51 school occupation home ants China SNS who can laugh in the end

51 user base data, said it has billions of dollars, and its brilliant point is that for the lack of interest in the city of two or three levels of hormone secretion exuberant children, provides a network entertainment city. Although the industry’s evaluation of 51 is complex, 51 is sure to make money because the Chinese are willing to spend money on the relationship between men and women. From Avatar to casual games, 51 of the pace is no problem.

campus users base of about 20 million, has swept the Chinese universities. Originally, they are the most like Facebook, but the name on campus will bind them for a long time and hinder them from setting up an off campus network. Barracks of the students, the school after graduating from school to go abroad? So, money is not difficult, it is difficult to return to scale


seat, will the wind gone, because the market has been the first university campus, really do not need second things to occupy, as like as two peas two? And the seat always love to make simple things complicated. read more

How to let the grassroots webmaster website when my hair achieves waist length

how to evaluate the success of a website, each grassroots webmaster has different standards, of course, using value estimation site is a more common way, such as the value of this site, how much money and so on. At present, Baidu, Ali group, the Tencent to enclosure on the Internet, they think I began wantonly acquisition of various sites, various venture companies also on the Internet looking for a potentially valuable website, webmaster website if get VCs favor, or to Baidu, Ali, Tencent under the door, also was successful however, you want to make your site to achieve "when my hair achieves waist length" state, can not be


"when my hair achieves waist length" and last year’s "Yuan Fang, what do you think", almost overnight became popular in the network, the network buzzwords hot, and "Yuan Fang, what do you think", "when my hair achieves waist length" seems to have a lot more poetic, with more meaning. It is reported that, "when my hair achieves waist length" from a study at the University of Cambridge of China handsome boys & girls, under an obligation to help a domestic company to make international lawsuit, two people posted in two different intimate photos, two photos of the biggest difference is the heroine’s hair long, so someone for this photo with poetry: you accompany me from long hair bobbed hair to the waist, so I accompany you from pure sentimental to calm certainty. And comment: when my hair achieves waist length, will you marry me young man? read more

nternet business success eight website advertising optimization three steps

after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

two, advertising alliance to choose carefully,

three, large advertising alliance introduced

four, is the site good for an advertising alliance,


five, website advertising optimization method

six, Google Adsense apply for actual combat

seven, analysis advertising click, enhance website revenue

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (eight): analysis advertising click promotion website revenue in reading.

eight, website advertising optimization, three steps,

the same amount of Web site, the income can also be different, do not think that the more ads put in, the income will increase. In fact, only a reasonable set of advertising sites, in order to maximize the advertising revenue of the site. Now we will tell you how to increase your website’s revenue by optimizing the size, quantity and format of the ads. read more

Advantages of website construction for enterprises

is the first Internet has all of the text, picture, color, film, three degrees space, virtual reality and other media advertising function, through it, so that customers can easily see the company introduction, product description, service mode, contact address, and you can add sound, pictures, animation and video information, to achieve real and to establish a good corporate image.

second customer market and every corner of the world, whether you need or not, you will find online customers may come from all over the world. In Northern Jiangsu, a company providing dehydrated vegetables has received several orders from overseas customers. Overnight, it became " international " the company.

third provides instant business information, catalogues, advertising, marketing, and more. Many companies in order to update the contents of advertisements and catalogues, and printing fee need to spend a lot of manpower, and once the data is put on the page, not only immediately appeared " ", started to take effect, more can be updated at any time, correction, saving time, saving manpower and cost of printing large. read more

Local website 15 days to earn 5000 yuan experience

local talent network project, I believe that the operation of personal webmaster has many, conditional I suggest applicant company to operate. Earn no money, we search all over the talent network, you can see Baidu, the former are promotion links. If you do not make money, who will do promotion, you can imagine things. Today is April 7, 2010, I was in March to enter the talent network project, although the site has only more than a month, has earned more than 5000 yuan, it is a small achievement. Here to share my experience in building. Because I have a local domain name www.463000.cn, this domain name is good, 463000 is Zhumadian (my test area) the area code, so use this domain name to have brand effect. My promotion mainly has two parts:

online promotion: online promotion I mainly do is Baidu ranking, because of the poor can not afford to do my bidding, where there is a promotion of the city has been done for, even if the auction is not interesting, but we are individuals, the promotion of cable under the clerk in the run, people is the company operation, our personal ratio can not afford. I also use ordinary webmaster often used is Baidu domain optimization, because we have two years of history, and the domain name is the region code, so the weight is very high, and the local competition is not too fierce, so I just spent ten days to do Baidu second, now search for "Zhumadian talent network" is second. read more

A month of pursuit Baidu finally see me

do not know how to write, literally write his own station was Baidu re included. I do not know what the Baidu fell into the circle, and their three stations have only been included in a page does not move, and continued this situation has been a month. The three stations are: www.56tudoutv.cn potato network, TV drama, www.qq206.cn, QQ space, message code, www.toopai.cn candid camera network. Now the first stop has been re started by Baidu, writing about why Baidu doesn’t accept it.

1. repeat too many keywords: three stations have such a situation, repeated too many keywords, remember to read an article is to write a new station, can’t over optimize, may be counterproductive. Was not aware of this, he repeated too many keywords, cannot say optimization, I do not understand to SEO at all, is the beginning of thought more repeat keywords may rank higher, I know I was wrong.

measures: three stations are re engaged under the title, try not to reduce some keywords, and now the main problem is not optimized, and included. read more

A5 official purchasing sale right more than 3 high quality stable website quick and safe

A5 official purchasing, sale right, more than 3 high quality stable website, fast and safe


1, domain name time at least 1 years. (older, better)

2, use Adsense tools inquires the Baidu weight is more than 3. (please do not brush their own words, thank you!)

3, website weight flow at least stable for more than 3 months.

4, website type is not restricted, want to stand only, the price is good talk.

5, website value 10 thousand above.

does not meet the above conditions, but the website has potential, you can also consult.

if you have a good site for our sales recommendation, please contact our A5 web broker at no extra charge

details please visit:

A5 official purchasing, sale right, more than 3 high quality stable website, fast and safe


114 open source can really make grassroots webmaster benefit

once, he wrote an article on the 114 article, that is an analysis of 114 why successful Article 114, successful revelation, now 114, the use of open source event, once again set off a frenzy of speculation, also can let the spread of open source web site intends to build grassroots station long benefit, 114. Open source can really make grassroots benefit? If I dare not agree.

Before the

114 open source, an imitation 114 website source code: MySites, I believe there are built the site through the webmaster friends know this website source code, the source code is free, I had purchased, is also used, but its customer service service. With 114 official words, they open source, that is, will make long-term imitation, copy 114la.com and profit for the Shanzhai site legalization.

After the

114 open source, I have downloaded 114 source code to install, 114 team and I think, should be a very good team, but in 114 the installation process, after seeing the installation instructions, I feel very disappointed, the installation process it really mountain village no, even better than mysites. Perhaps it is because of their team technology well, in their eyes the installation process may be very simple, super simple, but I like these don’t know PHP rookie, that is quite complex, I spent a good long time did not understand how to install. The installation process is so complicated, I believe that there is a considerable part of grassroots webmaster can’t use 114 source, therefore, the official talk of "the first to make the grassroots webmaster to get rid of the difficulty of choosing the site included bound, just according to their own need to use a little modification to solve easily, so as to save a lot of cost management also, without consideration of technical support problem" has become an empty word, a wishful thinking, if really want to help the webmaster friends, in the hope that the authorities can hold the lofty ideal for the webmaster for the gospel, and further improve the installation program. read more

AD what’s up ‘m here to send AD

          do a few years, the site is not big, but I firmly believe I can do big, because I persistent, because I work hard. Often bubble in the major forums to learn, but also often go to major forums and websites to AD. I feel this should be normal too.

recently read many articles, very impressed, especially in the winter of the Internet, as the most basic grassroots webmaster, may die run the fastest, in the real society, money is not the highest, but the survival around a web site. Traffic is not paramount, but it directly determines the profitability and foundation of a website.

as webmaster of us, should be more pragmatic. In ADmin5, many articles are also referred to as soft, there seems to be opposition, I wondered, how soft, how AD, this is a matter of shame? I don’t want people to send you the text, what made the Government Gazette? I love to see is experience and skills of the no, this kind of article, a soft case that I don’t want to see it, the empty theory, boring policy the article you love? Do you want to see some is not practical, the authenticity of the article? The people get a URL, a URL is not normal. Even if it is to be soft, it should be, who do not want to promote? I want to hang the Baidu home page Hao123, then I have to hang up?! in fact maybe a lot of people like me, you have to be the stationmaster is to promote Next, come to want to psychology point, take in hand, can not walk empty handed, before go, also corner, in the courtyard leave a dot AD. Did you see the major scenic spots are leaving of calligraphy and painting. Since ancient times, the AD is as unalterable principles. Just a few people got the lead, AD. Mentally depressed. read more

A web editor’s Web Knowledge Growth

I’m just a little girl who’s just graduated from college. In school is journalism, but because the media threshold is too high, my feet seem short, so little, but beyond the threshold. So, from time to time to find a pharmacy enterprise network department, do network work.

as 80, surfing the Internet is a common occurrence. But the real network for knowledge, can only stay for a while to shame. Fortunately, there is the boss’s careful teaching, as well as my infinite love of the Internet, let me such a piece of white paper slowly dyed with color. The following is my months of work experience, cheek out to show oneself, also please exhibitions.

first learn to read the source code,

I just surf the Internet and never really think about how every page I’ve seen has been built. Later, it was found that programmers need to type one letter symbol into the source code to form a web page. HTML, the language for writing web pages. That’s the first thing I need to know. The HTML language is made up of markup (Tag), and the function of the tag in HTML is to control the entire page of the page, and the user can use the existing tags to achieve the basic page effect. Very hard to invest, chew a few days of the book, and finally read the basic syntax of HTML, and at the same time I basically understand the source code of a web page. At the very least, when copying the content of a web page and being restricted by the right mouse, you know how to delete the source code that you want and successfully copy it. read more

Enterprise planning micro blog activities need to pay attention to what

company opened the official micro-blog marketing promotion is an important marketing way, of course, if just for advertisement, so micro-blog, the effect is certainly not good, even the fans are not the estimation of concern before the cancellation of patience on an advertising micro-blog account. So we need not only from the content to create novel and intimacy, occasionally able to plan some activities of micro-blog, this will attract the attention of the public, but also to allow more people to participate in and forwarding, for example of a mobile phone brand for the new product release campaign forward micro-blog access sweepstakes eligibility activities, the author found that many of my friends are forwarded, and of course the author himself forwarded it, certainly can not win the best winning, I also found a problem, is forwarded to this activity is very large. It can gather a lot of attention and popularity in a short time, and it can also enhance the interaction between enterprises and fans. read more

How to choose a good location for children’s clothing store

operating any store, choose a good location is very critical. For the operation of the clothing store, the choice of a good position can make the store profitable. Good store location, can bring more traffic, thereby greatly increasing profitability. So how do you choose the store location?

A children’s clothing shop near the

read more

How to break through personal movie websites

Since the

copyright problems after the nature of the entertainment, many movies, music websites have been closed, I love qvodvod.com, in addition to the movie content restrictions, used by visual, auditory or temptation movie station seems to come to an end for personal webmaster movie website seems to be more winter, absolutely is the cold winter. How does personal movie website break through? Personal movie website in small crevice how profit?


, how did the 1. personal movie website break through,


to write this part, I interviewed some of the new movie website personal webmaster, and the free movie website yqooo.com yqooo talk the most, say his site is rough, or without a design aesthetic taste, but his movie website updates very quickly, "confession", "battle of wits" I was in the movie to see him. Talk to the subject:

personal film breakthrough 1: the movie is not much, lies in the essence of

films are different from other, in a certain period of time, for example, this time the popular "confession", then you will find a confession of pain, this time the popular drama, the drama is Baidu keyword. So there’s no need to plug a lot of movies on the movie site. Seize the key, change at any time, the advantage is to reduce the amount of space occupied, with limited space and limited resources to the audience the most fast browsing speed, there is a benefit that create the illusion for members: the standing of the movie is to keep up with the trend, after seeing what new movies here. read more

From the perspective of nternet cafes personal web site of the plight of how much similar

last week, there was news about Internet cafes, and the Ministry of culture raised the threshold for Internet cafe chains. The Ministry of Culture issued a notice that the declaration of national Internet cafe chain enterprises should have "registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan, the number of directly operated stores not less than 30" conditions such as wholly owned or holding, the threshold is higher than the 2003 Internet application conditions, the policy will contribute to the development of the Internet more and more centralized, the previous single occupy Internet cafes the mainstream of the market will be out of the market. The new standard threshold was up and down, such as the Internet cafe chain enterprises, in the administrative area of wholly owned or holding the number of directly operated stores, by 2003 the provisions of not less than 10 down to 5, the threshold is decreased; as for the country or cross regional chain of Internet cafes, wholly owned or holding the direct request the number of stores by 2003 the provisions of not less than 20 to 30, the threshold is increased. read more

Breakdown areas and local demand is the two major focus of the future transformation of the webmaste

November 22nd, A5 founder Wang in the QQ group launched a webmaster lecture: how to be a successful webmaster?. In Zaiqun graph king and the webmaster to share the experience of website operation for many years and realize their accumulation. The web site is to do what? What kind of site? How to do a website? Three aspects on how to be a successful webmaster do in-depth analysis, and the current owners of the environment, the future direction of transformation, to express their views, lecture by the majority webmaster enthusiastic response QQ group in a short period of time has been filled. The stationmaster also listened to the lecture carefully, enthusiastically asked questions and discussed each other, and launched a fierce collision of thinking.

personal Adsense industry today, simply relying on traffic to get advertising revenue era has gone forever. In the development of the Internet, the webmaster’s business environment has changed, speculation has been impossible; profits, opportunity basically tends to 0; illegal edge, is tantamount to death. In the past, simply by copying, relying on search engines, stations and garbage stations have no future. In the lecture, Wang also said, "99% of the websites are not computer majors, and even 95% have not been trained in computer science. They are all self-taught.". A new website, if not by copying the reference to other websites, it is difficult to understand the Internet and tangible website itself, only in the process of doing constantly break the past, constantly changing their learning and to grow. Do like swimming, you want to become a master, choking the water first plop jump, you also do not control this is what action, what posture, choking the water, you naturally have water, so in the absence of the website before, please don’t do in the old gestures, with the domain name space, or buy another station, take over the line. Now the filing is more complicated, in addition, search traffic is also getting smaller and smaller, so it is first suggested not to do too many sites, more than their own management efficiency, so it is difficult to profit. A person to do a 2-3 website, the website is good, but in the end, to be concentrated to 1, the earliest when I did not find the direction and goals, also made hundreds of websites, finally gave up all the interest in A5, and that lasted for 5 years and never in the future, familiar with the basic operation or website has been operating over a period. The site should be started on the right track." read more

What kind of website can be successful

thousands of websites are created every day. These new sites are not based on the needs of the visitors, but are based on the needs of the site owner. Browsing has been overlooked as the biggest cause of most web failures. Here are 6 ways to optimize your design.

1. becomes a member of the browser and puts himself in the browser’s position. Visitors to your website, what he wants, your web site’s goal is not only to meet your needs, but more importantly, to meet the needs of visitors. A good way to get what visitors want is to do a survey of people who are interested in your products and services and to tailor your design to meet their needs and your own needs. It doesn’t cost much, for example, you can ask friends around you.

2. minimalist is the ultimate goal, if you look at more successful websites, such as Google, Flickr and Blogger, they are simple. Why add bloated content, especially when only 80% of browsers use 20% of the above?. When adding each feature, consider the needs of the viewer. Think of it as your goal. read more

Share the successful application for Baidu web promotion experience

my Qionghai information online, in January this year started, when on-line tepid, not put advertising alliance ad code, as Baidu web promotion does not want, but in the new year, then focus on the promotion, also sent a few heart station, then the site in a short period of time with the upgrade, Baidu also included my site every day.

is that when I choose to put Google’s ad code, because I think that Baidu was above my station, and Google earned dollars, Baidu earn RMB, the high price of Google advertising pairing, so I didn’t want to apply for Baidu web promotion.

however, about the recent "Google out of the mainland market China" things we should all know, do believe that many webmaster many are by putting advertising alliance to maintain website revenue, and Google Adsense is most webmaster preferred, but on the "Google out of the mainland market China" after the event, I also often see: Google Adsense price plummeted, the official Google advertising price is very low, even Google in Google’s own Adsense advertising. read more

The 4 step is to build a complete corporate website


enterprise websites should be designed has been a topic shared by executives of various enterprise networks and network company designers. How to layout, how to arrange the content? All of these need careful consideration, enterprise e-commerce marketing is a "benefit type website" has, what is the benefit of the website? This is Yang Fan (Yang Fan) master a website concept put forward, before I know the website is a "marketing concept what is the type of website, benefit type website? Here is not about learning details, interested friends can go to Yang Fan’s blog:" your website is now benefit website? ", since the site is so important that how to do


, one of my clients today gave me a simple answer to the problem and thanked her very much.

, she gave me 4 questions:

1. what do we do,


2. what can we do for you,


3., how are we doing,


4., what’s the difference between us and other companies?

if a website can reflect these content, it is a complete website, read more

The development of China’s e commerce needs the promotion of star brand

around the world, all kinds of e-commerce website forms, both All flowers bloom together., tolerance is large, and the precise vertical type. Not only the professional website more traditional industries emerge in an endless stream, or, for a time, the tide of e-commerce booming into the Chinese full of opportunities and challenges of the soil up to.

e-commerce is developing rapidly, the thunder’s ears, for Chinese, from there must be a process of enthusiasm once strange, too fast, go too quickly, Chinese is a special country, enter any emerging industry have to think twice, do not meet the situation of our country is not Chinese make the left is made right, not the status quo analysis China do not understand the Chinese character, Chinese will not buy your account, not local people, foreigners even not, why some foreign companies than the state-owned enterprises more competitive in the Chinese, to have ample funds, two in some respects, they are more willing to understand China the market, pay attention to Chinese psychological. read more

User experience of network copy

many people may think that the so-called network copy but is to write a good article, express meaning, and then released to the Internet site is good, whether it will give users what feelings are of no great importance, that text is like this, the user can not see, how to have none of my business. But in fact, no matter what stage of development of the Internet, the network copy will have an important impact on the Internet products and each enterprise, after all enterprises are more and more from the Internet, and presented to the first user interface on the Internet, often also cannot do without the network copy, even if it’s just a simple with a text advertising map, is the network copy, especially now network public relations crisis become more frequent, more need to pay more attention to the user experience in copywriting, in order to truly ease the enterprise public relations crisis, to establish a good image of enterprises and products in the majority of users.

first of all, the design of network copy interface. A lot of people will think that network copywriting has no need for interface design, just put text on the network, and then users read it, there is nothing to consider. But in fact, the network copy has the skills that can not be ignored in the visual and display position. For example, the network copy in many forms in the user interface, for example, in the window, text, buttons which are connected to the Internet copy, even in the user interface button with a word is. Also, the network copy since it is presented on the Internet, you need to display in the appropriate location on the network, in the end is on the web page or the content page is displayed in the upper left corner and lower right corner, which need to design according to the user’s reading habits. read more