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How will the Shanghai sex optimization slowly ranks steadily

After 1

second: do website internal page article update

but depressed depression, in this sunny afternoon, I still want to put forward under the friends of these problems, to summarize, roughly 5 aspects we did not deal with gossip, here to share to you, hope to be able to give us an idea, I hope my friends can xinxiangshicheng.

recently in a period of time, people have been with me Q, and are often consult some repeated question: "why my website for several months, ranking could not appear on the home page, or appear on the first page but soon go on, always want to find the answer here, in fact, unfortunately, this problem is really not a few words can be said clearly, here, for those who put a question to me, but no reply to your friends say sorry, because casual search on the Internet, this is the mass appeared in the love of Shanghai in the column, ha ha.


The pre

3, in the line on the website, must adopt a proper way to improve Shanghai dragon love Shanghai rankings, this is the basis for the foundation, there is no basis for this ranking, not stable for a long time.

, the line on the website, it should be noted that the first keyword here, to friends advice is done as far as possible not to change, but it should be possible to give some keywords bold, italic, which can arouse the attention of the spider love Shanghai, of course, some of the benefits of the site, and do a good job the anchor is also an important way in the station, link to the home page, so you can have some weight things appear.

2, completely abandon the home page weight was within the page of negative tired phenomenon, the main method of this step is to anchor all inside pages to set the key words to love Shanghai home, so that the weight of Shanghai in the home of love, of course, inline settings, page also the relevance of the course, there are and some other methods to increase the weight of the website, is to set up a secondary navigation, this way can refer friends to learn.

said the truth, love love in Shanghai is still relatively static pages, this is a long period of experience give an idea, so we, when building a web site, we must first consider the web page static page, this is worth us to follow the train of thought.

home page, this is a fundamental problem, that is in the beginning of the line on the website, it must take into account the internal site optimization, there is a saying called foundation is not solid, I believe that doing the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, for a period of time the friends in Shanghai Longfeng this major should understand very much to the problem the construction of the fundamental problem, your site is a key point in the future by leaps and bounds, mainly focus on the need to be friends, there are several steps in this note, we share:

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How much money is needed to Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet

we have in mind the national hero grassland Tiemuzhen, surely we will not be unfamiliar. That’s what we all hang on to Gen Gi Khan. Mongolia empire. Future generations to remember our heroes will be in various forms to commemorate, such as opening a restaurant with a hero. Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet is one of them.

Beijing Tiemuzhen catering Co. buffet featuring grilled fast food chain brand, is a professional engaged in the operation and management of catering franchise chain project company. With Korean barbecue, Ximeng ShabuShabu, with Chinese traditional diet characteristics, cultural characteristics of fashion elements into Western-style food.

Beijing Tiemuzhen catering Co. Ltd. mainly engaged in the project to Korean barbecue, Ximeng ShabuShabu, Beijing Roast Duck, Western pastry dishes, hot dishes, Teppanyaki, Beijing Roast Duck, Japanese cuisine, seafood seafood barbecue, Brazil and other ten series, more than 300 kinds of self-help delicacy.

Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet joining fee:

boutique: Join fee 200 thousand yuan, margin of 50 thousand, the contract period of 10 years, payment method: one-time payment;

the whole layer of the actual use of the area: 400-800 square meters, the total investment (including all decoration, equipment and facilities before the opening of the start-up costs:3000 yuan / square meters).

flagship store: Join fee 300 thousand yuan, margin of 50 thousand, the contract period of 10 years, payment method: one-time payment;

the whole layer of the actual use of the area: 800-1500 square meters, the total investment (including all decoration, equipment and facilities before the opening of the start-up costs:3000 yuan / square meters).

The above is the

Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet introduced to join the cost, if you still have what other problems are not clear or want to join this project can give us a message, see the message we will contact with you in the first time.

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Talking about the importance of being a station master

actually yesterday should share to everybody, but yesterday 00 total total things to delay, so that did not write this soft text to share. Today, one is to promise to myself, with strong execution, we must put this article before 12 to write, on the other hand also want to and the webmaster, SEO said the importance of execution.

When I first contact with

in this industry, with my teacher said to me, in fact, do this really is not what happened, what to do, you insist, you should have a good mentality, you need to have strong execution. The other is nonsense, and the most important thing is to have strong execution, to the site to do it, not just playing everywhere can do up. To this end, he asked me, must make the goal of the website plan, for example: in this within a week, you are what you want to achieve the goal, is the chain growth, increase the number of included, or increase the number of ranking, increase the number of traffic. You have to do it and not do it regularly. That will only make your station stand up.

I listen to the teacher’s words, although it is a novice, but when the teacher asked me to write their own programs, must, not to ask for help, and then I plan to him, he gave me some change, said to me, everything from the reality, through the analysis of different stations, to know how much the key to bring traffic, the number, it will bring much traffic, and the next is the specific implementation. In the same way, he asked me to make a week’s schedule and write a rough plan for him. I also did, at that time, there is no supervision, do feel handy, for example, what do you do in the morning, what do what to do at noon, afternoon, a day of time into different stages, according to the daily plan strictly, gradually under his leadership, the site of the rankings do imperceptibly up.

now, when alone do stand, found themselves with many defects, mainly is the executive force of insufficient, sometimes love always drag that mediocrity, not to the old website ranking. But recently, I am strict demands on themselves, for example, every morning, no matter how not to write, but I insist to write, for is not only an outside chain, but self analysis, to find their own shortcomings in the process of writing soft text, to constantly improve yourself.

In fact,

, a detail, is enough to reflect, every day we will have additional tasks, sometimes have to study some new things, and some people may, in this task is too big and give up, this is not a new learning opportunities, enhance their own also becomes slow, if Ken to take a little time to learn, so you will benefit from the infinite. My teacher used to ask me to take an hour every day to study. Only learning can make progress. But how many people can?

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Zhang Lianglun out of Amoy from shopping guide to flash purchase Secrets

lead: occupy the clothing category, occupy the beauty category, from the rice network separated from the babe net can occupy the mother and baby category?

? has occupied the clothing category, has occupied the beauty make-up category, has separated the net from the rice folding net "the baby net" to be able to occupy the mother and baby category,


| Liu Yan

in the end whether or not through the shopping guide cross-border to mother and child sale, the founding team into a very tangled among. After much hesitation, meters off the network founder Zhang Lianglun is determined to try, he will not leave any regrets. In 2013, after spending about 1000000 yuan heavily to buy the most suitable to do maternal and child supplies domain, Zhang Lianglun also spend hundreds of thousands of bought Finalize the babe network domain name, he is off from the posterior front, forcing myself to adventure. After several months of intense preparations, Beibei net finally in April this year formally launched.

today, the only 4 month old on the line has not disappointed Zhang Lianglun. It quickly broke the vast majority of the electricity supplier is difficult to exceed the monthly turnover of 60 million yuan mark, and in the monthly growth rate of over 100%, the monthly turnover of 100 million, just around the corner.

Zhang Lianglun this move did not go wrong. In the Taobao policy continues to close,, beautiful and other shopping guide site suffered severe pressure, he tried to lead the rice fold network transformation, but accidentally discovered the mother and child sale this valuation depression.

after,, Beibei network can become a baby mom and pop category of flash buy big winner?

why cross border for mother and baby sale,


the widdy, this is Zhang Lianglun founded three meters off the greatest feeling of years. Although the meters off the network shopping guide websites to the first camp in the 100 meters sprint speed, turnover of 500 million yuan a month, but it doesn’t make him feel relaxed, because any wind sways grass Taobao are likely to bring no small shake.

simply do shopping guide website, although there are suppliers settled, but the final transaction link still depends on external completion. Zhang Lianglun want to order transactions, cash flow, after-sales service and other supply chain back-end has a deeper involvement, so think of doing B2C, in order to reduce dependence on Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms.

last year, in the search for "Amoy" in the process of exploration, Zhang Lianglun not only saw the charm of the sale, but also found that meters off the background has a very valuable data trends: the mother and baby market growth is very fast. This attracted a great deal of attention from the team. After investigation, found that in China, only 600 billion of the market size of children’s clothing, and other maternal and child category, there will be trillions of "cake."". But from the current domestic consumption habits, most people to line consumption mainly, the largest transaction volume is still online under the mother and child store. If you can hold the line babe network first chair, or will become the industry giant".

, but not <

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What kind of website can be successful

thousands of websites are created every day. These new sites are not based on the needs of the visitors, but are based on the needs of the site owner. Browsing has been overlooked as the biggest cause of most web failures. Here are 6 ways to optimize your design.

1. becomes a member of the browser and puts himself in the browser’s position. Visitors to your website, what he wants, your web site’s goal is not only to meet your needs, but more importantly, to meet the needs of visitors. A good way to get what visitors want is to do a survey of people who are interested in your products and services and to tailor your design to meet their needs and your own needs. It doesn’t cost much, for example, you can ask friends around you.

2. minimalist is the ultimate goal, if you look at more successful websites, such as Google, Flickr and Blogger, they are simple. Why add bloated content, especially when only 80% of browsers use 20% of the above?. When adding each feature, consider the needs of the viewer. Think of it as your goal.


3. content is king to ensure that the content of the site is arranged in an efficient manner. If the vision you just concentrate on the website and feel, and ignore the content, then transformed by the visitors for the ratio of loyal members, do you think that will be very high? If you want your visitors to buy your product or service, you need a simple, exciting information structure Cheng Yue service content and three-dimensional. At the same time, the most important thing is that the content should be easy to understand.

4. details are big differences, and every detail of the site needs to be carefully considered. Some elements, such as color, shape, and even gradient changes, can, on the whole, greatly impact the viewer. The use of blue, green, turquoise, and silver gives a peaceful atmosphere. In your design, the use of rounded corners is more gentle and personalized than using sharp corners. By mixing the right colors, graphics, and pictures, you can create a strong vibe and feel that will have a deep image of the viewer.

5. guides visitors, and you don’t want visitors to dot your site in search of a product. To avoid confusion, it is possible to guide visitors through links and navigation menus. On the page, " tells " to browse the browser so that they can buy products and services only a few clicks. By reducing the number of hits, visitors can effectively reduce the frustration of visitors, and improve the conversion rate from visitors to members.

6. everything has been done, so all you have to do is to do everything possible to advertise your website and expand your website’s impact and popularity. Only in this way can your website develop quickly. I don’t think it’s for people or friends to see, it’s great