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Adhere to a month to fly the website snapshot

1, as the saying goes, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, the two site must be done, this is not good, what speed up the love Shanghai snapshots are nonsense, the original content is a must, do not need much, fixed a few article every day is enough, the best in a certain period of time fixed love, love Shanghai more regular website. Other reprint, or false original some articles feature, as long as the total is not collected on the line, the total acquisition is not taking snapshots, consider what is love when Shanghai right down. Although the love of Shanghai collection of articles reprinted the will but not be bored, not included, after all, the original did not so much. The chain must also be sent every day, because the spider crawling in other sites, see the link will follow the link to grab another site, so the chain is very important. According to the different website articles should be appropriate, to various forums, blogs, classification of information, love Shanghai know the hair of the chain, try to make the site outside the chain of variety, love Shanghai spiders love fresh, if every day in a few forums, blog, spider would be bored, as far as possible write some text, put a link, reprinted many people, the chain is more, more than the chain spider climb take a dozen times, snapshots are also more likely to go up. It is.

had just started doing it a few years ago the Shanghai dragon, I want to cry, especially when the exchange of Links, when I took over the site snapshot generally in the 10-14 days hovering nearby, included in the 4000 or so, the ranking is also good, but because the snapshot problem, with others are quite difficult to exchange links in particular, with a snapshot of the next day or the day, people want to do not want to directly refuse, very awful. I found included snapshot, data for a similar change, change is not so much changed, because is eager to improve website snapshot, so only think of other ways, I was wronged to find a few 1000 included about the snapshot, or the last few days, we think of complementary next, did not think they actually are not willing to anger, this will not change, think impassability, began to look up information about quickly enhance their snapshots, also made a lot of methods, finally put up the snapshot, accept me after that website snapshot basically no more than 7 days and summarizes some of their own experience.

snapshot of what I do not have much to say, do not know to love Shanghai. Love not what their role in Shanghai, the equivalent of "love in Shanghai has a file only, the page is deleted or chain can open a snapshot can see love Shanghai. It is significant in that it represents the love of spiders in Shanghai often take us to climb up the web site information, enhance the snapshot have very good effect on the website. Of course I do not love Shanghai more near, does not mean that the website ranking is better, it only represents the love of spiders in Shanghai often take up our website, faster included on our website for updates on the website, the long-term development of good, has a direct impact on the site included. Here is a snapshot of love Shanghai improve their views.

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360 search launched the bidding system 360 dotting marketing platform

so 360 for long-term military search quite strong determination. The search engine market changes, the Shanghai dragon ER generated vibration is also not small. Especially the love of Shanghai from June until August began a large-scale update algorithm still did not stop, while there is a large number of "hit right down, many webmaster of the 360 search as a new channel. Love Shanghai update algorithm itself is a good thing to let users get more accurate results, if we can step by step to improve even better so that everyone can have a process of acceptance. Original address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 


this is not the end, we all know that enterprises take a product made out of the purpose of profit. Followed by the "360 point marketing platform".



reference figure:

launched in early August 16th 360 quietly began a search began in 360, was just beginning to think that the search should be a very imperfect system and even the result is a lot through the acquisition and not as much. Zhou Hongyi didn’t want to prepare, directly to the navigation search box directly for down flow all import, relying on the browser user traffic instantly become the market share of the second largest search engine Chinese.

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Keywords mining and layout of the site core

here is our main work of Shanghai Longfeng website construction, mining and analysis of long term, we need to pay attention to is the long tail word, not just confined to the so-called keyword tool swept out of the word, if you do some products of the enterprise station you will find the tools, with extended out words also dozens of Web site updates so you end these words and how we can extend? Here we use Jinhua mining webmaster tools, such as:

here we compare concern by users, industry, type of keywords, title settings, here is the classified keywords, and then find out the relevant keywords layout to our column (for example: a women’s clothing to buy Taobao station, navigation column can be combined, women’s brand, fashion models, winter ladies, ladies, so affordable row). Here the word to navigation and keywords navigation related parts of speech, the weight of the high share in the website, so the navigation layout can not be sloppy.

two, navigation, keyword


Keywords layout of the site in the

, we must pay attention to the core keywords, is not fine is much, the weight of each page is certain, too many keywords, can only make the website optimization more difficult. Not only for the general page two or three key words are optimized in content planning, more targeted.

keyword is the site of the core keywords is one of the basic mining site can get good rankings, the keyword is selected according to your site’s theme determined.

mining The

first analysis is three to five words in the most most popular keywords and user attention, as the core keywords web page optimization (according to their own needs to optimize the resources, the keywords competition degree analysis, the choice of words, it can be optimized in the selection) is the core keywords also need to pay attention to the same, need analysis of industry website, find out the similarities and differences reflect their own. In fact, we can be understood, the main keyword is to use your own brand word matching core keywords website optimization. For example, I do Wuhan Shanghai dragon, the word Wuhan, Shanghai Dragon Star Nobel blog = Wuhan Shanghai dragon Xingnuo blog to form their own brand of words. Were closely related to the core keywords, you before this and you must set the keywords.

is here to tell you a practical method, using the internet hotspot, combined with your industry website updates, and this website article, but we all know that the timeliness will have a very good ranking, so you can update articles to attract more people to browse, access more audience driven website ranking is inevitable. Here is the long tail word subject extension >

, a master key, the layout of

three, the long tail word mining, layout

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From the three day to raise 2 million Ma Jiajia, Chinese erotic viral 20 year growthThe significance

counter Trump

"Resistance can also provide motivation and potential," says Mike Phillips, chief executive of

but it seems from Ma Jiajia after more and more fun supplies to chiefs from the background to the public, from even before the said they do sex toys, now like to talk about other many intelligent hardware industry as natural and media talk. Now the popularity of intelligent mobile phone, mobile Internet innovation, more and more strong brand awareness, a strong intelligent fun supplies tide hit, Chinese sex toys manufacturers have started from OEM to transition to the brand with international rivals to raise public platform fight hand to hand with, rely on access to capital has become a trend. A little more than an unbelievable, Ma Jiajia chemical reaction, has produced so many chain change.

since the beginning of 2014, from iball to chunshuitang megacool Kegel intelligent Wahaha ball, from Wolkamo to thunder I intelligence, from the Jingdong to raise the public, to raise public network to raise the public to raise the amount of Taobao, from hundreds of thousands to millions. "

Vigilant Web Inc". Vigilant Web Inc. is a political technology software start-up company founded by Jason Calacanis, which aims to tap the public record of due diligence.


brought up the camera technology, but around the man Edison Chan, and bring interesting products, but also around the woman, Ma jiajia. Yunnan college entrance examination exam, Communication University of China, 90 coquettish woman, these unique aura with erotic subtle has strong effect of public opinion, the needs of the times the Ma Jiajia to erotic revolution stage, before sex toys never is the media shy to talk about the "three flow".

‘s new media Vc firm."

last Friday, investors at New Media Ventures in San Francisco held a video conference aimed at planning their seed investments. They want to invest in companies that increase public participation, promote social change, and promote independent media development. Dozens of groups attended the meeting. They understand that the dark America will usher in a new political era.

investment in new media venture company, including the recent acquisition by Facebook

these rebels are working with venture capitalists or other investors. The investors were shocked by Trump’s election and outraged by the scandal of the new government.

editor’s note: before, investors who were dismissive of media start-ups were not uncommon. And with the president who is willing to attack journalism himself, people are beginning to re-examine media entrepreneurship in the sense of democracy.

before the election campaign slogan is "anti Langpu never Trump", and now, their slogan became "Jean Trump no next time". In fact, many professional scientists and technicians joined the army and promised to use their expertise and networks to ensure that migrants and those who were persecuted by the new political system were able to live normally.


, a week after Trump’s election, the new media venture capital company invested Buycott, a start-up. The company leads consumers to buy products that are consistent with their political views. It also put everyone in the circle of friends of the brand to resist exposure, including Trump’s daughter Ivanka fashion brand.

since the beginning of 2014, from iball to chunshuitang megacool Kegel intelligent Wahaha ball, from Wolkamo to thunder I intelligence, from the Jingdong to raise the public, to raise public network to raise the public to raise the amount of Taobao, from hundreds of thousands to millions of dazzling, dizzying. 2014 spring house a month to raise the public to about 2000000 to three days of thunder I intelligent raised to about 1000000, sex toys industry viral growth, so many people stunned.

perennial science and technology circle, do have some fun supplies of friends, many people in the industry will Chinese sex toys industry is divided into three stages, Allison is a horse figure, in China taste products industry Ma Jiajia before low-key mystery, open from the mysterious to Ma Jiajia when Ma Jiajia after taste products get rid of the depression into frenzied outbreak. If the Chinese fun supplies manufacturing enterprise products accounted for 95% of world market share at its peak, is not very surprised? If you continue to tell you, such a huge market share until Ma Jiajia before Chinese fun supplies almost no what brand, you must be shocked.

Ma Allison, she was attached to the entrepreneurship benchmark, thinking of the Internet, social media and so on the label, the dust will in many people dare not say zone sex toys industry background from the guide to the sun, do fun supplies industry practitioners, to the real attitude to her say thank you, though Ma Jiajia and her whether the technology bubble does not bring substantial change.

Trump era, the United States on the ground, some high-tech companies, civic groups and the news media is brewing a comprehensive counterattack.

before the election campaign slogan is "anti Langpu never Trump", and now, their slogan became "Jean Trump no next time".

"We’re going to organize people who are awake and do something," says Julie, ·, who heads


investors’ abacus

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Breakdown areas and local demand is the two major focus of the future transformation of the webmaste

November 22nd, A5 founder Wang in the QQ group launched a webmaster lecture: how to be a successful webmaster?. In Zaiqun graph king and the webmaster to share the experience of website operation for many years and realize their accumulation. The web site is to do what? What kind of site? How to do a website? Three aspects on how to be a successful webmaster do in-depth analysis, and the current owners of the environment, the future direction of transformation, to express their views, lecture by the majority webmaster enthusiastic response QQ group in a short period of time has been filled. The stationmaster also listened to the lecture carefully, enthusiastically asked questions and discussed each other, and launched a fierce collision of thinking.

personal Adsense industry today, simply relying on traffic to get advertising revenue era has gone forever. In the development of the Internet, the webmaster’s business environment has changed, speculation has been impossible; profits, opportunity basically tends to 0; illegal edge, is tantamount to death. In the past, simply by copying, relying on search engines, stations and garbage stations have no future. In the lecture, Wang also said, "99% of the websites are not computer majors, and even 95% have not been trained in computer science. They are all self-taught.". A new website, if not by copying the reference to other websites, it is difficult to understand the Internet and tangible website itself, only in the process of doing constantly break the past, constantly changing their learning and to grow. Do like swimming, you want to become a master, choking the water first plop jump, you also do not control this is what action, what posture, choking the water, you naturally have water, so in the absence of the website before, please don’t do in the old gestures, with the domain name space, or buy another station, take over the line. Now the filing is more complicated, in addition, search traffic is also getting smaller and smaller, so it is first suggested not to do too many sites, more than their own management efficiency, so it is difficult to profit. A person to do a 2-3 website, the website is good, but in the end, to be concentrated to 1, the earliest when I did not find the direction and goals, also made hundreds of websites, finally gave up all the interest in A5, and that lasted for 5 years and never in the future, familiar with the basic operation or website has been operating over a period. The site should be started on the right track."

really stand groups and garbage stations, personal Adsense must experience and try the first step, but ultimately in the transformation and upgrading and lay the groundwork for bedding. Personal Adsense finally want to consider, or how to let your website on the right track, how to concentrate on operating a web site, and bigger and stronger, have their own products, to create their own services. In the lecture, there is a webmaster asked a dumpster, 200IP day rely on what money?. There are also webmaster asked to do the local station, is a district has hundreds of thousands of population area, but now I can’t find the website, can give the net friend what kind of value