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The scenery is not carved sirloin in speculation bubble obliterate all whyGong Haiyan the two ventur


below for interview record:


and technology: you and friends, Hello! In 2013 Chinese Internet Conference, we are very honored to be invited to the 91 teacher’s founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Gong Zong, please Gong Zonggen and friends say hello

now carved sirloin obliterate all carry

this leads to consumer psychological expectations too high, some consumers online after the actual consumption, found that there is a gap between the expected feelings, which makes the consumer two times into the store consumption rate is not high.

As the founder of

spoke on the topic of business students, Gong Haiyan does not recommend early business, she said, entrepreneurship for many people only once in a lifetime, if it is too early to try, immediately faced a failure, fear, there will be second start, will find a job after a flat flat light, let oneself have enough power to blow, don’t start, so easy to give up.

carved sirloin pattern and vision is very high, the brand positioning accuracy, but there are still the following problems:

recently, the original carved sirloin COO Mu sword after leaving everyone as Hunan CEO sparked a variety of hot food industry to discuss, as many people at leisure talk, where the focus is on in the home, carved sirloin executive miracle no longer on the issue, which attracted people to constantly suspicion.

and dispatch technology: first introduce, you just launched a new enterprise platform,

91 foreign teachers

Gong Haiyan: hope to surpass oneself. That I started also like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site. When my goal was reached, the company went public and felt lost. I like to set myself up

Gong Haiyan: I’m doing Jiayuan at the end of the CEO, behind the day-to-day management of business again, do 91 net foreign teachers, recruit a large number of foreign students in the United States, in Chinese recruitment, teachers and students from home and school in front of the computer, student and teacher is a real time face to face, there is a whiteboard, the teacher can writing on the whiteboard, the experience and the classroom business are very similar, but it allows students to learn more freely in space.

since September last year, after the carved sirloin resorted to "raised" strokes began to silence, except for the occasional release of WeChat on the public by twos and threes in the article, seems to be carved sirloin and I have Meng wake gradually fade out of sight of consumers, but with executives leaving issue, carved sirloin and pushed in the teeth of the storm on.

founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Jiayuan founder

Although < >

Meng wake in the restaurant before opening for a half year period in beta, inviting the brightest star, KOL, Master delicacy to free tasting, light burn burn during the first half of about 10000000, have to say God carved sirloin is successful in Internet marketing, through a series of event marketing and the topic of speculation has attracted enough attention, also managed to increase brand recognition.

What is the reason for

another is due to excessive marketing to attract traffic, most consumers have curiosity, the total number of customers accounted for about 80% to 90%, after meet the curiosity of this part of the consumer will no longer come in, carved sirloin business situation tends to decline, re purchase rate is low, the Internet marketing although the effect is good, but if the food is poor, will only exacerbate the negative word-of-mouth.

carved sirloin noise after the silence, and even began to emerge as abortion has become an indisputable fact.

Jiayuan, for Gong Haiyan again founded 91 teachers intention, at the end of last year to do Jiayuan CEO, threw the day-to-day management of the main business again, hope beyond the self. find that I started is like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site.

Gong Haiyan: Hello, I’m Gong Haiyan!

and information technology news from August 13th to 15, 2013 China Internet Conference held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of this conference is to build a good ecological environment, good service network life ", the topic covers many areas of mobile Internet, e-commerce, Internet banking, big data, cloud computing, networking, IPv6, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.. During the meeting, Gong Haiyan, founder and chairman of 7 and 91 foreign teachers, was invited to receive an interview with news technology.


it is understood that the carved sirloin was founded in November 2012, in May 2013 officially opened, the main sirloin in this sub category, positioning light luxury meal, and will be locked in the target consumer groups and pay special attention to the hobby delicacy dining experience middle class body.

in the catering Starving people fill the land. market environment, Meng wake in just two months time, has realized the store restaurant floor effect and double champion over Taiwan, 60 million with two stores and obtain financing, venture capital’s valuation of up to 400 million yuan, which was to create a catering industry the miracle, which is often used as the successful integration of Internet thinking of traditional food ".

! !

and technology: we know before you are Jiayuan Jiayuan CEO, and have been very successful, what is the business goal and motivation you out of the


one, excessive network marketing and consumer expectations form a drop of

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Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai (2) to upgrade the hardware

website structure optimization

so we talk about "today hardware" – that is, the website should be how to upgrade.


17 forum for Jingan marketing website to do, is to spend more easily than others website optimization to love Shanghai home. Mainly because of the following characteristics (I put the bottom out to see:

although the free flow of Jingan more, but the characteristics of 2 kinds of promotion has not changed. The accurate flow can quickly bring paid promotion, network marketing is the key to winning fast; free promotion is very gradual, slow days and months multiplying. So the king insisted to pay + free combination of promotion. Pay promotion control in 80 yuan, due to the ability to undertake the website is good, every day there are more than 10 enquiries, sales tracking.

To make the search engine more love

thus, search engine rules, whether it is paid or free competition is more intense. Traffic costs rise, the enterprise website hardware "– more demanding. The first search engine to love, easier to optimize the search engine home page, has attract traffic function; second more customers love, to undertake precious flow better, inquiry into.

so as to enhance the ranking of words and ensure the stability of 17 ranking, push the construction of the forum marketing website station static, and can be customized.

2) independent Shanghai dragon page optimization, every detail page.

because the static page has a fixed,.Htm,.Html,.Shtml and other common form of the suffix URL, and does not contain "

1) are used in the 17 push forum took 5 years, spend millions of funds to build the system architecture. This set of software architecture through a number of certification, more suitable for search engines;

2, 7

yesterday there are 17 members of the forum to push their herd, is the professional construction equipment rental, because love Shanghai happy tight rules. They are Changsha King Building, because recently found responsible for web site operators to promote the free flow is n times of pay. Love Shanghai search "scaffolding" on the home page to find the king of the building.

) ?";

1. the total static page.

scaffold is popular products, intense competition and comparison. Before the love of Shanghai home basic is for promotion, and love Shanghai know, Wikipedia and other products occupy the love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon do good king only came in second page. Now the advertising is reduced, because of the long-term accumulation of Shanghai dragon, not to spend money for it can be routed to the Shanghai home of love. I love Shanghai adjustment is good news for him.

each static pages are stored in the server on a separate file; so static web content is relatively stable, so it is easy to search engine.

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The website of Shanghai dragon in external optimization process Links exchange matters

2: IP website. If you want to exchange Links site with your site happened to be a IP, it is best not to link, or search engine that is cheating.


1: high weight. If the weight of a web site is very high, but the domain name age is very short, the content and the chain is not good, so the whole weight of this website may be cheating, can not be considered.

4: go to the site to find Links competitors. Look at the other site Links, and then look at each other Links the Links. This way is quick.

how to find high quality Links

4: whether the use of iframe tags. The iframe tag is used to load it advertising, when loading resources may be used up all the available connection, if a site with large iframe tags, and Links nearby also use iframe tags, the best don’t change, because the search engines are usually not included in these.

3: the nature of the site Links. Whether the URL for pornography, gambling and other sites.

some people will say that in the website optimization process of unidirectional links is better, there can be many high weight website will give you a single? And single small sites to function with your site almost chain? Hangzhou Shanghai dragon to share several matters needing attention under the Links exchange.

1: the love for Shanghai. Through their own search engines to find relevant keywords, to find a suitable site click go to contact the website administrator that exchange Links matters.

3: join chain link exchange group. Add some of their website content with the same or similar QQ, YY exchange group, can be released and you want to find the chain resources inside.

6: whether to call the JS jump. Other web sites to you add Links whether to call the JS jump. If it is, so don’t do it, because the search engine grab JS code.

Links exchange notes

7: the other website chain. If a website is to rely on a large number of stations, the chain up, that this site is not suitable to do Links.

5: whether to use nofollow tags. To observe whether near each other web page code and head Links using nofollow tags. If used, it is not the exchange, the Links is not transmit weight. Here additional knowledge: NetEase and Sohu blog added nofollow tags, so don’t in this 2 blog post anchor text.

2: Webmaster Platform release information. In the link Webmaster Platform or Friendship Exchange release link exchange information, and leave contact information, interested people will contact you.

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Cause analysis of Shanghai dragon Er are not to be underestimated 360 must focus on 360 Search Searc

Senmao science and technology search on the BD no 360 search 360 drop-down box, which shows the effects of the current insufficient attention is limited, it is also just beginning but I expect that in the near attention and visibility will improve.

3. key:

I think after

1. that my first 360 comprehensive search experience:

A lot of

is used on the whole is good, and the previous 360 product style, the whole page is not what a big change, the key is to look at the Shanghai dragon of search results, because I’m a dish, not on the 360 search engine principle and so on further analysis of the system, it can only rely on A5 the master had a jar.

2.360 comprehensive search the degree of concern at this stage is not enough:

when I first saw the 360 search in a customer there, there is a news show 360 search information, I guess 360 to engage in the search engine, what situation ah, no in-depth view, open the A5 forum home see several comprehensive search information on the 360, I also generally looked on start using 360 search engines, in fact I do not work, good is the kingly way.

China Internet users is white for the search engine can be said that many users do not need to manually enter the information website, people who want to understand the relevant knowledge unless it may open the corresponding website directly enter the URL to want to query, but most users of China computer proficiency is not good, is what is what. I believe that there are a lot of people in China, so 360>

? The binding effect 360

search results on the whole and BD ranking of 65% identical, because they are comprehensive search may be comprehensive all things together, but there is the weight of old domain and information to a comprehensive search website and a list of 360 sites, so the package of the new domain name may be lower 360 search rankings and this is an initial product, the latter may also strengthen many aspects, but the 360 release of the first search again, I personally think it has achieved a stage of success.

Senmao technology recently found that 360 of the search is the fire ah, our novice Cougerenao, express my personal meaning, if there are mistakes please pat, you must not give us a lot of points, will be improved, here thank you in advance for, nonsense is not much, in today’s theme "why not 360 to search for the new force"

products 360 are free of charge, especially the 360 anti-virus and security guards of these two products is very high popularity in late 360 will put 360 comprehensive search bundled into his security guards inside, so the stability of users will be huge, why?

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Tell you how to make a music website

although the pressure of the music website is great now, because of the cost of the server, the competition of the same kind and the copyright problem, there are still many webmaster eager to try. Today, tell you about the general process and method of making a music website.

makes music network, this kind of website has three basic:

1. first copyright issues. We must pay attention to copyright in order to become bigger.

2., if you want to do a better music station. Requires at least 20G of music file space.

3. bandwidth 1M, don’t do it. So so, at least 10M. Want to do well, at least 100M exclusive

below, in detail under the investment program

1. minimum investment.

use music thief program, investment only need to download a thief program online, and then modify, and then buy a little space is enough. Cost =1 days time (find program, debugger) +200 yuan (virtual space cost). The advantages of the program are: first, the cost is low; secondly, because the songs data are stolen on other people’s websites, so they don’t need to update and maintain themselves. Then, even if the stolen site does not do security chains, even songs can be stolen to listen to.

the disadvantages: first speed will have a certain delay, because the thief program is to steal others site data, so when people visit your site, is actually a process of users access to your server, your server accesses the website you steal, steal the data processing in the server down and then sent to friends. So speed is slower than direct access to your site. And speed depends to a certain extent on the speed of the web site you stole. If you can not open the web site you stole, then your site will be more open.

2. medium investment

to the next program online, buy a virtual space, if it is just like this, and the first program costs almost. But at this point the program is no longer a thief program, but a professional music program. Therefore, the implementation scheme is different. Secondly, the online down free program will always be some imperfections, functionality will generally be missing, if you are a pursuit of perfect people, you can buy a set of business procedures, music sites do more professional. Then rent data from other music sites.

so that, this program will be more than a business process, fees and data charges. Procedures for hundreds of dollars, data costs a year that is more than 1000, less than 3000 yuan a year investment.

the advantage of this program is that the speed will be much faster than the first one. You are equivalent to have a complete web site, there are static pages, search engines prefer to include, not long before, you will find visitors through search engines to find your site.

the disadvantage of the program: anyway, the site must be updated after it is set up. This is not a thief procedure

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The 4 step is to build a complete corporate website


enterprise websites should be designed has been a topic shared by executives of various enterprise networks and network company designers. How to layout, how to arrange the content? All of these need careful consideration, enterprise e-commerce marketing is a "benefit type website" has, what is the benefit of the website? This is Yang Fan (Yang Fan) master a website concept put forward, before I know the website is a "marketing concept what is the type of website, benefit type website? Here is not about learning details, interested friends can go to Yang Fan’s blog:" your website is now benefit website? ", since the site is so important that how to do


, one of my clients today gave me a simple answer to the problem and thanked her very much.

, she gave me 4 questions:

1. what do we do,


2. what can we do for you,


3., how are we doing,


4., what’s the difference between us and other companies?

if a website can reflect these content, it is a complete website,

is very concise and clear, in fact, the 4 problems can be summed up as one website user experience (UE), the 4 problem is solved, that is to help visitors solve the problem.

1. what do we do? Ask the website for a brief introduction of the business, culture, organizational structure, sales network, honor, vision, etc.;

2. what can we do for you? Ask the website to show the products and services, the detailed description of the products (instructions, parameters, functions, how to use them, etc.), what services are available before and after the sale, etc.;

3., how do we do? Ask the website for a clear example of some successful cases, such as the use of your company’s products to achieve what kind of function, effect, show some big customer information, etc.;

4., what are we different from other companies? This requires detailed analysis of competitors’ companies and websites, so that he does not have me, he has me, he is strong, I am clever, etc.,

by the above analysis, to do a complete corporate website, is really need to spend some time and experience, but if you want to successfully operate a website, these problems must be considered! Hope this article is helpful for those who consider the enterprise website how to build


Author: Lin Bo @ IT home in Ningbo,

original text link:

all rights reserved, please post the author and original source in the form of link.

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The development of China’s e-commerce needs the promotion of star brand

around the world, all kinds of e-commerce website forms, both All flowers bloom together., tolerance is large, and the precise vertical type. Not only the professional website more traditional industries emerge in an endless stream, or, for a time, the tide of e-commerce booming into the Chinese full of opportunities and challenges of the soil up to.

e-commerce is developing rapidly, the thunder’s ears, for Chinese, from there must be a process of enthusiasm once strange, too fast, go too quickly, Chinese is a special country, enter any emerging industry have to think twice, do not meet the situation of our country is not Chinese make the left is made right, not the status quo analysis China do not understand the Chinese character, Chinese will not buy your account, not local people, foreigners even not, why some foreign companies than the state-owned enterprises more competitive in the Chinese, to have ample funds, two in some respects, they are more willing to understand China the market, pay attention to Chinese psychological.

Chinese e-commerce is beginning from copy, but they copy very hard, in foreign countries, in the developed capitalist countries, their information flow, capital flow, logistics, very complete, very easy to handle, even so, in the Internet every winter approaching, there is still a large number of e-commerce companies to escape unscathed Chinese. E-commerce company, the most successful and influential is to gather the information flow for a living, so most companies once the collapse is nothing more than in the treatment of capital flow and logistics problems falling risk. And determine the status of the China e-commerce company also faces a major problem is how to solve the issue of integrity. The problem is that all Chinese blushing thing, from the seller to the buyer send a fake; the buyer receive the goods that have not received; and so on problems exposed, Yi Xiao big Party. You may say Chinese, it might say. Chinese still can not accept this kind of consumption style, but not all of the integrity of the system or social problems after all set up, so a bit far. But you should understand that once the integrity of formation of a wind gas, say such business model that is, communism will follow.


was struggling with excellence and Dangdang, Ali will see this point, launched TrustPass, launched Alipay, Ma Yun said Alipay is to solve cash flow problems, in my opinion, the key to solve Alipay or credit problems. Ma Yun saw the key to success in the nature of the problem, the key to the shortcut in find the key, in constant innovation.

B2C why is it so hard to do? Because it is the difficulties faced by all accumulate in the body, not crushed to death. Also from the current view, Ali has completely occupied the field of belief in a few years, because they can achieve effective integrity over, they trained a large number of loyal users, so to MA in it, there is reason to believe that to be successful. It confirmed my following this view: e-commerce in the development of benign Chinese, must require the star company led


my so-called star company, >