To blunt anthrax attack, mail carriers to get antibiotics

first_imgOct 2, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Federal health officials yesterday announced a plan to supply mail carriers with antibiotics so they will be protected and prepared to deliver the drugs to others in case of an anthrax attack.The program will start with a $500,000 pilot project involving carriers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which were chosen because of their extensive bioterrorism preparations, according to an Associated Press (AP) report yesterday.”In an anthrax attack, time is of the essence,” Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Mike Leavitt said in a news release. “By providing advance protection to letter carriers who volunteer to deliver antibiotics in an affected community, we can gain the benefits of the unique capabilities of the Postal Service to get much needed medicine to those who need it quickly.”Inhalational anthrax is usually fatal unless the patient is treated with antibiotics early. In 2001, five people died and 17 others got sick after envelopes containing anthrax spores were sent to several media offices and two US senators.In recent years, HHS and the Postal Service ran exercises in which mail carriers in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Boston delivered empty pill bottles and explanatory fliers to residents. Carriers paired up with police officers to distribute the items, the AP reported. William Raub, Leavitt’s senior science adviser, said that 50 carriers reached about 53,000 Philadelphia households in 8 hours, according to the story.The tests were part of the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI), a federally funded effort to equip 72 major cities with the ability to deliver antibiotics to their entire populations within 48 hours, in the name of bioterrorism preparedness.According to the AP, the Postal Service and its unions told the government that carriers who volunteered to deliver antibiotics in an anthrax emergency would need assurances that they and their families would be protected. That led to the idea of giving carriers a supply of doxycycline to keep at home for themselves and their families. In an emergency, they could start taking the drug while the government brought in supplies that the carriers would deliver to residents.In Minneapolis and St. Paul, about 700 carriers who deliver to homes in 20 ZIP codes are eligible for the pilot project, the AP reported. Medical teams will screen volunteers to make sure it would be safe for them to take doxycycline. The carriers also will have to be sufficiently fit to wear masks to protect them against anthrax while walking their routes, the story said.Volunteers will receive extensive education and will be instructed not to use their doxycycline for any reason other than an anthrax emergency, according to the AP.If the Minnesota pilot project works well, the program could be offered to other cities starting next year, the story said.Leavitt and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff took steps yesterday to clear the way for mail carriers to legally receive the antibiotics, according to the HHS release. The two officials made an emergency declaration, which permits the Food and Drug Administration to consider issuing an Emergency Use Authorization, required under federal law for distribution of the drugs.In a related action, Leavitt issued a declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act that provides liability protection for activities related to the use of measures to prepare for and respond to an anthrax attack, HHS announced. The protection covers activities ranging from development and manufacture of countermeasures to administering and using them.In other related news, Emergent BioSolutions Inc. announced yesterday it had signed a contract to deliver another 14.5 million doses of BioThrax, the only US-licensed anthrax vaccine, to HHS for the Strategic National Stockpile. The total value of the contract will be between $364 million and $404 million, depending on whether the company can supply vaccine with a 4-year shelf life.The company, based in Rockville, Md., is scheduled to start delivering the vaccine in the third quarter of 2009 and to finish 2 years later, according to a news release. The firm has been supplying BioThrax to the government under a $448 million contract for 18.75 million doses, with deliveries expected to continue until shipments under the new contract start.See also: Oct 1 HHS news release 1 Emergent BioSolutions news release read more

Sand Festival in Nin – A magic that arises and disappears, but remains in the unforgettable memory of tourists

first_imgThe 4th Sand Festival was organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Nin  which took place this year on the sand banks of the Queen’s Beach and Ždrijac Beach The long natural sandy beaches of Nina are one of its trademarks and an impressive image that is remembered by all who have been here at least once, and the total length of Nin beaches is as much as 8 kilometers, while the longest and most famous among them is 3 kilometers long, sandy Queen’s Beach.The Sand Festival is so logical and a phenomenal tourist story that is a great addition to the Nin story. So amazed by the beauty of Nin beaches, tourists from various countries together with residents and sculptors built imaginative sand sculptures on the theme of Nin motifs, although on the beaches you could later see various imaginary characters, animals and other interesting sand sculptures.This year’s 4th Sand Festival, conceived as an exhibition on the theme of Nin motifs on the beaches of Nin, attracted the largest number of participants so far. The weather conditions were suitable for an early morning stay on the beach, so the sun lured a multitude of participants who came to try their hand at building from sand – a magic that arises and disappears. The sand festival this year was led by the expert guidance of artists, sculptors and restorers from Zagreb Dejana Brdarić and Krešimir Valentak and artists Boris Žuliček from Lepoglava, who were also members of the jury. This year, all generations of participants competed – from the youngest to the slightly older, individually and in groups, and created a variety of imaginative sculptures:  towers and castles, motifs of the town of Nin such as a bridge, Nin’s creepers, the unique Nin church, then inscriptions of the town of Nin with features of romance and historical figures of Nin such as Gregory of Nin, Prince Branimir and others The families of the builders spent an unforgettable Sunday morning on the beach playing and socializing, and the adults also aroused children’s creativity. And there is the whole magic of this story, parents spent quality time with their children, a moment that is unforgettable, and the memory remains eternal because everything is captured by a shared photo.Building sand towers with children is an emotion and an experience to remember. And when we add other phenomenal sculptures by artists to the whole story, we have a great tourist story and content. It is these “little” unforgettable experiences that we remember the most and that is the essence of tourism.Quality content is the key to success. Sun and sea alone are not enough.The Sand Festival has great potential for future development, but it also needs the help of other participants, such as the Zadar County Tourist Board and the CNTB. Smaller environments do not have the human and financial capacity to raise events to a much higher level, and this is where the real support of the system should come into play. We did not give declarative support in the context of the type “3.000 kuna of support as sponsors”, but seriously studied the development of the event, in this case, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Nina,It is always easy to find an excuse, but it is precisely such surveys that show the strength or powerlessness of a system that should recognize potentials and give so important real professional and market support for the day-to-day development of a tourism product. Of course, where there really is potential for the development of tourist events in TOP events, and in Nin this is certainly the case.last_img read more

Air and sea traffic continues to grow

first_imgSource: CBS Ukupan broj slijetanja i polijetanja zrakoplova u zračnim lukama u studenome 2019. iznosio je 5 096, što je u usporedbi sa studenim 2018. porast od 3,2%. The most significant international passenger traffic was realized with German airports, 99 thousand passengers, which is an increase of 3,6% compared to the same period last year. Ukupno ostvareno 710 kružnih putovanja stranih brodova Out of a total of 710 cruises, most trips were realized in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (59,4%) and the Split-Dalmatia County (25,6%), which is a total of 85,0%. The remaining 15,0% of trips were made in the following counties: Zadar (6,5%), Istria (3,8%), Primorje-Gorski Kotar (3,1%) and Šibenik-Knin (1,6%). Source: CBS U studenome 2019. hrvatske zračne luke zabilježile su 351 tisuću putnika ili 9,7% više nego u istome mjesecu prošle godine, govore podaci Državnog zavoda za statistiku ( DZS ). U razdoblju od siječnja do studenoga 2019. u hrvatske morske luke uplovilo je 75 stranih brodova za kružna putovanja, s ostvarenih 710 kružnih putovanja ( +4,9% ). Na tim brodovima bio je 1,1 milijun putnika ( +8,6% ), koji su u Hrvatskoj boravili 1 413 dana ( +5,1% ).center_img The most visited seaports were Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar Najveći promet putnika ostvarila je zračna luka Zagreb s 244 tisuće putnika (porast od 5,4% u odnosu na studeni 2018.), slijedi zračna luka Dubrovnik s 57 tisuća putnika (porast od 114,0% u odnosu na studeni 2018.) i zračna luka Split s 43 tisuće putnika (pad od 19,0% u odnosu na studeni 2018.). The port of Dubrovnik (518 visits) had the most visits of foreign cruise ships, followed by the ports of Split (267 visits) and Zadar (117 visits). Porast broja putovanja, putnika i dana boravka stranih brodova za kružna putovanja. RELATED NEWS: 2019 MILLION ARRIVALS AND 21 MILLION NIGHTS IN 108,6last_img read more

The Social Council for Tourism proposed measures to improve employment in tourism

first_imgThe Social Council for Tourism sent a letter to the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Labor and Pension System, presenting a proposal for measures to improve working and employment conditions in the tourism sector and requesting a joint meeting on the issue of tourism staff. Finally, the letter to the mentioned ministries proposes more lobbying during Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the EU, through new budgeting of EU funds, with the aim of opening greater opportunities for projects in tourism. In this regard, improvements and simplifications are proposed measures Permanent seasonal, in such a way that the compensation for the time when the permanent seasonal worker is not working is support outside the measures to encourage employment or co-financing of the salary (contributions to and from the salary) during the time when the permanent seasonal worker is not working.Also, for employment on indefinitely (regardless of age) it is proposed to introduce incentives in the form of exemption from paying contributions from and to the salary for a period of three years. In order to improve working and employment conditions in the tourism sector, it is proposed to regulate the control of extended branch collective agreements, because the basic goal of the social partners is to introduce order and apply equal minimum rights and obligations for all workers and employers. Effective control is necessary in order to achieve the basic goals of the expanded application of collective agreements, which are: reduction of unfair competition, gray economy and payment of wages “on hand” stand out from the Social Council. Photo: Employment opportunities for workers should be increased through the institute of additional work (from 8 to 16 hours per week with consideration of the obligation to give consent to the employer), in catering and tourism, namely, according to the Social Council, large jumps in business activities, both seasonal and on a weekly and daily organization of working hours. Therefore, it is possible to apply the redistribution in the maximum duration and a shortened daily rest of 8 hours. “The proposals of these two measures are explained by the fact that the stability of employment is a prerequisite for the regulation of housing, family community and living standards in general so that workers have an interest in working and staying in a particular community. It is especially important for tourism to keep the local population in tourist places and ensure the authenticity of the offer and long-term quality of tourist services. If the local population has quality working and living conditions for tourists, that destination will be pleasant and attractive, thus ensuring the long-term development of tourism. ” emphasize from the Social Council in its statement. The assessment of the Social Council, which consists of representatives of trade unions (STUH and SIKD) and employers, is that the issue of availability of the necessary labor force is a priority for further and long-term sustainable development of tourism. They also believe that providing the best possible conditions for employment and work with the aim of greater safety and satisfaction of workers in the tourism sector is in the common interest of all social partners. Therefore, the Social Council for Tourism proposes to the ministries to introduce additional incentives for year-round employment as a demographic measure of stable labor relations for the local population and retention of young people in the Republic of Croatia.last_img read more

Tripadvisor is taking greater control over tour operator prices by increasing commissions

first_img“They sit on a pile of search and booking data and can implement dynamic pricing models to earn more per user, or product type and location. The question is, why haven’t they done it before?” The move makes sense from a Tripadvisor perspective, Alster said: “We hope to create a more balanced market with a single minimum commission rate for all operators of your type and in your area.”, It is stated in the e-mail. “A balanced market will allow travelers to focus on the quality and uniqueness of your experience.” Tourpreneur, a travel tour podcast that published parts of the e-mail, said Tripadvisor “left many of their tour and activity partners in a trance”. This move by Tripadvisor comes a week after the restructuring of its business experience-related business sector. In the third quarter of last year, they recorded a 46 percent drop in revenue in the sector. They also feel that operators are worried that customers could get angry if they book a higher price through Tripadvisor or its sister company Viator than the one published on the tour operator’s website. Jared Alster, co-founder and executive director of strategy at marketing agency Wildebeest, said Tripadvisor’s use of the term “balanced market” is actually “commission collection code”.center_img The e-mail also states that Tripadvisor Experiences “adjust the retail price of your products to match our new commission rates in your destination“, Although the company claimed that the new policy will not affect the fees that operators receive for reservations. Changes are underway, she said, and the company is in the process of communicating with operators around the world. “Tripadvisor Experiences increases commission rates and introduces a single minimum rate, depending on the type of tour operator and location”, Reads the e-mail received by tour operators, which confused many, he reports Shift. Laurel Greatrix, a spokeswoman for Tripadvisor, said the new policy “brings compliance with our prices and balances the market”. Source / photo: Skift; Tripadvisor; Pexelslast_img read more

Carwiz is now also present in the Czech Republic via a franchise network

first_imgCar rental Carwiz continues to expand despite the extremely difficult situation in the car rental industry. The branches are located at the busiest airports in the Czech Republic, and despite the pandemic, Carwiz rent a car continued to support franchise partners and customers, thus re-establishing itself as an excellent strategist whose decisions are based on strategic communication and business planning.   Thus, through the franchise network, Carwiz is opening its first branches in the Czech Republic, more precisely in two airports, Prague Airport Vaclav Havel and Leoš Janáček Ostrava. “Although we started our business at a time of one of the world’s biggest crises in which the car rental industry was particularly affected, we are convinced that success will not be lacking. The strong brand strategy, visual identity and support we receive on a daily basis from the central unit of Carwiz indicate to us that this is the beginning of a successful collaboration.”, added Erik Rajohnson, owner of the Carwiz Czech Republic franchise.center_img Carwiz rent a car is a Croatian company which, after opening its first branches on the Croatian market, soon set out to conquer the world through a franchise business model. In just one year, global success has been achieved, resulting in an extensive franchise network on as many as four continents and a presence in 20 countries and more than 60 branches. Under the auspices of entrepreneur Erik Rajohnson Carwiz, the Czech Republic is opening two branches in its first year of operation, in Prague and Ostrava.last_img read more

Atlas travel agency has launched a restructuring process

first_imgRestructuring and optimization are necessary due to the circumstances caused by the corona virus pandemic in which the tourism industry found itself, which significantly negatively affected the Atlas business, as well as the processes of establishing a new business model and possible change of ownership. “Činjenica je da Atlas dugi niz godina nije uspio pronaći održivi poslovni model te je ovo prilika za dubinske promjene koncepta. Uz to, uslijed vanjskog udara, na tržištu se događaju tektonske promjene koje će promijeniti krvnu sliku cijele industrije. Žao mi je što restrukturiranje uključuje i otkaze ugovora o radu većem dijelu naših zaposlenika, no o njima brinemo najbolje što je u ovim okolnostima uopće moguće. Također, poštivat ćemo sve već preuzete obveze prema gostima i partnerima. Mi jednostavno moramo uvesti novi poslovni model kako bi se Atlas od iduće godine mogao fokusirati se na ono što i dalje možemo i želimo raditi najbolje – a to su Atlasovi dugogodišnji strateški produkti „Krstarenja Jadranom“, „Ture i grupe“ s garantiranim polascima“ te segment „Shorexa“ said Lovorko Mamić, President of the Management Board of Atlas plus doo In a situation of complete cessation of passenger traffic and uncertainty in estimating the duration of the crisis that hit the business, the measures could not be implemented, and the complete cessation of business brought into question the entire business structure of the company in the long run, Atlas Plus points out. As the global and local recovery of the tourism industry is not expected before 2021, Atlas will continue to work in a significantly reduced scope of business this year, and will certainly realize all already contracted and sold arrangements, Atlas Plus points out and adds that in the next plan to continue with the implementation of part of the business processes, especially the program “Adriatic Cruises” and “Tours and groups” with guaranteed departures, as well as the “Shorex” segment, and at the same time get out of some business processes that have been on offer so far. As part of the process of restructuring and optimizing operations, and in agreement with the unions and the Workers’ Council of Atlas Plus, and in compliance with all contractual and legal obligations, an employee care program is being implemented. The travel agency Atlas plus doo has started an extensive process of business optimization and restructuring, but it continues to work and will continue to offer its guests and partners a narrower portfolio of products and services, reports Atlas plus. The program includes 132 Atlas Plus employees, who will have all their rights respected and who will receive severance pay upon termination of the contract.  Until recently, as well as the new Management of Atlas Plus, they undertook a number of activities to stabilize and improve the business burdened by numerous inherited doubts, but in the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic it was no longer possible to do so and recovery plans could not be implemented. Since the continuation of unstructured business can only be maintained with further significant financial interventions, the new Management of Atlas Plus has decided to implement measures necessary for the company’s recovery, Mamić points out and concludes that the corona pandemic virus has slowed down the disinvestment of Kompas. its completion is expected during the year.last_img read more

Croatian private airline, Trade Air is increasing its fleet

first_imgCroatian private airline, Trade Air, increases its fleet. In about 10 days, the third Airbus A320 will land at the base of this airline at the Zagreb airport, reports from Croatian Aviation. The new aircraft is equipped with 180 leather seats, and the company plans to paint it in its distinctive livery. Until then, they will wear Trade Air markings (stickers) on the tail and fuselage of the aircraft. Trade Air also operates on charter lines from Ljubljana to as many as 10 destinations in Greece: Rhodos, Karpathos, Samos, Kos, Preveza, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Heraklion, Santorini and Corfu. As far as Croatia is concerned, there is one charter line from Ljubljana, towards Dubrovnik Airport. By the way, Trade Air connects Lijepa naša as part of the PSO program. It is important to emphasize that Trade Air routes operate throughout the year, in both summer and winter timetables.center_img With this new aircraft, Trade Air will have three A320s and 1 F100 aircraft in its fleet. He also leases an L410 aircraft based at Osijek Airport, from where domestic PSO flights are operated. Osijek – Zagreb – Osijek,Osijek – Pula – Osijek,Osijek – Rijeka – Osijek,Pula – Split – Pula,Rijeka – Split – Dubrovnik – Split – Rijeka Photo: Trade Airlast_img read more

Valamar introduced a “long stay” offer, and Plava Laguna special discounts for weekend stays

first_imgPhoto: Valamar The offer in Istra Premium Camping Resort 5 * includes a modern camping home by the sea, high speed internet connection (200/200 Mbit / s), premium family facilities, organized entertainment for children within the Maro Club, Multimedia Game Lounge and Istra Theater. Guests then have a free shuttle service and use of the sauna, indoor pool and gym at the nearby Valamar Diamant Hotel & Residence. Photo: Blue Lagoon For a holiday without cooking and grocery shopping, they have free delivery of fresh local produce and delicious dishes through the Valfresco online store, and pets are also welcome. The price of the package for the long-stay service starts at 450 euros per month per mobile home. The Blue Lagoon aims for weekend travelcenter_img The action is intended for all guests who decide to stay in this famous hotel in Rijeka during one of the coming weekends. In addition, guests will be able to treat themselves to a massage in the wellness oasis within the hotel or a gourmet experience in the a la carte restaurant Kamov, according to the Blue Lagoon.  In addition, Blue Lagoon opened and early booking for 2021, which offers prices with a 15-20% discount. From this year, Valamar’s Istria Premium Camping Resort in Poreč and Ježevac Premium Camping Resort on the island of Krk have a rental service for a longer stay of at least one month, which is valid for the period from September 30 to March 31.This special offer is aimed at all guests who want an extended stay either for work or for vacation in well-equipped mobile homes in a marine environment. Hotel Bonavia Plava Laguna in Rijeka, from now on will provide special discounts of up to 30 percent for its weekend stays (Friday-Sunday). Cover photo: Villa Galijot, Plava Lagunalast_img read more

Americans represent a variety of races

first_imgThe 14th Amendment says that if you are born in the United States, you are an American. Period. You are not a German-American. You are an American of German descent. You are not an African-American; you are an American of African (name the country) descent.Suppose a court takes the first 50 people arrested at the next protest (preferably 25 from each side of the conflict). At arraignment, have the judge offer all of them all a “Get out of Jail Free” card. To get it, they must agree to a mouth swab. Then DNA testing will determine just how “pure” they really are. Also, they must agree, in writing, to allow the results to be published in their hometown newspapers, as well as a national one (say USA Today).Most will be surprised by the results. There might be some African in their Aryan blood. Perhaps, they are 20 percent Jewish. Or maybe some may have American Indian blood running through their veins.David Duke, are you reading this? Will you be the first to get swabbed? What about you, Al Sharpton. Did your grandparents really come from Africa? How about you, Donald Trump? Can we swab you, as the “First Birther?David LucierNiskayunaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsPuccioni’s two goals help Niskayuna boys’ soccer top Shaker, remain perfectFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidation I think I have a solution to the problem with those siding with Nazi sympathizers, the KKK or the so-called “skin heads,” claiming they are 100 percent of the Aryan race. The same may true with other believers in their racial purity. Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more