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The basic ability of professional workers must have the Shanghai Dragon

The basic ability of an independent Shanghai Longfeng worker

4, the webmaster tools. The data is Shanghai dragon worker website optimization effect evaluation basis, and points out the direction of optimization needs to be improved to a certain extent. The source of these data is a variety of webmaster tools. Keywords heat, each competition and ranked Shanghai Longfeng every day were recorded and analyzed, each value of the chain also requires careful observation, so as to accumulate more efficient chain resources. Long term observation and analysis of the data is the further development of efficient optimization strategies. Therefore, the basic ability to use webmaster tools and data analysis is necessary in Shanghai Longfeng workers.

above is my summary must have. On the basis of this.

3, the program and art ability. Whether to build their own websites use what kind of background, unified website style often can not adapt to the nature of every industry. Companies often modify the ready-made templates according to their own needs, or change the website appearance, or add module on the site somewhere, it is in order to better show their own business characteristics. This requires Shanghai Longfeng workers must know the basic knowledge of art and programming background. CSS+HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver should be a required course for every worker in Shanghai dragon.


2, the chain construction ability. The industry is saying the content is king, the chain for the emperor. In the premise of the station for the editing, the chain construction is another pillar supporting the survival of the site. For the professional Shanghai Longfeng workers, the construction of the chain need to grasp the depth of the chain and the degree of correlation. The chain depth is outside the chain platform as is the high weight and high quality, because this chain can make their own web site also points to the weight of relatively high. At the same time, the best in the chain and their related strong platform above, in order to own website information classified search engine better.

with the popularity of e-commerce, many traditional industries have also invested into the network marketing network promotion tide, the increasing demand of talents. Today, the units and individuals to provide professional services such as the Shanghai dragon like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in Shanghai on both sides of the Changjiang River, Longfeng workers has become an increasingly large group. Professional workers in Shanghai Longfeng can help enterprises to open up a space for one person in the fierce competition in the Internet market. Then, a professional Shanghai Longfeng workers should have what the basic ability of

1, net capacity. The website is a website to optimize the editing ability is the basic ability of personnel. No matter what industry, give you a web site must be able to quickly add to the site in the station. The title of the article, write three meta tags, keywords and keyword density distribution to grasp skilled enough. At the same time, the article must have a certain degree of the original, the basic requirement is to let the search engines, and can let the reader smoothly, and obtain the required information from.

Use and data analysis capabilities of

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Do search marketing must proceed from the overall improvement of details

but to be clear, we will not flow, but the transformation. Only do advertising alliance talent flow, so the problem is that we should choose the keywords of value flow promotion, no value keywords for lower prices, or even delete, actually say or vernacular, any operation must be established to do the bidding is the basis of data analysis.

good thing here, even if the account to me fairly understand the point of bidding to operate it? The statement here, I have always been the point is to do network marketing must understand customers understand the products understand the industry understand competitors, as this is the people in this industry, we only from care. Account angle adjustment. Why do I actually want to be improved should be very small,? I often speak from the overall situation, each link of success can you succeed. I often talk with others for this case, a medical industry keyword click price 500 yuan, 50% of the people made the transformation of 50%, 1000 is the cost inquiry, conversion cost is 2000. and I don’t know the profits of this industry, if the industry profit is 20000, people turn cost only 2000, such words the price is higher also acceptable.


that is not the keyword value, 600 yuan of money some keywords high profit medical value of ah, ah, people can support such a high cost, as a product itself is only 500 yuan of money, how could the keyword bid out to 500 yuan money? This is not reasonable, so the above problems 10 yuan above click charges do not know expensive and not expensive, especially our layman, even if it is the company’s bid also must know the product and profit as well as the conversion rate to calculate our offer profitable? So the above analysis is that we have no specific data we blur. I need to adjust the price to go up? We want to see what to adjust the price first, natural ranking can rise, we get more clicks and traffic.

but others if only 5% of the inquiry, 5% conversion. The people of the transformation cost is 200 thousand, the profit is 20 thousand, people still play the turn? So from the point of view, a company must have a very good search marketing talent, bring the flow, followed by a good art and copy, because the biggest factor in the inquiry to the art.

today to see the group in a search marketing friend asked: I did one day love Shanghai, found that the peers bid is very high, we click charges are almost more than ten yuan of money, I need to adjust the price to go up? In fact, this is a pure new problem, this kind of the problem placed in front of me, I really don’t know how to answer, click on the average price of ten yuan more than is not high. Of course, the key is to see how you define the price is high, the so-called high price is not high and the high profit industries are not high, why a keyword can offer medical 500-600, and some key words only 3 cents, the difference with thousands of times in

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What causes love Shanghai snapshot not update and coping strategies

for the love Shanghai snapshot not update, I think from the following several aspects:

2, the overall changes to the scope of the site itself. The website major revision, navigation and directory address change will cause the search engine off, because you change the frame of website, search engine to your page re rating, to modify the database, it will greatly influence your website snapshot update.

Oh!Failed to update

5, the content of the website plagiarism seriously, we are the same, you also copy others, what will give you a very simple truth update snapshot?

3, on the site title, keywords, description of frequent changes, the search engine spiders don’t know what you going to do what, so start to test your site, natural love of Shanghai is not updated snapshot. Prevent into the sandbox

1, a good point space, stability is of overriding importance

, the 2 day to the site to add some original content

recently in the webmaster circles to see a lot of discussion topics are related to love Shanghai snapshot not update, included reducing, but whether this will have an impact on the ranking? In the eyes of one thousand individuals have one thousand Hamlett, now let me talk about my views:

I have seen too much of the station

4, website long time. The spider every time to the same thing, saying that: dragon meat to eat are boring, and you are not the dragon meat? How often to update the spider? Often is undoubtedly a good way.

two, what factors will affect the snapshot not update


6, the chain is not normal growth, this relatively new character, the chain grew too fast will cause the engine to think you’re cheating on

, a snapshot would not affect the


, because the space problem, not by K, is right down, correction. So even if you don’t buy nets of luxury space, you also want to try the new net rate, the era of the Internet or something.

1 server: server stability, stability is a prerequisite for the visitors to browse the site, if the site can not be opened, even if the spider to be eaten, for you, the consequences of cold-shoulder treatment, as can be imagined. So the site in the building should choose a stable space, particular emphasis is placed on 12 in the evening to 7 am the next day because this period is the search engine spiders often visit the site in time.

this has been a lot of people debate, but personally I think it is two different concepts, the snapshot reflects the update frequency of the website, and frequent spider climbs in, it will accumulate the search engine on the web itself so as to improve the recognition of the weight.


rankings? ?

this is a must, even if you are outside of the chain is very strong, for a period of time does not update the original, love Shanghai as ignoring you. To increase the number of? According to how much your site content, the total amount of about 2>

as appropriate

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Case analysis information website using love Shanghai billboard drainage

, two, illustrated the wayWe all love to see

startling step by step

reasonable use of hot events to lead flow every day to watch love Shanghai emerge in an endless stream, billboard became a lot of habits, for a relatively high weight of the site, it is easy to put some hot events into traffic, as long as their intentions to do an article, perhaps every day can bring thousands of flow, one thing which is unmatched by many owners, after all, their website no weight, even with the then popular articles, the search engine will not give good rankings, analysis of information website is how to use love to Shanghai billboard drainage below.

The key of

beautiful things, an article is written to fill the page, it sure if with a few feel dull as ditch water, beautiful pictures up, so this effect may be able to remind the user’s interest in reading, for example, the information network is reasonable tea station placed two Zhang Jimei set up to let the user does not produce visual fatigue, to search engine, and also a good optimization method.

love Shanghai index in recent months:

which is related to whether an article can get traffic, such as "watching a startling step by step, find and match your temperament, this article fine tea", is the combination of tea and characters, such as: four the elder brother temperament, thirteen elder brother tea tea may express is not very temperament. The ideal, but this creative description will attract users to read an article, so as to reach the site to increase the amount of traffic, must first consider the user’s reading, only.

love Shanghai billboard today search: 137818 last seven days: 864609 today ranking: 6

three, the article show the contents of the

Key words:

introduction: "startling step by step" adapted from the novel of the same name Tong Hua Qing wear. Is the recent hit TV series


web site of the title of "watch the startling step by step, find and match their temperament, cleverly exquisite tea and tea were startling step by step the words together, this is not only to type their own website, but also achieve the optimization goal of key words, although the very popular keywords startling step by step in general, the site is no way near the top of the screen there are many large websites in front of the queue, we can gain some traffic from the long tail keywords.

here to talk about a tea class website if with a movie name together, so as to optimize the overall effect:

, a website title written

site optimization type: tea category information website

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Dragon training market in Shanghai can also fire

The 2. part why so hot?The development of the Internet search engine

3. search engines now really is not perfect

webmaster exaggerated

filled with such information in the Internet, a webmaster experience in speaking of success, how he earns 100 thousand a month, a month to make millions, so many webmaster in one hundred thousand at the age of 18 to earn hundreds of are not many, said that almost all of them have a characteristic is either to your training, copying his success! Or let you envy him, the membership fee, training fee to pay…… I really believe that a lot of money, but they will not say to others. In the face of many people like you, the Shanghai dragon earned plenty of money, you are not the heart of Wuhan, Shanghai Dragon Millennium snow today to the agent training time, want to go to the Shanghai dragon training, they are very surprised at me — without his consent I will omit some words his carelessness is Shanghai dragon, become more and more people forget the topic, now the Shanghai dragon training. Besides fishing. He returned from abroad, now runs a Microsoft certified, CISCO Certified Class school.

is now the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce on the Internet, more and more people network marketing, in five or six years ago has personal website is rewarding, engaged in the Internet people just write what words will be included in search engines, but also is the main link included, it has completely artificial included YAHOO, You’ll see. in the past, the site owner can easily succeed, many past successful predecessors put this he had success on the Internet for something (actually say it in when he said that most are not very successful), want to know the search engine is changing, now who can do such a hao123贵族宝贝 website, the search engine technology is not perfect, the rapid development of e-commerce and network marketing, Shanghai dragon.

, Shanghai dragon training

With the development of

1., Shanghai has 10 years of love in Chinese, along with our culture, improve the education level, the search engine is more and more people are familiar with and accepted by some small webmaster, often talked about in the experience through the network once earned about one hundred thousand, from this point of view, the mainland’s richest man love Shanghai the head of the first generation of Li’s richest man is a real return. The popular search engine, but the search engine also can not solve the problem, and will produce ancillary services, search engine optimization service was born

industry in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training is the most popular topic, also is the biggest selling point, before the old man claimed the first Chinese Shanghai dragon Wang Tong, Shanghai dragon why helmsman Cardiff, later that many, many did not have what set off waves, which in 2010 the rise of the at most, scale, it is also spreading rapidly than mlm.

4. too many people.

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AI asked Zhou hang entrepreneurship is to do their own heart that the right thingIn 2016, the P2P pl

into the wilderness is still persist in wilfully and arbitrarily heart has the universe

as of the end of 2016, net loan industry overall loan balance has reached 816 billion 224 million yuan, an increase of 100.99% over the same period in 2015. As the main direction of funds is still "strong background" big platform based, large platform borrowing period is generally longer, business growth faster, so that the balance of loans has been more obvious growth. According to the current growth trend, is expected by the end of 2017 net loan industry balance of loans or over 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan. Ming Yu

is a pioneer in sharing the economy in China’s travel sector. Easy to Hang Zhou is the founder, someone said he was lukewarm refined, someone said he as a wilderness pioneer tough overbearing. In 2010, pioneers in the field of shared economic travel were easy to establish. In 2014, Uber entered China, fast, Didi successively launched the special car service; at the beginning of 2015, China’s special car, drops, fast, easy to competition, showing white hot. Easy to be marginalized. In 2016, changes in the pattern of travel field, easily leapt to the industry second. Easy to how in the so-called policy "gray zone" groping forward, I will face Zhou navigation understand all this.

< >

Zhou Hang is a scholar, love writing, he wrote in "greed and fear": people are greedy, no desire for more and better dedication, humanity will not progress, therefore, greed is the human driver. But humanity is fear, fear change, fear uncertainty. Easy to create the initial heart, Zhou hang wants to use commercial power to promote social progress, and in the industry, unknown Lang various variables brought by fear has always been like the shadow.


at the end of 2016, the number of the normal operation of the platform of the top three are Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, the number was 473, 461, 331, three of the total number of accounts for the platform 51.67%, the same period in 2015 the proportion of the data shows that within a year is 46.64%, the degree of concentration in strengthening regional platform. The number of normal operating platforms in more than 100 regions also includes Zhejiang, Shandong and Jiangsu, with three regions operating at the end of 2016, with a total number of 280 operating platforms, 118 and 100.

Beijing North Fourth Ring Road No. 66, located in the Zhongguancun technology exchange building easy to the interior office building unique, the middle of an oval courtyard, through the transparent glass, everyone can instantly share in the sunshine in the building. The spiritual core of "easy to come" lies in sharing. It is the first rental car service model in China by car rental companies, service companies, software platforms and passenger Quartet agreements.


2016 net loan industry turnover reached 2 trillion and 63 billion 872 million yuan, compared to 2015 annual net loan volume 982 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 110%. In 2016, P2P net loan industry history cumulative volume exceeded 2 trillion yuan, 3 trillion yuan for the two mark, the monthly trading volume is exceeded 200 billion yuan, in 2016 net loan double 11 "single day again exceeded 10 billion yuan, achieved 11 billion 607 million yuan, the results of this series are reflected in the P2P net loan industry still get a large number of investors in favor of the fact. According to the current growth trend, is expected in 2017 net loan volume or more than 3 trillion and 200 billion yuan.

Zhou Hang is a prince, live tough. In the face of no boundary can be found wild, he dares to enter, blazing. Starting from their own taxi difficult pain point, optimistic about the shared economic prospects in the field of travel, Hang Zhou to find a lawyer friend in Canada, "can you help me look, I want to do such a thing, from the law how we give it around."

was initially easy to have no resources at both ends of the supply and sale, and had little to do with the Internet, just a monthly 100 number. Easy to contact small and medium-sized rental company drivers, equivalent to give them an extension of the channel. Sales side, easy to contact the enterprise through air travel company, signed the contract, complete the transaction. In the extension off channel is just to "saolou" form, the conversion rate is very low. In the difficult journey at the same time, easy to have been unable to get rid of the "black car" identity embarrassment.

P2P platform in 2016 than in 2015 decreased by 985, is expected this year will be significantly reduced by


had mentioned, Zhou hang said there is too much hesitation, like a man in the dark ahead, full of fear, wanted to stop, have asked myself whether this thing can be made, this is not the false demand. Why didn’t anyone follow up? How much did it do?

2010, easy to set up, the establishment of the first three years, easy to extremely lonely.

TechWeb January 3rd news reports, jointly issued a profit can consult, the net loan home "P2P net loan industry in 2016 annual report briefing" shows that as of the end of December 2016, the number of net loan industry operation platform reached 2448, compared to 2015 at the end of the year fell by 985, the total number of normal operating platform to maintain the trend of gradual decrease. Due to the platform yet to stop the pace of rectification, is expected in 2017 net loan industry operating platform will still fall further, the decline rate depends on the record and compliance, according to the current decline rate, by the end of 2017 or will fall to around 1200.

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Fly fruit nets Zhang Feilong sell fruit online can go very farUber exposure harassment scandal, CEO

But Fowler

Fowler also accused the company of sex discrimination. Once her engineering team bought a leather jacket for employees, but missed the female staff. Executives say this is because the number of women in the team is too small, and suppliers refuse to offer discounts like men’s jackets, and buying women’s employees at higher prices can be unfair to male colleagues.

work for nearly half a year, Zhang Feilong want to start their own business, when only 500 yuan in hand, resolutely resigned, "nearly 10000 yuan Commission, I did not take."". He plans to use what he has learned to build a website, selling fruit like many Shandong villagers. General fruit, you can buy in the fruit shop, if the Internet also sell such fruits, do not have advantages. By chance, he came into contact with imported fruits and immediately realized the great business opportunities.

, 18, creates a busy sky,

Beijing 20 morning CNBC said the taxi software company yuho Uber CEO Travis – Kalanick Travis Kalanick said on Sunday, was ordered to launched an urgent investigation of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination allegations by a former employee of the.

Zhang Feilong 5 years ago, a green hand, there is a strong "stubborn". Because the parents are doing business in Suzhou, he also followed in the creation of the world "". He was especially interested in computers, learning to build websites and working on a website that sells tickets. Later, I felt bored and changed to another network company as a salesman. Although the monthly salary is not much, but Zhang Feilong very satisfied, "anyway, I came to study, did not want to get wages."." At that time, the company dozens of salesman, age is bigger than him, but his performance is first.

, a few years ago, I always lied to myself that I was 80. It’s been a few years since I lived back." In order to gain the trust of others, Zhang Feilong, an adult, must learn to mature. "Things that have happened in the past few years, some of them can not be said in words."." In his face, far from 90 publicity, but always suffused with a smile. Kekepengpeng 5 years, taught him to "calm" two words. His character is so full of fruit that fruit needs not only sunshine but also cold nights – cold rain to ripen it.

found in communication with other female colleagues, on whether the man was "first" on this issue, "obviously the human resources department and the management of lying," this is not the first time he female colleagues of sexual harassment, nor the last time.

excellent step before the site Reliability Engineers SRE, the author of the book of Susan – Fowler Technology Susan Fowler issued a document on a personal blog, revealed her work in yuho during a period of one year were male boss and suffered sexual harassment, take revenge experience.

Fowler joined in November 2015, and, as she puts it, the new boss sexually harassed her in the company’s chat tool on the first day of the job. Fowler immediately put these confidence and chat screenshots, report to the human resources department, but received reports of senior management staff responded that the male boss is "first", and his excellent performance, not because of a company to him may be "innocent mistake" to punish him.

excellent step CEO Karan Nick said in a statement on the matter: "I just read Susan Fowler’s blog. The things she described were abhorrent and violated all the things that represented and believed in. I have directed our new chief human resources officer, Liane Hornsey, to make an urgent inquiry into these allegations. We are committed to making it a fair place to work, and we will never tolerate it. Any person who has such conduct or agrees with such conduct will be expelled."

5 years ago, in the network marketing has just started under the background of "fruit" online is a very new concept, to very long future. However, Zhang Feilong has steadily walked to the present, and more and more big, a few years of sales accumulated more than 100 million yuan. More surprising is that the first in Suzhou fruit industry e-commerce entrepreneurs, turned out to be 90! 5 years ago, he was only 18 years old.

was supposed to try it, but to his surprise, there was a big customer on the second day after the site was on the line. However, the customer request a gift card, Zhang Feilong’s "flying fruit network" has not yet this service. In order to retain customers, Zhang Feilong immediately to the advertising company printed in the now seems to be very rough gift cards. His sincerity won the first business. Because of the deal, Zhang Feilong’s confidence grew. Since then, he has received many orders.

Fowler, after a year at the job, switched to another company and came out to announce it.

entrepreneurship is hard, and then he is still young, no money, no matter, relying on a person struggling hard, continuous work, sleepless, is often the case. By the end of the year, however, he was unable to pay even the delivery man’s wages and the rent. Debt to press suffocatively Zhang Feilong, after the decision as a warning for the future is to continue, but again, not the same as before, in the invalid >

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Write excellent soft Wen six standards

on a "six webmaster soft text release base" after, caused a lot of webmaster attention, also have a lot of people put him as his later soft Wen work standards. Published place has, after all more important is the quality of soft text. We write the main purpose of soft Wen, sure is propaganda, let more people know. And the quality of soft text directly affects the click through rate and reprint rate. Well, once an article comes out, it will naturally be reprinted. Here are a few of the guidelines I’ve been making for the IT teahouse:

1. faces end audience user

publicity, the first consideration must be my website audience groups, what are the main activities of these user groups?. A local site to Sina to advertise, certainly is not worth the candle. Therefore, this point must first think well, not necessarily send to the most popular web site or forum, but to send to the most targeted. Before the online circulation of a national forum, TOP50, has been reprinted a lot. Some people follow the list to send articles, and the results have little effect.

2. real content

published soft text on the Internet, the text of the requirements of the foundation is not high, in fact, as long as you have personal experience of real use of popular words described, it may be recommended by editors. The most lacking in the Internet is the original content, but the most hated is precisely fictional, moving content to win sympathy. This is just like doing business, you may be able to pass a compelling content for you to your website, but your article will vary greatly with product offensive heart, not only the user will not come to your website, not even recommend friends over.

3. choose a good title, avoid heading party

a good title can really attract more people, but it’s more dangerous to make people click and make headlines out of context, which is similar to fictional content. The choice of title should be close to the focus of attention, such as the IT teahouse webmaster forum an article "how to my site to earn 70 thousand month by members of the forum to attention, later confirmed the basic content is true, just slightly modified ingredients, at the same time the author of the original intention is to promote a product.

4. article content as little as possible, Add URL and connection

The best way is to publicize the meaning of

text into the article, but some webmaster is to highlight the effect of publicity in the article as long as related to the site to join the site, where the keywords add a point to their own links, such a submission site is difficult to edit by another. Is a relatively easy for the reader to see propaganda articles.

5. article content with popular or celebrity related

, for example, the current economic crisis has attracted much attention, so you can use this as the theme of the article and contact your website or product that you want to advertise. >

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Jade Dynasty by heaven, by the ground, by the team of the chapter

Jade Dynasty team to create the world’s first jade circulation platform, professional value, appreciation, circulation of treasures handed down the family jade; Jade Dynasty team through the Internet and for jade, Hui, min, Gong, wide letter, five in the world! When it was named in the Jade Dynasty, had announced to the world the great ideal, but the cause of the early move, we rely on what to stand, what to rely on what to create a real breakthrough, "Jade Dynasty"? I think: "by heaven, by the ground, by the team.""!