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6 years the road of the site didn’t make a stop to

02 years of the initial contact with the computer, I was the little city in Internet cafes are not many, the machine is not good, the Internet is also expensive. When it is started with the students in the past, look at others, I don’t know QQ chat, read more, think chat feeling pretty good, so I apply a QQ number to play. Just started playing quite a dish, open a web page does not stop at the link, never close the window, so often engage in a crash. After adding QQ, a Zhejiang MM, talk very speculative, then exchange the address to write to each other. From the beginning to the present, the past 6 years, has been linked with.

until two years ago, I still stay in the QQ or CS level, do not make progress. But because of playing QQ more, so often find some QQ related resources, at that time, often hear people say free brush member, three drill. What I am interested in this. So slowly mixed with " hacker " related forums. When there is a Guangxi hacker alliance, where the QQ resource update soon, where successful rushed several members of the free three drill. Have a great sense of achievement. One day, following the network warfare Links. I went to another forum, there are more points and rookie, I slightly more than most people understand something, there is a mixed one. The day after the administrator do often go to see some hacker " " black tutorial, several websites also Zhaomaohuahu. Internet cafes also stolen over the others QQ. slowly feeling I thought I was too much food. I had too much to learn. So I left the forum and started the process of doing my own station..

began when test data in the window for free space, with the PHPWIND program, in fact this is not " ", is at best in " ", learn how to build the forum. How to set up the forum, how to insert, how to modify the style and so on. A few days later, the first the forum also made up, very excited. That a lot of friends to give me support, my friends all got management. But it is not good for several days, free space is not good enough, often inexplicable hang. Started looking around for space to buy. When do not understand the virtual host space is tricky, anyway. Is looking for a cheap, cheaper and better. Finally someone opened a 150M, spent 200 dollars. With less than February, people go, the money has gone. Stand too. Oh, when the fight is not small, it is difficult to find the site for a long time I did not. Think about the site and indulge In the game,.

but I always not to give up, after a period of time and I think the game is really boring. Began again, " " this time I want a good, in fact, free space is stable, with a first application, the development of good business to buy the line. With this in mind, around the size of the site, registered a lot of ID, finally found a 62M free.

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Another way of development for women’s forums

forum pays attention to member interaction, pay attention to is a stickiness. The development of women’s forums is a special environment.

now MM likes shopping, like to dress up, make up, like to star. If someone can help them provide a better shopping platform, the way to dress up, make-up, and the latest news of the star, can bring users. But these have been done badly on the Internet, and if you find a good female website, it’s ten and a half months to get all the information.

but did anyone think that shopping was targeted? From profit analysis, I summed up the following possible options:

, for example, a webmaster with a business combination, as long as it is a member of the station, how much discount can be played?. This communication process depends on their eloquence, mutual benefit and win-win situation, the site to help businesses do free publicity, as long as there is no negative impact, businesses will consider.

now free make-up make-up shop also has many, if for regional on the site to do the corresponding publicity, I believe will attract many members to retain for a long time. This process takes time, and if you don’t want to spend your time without energy, the effect is quite different.

, a new station, is not the lack of the most suitable for their links.

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IT will look for bright spot in Internet cold current

last weekend, the annual meeting of the two major media groups in the IT field has been held.

5, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID) organized by the China computer newspaper, CIO360 website, CCID Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese electronic communications industry newspaper, newspaper hosted the 2008 annual meeting of the information industry and economic Chinese. 6, CO sponsored by the SASAC research center and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China computer newspaper, CIO360 network and the specific network hosted the 2008 Annual Conference of CIO China enterprise informatization China person of the year "held.

6 -7 days, the computer world "hosted by the 2008IT NPC and CPPCC" held "China IT wealth (CEO) annual meeting" and "Chinese Chief Information Officer (CIO) annual meeting", "Chinese Internet Conference" and a number of forums have been held.

at any conference and forum, can feel the impact of the financial crisis on China’s IT industry, and the Internet has been affected more obvious. Computer World 2008 China Internet annual conference theme is "faith and persistence"".

in the main hall on the morning, although Li Song, Wang Zhidong, Lei Jun said there is little money, hope good investment projects, Tang Jun also said that next year will invest through Reentry Internet, but the new three years, three years old, sewing for another three years, "these are the same investor said, in the next period time, if the money can not be good, if there is no profit model reality good, want to let these investors difficult. But in the afternoon two sub forums, the luminescent spot is less.

SNS website profit critical line to see

in the computer world Internet forum annual meeting SNS the speakers, there are two companies worthy of attention: the cradle of treasure net, net, Internet brings new contact is also an important foundation of the two sites, but they are different with other companies, they have jumped out of the shackles of contact.

zhenai was named "2008 Chinese Internet the most valuable project award", the telephone and the Internet combined with the matchmaker, do an Internet platform with the traditional matchmaking service combination.

cradle network won the 2008 China Internet most potential project award". Cradle network vertical web site is located on a professional, seize the infant training, knowledge dissemination of this big market, from preparing for pregnancy to children six years of age during all aspects of knowledge, online services and product information, its revenue model for AD + education products online payment ", how to look with the traditional SNS very different. SNS has become a technological platform rather than a source of revenue, and SNS has become a bridge between users, experts, and expertise, not just the tools that connect users to users. And offline activities and cradle lecture hall are also important means of communication, and also form a unique competitive advantage of the cradle network.

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A traditional clothing factory owner tells you how to transition, good Taobao sellers orders

I dark horse: since the spring of 2013, we clearly felt the factory winter came, and until now, this chill has not receded. Domestic market by the impact of the network, substantial decline in physical orders, before moving tens of thousands, and thousands of pieces of big orders no longer appear. Domestic brands also played a defensive battle, the existing more active orders are network orders. However, due to the small amount, many factories have failed to make a successful transition and are afraid to contact such a small quantity order.

this is the current situation of our domestic garment industry, that is, many of our domestic garment factory owners face a big problem.

where is the garment factory order? How can the factory keep on developing? How to find the transition and how to receive the internet order?

following is a transition, successful traditional garment factory owners summed up the transformation experience. Summed up the following points for your reference, a clothing factory in order to successfully transition, we must have the following conditions:

one, the boss’s thinking to synchronize with Taobao

1, and accept the network communication: network communication is well documented, both sides promised something, you can through chat records to search. For traditional oral agreement and telephone communication, reducing the communication disputes between the two sides, but also improve efficiency.

2, accept online payment payment: Taobao customer used network through the network can complete the payment, bank and bank remittance, Alipay payment, credit card payment. The factory must support these payment methods, so that greatly enhance the efficiency of payment, there is evidence, the factory does not worry about not receive the money, customers do not worry about the factory do not pay the goods, the two sides of the funds are also guaranteed.

3, accept a small order: Taobao orders, the first single, the general amount is very small, once sold explosive, anti large amount of single, requiring shipments faster.

above, these three points are Taobao orders must have the hearts of the preparation, only the mentality of change, in order to truly cooperate with the good Taobao, Taobao customers receive orders.

two, to develop data collection habits, understand the rules of network sales

1, develop the habit of collecting and analyzing data: collect all the data of three party suppliers, such as fabrics, accessories, lines and so on, and make good records. Record when the first single material, with a long, cut to spend a long time, how long do the production, printing and embroidering do how long tail, check the goods to spend a long time, how long does it take to packaging. These should be made into the system data stored, in order to prepare customers at any time, anti single, contact suppliers, quickly arrange production.

2, should have the concept of time to remember the client’s instruction: Although we do not plant sales network, but every time we communicate with customers when he urged delivery will tell us what he is now on the activities of the stocking period how many days, how many days of delivery. We need to keep in mind the data that our customers sent us and evaluate what they give to customers

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Four main reasons why blogs are not seen

blog online for a long time, why don’t people visit? For all of us, whether or not encountered such a problem? As the saying goes "people rely on clothes horse saddle", which is also the case for the blog, if the first impression you blog to people not how, then, your blog will not look, nobody ignores.

first, blog template is very dull, WordPress blogger told the author, "a lot of people used to use when looking template, is not to be changed, really make people depressed, the monotony of the template, making it difficult for you to remember your blog", in fact, there are many ways to do the appearance of blog small adjustments, if your blog template does not make any changes, then, will make people feel very professional, good template to, but don’t just ism oh.

second, the blog content is mediocre, is all trifles recorded this blog every day, of course, the life also is so, but if every blog is all other people cannot read the article right and wrong, insipid content is acceptable, if no value is the people who read the article. Someone else is not willing to visit your blog, just a waste of time, our content can be lackluster, but not let people cannot read the right and wrong.

again, blog advertising is flooding, a lot of people make money through the blog, this is not what to be blamed, but not so obvious, advertising not only makes people sad, and disturb others, put advertising no ground for blame everybody can understand that, but if you have a blog page, the article page, search all this is full page ads, but also in every place, not to mind taking the trouble during advertising, so that people can accept just anger + left.

finally, the blog speed is very Wohuo, open speed slow, who are impatient to open such a website, will only make people Speechless, unable to walk away, if it is to buy foreign host, we find that service quality and security, not to English classmates. Find a Chinese website like HostEase and Chinese customer service host, this will reduce the unnecessary trouble, don’t be tempted to buy cheap machine, a penny goods.

blog as long as a few seconds simply to attract readers, but for many people, they focus on not only is your language concise, more people will pay attention to the first reaction of your blog’s appearance, appearance is very important, make sure that your blog looks very perfect, it is a must.

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Local Forum opened today, PV has twenty thousand

was still fighting on the Internet at three or four in the morning. I didn’t feel sleepy. What I did was a local forum called star city online.

from the beginning of the 05 years, the government in the online class, then you do not understand the technology, still do not understand, I do is planning and news, a few years, the Regional Internet demand is relatively understanding, it is a continuous development of e-government, there is a great prospect, this one needs the second is to maintain the market; regional website needs of businesses and individuals, demand more and more obvious and intense. And the forum has been my leisure pastime and sustenance, and not too much utilitarian, this phenomenon has been going on for several years.

the beginning of the government website forum, but also by the use of spare time to forge self management, and thus held the first large-scale network of local party, had a lot of interesting stories, then together together, including the largest gathering, thousands of ginseng and is held in the square, candlelight blessing the party, for donation, but also touching the deepest.

but the forum was closed for a number of reasons and has been suspended for more than a month. Have waited too long, have stopped too long, a lot of expectations, many hope, perhaps again, perhaps again. The choice of the domain name, the negotiation of space, the construction of the website, the perfection of the details, the supplement of the function, and a rudiment, one of the most primitive appearance finally appeared. No value is not worth, only willing or unwilling. There are many interesting things in the world, people live in a world, if can love one or two of them, and to enjoy thinking and sorrow, is a kind of ultimate interest.

in the current situation, in the domestic environment, the forum is of different significance, the weapon of supervision by public opinion, the place for personal recreation, the platform of communication learning, the intermediary of information sharing…… Interactive, universal and entertaining than to win a chip on the website, website, global nature, timeliness of media and quick than many. The media, the forum, is also a media. It was the voice of the whole nation. This is valuable, but also interesting, as we read unofficial history, imagine those people at that time, but also a variety of space, to convey their happiness and sadness.

early in the morning, after the invitation code, after the phone, it was going to sleep, because to get up early. But the Sacred Dance, seven and domineering invitation after registration, found some problems, for example, can not upload avatar, Short Message open, the other night has been committed to the static pages, today finally ready, just put these details perfect once, found the article but no general rules for it, or simply come back tomorrow afternoon, the organizing committee has invited registration code in Xingcheng group sent, you can find them, you can find the registered members, they should be on the front page with the invitation code, the purpose of doing so is to cherish ID, can limit the same IP vest registration it is hoped that the first 100 registered members to invite such party "