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Keywords enterprise website should be how to choose

first, here to introduce why corporate website to choose keywords (the case as a case, the author took reference): for example, you do care brown sugar sugar factory, the brand name is "cane Township People" company name "Hejin Tianfu Trading Co. Ltd., we believe that if the" Hejin Tianfu Trading Co. Ltd. "to the first page for the ranking? The answer is yes. There will be some sales?. But, to meet the two prerequisites: first, the big brands like Haier, DELL, All the world knows., millet, most people know. Second, the Internet famous network propaganda. More than two many companies are not up to so will choose a number of good words, the key is very important.

second: the difficulty just said in choosing key to ensure people search, but the search precision that someone on the line, the flow of words make up more slowly (the premise here is not to say that do not, but doing it is not so easy to consider a lot of things. For example, human capital, resource and time without considering the changes of the algorithm) here you can slowly to do some easy words, slowly raise some do big station station station do do content, structure and practice of different station.

enterprise website should be how to choose? There are many business owners on the Internet to do a certain enterprise website on the Internet a day, how much profit, feel good, also made their own website, Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er treasure see a lot of companies at the beginning of the site, only know to do a business brand word, and not their products into the enterprise website, can also be understood as not to participate in the platform of network marketing, so many websites do a website not feel what sales, not what two years have not received an order, to the final site will give up, don’t use what the server name will not renew until the site closed. The Shanxi Shanghai dragon treasure Er to introduce a "key enterprise website should be how to choose" still goes the following only Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er treasure for reference only, not new statements of a school.


third: precise flow: the website ranking is up, the flow up, how to improve the conversion rate of the site is very important, how to improve the site conversion rate is a lot of influence, here to talk about the effective flow for the website conversion rate, if the enterprise is "health sugar wholesale", so if checks >

Keywords ?

: the first one: search in choosing key to make sure there were no one search, search words, do it is useless, there is made out of words to be precise, here cite a simple example: "if Hejin Tianfu Trading Limited" is the word "health sugar wholesale" and "huipjiol" which will be

so enterprises should be how to choose the key words

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University students are easy to pit nearly half of respondents do not know the contract fraudOn deve

a dayAfter

the 10 sites are 10*1000=10000 IP

a day

canoe difficult forest, similarly, a website on the Internet is also very helpless, difficult to survive, to make the world a single site of the era of the past, novice webmaster is very difficult to separate running a website to develop, in the early stage can first by trying small stations to earn first pot of gold, and other stations have after the flow, can gradually will turn to the regular website.

do stand is garbage station, in fact garbage station and regular warfare and no clear boundaries, even Tencent, Sina and other major is to collect other people’s content, also do link optimization. Station groups are not necessarily garbage stations, as long as we do our work, and improve the quality of the content of the site, that is, regular stations.

After communicating with the college students’ entrepreneurial team at other institutions in Guilin, Liu Chencai learned that he was not the only one who was "

in December 2013, Liu Chen, who was also studying at the Guilin Institute of aerospace industry, was working with his classmates to plan mobile phone sales. After a friend, Liu Chen met a school opened an entity digital store, "very powerful" supplier, Zhao a pseudonym.

advertising alliance: it’s always a hot topic to discuss that advertising alliance. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to convert traffic directly into profits through an advertising alliance. For example, sh419, shlf1314 and many other domestic alliances, as long as the advertising union to get a piece of advertising code, put your own site, traffic, you can generate profits. When you choose the alliance, you must choose a reputable alliance, the small league reputation is not guaranteed, often deducted amount will seriously affect our income.

Yang Shuo, a junior at Guangxi Arts Institute, has also been hit by "pit"". As head of Guangxi Yu Tian College Student Alliance

Zhao Gang claims to be a brand mobile phone, Guilin regional agents, and produced their own business license and order to other people’s mobile phone contract. Zhao also told Liu Chen that two friends Liu Chen had known had dealings with him. Liu Chen was gradually convinced by all the information Zhao Gang had. In December 16, 2013, Liu Chen and his startup team decided to order 220 phones with Zhao. The other Party promised to deliver the phone within 5 days, but the agreed time was over and the shipment was delayed.

, Zhao Gang was as long as a new single, can let the manufacturers resume normal supply on the grounds, repeatedly urged Liu Chen entrepreneurial team to continue to throw money orders, before and after Liu Chen invested a total of 396 thousand yuan to order 720 sets of mobile phone, but got only 50 taiwan.

the 100 sites are 100*1000=100000 IP

is more popular than the following profit model:

products: Taobao guest Wangzhuan form currently very popular, because according to clinch a deal, Taobao stores by love, high commission, by the majority of owners in hot pursuit. As long as a few related long tail word, you can greatly improve the conversion rate, commission is very rich. At the beginning of all know, brother left, want to in a short time >

we all know, a site to do IP on tens of thousands of traffic is difficult, need to invest a lot of energy and money, even can do daily discharge of tens of thousands of IP, only individual website can do, so there are websites to get traffic by people, to make up for the deficiency of single site traffic to the site the number of.

has IP, the profit has become very simple, the profit model of a single website can also be used in the station group, and more effective than a single website.

has graduated from school, but Liu Chen a pseudonym is still more than two years ago in school entrepreneurship, "pit" experience activist. Because the "very powerful" supply suddenly disappeared on the home, and then the junior Liu Chen and entrepreneurial team, the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in payment.

". Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin University of Technology and Guangxi Normal University, Lijiang Institute and other institutions of college student team has a similar experience, Zhao Gang did not perform the amount of payment of more than 270 yuan.

early 2014, the "pit" college students to report to the Guilin police. But because of the imperfect signing of the contract, even some student team did not sign the written contract at the time of the transaction, and the proof of delivery was not kept in detail and complete, which made it more difficult to investigate and collect evidence. Zhao Gang was detained by the police for some time, the Guilin Seven Star District Procuratorate on the grounds of insufficient evidence to make a decision not to arrest, Zhao Gang released.

assumes that 1 sites, daily traffic, 1000IP which is the most conservative estimate, and the easiest to reach, a station 1000IP day is very easy to do

The Although After

why college students are "pit"

We think that

has a similar experience, as well as Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin University of Technology and Guangxi Normal University Lijiang Institute, and many other institutions of college students team. The entrepreneurial team cheated the subject matter for a total amount of 270 yuan in March 3, 2014 this newspaper published a "Guilin entrepreneurial team fooled, millions of dollars loss payment" one article reported the matter. However, until now, these have been cheated in school students still through various channels of rights, in the Guilin local web forums on high frequency posting, reflecting their demands.

the 1000 sites are 1000*1000=1000000 IP


a day

many people think, sh419 has been very intelligent, can identify whether a station is a garbage station, do standing group has no future. In fact, sh419 isn’t smart enough to really identify a cluster of stations.

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About sh419 phoenix nest forthcoming conjectureShare your city’s Web site

mode is that customers in the purchase before it is difficult to determine, the word, how many people can search every day, how many potential customers have entered the customer site, how much is paid by the client for each potential customer cost so in the PPC flexible and can purchase multiple keywords related to your business the ranking, and left, so sh419 hot zone ranked sales, it has always been difficult to promote. If sh419 phoenix nest plan officially launched after the massive will activate the "frozen" the "hot zone", but also can promote their business growth and better financial statements.

the news so far has not received the official sh419 agency confirmed that the following is my personal guess.


hot strip, now the pattern is: the annual payment, a price of a word, the specific price need to query the 1-3 name, the same price, who bought the first, whoever came to the front, 4-10 ranking is not fixed, the rotation of the ranking system is "the emperor, take turns sitting to my house" the form of today.


The drawbacks of sh419

from the top news that sh419 will soon introduce a new bidding mode, named "phoenix nest", here, a simple repeat of news content "according to a day before sh419 bid received a new proposal to industry sources, sh419 phoenix nest system function and shlf1314 Adwords not much difference between the background. "Phoenix nest can provide regional settings, including delivery time, budget setting, keyword recommendation tools show the lowest price, creative round advertisement Carousel including a number of functions, the report provides data types and dimensions will also increase." According to sources.

now, often hear customers complained that sh419 ranked the left side of the low conversion rate and consumption too fast, this situation is there, but is no longer a few, sh419 push the "nest" is to give these customers have complained of a better choice, give you the same function, you came to the right. In this case, consumption naturally slow, but at the right advertising customers, targeted to many than the left strong this is the author’s experience, click on the conversion rate will naturally increase. < >

, see this article before, please open

        dear webmaster, now a booming stock market, whether you for your site members considered their stock Kanpan mood? And do you want them to stay in your website and look at the stock market information and quotes?

        own a market channel, and no time, please design, maintenance, and have to spend a lot of money, there is no other solution? The answer is yes.

        a city network would you want to, you need to hurry, the grand launch of the stock market channel city "business, professional tailor-made for you to show their individuality, have their own characteristics of the stock market channel website.

        "a city market channel business is composed of a built-in channel service unit for the launch of the city network of professional, free of charge for the webmaster, apply for the business, you can user through your web site to understand the stock market real-time whenever and wherever possible and related information, their the users on their website, believe that this is your most want to see results. And to have all this, it is not complicated, you just need to contact our stock network home, customer service :616542005, submit the website information, you can open!

quickly with a city with the experience of "feeling the stock"!

Open channel

sh419 launched the "phoenix nest" plan will bring what kind of benefits to customers

hot strip and sh419 PPC, launched at roughly the same time, but the purchase rate of hot zone has been very low, not favored by the customers, I simply looked at the sh419 hot zone purchase rate, many popular keywords of the industry, ranking are very cold, or not, or have two or three, which I can determine the hot zone, the purchase rate of hot industry keywords will not exceed 20% basic data judgment: hot zone a total of 10, the actual purchase rate is the average purchase more hot industry keywords buy number divided by 10, I think the main reason causing this situation, mainly by the following factors.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

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Female stationmaster’s sad history what’s left of me

A few days ago

with this topic made in an article that was said to be speculation, it is said to be soft, is to provide more help to me, what I can’t explain to the website, I have not learned to hype, do not mix so far.


website has been for a long time, really tired, now traffic is very small, there is no clear, even busy graduation exam, have a big head, today a friend said to me SEO, I really have no time to busy this, this is not 3 days to two learn something.

and friends and I said: "in China webmaster net saw your article, don’t know is hype or what?". But still have to warn you a word, people live for decades, some things should give up, must give up, and some things should strive for, must strive for. Boyfriend, no more, you can find, and if the school is gone, it is a lifetime thing. Think it over yourself, · finish your studies carefully. Go on and on your life…… Consider for a long time, may find themselves not suitable to do, everyone has their own direction in life, everyone wants to pursue their own ideals, looking at a dormitory for students admitted to the graduate students, there is a kind of unspeakable pain, you should also continue to study in the University, read on life is always my dream, so I decided to give up the site, a year of hard to test students looking for work, I have no courage to resume my head, the station ( do not know to have friends, I know not how, but it cost me too much, a little off unfortunately, if a friend can also feel, please contact me: qq594998744, how much money can you look for, also hope to have a friend to help If You Are The One, reproduced, transferred to others as soon as possible, no time management, six The month is about to answer.

finally thank Webmaster Station to provide me with this platform, but also thank you for my friend’s help, I believe I will come again next year, and I want to make the site

well, because I just give up for a while and I’ll be back.