience are inadequate, but also kibitzer, other employees easily without a sense of dignity, regardless of occupation manager or a teacher, they have long endure it.

– – –

teacher Yu Minhong at the beginning of this year, a new book, "" do the right thing at the right time, he reflected in the book, when Xu Xiaoping Wang Qiang left the history of New Oriental, he exposes Xu Xiaoping: I will call out to the board of directors, because Cao Cao Liu Bei is more suitable than

3, the business structure: I should go into business areas, which exit what business field? How to enter, how to exit? In my case, the optimal structure of the business is what? Why? The adjustment and optimization of business structure should consider what factors? Since the world history of business and Chinese reform and opening up, what are the reference even imitate the successful mode of the business structure of the enterprise, which need to beware of the failure of the

Abstract: different periods, different stages of development, with different people. When Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang left Yu Minhong to reflect the new oriental history, he says, different times will change accordingly, with the help of New Oriental family business early strength bigger, so from the beginning, Wang Qiang did not ask Xu Xiaoping to return.

trap?4, ? value chain competition?

1, work plan: I should be thinking about a "Gangjumuzhang, commanding the overall situation and feasible work plan" from what? The next five years, three years or one year work plan should be how to develop? What to do, how to do, why do? Can achieve what kind of strategic goals and performance objectives, how reach

Wen / Jun Jun, chairman of consulting group Wang Mingfu

The analysis of

6, opportunity analysis: what opportunities do I face, opportunities for Industry and opportunities for capital markets? How can I seize these opportunities? What are some other examples that can be learned and imitated?

?The analysis of ?

if they were used in the first place, the company could soon die. Because I can’t lead them, and I can’t afford their satisfaction. So, when I first set up new Oriental, I used family members, such as my brother-in-law, my wife’s brother-in-law, and so on. During this time, of course, New Oriental does not have what is called a modern structure, but at that time you don’t need to monitor your finances, even if he corrupt your money every day. Work doesn’t take time, because it’s family. But if it keeps going on like this, it’s going to be a big problem.

left, left Teacher:


2, evergreen: how to build a century old shop, to achieve evergreen

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51, school, occupation, home, ants, China SNS who can laugh in the end

51 user base data, said it has billions of dollars, and its brilliant point is that for the lack of interest in the city of two or three levels of hormone secretion exuberant children, provides a network entertainment city. Although the industry’s evaluation of 51 is complex, 51 is sure to make money because the Chinese are willing to spend money on the relationship between men and women. From Avatar to casual games, 51 of the pace is no problem.

campus users base of about 20 million, has swept the Chinese universities. Originally, they are the most like Facebook, but the name on campus will bind them for a long time and hinder them from setting up an off campus network. Barracks of the students, the school after graduating from school to go abroad? So, money is not difficult, it is difficult to return to scale


seat, will the wind gone, because the market has been the first university campus, really do not need second things to occupy, as like as two peas two? And the seat always love to make simple things complicated.

at home, all of China’s SNS users experience the best one, IT white-collar is its core users, from the value of investment to do white-collar market points. If you don’t make mistakes, the domestic market is promising, because of the need for such a mature real social network.

The development of

ant is finally on the SNS striking one snag after another, on the road, but just get lost. Its slogan is to Bo Friends, blog import is its characteristics, there are major BSP suspects. Ants have been advertised in the past to explore the social business route has been drifting away, the reason is very simple, business and blog is basically two groups. The target group positioning ants are still vague, uncertain.

SNS business model is not complex: identify your target customers, and let them build a deep relationship, but also to help you build channels, and then large-scale distribution of products or services.


Zheng Min: a researcher on human travel behavior, an outdoor travel consultant, an Internet professional.

China Adsense QQ group: 48331115 (Note: Webmaster) Zhejiang Internet practitioners QQ group: 41354957 (Note: Internet), please don’t repeat to join,


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Do web site to catch a early

, it’s been two years since we started doing it. Because of the lack of knowledge and experience, we seldom send articles on the internet. But the webmaster home page article, I must see every day, what difficulties, always on Adsense search. Recently, several Agricultural Bank of China MM came to the unit to pull us to do "civil service card", in a detailed understanding of it, just know that this "civil service card" is actually a kind of credit card. So I have a lot of interest in credit cards. I want to make a website with the credit card as the theme. Coupled with the previous experience, (Baidu) is included in the reduction, we must find a new site direction. So I took the "credit card" as the theme, and immediately applied for the domain name (

hey, speaking of domain name, I also experienced a detour, always want to register in accordance with their results, neither fish nor fowl, one day in the Baidu search for "experience", you see, the row in front of the website with the domain name what features? Oh ~ ~ is actually a lot of Pinyin, and SEO tutorial all told, but I do not pay attention to, so this time I chose "credit card pinyin" "". With the choice of the domain name, you may want to scold me, why ah wide of the mark is not urgent, immediately start?.

first, think early. Now many friends like to do popular, for example, before I do model station, is chasing hot. But such a station is now too much, and most of them are collected and released, search engines are very offensive, whether it is included or consolidate traffic, are very difficult. At this point, we have to look for those obscure content to do, which requires us to use the development of vision to look at the problem, only in the competition less space, it is easy to win.

second, early deployment. Here to talk about the deployment, in fact, is the planning and promotion of the site, if it is an old hand, here do not read. This is a suggestion for the novice, do point in time, must choose their own familiar tools such as CMS, DEDECMS and PHPCMS move easily, and so on, so that you can easily on the site to express their ideas, not to waste time on learning template production. With thinking, you should immediately deploy the site layout, website content, site name, website server, website publicity and promotion measures, it is best to set a timetable for yourself.

  third, act early. It has been said that failure is the mother of success, but I think the action is the mother of success, whether it is a good idea, must also be confirmed by the practice. Dear netizens, in fact, you have a lot of good ideas in mind, but can not linger, always doubt yourself, I can do it? Please believe yourself, you can certainly. The key is to think early, deploy early, and act early. The early bird catches the worm。 Oh, ~~~



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5 years of my 5 years webmaster life

university is the major of computer science and application, now also did not want to know is a kind of luck or misfortune; and the Internet was just the first job just graduated from the University for 03 years, when the software is made in a state-owned enterprise in Xiamen; at that time it’s no exaggeration that Chinese three Internet only in Xiamen City, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen; visible Internet atmosphere of Sheng, then a lot of well-known Internet companies and personnel from Xiamen; China station hooligan,, resource of top-level domain name providers, Cai Wen Sheng and his, and many well-known IDC; and then the first personal webmaster are held in this beautiful city, this beautiful garden city, the development with too many people and businesses to the Internet China a glorious page.

Several colleagues around

in external live help a well-known IDC development background, but also has its own website; but also hold now is still very valuable domain; even made some very famous sites do not know to cherish, then expired domain name and give up; now do people do things working technology too little has been done; in software, do the Internet nature be nothing difficult to take advantage of free time; registered the domain name, started a joke entertainment station; there is a small story, the beginning also used the domain name later felt good enough to give up; the foreign professional website website history; history of

web site

should be registered in 2005 April domain name, at that time using the ASP+ACCESS program, unlike now there are a lot of CMS can be used, all the background and front desk programs are written by themselves.

site’s first version of

in May 2005

, look at the website below. Maybe you should remember:

site’s first relatively complete version of

in May 2005

at that time you can also see that I am content and community model, the effect is good, but also began to do online movies and video, taking into account the interaction and upload content of Internet users. The video sites at that time, such as Youku, KU6,6, Tudou, and so on, did not even exist, and even these ideas did not exist.

The Baidu

is very good to me, soon included, because there are many original content website keywords row on the first page, the flow soon after 1000IP, remember the first time 1000IP specially screenshots do memorial; but now the picture can not find to laugh; YY, I regard it as his girlfriend. OK, son, friend, be free to update and disseminate, ha ha, you are almost the starting process; soon also have the effect, a lot of people to my website judges the ten funny website; you can in Baidu search.