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How to use love to do network promotion space in Shanghai

First of all, the new love Shanghai

, do the promotion of soft



space account

promotion videoHere is the

Hello, I am the future. "How to use love Shanghai space to do network promotion" this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, in search of a fall in love with the sea, there will be a lot of related articles. Why do I have around this topic, the reason is that I found some new ways to do network promotion, of course, these are the space for the love of Shanghai. Following on from the future with everyone to introduce a new method under which I find.

image promotionPrinciple and QQ space,

since we want to do promotion in love the sea, then apply for account nature is the first thing to do, the name of this account is the best in our company or brand name, so we started the brand. The head can be used to replace the LOGO company, this can reflect the image of the company and the name of the web site and web site also brought. Write on the company’s business in the space on the home page, you can participate in our specific practice, as shown below.


love Shanghai space can still write text, and we practice in the forum text, put some information related to the product release. The use of some hot topics (industry hot topic) with our information to improve the hit rate. Love is to see Shanghai search site to love Shanghai how much traffic included, which will be in your hair at the end of the article with keywords and web site. Our purpose is to allow only one to improve the site click rate, can bring traffic to your site, so your article included love Shanghai will be higher, your keywords ranking will be in front, so your soft Wen promotion play a role.

space blog love Shanghai as the product of our pictures uploaded to the Internet, you can do the album classification, name of different products or models to classify the product pictures are described in detail, if you remember into words, pictures of products used by others, of course you can add watermark. Love Shanghai space images if included, can be directly in the search engines love Shanghai pictures forum to search, when people click on the picture below the link address when you link to the website up, this promotion effect is very significant. Method of operation as shown below. Click on the "album" upload the corresponding pictures, and then in the "edit pictures" to write relevant pictures and introduce a web site, and then write the name of the enterprise in the title and URL (where the title is very important, convenient to search in Shanghai love in the picture).

video upload video address, it supports Iqiyi, Youku, potatoes, cool 6, sound >


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Website optimization keywords article

Since the Therefore,

ZZD5: the original bokee贵族宝贝 at this site in many websites, get a good ranking. There are two ways. One is to use the search engine promotion directly to get good rankings. For example, love Shanghai love Shanghai League promotion is the way. To love Shanghai certain search fees can get love Shanghai home page ranking. The advantages of this way is the most directly and quickly get a good web site in the search engine ranking. But this approach is not every site can afford. Because love Shanghai promote this kind of method is to rely on money to drop out. But also need the right to formulate promotion plan according to the popularity of keywords in love extension in Shanghai. The following is the author ZZD5 bokee贵族宝贝 for everyone to talk about their own views, say well that please, be grateful! Learn from each other, common development can better help.

did not do very simple. That is not their own website content and search keywords associated with high heat. There are many people who use the search engine to search what you want every day. The highest frequency is recorded in the search search hot words. So I want to do website optimization, use the search hot words is essential. In order to obtain better search rankings, you must.

keyword is so important in website optimization, then the optimization for specific keywords and what to do? Above we know some simple techniques based on keywords of website optimization. Then we further discuss how to make full use of the web site keywords in the search engine rankings. Not everyone has the power to love Shanghai, then only the choice of Shanghai Longfeng this road. The importance of Shanghai dragon and use the station to get more original article spider. It is very important to increase the site of the original article so. Add your site original articles in the theme is more accessible to the favor of the spider. Keywords is also very important in the original article. In the original article appropriate to add keywords and related websites to get better ranking in the search. In fact, according to the method of keyword original articles website optimization is very useful. But few people do.

is very important in website optimization keywords selection. Keywords hot degree directly determines the level of traffic to your website. Want to do a good job in the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, keyword function is very large. So how to choose it website keywords. First, the choice of keywords must be consistent with the content of the web site. If you just blindly choose popular keywords, and ignore the basis of website content. It will cause into the website flow though but the quality is not high. Therefore website keyword selection must choose according to the content of the web site. For example, your website is the movie download station, then you can choose to SEI optimization keywords and movie related search keywords in the rankings. Optimization of relative film resources website is relatively easy to do. But for other types of sites can also use the same method to optimize.

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Shanghai Longfeng electric district website entry optimization five note

: stop the search engine grab tool

2, Robots META label

the start of the game for a long time, the blog has been writing are of no great importance article, a friend suggested yesterday, whether you can write a special suggestions for the contest, I think this is the most practical, today will give players – Website Optimization of the five note, in order to avoid the site into the point of no return ~


two: JavaScript navigation

1, robots file, this file will use a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, including the now mainstream CMS comes with a ROBOTS file, but the file the original intention is good, in order to prevent the crawling of unnecessary files such as admin folder, but according to the experience of some friends will inadvertently, or errors in writing this the entire file, then stop the spider crawling, if business competition website has yet to be loved in Shanghai included the first to check whether the file robots

< html>

due to the electric business circle game is learning Shanghai dragon friends play, but also some extraordinary novice, so need to pay attention to JavaScript navigation, because now the spider is cannot capture these things, if you use JavaScript navigation so please note changes after viewing the

! According to the observation of the

game and no player website using flash, there should be a number of reasons, first we all had an inkling of the FLASH friendliness of spiders or the comparison of emergency no time to do more processing in >

three: too much FLASH

Robots META tag is on the page, used to tell the search engine ROBOTS to grab the page content. The specific form of similar (see BOLD):

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A5 Optimization group comprehensive website Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic manual.

at present, most of the enterprises in Shanghai dragon know very little, with the liberal boss after seen Shanghai Longfeng effect, one is the choice of the Shanghai dragon outsourcing company, is a choice of Shanghai Longfeng staff professional, but a lot of the time, the two Shanghai dragon have encountered a problem: Shanghai the Dragon is unreasonable and there is no clear direction in Shanghai dragon. Because they are not targeted for understanding the direction of corporate profits, may have a preliminary understanding, but only on the charge of speculation, the speculation really got the actual work is not enough or even terrible.

1, Shanghai dragon direction of unreasonable selection of

at present, enterprise website is a kind of stand up, small and medium-sized enterprises also need to carry out network marketing through the Shanghai dragon this very cost-effective way, but the lack of correct choice in Shanghai Longfeng road. Especially for the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon, in many cases, internal risks and external performance is echoed, is very typical, this time we need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, this is our A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon) to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service of the mind, to solve the hidden Difficult miscellaneous diseases for the majority of enterprises with the most professional knowledge, let Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to make better use of network marketing.

enterprise station easily met in Shanghai Longfeng in question is very typical, one is because Shanghai Longfeng staff is not professional, technically not able to provide the most professional solution for Shanghai Longfeng marketing purposes, especially when some difficult problems will be at a loss what to do; the two is Shanghai dragon is out of touch, this department is a new department in the enterprise, not pay attention to, in addition to Shanghai dragon Er mostly engage in technology for communication to the poor more, many departments and cohesion is not enough; the three is for the product understanding is not enough, can not take the best strategy of Shanghai dragon. These kinds of problems for our website optimization brings many problems, one is the direction, is a push, one is the implementation of. May these problems are not technical, but a simple Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, then take some strategic adjustment, make enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is more reasonable.

enterprise website Shanghai dragon must do Shanghai dragon positioning, positioning is the key to profitable direction, especially when the enterprise has a number of products, enterprises can suggest product keywords to split up, focus on the selected direction, do so together, accurate self promotion, can grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. As the enterprise, must be timely communication and Shanghai dragon company or Shanghai Longfeng workers communicate the latest direction of their earnings, and starting from years of experience, choose the best keywords, let the key operation, quickly realize the value of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is diagnosis and corporate communication, grasp the direction of enterprise profit, to do good positioning, Shanghai Longfeng policy >

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Social question and answer website pioneer is closing social quiz in the end there is no drama



day before, always can use anonymous Q& A form; "ask me anything of the pioneer social" quiz website: Formspring off. The San Francisco based startup announced the news on its blog.

The famous

Q& A platform will be closed on March 31st, users before April 15th can be derived from personal information, Formspring founder and CEO ed Ade Olonoh wrote in closing this announcement.

When Formspring was launched in 2009,

was a pioneer in this field, but its personal brand was also affected when its service was replicated by many later, such as Tumblr. The company has raised $14 million to build its unique advantages, for example, in the last year, Formspring launched the "anonymous social network" based on the interest of this name, but not be optimistic investors, things do not seem as expected smoothly.

‘s recent rumors of an internal Formspring layoff and the departure of COO have recently spread, but unfortunately, this is really the case, and today all the news is about websites closed.

in the blog, the website’s closing announcement says, "


Formspring was introduced in November 2009, by allowing people to speak freely about such a unique way of well known and eventually reached more than 30 million registered users and 4 billion articles, an important part of its rapid expansion and become a people of online communication, this process is completely beyond my expectations.

really thank you all for your positive questions and answers, which have contributed to the progress and development of the website. Without your support and cooperation, there is nothing we can get today. It is because you have created such a lovely community that we have met all kinds of new friends, so that we can improve our relationship and broaden our horizons.

unfortunately, I have to bear the sad announcement that Formspring is about to close. Although we have been a great success and have gained a lot of hard core fans, we still have to face the challenge of maintaining the necessary resources.

Sunday, March 31st, will be the last day of your Formspring questions or post, from now on April 15th, this time you can on the website is the answer you want, after 15 days, the website and the application of APP will be closed, all content will be permanently deleted.

you can follow the following steps to export the answer:

login to your account and access http:>

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The nine type Huajing Tokgo cheats allows you to play through their own WeChat public number

many of my friends asked me on WeChat, so WeChat can improve their number of public enterprises, here I have to share about to let you play through their own WeChat " public number Tokgo nine; ".


the first thing to do is to clear the positioning of their enterprise company, the second is the product positioning and determine the position of the official public number, the public number is to showcase the company’s image, or to sell up with fans or to do a adorable, pure sales platform? Only do accurate positioning to be able to make public the administrator more clearly know what day you need to push the text to what style to create the public business, and I say this to say? Say, is for everyone to speak my mind:

type 1: creating custom menus

on the custom menu, my personal suggestions are at least: fist products, classic cases, qualifications or honors, push history messages, fans, communities, contacts, etc..

second: push product or service information

this trick is not to fear the loss of fans, I dare not push product information, fees, fans, fans, and ultimately not to transform. But to do product information push to have skills, to do is the hard at the time of hard, soft when soft. The following are several ways of pushing:

1, direct push product information

2, push product information at the end of the article

3, twitter feedback fans special activities: coupons, small gifts, offline activities, auditions, trial, trial skills, essay, sun alone, beauty contest and so on.

4, set the keyword reply. When the user replies to the keyword, push a product message by the way.

5, push user feedback information and trial experience.

6, push form innovation: text, graphics, language, video,

7, in addition to push, as well as interactive, remember when the user on WeChat to give you a message, the first time to respond to interaction, each user and your interaction as a gift from the other side of you.

third: always upgrade your public number experience


says here is that, for a period of time, he has cancelled his attention to his own public number and renewed his attention to re understand and experience it. Identify problems and enhance user experience.

fourth: select third party platform

here is, let their own public number increase experience, if you do not understand the development, WeChat public platform function can not satisfy you, but there are a lot of the third party platform available, as long as the simple authorization, can use a lot of functions.

fifth >

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Enterprise planning micro-blog activities need to pay attention to what

company opened the official micro-blog marketing promotion is an important marketing way, of course, if just for advertisement, so micro-blog, the effect is certainly not good, even the fans are not the estimation of concern before the cancellation of patience on an advertising micro-blog account. So we need not only from the content to create novel and intimacy, occasionally able to plan some activities of micro-blog, this will attract the attention of the public, but also to allow more people to participate in and forwarding, for example of a mobile phone brand for the new product release campaign forward micro-blog access sweepstakes eligibility activities, the author found that many of my friends are forwarded, and of course the author himself forwarded it, certainly can not win the best winning, I also found a problem, is forwarded to this activity is very large. It can gather a lot of attention and popularity in a short time, and it can also enhance the interaction between enterprises and fans.

, of course, not to say that you can hold a micro-blog activities will be able to succeed, it also need some skills, with particular attention to some planning points, in addition we also need to continue to learn other people’s activity planning, the author compared some enterprises including micro-blog, Taobao clothing and cosmetics (this class is the largest, everywhere), digital products, furniture… From… Also summed up some things, and in this paper the author analysis, enterprises need to pay attention to what the problem in planning activities of the micro-blog


the first point: the activity rules are clear and clear,

micro-blog can also be said to be a good experience for the fast-food culture of the Internet era, the rapid dissemination of information and rapid reading is one of the important reasons why we love micro-blog, so be sure to pay attention to when micro-blog event planning business activities, to a simple point, also be very clear, not a long and minute statement described, who had time to read it slowly, only to describe the activities of concise and comprehensive rules on it, but also to participate in the activities of simple, or your activities rulemaking requirements are too high, estimates there are a lot of people just gave up. In addition we can micro-blog pictures, pictures, picture is more attractive, allowing fans to focus on the above, a better understanding of the rules and content.

second: there should be a proper reward for activities,

enterprise planning an activity in micro-blog, want to have a lot of fans to participate, then of course you need to have this reward, and before the activities of the forum and what are the same, need to have positive material rewards to excite the fans. Activity rules are simple and clear, and then send reward plus, so in micro-blog and forwarding activities of the people will be more, now many business activities are reward movie tickets or travel reward, of course, apple mobile phone, you can look at all this kind of award good micro-blog activities, forwarding quantity is especially high.


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IT will look for bright spot in Internet cold current

last weekend, the annual meeting of the two major media groups in the IT field has been held.

5, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID) organized by the China computer newspaper, CIO360 website, CCID Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese electronic communications industry newspaper, newspaper hosted the 2008 annual meeting of the information industry and economic Chinese. 6, CO sponsored by the SASAC research center and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China computer newspaper, CIO360 network and the specific network hosted the 2008 Annual Conference of CIO China enterprise informatization China person of the year "held.

6 -7 days, the computer world "hosted by the 2008IT NPC and CPPCC" held "China IT wealth (CEO) annual meeting" and "Chinese Chief Information Officer (CIO) annual meeting", "Chinese Internet Conference" and a number of forums have been held.

at any conference and forum, can feel the impact of the financial crisis on China’s IT industry, and the Internet has been affected more obvious. Computer World 2008 China Internet annual conference theme is "faith and persistence"".

in the main hall on the morning, although Li Song, Wang Zhidong, Lei Jun said there is little money, hope good investment projects, Tang Jun also said that next year will invest through Reentry Internet, but the new three years, three years old, sewing for another three years, "these are the same investor said, in the next period time, if the money can not be good, if there is no profit model reality good, want to let these investors difficult. But in the afternoon two sub forums, the luminescent spot is less.

SNS website profit critical line to see

in the computer world Internet forum annual meeting SNS the speakers, there are two companies worthy of attention: the cradle of treasure net, net, Internet brings new contact is also an important foundation of the two sites, but they are different with other companies, they have jumped out of the shackles of contact.

zhenai was named "2008 Chinese Internet the most valuable project award", the telephone and the Internet combined with the matchmaker, do an Internet platform with the traditional matchmaking service combination.

cradle network won the 2008 China Internet most potential project award". Cradle network vertical web site is located on a professional, seize the infant training, knowledge dissemination of this big market, from preparing for pregnancy to children six years of age during all aspects of knowledge, online services and product information, its revenue model for AD + education products online payment ", how to look with the traditional SNS very different. SNS has become a technological platform rather than a source of revenue, and SNS has become a bridge between users, experts, and expertise, not just the tools that connect users to users. And offline activities and cradle lecture hall are also important means of communication, and also form a unique competitive advantage of the cradle network.