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How to judge the love Shanghai repeat

E, for each category "," additional signature calculation;

B, the web page on the block after block filtering, to obtain the contents of the web page text contains fast;

C, the extraction of one or more sentences from the text, and calculate the text sentence according to the signature of one or more sentences;

The basic architecture of to judge the content of the web site to repeat

in the era of highly developed science and technology, Shanghai love has become the main way for people to access information. But now the love Shanghai, everywhere is full of some duplicate content, the users’ access to cause great distress. Therefore, Shanghai needs to "love repeated judgment, to repeat", only choose some high quality of my industry, Co browsing. However, the existing technology is generally by comparing the two page content and to borrow, to confirm the similarity of two pages.

in the first step, filtering the digital information in the sentence; the copyright information and other "repeated judgment plays a decisive role of information. Subsequently, the sentence conversion, for example, are full / half width conversion or traditional / simplified conversion in a uniform format makes the converted sentences.

in this step, the filter >

The method of

A, the web page into blocks;

B, filtering and conversion of web page text after the

F, according to the signed judgment under every kind of "whether to repeat.

A, clause of "text;



A, access to multiple web pages;

D, according to the web page text sentence signature clustering on multiple pages;

by the way of "repeated judgment system and judgment methods by including the web page text sentence, multidimensional signature signature effectively and quickly determine whether a page is repeated.

web page

C, from the extraction of web page content block.

B, were extracted from the web page text pages;

; clause clause;

in this step, the semicolon, period, exclamation marks and symbols to end a sentence clause of the web page text. In addition, but also through the web page of text to visual information on the web page text clause.

C, from one or more of the longest sentence from the text filtering and converted in

can be calculated accurately, but the time complexity is too high, the calculation is time consuming. The signature of some important information in a page, and then compare the two page signatures, to calculate the similarity, this way is simple and efficient, faster computation speed, more suitable for the application of such vast amounts of information of the Shanghai love scene.

text extraction

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How to choose a good location for children’s clothing store

operating any store, choose a good location is very critical. For the operation of the clothing store, the choice of a good position can make the store profitable. Good store location, can bring more traffic, thereby greatly increasing profitability. So how do you choose the store location?

A children’s clothing shop near the


in "McDonald’s", "  it is a good choice around KFC, amusement park opened a children’s clothing store. First of all, in these places to choose the shop before have done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, they can brand effect by "picking" some customers. Secondly, the holiday parents often bring their children here, easy to make business.

The children’s Hospital of maternal and child health hospital, near the

1, a large community population concentration, flow stability, sudden sales will not fall, can guarantee the stable and lucrative shops.

2, children of all ages, for the sale of which style or type of children’s clothing is relatively easy to choose, there will be more customers.

3, children’s clothing store location is the key point of convenience, parents generally feel at home for children, especially the baby to buy clothes more convenient.

Near the

in the attachment of large maternal stores opened children’s clothing stores seem unbelievable, maternal stores and children’s clothing store’s main products are similar, but careful analysis, or a reason. Maternal and child shop children’s clothing quality good price is also more expensive, here to open the children’s clothing store suitable for the operation of low-grade children’s clothing, personalized children’s clothing, such as baby clothes, etc.. As long as the product features, from the maternal and child shop closure part of the crowd.


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Baidu 301 redirect test grassroots webmaster 4 months of research results

Baidu 301 in the end there is no use, how long will it be useful? Most of the webmaster will encounter this problem, because sometimes inevitably encountered change the domain name problem. I do a more than 4 months of the Baidu 301 test, basically recorded every time ranking changes, now the end of the experiment, the test results will be announced, and do a simple analysis of the data, I hope to help the webmaster have the same problem:

1. Test the basic situation

1, test the original domain name: (the following content is replaced by website A)

test target domain name: (the following content is replaced by website B)

site A did 301 to website B.

2, A domain name opening time: April 19, 2008

B domain name opening time: December 28, 2010

3, opening 301 hours: December 28, 2010

4, test Keywords: online part-time (that is, each time the so-called rankings are based on Baidu search online part-time ranking data prevail), 301 ago, A in Baidu’s ranking has been in between 15-35.

5, test end time: April 23, 2011

6, test time span: 4 months, and many webmaster said more than 3 months, 301 stable, not far.

7, the end of the test: the B website "online part-time" ranking has long-term stability in between 15-35, reached before the A website, A DNS and lifted in April 12, 2011 301 after a few times to update the site ranked no change. Currently, B site Baidu included 433, has reached the level of the previous A site.

two and several reference conclusions

I’m doing 301 period, basically adhere to update an original article every day, the chain to do less, and now only 240 YAHOO chain.

(a) 301 useful for Baidu, can transfer weight, for the following reasons:

1, 301 after only a week, B site in Baidu will have a ranking, do not do 301 of the new station is almost impossible.

2, B website did not go through the Baidu inspection period, did not enter the sandbox, generally speaking, completely new sites have a Baidu sandbox period, but the B site does not, can certainly be 301 played a role.

3, B website snapshot has been in 1-3 days, and to maintain the content of the continuous, completely new sites, usually included in the home page, there will be a long time, not included in the page.

(two) for a fairly long period of time, new and old domain names will be in Baidu rankings