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Talk about love sea weight that point thing



weight 0~1

weight 1~2


from zero to a weight weight, is actually a very simple thing, many people can do not know, we have found in Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query a love related to Shanghai, one of the key words, I believe many people before, but it must pass through, must have index of the word and the word to pass, you also have a website ranking. As far as I know a word index ranked in the top fifty by submitting keywords by weight can reach a.

Although This article from Changsha where

love Shanghai officials have repeatedly stressed that no weight said, but still found a lot of people care about love in Shanghai to be able to check the data of weight, so a few, a lot of people don’t care what, here to talk about how to increase the weight is. This article represents only the personal views, not only has the authority, give you a reference.

weight 1~2In fact, the

from the weight of one to two is a process, in a certain period of time in the optimization of a website that love Shanghai traffic forecast when beating in the 98~102 between the weight between 1~2 beats, according to a week of data analysis found that your love Shanghai traffic arrival your natural weight 100 to reach 2

maybe our website main keywords index is very high, the short-term optimization does not go up, but we can use the inside pages to do some competitive heat low, so the ranking is up, you will be able to reach a weight of.

method for weight 1 up to 2 are many, this depends on our optimization technique, in fact, optimization methods comprehensive department’s website, is nothing more than two kinds, one is on the long tail word to get traffic there is a direct brand image to promote our website through the brand, I I believe many people are aware of the role of the chain on the current stage has less effect, more just to attract spider. Through the long tail words to get traffic is short-term development, long term competitive heat, get more Many a little make a mickle. ranking we can certainly get more traffic. As for the long-term development of the company, we are more focused on brand publicity, like the chain of our work is no longer with us. The link, but with the name of our company.

for the optimization method, this article will not say more, the weight is only a reference value only, different industries have different needs, such as some of the industry’s traffic is so big, itself can not be more than. So we don’t go to care about these rankings for some industries we care we need to focus on the good. Small and medium enterprises is more for + natural ranking. It can not only save time but also can achieve good results.

weight 0~1

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Love Shanghai restore included my site experience

I think many webmaster flow mostly from the search engine, of course, does not exclude the part of the site is not entirely dependent on the search, and search in China, non love belong to Shanghai, even if your site in Google ranking how good I want to also not too big, or the most awesome love Shanghai. But if one day you love Shanghai website was not included, how to do, I experienced it in a few days ago.

my site set up time for about two years, but there has been no attention too, and the beginning of April, I want to do a good job in this concentrated station, thus increasing the intensity of the optimization, so that the flow quickly risen from less than one hundred to more than 2000, most of which are from the flow of love Shanghai, so I have some income, but also feel income are not enough, so it has increased the intensity of the optimization, increase the advertising bit. Suddenly one day, on April 13th, I found that I love Shanghai no longer included, I asked a lot in the group, and in the online search, others give a lot of suggestions, including the Shanghai dragon is not excessive, is not being collected to be punished, or other web site a virtual host is not violations, or love Shanghai recently is not normal to wait, these suggestions I has carried on the investigation or testing.

first look at the first point, Shanghai dragon over, I carefully recalled, as if there was an article keywords to stack some more, but I feel it should meet the standards, there is my head of each article are added to the daily anecdote four words, I think is not the reason, so I put seemingly offending Posts deleted, and the majority of the daily anecdote four words removed after a few days in Shanghai or ignore me; then I see second points, is not being collected, I began to view your PV, almost no sudden increase of traces, and the website log, no short time has been repeatedly access traces, it is a wonder, but they have started to look at other stations in a virtual host, look for a long time did not see what was wrong, so it is thought to be love Shanghai recently it is not normal, he was wounded, and may be good, but 7, 8 days, or not, this time I heard people say love Shanghai statistics try, I began to use, there are test Shanghai dragon, I hit 64 points, that "in no ALT img tag information" and "non static web spider crawling caused by repeated, so I began to solve these two problems, after solving the one or two days later, or not, I really Speechless, chose to give up.

day, I suddenly think of it, I want to love Shanghai and Google ads are added three, this is a six page advertising, is not because of the love of Shanghai caused resentment, so I put advertising reduced by three, and Google love Shanghai add up to three, I wake up in the morning of the third day, with the tools of check, actually also included the start, really makes me happy.


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Website optimization core factors beyond the competitors

core two factors: learn to analyze the needs of users, so as to create a better user experience site

; Optimization of !

2) we often found that a lot of the site, the important position of a lot of pictures, such as the navigation directory is also set by the picture, it is not conducive to grasp, it is not conducive to the ranking of the

1) we can search or some user requirement analysis tool to analyze from the drop-down box, Shanghai love, to know what the user needs for our core industries, and what we need is to be able to give the offer, and targeted, according to the importance of layout to the site to

core factors: to learn how to create a search engine to crawl and grab the structure of the website

I think this point for a web site can not be optimized, can get good rankings, beyond our competitors are very important factors:

site competition is more and more big, every day there are more and more sites, always a threat to our every day, we also want to go beyond stronger than us competitors, how can we better than our competitors? I think this is the core factor of every webmaster friends think, we need to think about how to better improve the site weight up, how to improve the keywords ranking beyond the competitors, so today is to share personal experience:

I think we all know, our website is to give users see, only allow users to access our website. To allow them to quickly find the content they want, this site is good, so we need to learn to know what users of content of interest, so we need to take provide:


3) > Society

3) we all know to search engine crawl site structure taken as a tree structure, and the level of not more than three, if the site structure of our confusion, level has four or five, the search engine will not spend more resources to take up your deeper pages, then this website is not conducive to included

2) we can leveraging the analysis, as the saying goes baizhanbudai, we can go to the analysis of our competitors, we can focus on to analysis the good website ranking, their website which content for users is valuable, we have to learn from others.

1) imagine if we open the homepage to flash, is the atmosphere, very beautiful, this is also a lot of companies are still pursuing the way, so this website search engine to our very good web crawling? Our website can have a very good collection of

so the first to build a search engine to crawl the web is the core factor first, so that it can make a good website ranking, can better than our competitors!


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Shanghai dragon love Shanghai know the indirect path optimization experience sharing

we are not seen for the platform to cheer for their own examples do not know, now I want to first contact, should be a drug is to be held before the game optimization. The requirements may be the site, blog entries, and they are given a few articles (posts), that is to put a few articles on optimization. It also very puzzled, about how to optimize the post! Later because of the drugs in the Internet is being Bifakouzhu, banned, so I decided not to do evil, so there is no problem about the post to participate in the competition, also did not think, although also have contact but has not seriously.


optimization love Shanghai know, using a key link to the past to do so much love, Shanghai will finds the word content presented, so when you fell in love with the sea search keywords will be the first time the presentation, most of us are useful to optimize. What about the love of Shanghai know, I think you should know! Love Shanghai know high weight, love Shanghai and the importance of their products, the relevant search ranking will be high, but if there is no other operation more, then the other relevant precise answers will take you to squeeze down the question and answer. Here do not know if you have not understand the point! The anchor text about the above problems in Shanghai even know to love

other countermeasures on site optimization, we achieve the purpose when fast direct optimization can not, then we will be out of the way, this is perhaps a lot of people say to use their own promotion, with the power of the platform to carry out their own website or product publicity of indirect, so there is and how to maximize the value of love the products of Shanghai, how to use the platform to promote and publicize their own websites and other articles. This will achieve their purposes, but in a different way, perhaps in the optimization effect is not obvious, only with the help of these, to grow their own, to make their own website or product to increase the opportunity to show.

contact the day before yesterday I accidentally in a comment in the forum to see, I saw his signature, that is connected to a love of Shanghai know, then post questions, the specific content is: "today to see this post, with the anchor text optimization in the sea look at know! He, with the anchor text is [a] business even to love Shanghai know, know you love Shanghai as can be imagined. Know the content is to promote some business circle! Just look at the first question, did not see the link! (or is there a link, or not), a link will not say no! If it do what explanation! "To see the discussion results. Today I watched some seem to understand.

know the love of Shanghai optimize up, benefit is not small, one is the most direct increase to show the amount of more precise, there is conducive to the promotion and publicity product or web site. Two if the link, so for your own website is a good outside the chain, leaving a bait for your web site. There is a customer will be guided.

A recent

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Zhang Li a beginners understanding of Shanghai Dragon

when I wrote this article I started my first website optimization combat, a client’s case, when doing this case I also think, this article I am to see who wrote to you, I think every novice look? Is this a dragon from Shanghai a process is over, and each have their own understanding of the novice, so I want to talk about my understanding of a beginner in Shanghai dragon. In the eyes of my predecessors Shanghai dragon even sand is not, not to mention the predecessors of fayan. So I decided that I send this letter to me and Shanghai dragon just started, so here is not professional Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but their understanding of the. Chapter I is for Shanghai dragon force nearly 2 months to come into contact with me is a more professional term, search engine optimization in my work since then became the dominant web site, I often read about a website search engine optimization technology, technology and personnel article. Feel a site optimization is not very difficult, but anyone can learn the basis of these, just a lot of people know and implement, but the real Shanghai dragon than I saw on the Internet more.


Zhang Ligang has just begun to learn, master taught me the meaning of the code is HTML and domain name meaning and so on, he told me about a Shanghai dragon er must understand how a web site is established, and an important part of "the code is closely related to the optimization. I saw an article that "if you can’t finish manual code of a web site, then you are not a Shanghai dragon". Shanghai dragon circles predecessors would still give me a lot of knowledge.

is a Shanghai dragon Er we will need to know HTML code, control algorithm of search engine (Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are recorded in the ER they really need to know how much control they do search engines, each detail, algorithm analysis and test with the engine change at any time re recording, analysis, testing, to establish a link) (building links like sales, Shanghai dragon should know basic concept and application of link building strategy, but you will link building doesn’t mean you are a Shanghai dragon), analysis (if you want to know whether the optimization effect of the search engine, pray, that you have to learn to analyze website traffic analysis), follow the search engine rules (the rule of the search engine is for you Shanghai dragon strategy does not violate the rules or policies but most of their benefits and so on). This is the soft for optimization also play a corresponding role, but I have a very good example for the soft and the weight of this, I have a friend who is a PR=7 local portal site for a year, now every day is updated every copy of each big door soft, but also get a good ranking, close to the daily IP 100 thousand and he said to me, he is not particularly concerned about the quality of the content, a little bit pseudo, he only cares about the chain every day, released a large number of high quality the chain exchange of high quality friendship chain.

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Beginner tutorial two flow typesSorry, may reflect the guests, or find a good prostitute who is your

live in a battle, there are rich and powerful: "two rich generation" such as pepper, crazy live broadcast; "bangdakuan" represents as quickly short video broadcast platform, double, panda TV; rub social "like YY, unfamiliar street live broadcast.

drainage: this should be met, it is on the group encountered some people send advertising, what what XX site, how?. If they are true advertising information, then the point in the flow can be considered directional traffic, if he sends the XX site has beautiful pictures, the results go in and see, is a novel station. Well, the amount of traffic you’re entering is garbage flow, because you’re not going to see a novel at all, so you’ll turn the window off as soon as you see it…….

2016 broadcast the key to the development of the industry a year, in this year, the emergence of countless live platform, the industry gradually evolved into a war of chaos.

garbage collection: when we search for something through a search engine, we tend to go to sites that are completely unrelated to the information we search for. The traffic we ordered in is a garbage flow for that site. "Garbage station" mainly on the web site sent a lot of people search, the recent hot news on it, the purpose is only to improve the site traffic, and don’t care whether to enter the crowd help. The flow is mainly garbage flow.

directional traffic: mainly refers to the "right people find the right site", such as my website is to do second-hand housing, and then come to visit my website is to buy or sell second-hand housing. The traffic generated by these people, for my website, is directional traffic. Because their purpose is very strong, there is a very big possibility in our website on our company interest, and then cooperation.

received millions of Yuan seed rounds in June 2015;

directional flow generation: mainly about SEO flow and bidding flow.

industry is concerned with not only the future direction of its customers, but also what major changes it will make in the direct broadcasting industry.

traffic is divided into two main types:

perhaps a lot of people are not unfamiliar with the term "live broadcast", and this term is made by the guest. Because there is no strong capital support, the guest’s first move is to focus on the live broadcast of the amateur. Using a mobile phone to see the daily life of another stranger, the desire to become a spy to open the heart of the user’s key.

garbage flow: mainly refers to someone who inadvertently enters your station or is attracted to your website by what is attracted. But you don’t have what they expect on your site. For example, I searched for Tiananmen on the Internet. I wanted to see the pictures of Tiananmen. The result was a hotel website named Tiananmen. Well, for this website, the traffic I clicked into was a garbage flow because I didn’t have any interest in their hotel and would not produce a specific consumption.

and some others are not one by one examples, we usually own a number of analysis.

no matter how Wangzhuan, you must have a flow. Whether you do your own traffic or buy traffic. If there is no traffic, you can say that you will not have any income.

SEO traffic: mainly through the use of various web site optimization means, so that the site in a search engine in a keyword ranking. For example, I want to learn magic

two traffic types are generated:

rise · decline

garbage flow generation: there are many kinds, but also can continue to extend, here only to explain a few common.


2016 is known as the first year of live, in the mobile Internet tide, a large number of live platforms have been born. With the "thousand war" pattern formed, live broadcast has infiltrated many people’s daily life, but also changed some of the "grassroots" pattern of life.

in November 2015, the company won the fortune fund and Jinsha River venture capital company

in the process of live continuously to the user penetration in it is helpless reflected off, ascended the peak of the broadcast industry in 2016. However, the popular market momentum began from 2017 until the day before a sudden turn for the worse, reflecting off suddenly announced that the "who", which makes the broadcast industry has gradually become the focus of the outside world cold again.

understand notes found in broadcast industry ranked two echelons front, but there is no background, no customers reflect the background of the "lone hero". Since May 2015 on-line start, the guest hits the big user card, uses each kind of method to attack the user. Relatively smooth user experience and high participation, so that reflected in a relatively short period of time to attract a large number of users.

according to understand the notes, statistics, reflecting customers, the financing situation as follows:

because of this, the guest stepped on the national live air outlet, with several successful offline activities, its user volume rose rapidly, financing has become more and more smooth.

one for garbage flow, one for directional flow.

July 2015, Ambassador received A8 music 10 million RMB angel financing;

only a year, live from the capital market darling reduced to a short video foil. Compared to the 2016 wave of financing, this year’s live broadcast industry is more of a topic of reshuffle. Ying Ke prostitute xuanya international, is perhaps a beginning.