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Shanghai dragon every day you are tired of reading what post replies

as the Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon day will do the homework, but only limited to post repling? Do the purpose is to increase the chain. In my last article "DISCUSSION: the site outside the chain is important not important" also said that the construction of the chain is a must play a supporting role, the chain is not the most important, the most important is the site itself first with high quality content, good site navigation clear layout, internal quality and external chain the chain of high quality. But judging from the topic for the construction of the chain is the most essential daily work tired.

forum a topic "daily post, post, reply, are you tired?" a single vote for Shanghai dragon industry colleagues opinions vary, may be different cognitive. But the vast majority of people were tired, because we think this is the job to be done, even if tired also have to do, what do you think of

is the last performance check, through the webmaster tools to check outside the chain, the chain of high quality is really can have certain effect to improve the weight of the website. Make high quality of the chain is necessary but not only the choice of Shanghai Longfeng work, improve the site weight chain is not the only. Shanghai Longfeng do more, improve the site weight more things. For example, the domain name of the website for the weights of the site, age, site server stability, update website, website credibility, website content and its optimization, have an effect on the weight of the site within the chain on the site. Shanghai dragon in addition to the chain construction and important site optimization, high quality website construction.

is followed by the planning and implementation efforts, and never thought of a survey where you should class forum post repling, the plate is suitable for your post, the plate is more suitable for repling, what kind of card is the most worthy of you? Is there a serious summary that send those posts in the forum that plate effect is the best, to search engines, to play the role of the chain, to reprint, there were no serious excel record, compared to make long term, summed up what should often post in the forum replies kantie? Is there a day planned for the forum, a few back a few stickers, stickers, how to post, how to reply? A day to do summary records, check the daily results, you will have a sense of achievement, at least not tired .

why people are engaged in their daily work (post repling)


we have to.

first from the attitude we all think this is the work that must be done, and how tired do not have to continue long-term, monotonous and repetitive movements, who will bother. Why not change a point of view, with questions to see it, to see some interesting posts is not tired!!! Really! Some feel is very annoying, but feel very interesting reading.

tired? why?

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Five pioneering surfer Li Mingshun left for the king to changeshlf1314 webmaster agent alliance is h

2. webmaster only contact with Shanghai. For any ads or links displayed on your resources, you agree to contact Shanghai directly without contacting any advertiser. The equivalent of supporting unique local enterprises. more than one agent, webmaster and a layer of exploitation

3. Shanghai seeks to withhold any taxes or fees from the amount paid to you in accordance with applicable tax laws. before withholding personal income tax, the possibility of withholding tax is relatively large, and the specific rules are still to be determined.

indeed, for Li Mingshun, entrepreneurship is like surfing.

as mentioned above, the advertising alliance does not allow the webmaster to use third party statistics to monitor the click effect, or the presence of clicks and hidden clicks are not statistics. Platform problems, shlf1314 will not be liable for corporate column, so shlf1314 alliance or will reduce the webmaster to join the threshold, the introduction of advertising is relatively relaxed, from advertising began to put IDC advertising can want to know.

entrepreneurial ten years, from the time to the preparatory stage, from the choice of entrepreneurial partners to the industry choice, he has his own experience. He does not shy away from the mistakes he made during his career. After the failure of Tao Tao, he summed up his eight character lesson: "fast is slow, slow is fast", hanging on ‘s signature for one year.

editor’s note:

as early as in 2004, Li Mingshun founded the first project: advertising internet.

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on November 4th


in the era of Internet advertising, he founded a company called "Internet advertising company"; in the community under the wave, and Dai Zhikang micro-blog co-founder Discuz!; in group purchase fiery, founder of the group purchase vertical search poly Amoy network; after the founder of the field of electricity supplier shopping guide is a cheap money cat browser browser in the Internet financial; when the wave hit, join them, founder of the financial vertical search good loan network.

"on the right foot",

1., the station charge us dollars and now it’s rmb. Shanghai will not pay any income balance of less than RMB 740 yuan. Will the paid price for advertising be confirmed?


"entrepreneurial Apocalypse" is a deep coverage of Tencent Technology launched in the second half of 2013. The content includes the most famous companies, stories and characters in the Internet in recent years. They tell the true experiences of Internet entrepreneurs and share their experiences and reflections.

advertising Internet has done for nearly a year, encountered many difficulties. "A lot of website ad bit, although hang up, but still no one is willing to buy, advertisement advocate does not think so valuable." Li Mingshun recalls.

entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, if you can predict ahead of the road may appear traps and forks, the probability of success is higher. So, as compared to the nearly perfect examples of success, entrepreneurs are also eager to gain insight into their own entrepreneurial dilemmas.

in the above project, Discuz is a successful representative and was sold to Tencent in 2010. But since then, the establishment of two projects – poly Amoy network has been abandoned, Choi cat browser is still in transition, did not do so.

said the alliance and alliance is an important source of funding, the owners, advertising click pop into sales alliance alliance, are an important source for the webmaster advertising and benefits, shlf1314 alliance is the webmaster agent, interest may be on sale. Today, the news, Shanghai Search Advertising Co., Ltd. shlf1314AdSense China business, and launched shlf1314ADSENSEONLINE plan, enforced, if the webmaster does not agree, will withdraw from shlf1314AdSense. Re – drafted an agreement on the shlf1314 alliance, which specifically referred to the following changes:

conversion shlf1314 single click the lowest price is 1 cents, equivalent to 7 points RMB. While domestic prices generally go down, and the data do not have third party statistics, the cat alliance only 3 points RMB, the gap between the price will be doubled. The scissors as can be imagined. If you click advertising changed, then shlf1314 League owners wealth is relatively shrinking. If you click RMB, click the unit price down, and regulations do not pay any income under 740 yuan, relatively speaking, the webmaster get the money threshold is too high, or the webmaster will find their own league.

Li Mingshun thinks the right model is at inappropriate times

we are doing, is speculative and checking the Internet business case of China from multiple angles, business sense summarizes the most shocking truth based on naked entrepreneurship.

see good loan network CEO Li Mingshun, it is already 9 in the evening. He was wearing a good credit net T-shirt and just finished his team meeting. After the interview, and will soon go to the next event.

4., I noticed that shlf1314 ads began placing IDC ads and other ads that they hadn’t seen before. Obviously, there will be some big moves.


‘s summary of the past is for a better start.

shlf1314 alliance is agent is assured, a mandatory agreement to bring some impact some webmaster is huge! Has been shlf1314 and $RMB price difference caused by advertising dollars enthusiastic webmaster. Is now converted to RMB, although money or money, but one of the changes that make money will be devalued, the interests of the owners or will be hurt!

local agents have many active factors, unfavorable to the webmaster

good loan network is already Li Mingshun micro-blog fifth pioneering projects. In his words, he is a restless man.

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Interrogation 12306 three loopholes hundreds of millions of users may disclose information

September 28th evening news last night, the network exposed 12306 another more serious problem is found, the existence of serious security vulnerabilities, may disclose user information, and other people can modify the user name and password through the vulnerability of arbitrary, booking, refund and other operations. In this regard, Sohu IT visited experts in the field of industry security. Through 12306 exposure problems were analyzed, experts said, 12306 site security risks have reached a very serious level, if not promptly upgrade blocked, hundreds of millions of user information may leak.


Sohu IT exclusive anatomy 12306 site structure diagram

exposed vulnerability is only the tip of the iceberg,

According to the

network exposed 12306 security vulnerabilities exposed, Sohu IT visited network security experts, security treasure CEO Ma jie. Ma Jie was a rising company’s technical engineer, with more than 10 years of security experience.


network security experts, security treasure CEO Ma Jie

Ma Jie told the Sohu IT said, "the network has exposed the vulnerability, or general vulnerability, and the most serious vulnerabilities, they can affect the entire database security, to have purchased a ticket information users, have a certain risk of leakage."

users is responsible attitude, open only a portion of these loopholes, white ink words and screenshots, but did not disclose more user information. Ma Jie analysis said, compared to industry and commerce, taxation, public security and other information systems, 12306 is also a very important site, related to tens of thousands of people, but its security is still relatively poor. Senior security experts and more powerful hackers, you can enter the database. "Unauthorized, inconvenient access may involve a large amount of user information."".

"we did site security tests, 90% websites have security vulnerabilities, including 20-30% there are serious security vulnerabilities. "12306 has reached the most serious level," said Ma. "As a technician, he has seen a lot of holes from the outside.". If you have the authority of the relevant organization, or he can demonstrate to the media on the spot of its problems.

earlier, micro-blog screenshot 12306, the site’s internal code (such as Figure), was a lot of Internet users tucao. Ma Jie analysis, the code is relatively junior, is one of the reasons for the slow Web site. Because of the technical language such as "like" and "%", it is a kind of fuzzy matching, which is very inefficient, and the general website uses this matching as little as possible. "And Internet users can easily go in, calmly screenshots, from the side shows that its security is not enough."


micro-blog exposure 12306 site inside >

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Good station user experience, you must first learn to figure out the needs of users

station optimization is a key ring for website optimization, especially this year, Baidu update Scindapsus and pomegranate algorithm, we can see the Baidu algorithm to more high-quality user experience. In the SEO and the user experience on the balance, webmasters will tend to SEO, resulting in the abuse of anchor text, keyword stack and so on, although this is to enhance the site’s ranking, but this is the original intention of the website and let the user’s aversion to draw further apart, the content of the website, this ranking is not stable.

if you do not pay attention to user experience will allow the user to generate resentment, then we need to consider the needs of users, the only truly meet the needs of users is truly effective and qualified station optimization. In this regard, how do we figure out the needs of users? And how to do the station optimization according to the user’s needs? The following author share some of his personal views.

1: to provide users with really convenient and quick anchor text in the station

anchor text appears in the station, in addition to convenient search engine spiders can more in-depth climb to our site, more important role is to facilitate our users for more in-depth browsing. And we found that many optimization personnel often just fancy the SEO ranking effect, so constantly inserted in the content of some irrelevant, and the user does not click on the value of anchor text. Although these anchor text can make more deep crawling, ascension ranking, but this for the site’s long-term operation, it is very unfavorable. We need to correct this kind of anchor text for SEO and try to figure out what the user cares about, and how to let the user find the content he wants through the anchor text inside the station. Just like the anchor text shown below.

although the "more" in this picture is not the keyword we want, it has no effect on ranking, but it is very useful for users. Users can be more convenient and quick access to interested columns, greatly enhance the site’s user-friendly experience.

two: learn to skillfully use questions to meet the content requirements of visitors

for our visitors, a lot of people tend to come to my site with questions, especially in some medical, learning and training platforms. And if you look at your background traffic statistics, you’ll find that part of the traffic comes from some search seekers with questions. Users come to our site, just want to help them solve their problems and satisfy their curiosity through the content on our site. If we properly incorporate the title of question into our content, I think it will be more user-friendly.

through the author’s own analysis, this kind of questions with the title of the content, often reading rate is very high, and jump out rate is low. We should learn more about this model, especially in some medical, learning and training sites.

three: know how to select quality content for users


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Personal Adsense make big money, good foundation is the most critical

building a website is like opening a company. Before you start a company, you need adequate preparation. Who dares to fight the battle that is not sure? Of course, in the establishment of a web site before, also need to have adequate preparation, although the site did not open the company is so troublesome, but the site also need to spend money to manage, otherwise, how can the site become climate?. So, what does the stationmaster need to do before building a station to be able to make his website operate normally, or even good enough?

1, sign up for a good domain name

domain name is the cornerstone of the network, is the site of the school number, characterization of a web site, the webmaster in the station before, must seriously register a website related to its own domain name. According to the domain name, your website brand website to register the domain name, but not too long, so as to be easy to remember, so as to make your site more easy to remember. And a simple and profound significance of the domain name is also conducive to search engine optimization, because the domain name and also has a direct relationship, so for the webmaster, in the site before to register a good domain name has been a small step.

2, select a good host service provider

why choose a good host service provider rather than buy virtual host good? Because a virtual host speed, stability and safety are all service providers directly, if the owners can choose to a good hosting service providers that need not worry about the quality of the host, even if the host fails. Customer service service provider service well done, so also does not affect the development of the site and the mood of the webmaster. Due to the current lack of understanding of the innumerable hosting provider, IDC industry webmaster, this time can be on the virtual host to select the evaluation of network service providers, through the evaluation of users to make a comparison of these service providers, the webmaster want to buy a good virtual space is not so difficult. Always more than their own blind bump, and finally buy a frequently trouble host, more worry. With the opportunity provided by the professional platform, choose a good space for your website, so as to provide a high quality network environment for the operation of the website, and this is also an important foundation for the success of the site.

3, accurate positioning of the site

is the domain name space and the webmaster can everything is ready except one crucial element. Front said, do the station is like opening a company, open the company need to do planning, that site also need to do integrated planning. Don’t look at the integration of planning seems very profound, is actually very simple, as long as the webmaster in site before think about what you want and what kind of station, what is this station profit model, and give the site a good name is planning one of them. Do the above, go further to think, if someone has to do the same station than you, the webmaster to go beyond this time, the core positioning website with the webmaster, do stand to find their own ideas to become an independent school their own unique ideas, into the the core of the website, the website of the brand image, do stand purpose, development goals are integrated.

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114, open source can really make grassroots webmaster benefit

once, he wrote an article on the 114 article, that is an analysis of 114 why successful Article 114, successful revelation, now 114, the use of open source event, once again set off a frenzy of speculation, also can let the spread of open source web site intends to build grassroots station long benefit, 114. Open source can really make grassroots benefit? If I dare not agree.

Before the

114 open source, an imitation 114 website source code: MySites, I believe there are built the site through the webmaster friends know this website source code, the source code is free, I had purchased, is also used, but its customer service service. With 114 official words, they open source, that is, will make long-term imitation, copy and profit for the Shanzhai site legalization.

After the

114 open source, I have downloaded 114 source code to install, 114 team and I think, should be a very good team, but in 114 the installation process, after seeing the installation instructions, I feel very disappointed, the installation process it really mountain village no, even better than mysites. Perhaps it is because of their team technology well, in their eyes the installation process may be very simple, super simple, but I like these don’t know PHP rookie, that is quite complex, I spent a good long time did not understand how to install. The installation process is so complicated, I believe that there is a considerable part of grassroots webmaster can’t use 114 source, therefore, the official talk of "the first to make the grassroots webmaster to get rid of the difficulty of choosing the site included bound, just according to their own need to use a little modification to solve easily, so as to save a lot of cost management also, without consideration of technical support problem" has become an empty word, a wishful thinking, if really want to help the webmaster friends, in the hope that the authorities can hold the lofty ideal for the webmaster for the gospel, and further improve the installation program.

in addition, 114 open source, it is only to open? In the NetEase of science and technology of an article in a press "114 open source will wash site navigation market?" in an article, "recently, the domestic well-known navigation website" 114 "" announced the opening of navigation program source code, this is a stone arouses Melaleuca, news of the street, immediately caused heated debate in the industry., a web site that is second only to and, has quickly become the center of the conversation." After reading, I believe we all know 114, why open source

!Familiar with

114. The rapid development of the people know, is inseparable with the popularity of GHOST ylmf disc, the copyright problem is becoming more and more strict today, using the XP operating system. This station promotion has not used, they had to find a new way of publicity, to find new speculation mode, so it there is a open source.

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