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Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai (2) to upgrade the hardware

website structure optimization

so we talk about "today hardware" – that is, the website should be how to upgrade.


17 forum for Jingan marketing website to do, is to spend more easily than others website optimization to love Shanghai home. Mainly because of the following characteristics (I put the bottom out to see:

although the free flow of Jingan more, but the characteristics of 2 kinds of promotion has not changed. The accurate flow can quickly bring paid promotion, network marketing is the key to winning fast; free promotion is very gradual, slow days and months multiplying. So the king insisted to pay + free combination of promotion. Pay promotion control in 80 yuan, due to the ability to undertake the website is good, every day there are more than 10 enquiries, sales tracking.

To make the search engine more love

thus, search engine rules, whether it is paid or free competition is more intense. Traffic costs rise, the enterprise website hardware "– more demanding. The first search engine to love, easier to optimize the search engine home page, has attract traffic function; second more customers love, to undertake precious flow better, inquiry into.

so as to enhance the ranking of words and ensure the stability of 17 ranking, push the construction of the forum marketing website station static, and can be customized.

2) independent Shanghai dragon page optimization, every detail page.

because the static page has a fixed,.Htm,.Html,.Shtml and other common form of the suffix URL, and does not contain "

1) are used in the 17 push forum took 5 years, spend millions of funds to build the system architecture. This set of software architecture through a number of certification, more suitable for search engines;

2, 7

yesterday there are 17 members of the forum to push their herd, is the professional construction equipment rental, because love Shanghai happy tight rules. They are Changsha King Building, because recently found responsible for web site operators to promote the free flow is n times of pay. Love Shanghai search "scaffolding" on the home page to find the king of the building.

) ?";

1. the total static page.

scaffold is popular products, intense competition and comparison. Before the love of Shanghai home basic is for promotion, and love Shanghai know, Wikipedia and other products occupy the love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon do good king only came in second page. Now the advertising is reduced, because of the long-term accumulation of Shanghai dragon, not to spend money for it can be routed to the Shanghai home of love. I love Shanghai adjustment is good news for him.

each static pages are stored in the server on a separate file; so static web content is relatively stable, so it is easy to search engine.

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Quiz application platform in Shanghai dragon in

1, from the first account to start, account registration is the best Chinese, but to know no association with other account.

said the following situation under my account:


question answering platform mainly, love Shanghai know, Soso Ask, question and answer, YAHOO knowledge hall, Iask and so on, but most of us do is love Shanghai, I love Shanghai as an example to know your point of view:

love Shanghai know to ask questions, to pay attention to the quality of our first question, there are questions not too much like advertising, the amount of attention. Here I believe we all know I do not explain.

on the network there are many areas in which we have no access to the network promotion, have a long way to go, hope you to

want to help

3, IP, this I feel I know not essential, registered account, question and answer with a IP now, no matter what, but for the sake of safety, or for the best IP.


1, love Shanghai know is very strict on the new account audit questions.

love Shanghai know at all inquiry platform in the highest weight, of course, love Shanghai for their products is certainly love. Love is a piece of Shanghai know Feng Shui advertising, everybody wants to be in a place for this. But now the love of Shanghai has increased the intensity of management know. Many problems have been removed, now more than 2 questions will be deleted. We work hard to do. Here we first talk about love in Shanghai know when the questions which pay attention to:

2, love Shanghai know the observation time of the new account, which I just guess.

thank you for your cooperation! !In this paper, by

2, the problem, some time ago and the group master do some experiments in the group master as we all know, I will not mention, ask 2 words the same problem in a new account, it’s easy to delete a problem, while the two completely unrelated problems in the same account in question, one will not be deleted. I think we all know what’s happening!

Alex, Johnson Optoelectronics (贵族宝贝ledqs贵族宝贝) network series published, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

I have a few questions account 3 key words the same topic, one will not be deleted, but some questions are an account will be deleted, according to this situation, I have registered several new accounts, new accounts for 1. But the question question 2-3 will be deleted, for this very confused. Think there are several reasons:


do not explain the

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Talk about the importance of the site from the original pay New Year’s call SMS


if by speculative way to getting the original, or to let the love of spiders in Shanghai included, can be used in a simple way, that is to bring in a Chinese article, translated into Japanese, and then translated into German, Spanish, English >

has written more than a year is the site of the original article, particularly sensitive to the original two words, a large number of similar messages, have lost the vision of freshness. The website optimization, the original is an important aspect of love, Shanghai spiders have to copy is not interested, and we are in a New Year greeting message duplicate these magnificent article, do people taste unexpectedly as a machine? Maybe I the idea of some extreme.

this article also said a way, is to spend tens of dollars, to Witkey platform to collect, can collect out dozens of article "original articles", this seems like a good way, but carefully calculate, tens of dollars for dozens of articles, an original article but a few dollars. Even one yuan is not that can collect high quality of the original article? What is more, to see the Witkey bounty is so low, simply copy a come over. Kobun ever see a webmaster used this way in the article Witkey solicitation, and QQ and his private chat, the owners complained: "the arrangement of the article is better than original than to write their own articles are tedious……" Don’t respect Witkey, do not respect the original, in fact, is not responsible for their own website.

to write the original article site for many webmaster, is a very difficult thing, so some people began to look for shortcuts, kobun just still see a experience of how to write false original article, the article said English website to translate an article, tidy, is a false original, the method is very creative, but the translation of the article on the meaning expression is vapid, readability is certainly not high.

? The reason is very simple, these messages are copied, flowery but lose the truth, in my opinion, this message is just do things carelessly, more like a deal with a job. The message is back, I thought, can not think of these exciting statements, finally, only wrote "happy rabbit in four words, though brief, this is my original

in website optimization occupy a very important position, take the Spring Festival, some evaluation content to the Sina Web site to see the show, almost every little detail of the Sina editors did not miss, like a sigh, Lin Chiling, the uncle of a second "dew point" is a piece of news…… Some of these news lace, have attracted many online browsing comments, this is the power of the original.

mobile phone SMS pay New Year’s call, has become a habit, from the beginning of year thirty, Acer paper has received many of these messages pay New Year’s call SMS, pay New Year’s call is very exciting, but I also did not look carefully, also my daughter-in-law also received many similar messages she will even pay New Year’s call, the most wonderful to me mobile phone, I did not see.

The original I don’t see why

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The chain is not only the failure forum you did wrong method

first, find the relevant forum

The content of

is the highest in the middle of the link weight content, like those related articles, popular articles link weight template that is very low. Only when the content is inserted into the middle of the link is the highest weight. But the general forum management strictly, can not let you want to insert a link will insert a link so simple. If you can not be serious to delete posts, advertising cup with a title. So if you insert a link in the middle of it must be "soft". This is a soft soft soft. Let others look not advertising, but a very valuable and can really help a link to another, the very nature of the. The only way we will identify the link, plus others click this link will become more valuable, remember also wrote a "only let people click on the chain is the high quality of the chain". If it is not the "soft power" in the words that you can later in this article with a copyright link.

In fact, the best effect is the link of

you may ask the signature set what is difficult? Of course, setting a personal signature is not what difficult, but if you want to set may have one click on the not so easy, in fact, when I see the forum mixed too many people signed simply link personality never let people click on the idea. In fact, the front also told you said, only let users click on the link will have a higher weight, this is I >

is currently the chain in our web site keywords ranking has a pivotal position, we Shanghai dragon Er most of the time spent in the construction of the chain. The character signature forum outside the chain is also one of our most important source of the chain, and when I go to the forum found a lot of personality signature chain there are a lot of misunderstanding, that is to do a lot of useless. So now many people say that search engine reduces the weight of the chain forum. In fact, not the forum outside the chain search engine right down, just your operating error. Today I have to express their views on the forum signature and the operation of how to make the forum outside the chain can be outside the chain of high quality. I hope everyone criticism.

forum chain is best to find out the related forum, because of the correlation in the search engine algorithm is one of the most important. If it is not related to industry, would greatly reduce the weight of your. If you find the relevant forum, but also find related pages, only the most relevant section also can play a maximum value. If you post in some related pages, then the link weight decreased, bad luck will get you the moderator to delete posts, if a good moderator, then he will send you the post shift to the relevant section, in fact, these are the most basic, we must pay attention to.

second, add a link in the requirements of

third, the signature set

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The basic ability of professional workers must have the Shanghai Dragon

The basic ability of an independent Shanghai Longfeng worker

4, the webmaster tools. The data is Shanghai dragon worker website optimization effect evaluation basis, and points out the direction of optimization needs to be improved to a certain extent. The source of these data is a variety of webmaster tools. Keywords heat, each competition and ranked Shanghai Longfeng every day were recorded and analyzed, each value of the chain also requires careful observation, so as to accumulate more efficient chain resources. Long term observation and analysis of the data is the further development of efficient optimization strategies. Therefore, the basic ability to use webmaster tools and data analysis is necessary in Shanghai Longfeng workers.

above is my summary must have. On the basis of this.

3, the program and art ability. Whether to build their own websites use what kind of background, unified website style often can not adapt to the nature of every industry. Companies often modify the ready-made templates according to their own needs, or change the website appearance, or add module on the site somewhere, it is in order to better show their own business characteristics. This requires Shanghai Longfeng workers must know the basic knowledge of art and programming background. CSS+HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver should be a required course for every worker in Shanghai dragon.


2, the chain construction ability. The industry is saying the content is king, the chain for the emperor. In the premise of the station for the editing, the chain construction is another pillar supporting the survival of the site. For the professional Shanghai Longfeng workers, the construction of the chain need to grasp the depth of the chain and the degree of correlation. The chain depth is outside the chain platform as is the high weight and high quality, because this chain can make their own web site also points to the weight of relatively high. At the same time, the best in the chain and their related strong platform above, in order to own website information classified search engine better.

with the popularity of e-commerce, many traditional industries have also invested into the network marketing network promotion tide, the increasing demand of talents. Today, the units and individuals to provide professional services such as the Shanghai dragon like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in Shanghai on both sides of the Changjiang River, Longfeng workers has become an increasingly large group. Professional workers in Shanghai Longfeng can help enterprises to open up a space for one person in the fierce competition in the Internet market. Then, a professional Shanghai Longfeng workers should have what the basic ability of

1, net capacity. The website is a website to optimize the editing ability is the basic ability of personnel. No matter what industry, give you a web site must be able to quickly add to the site in the station. The title of the article, write three meta tags, keywords and keyword density distribution to grasp skilled enough. At the same time, the article must have a certain degree of the original, the basic requirement is to let the search engines, and can let the reader smoothly, and obtain the required information from.

Use and data analysis capabilities of

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Adhere to a month to fly the website snapshot

1, as the saying goes, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, the two site must be done, this is not good, what speed up the love Shanghai snapshots are nonsense, the original content is a must, do not need much, fixed a few article every day is enough, the best in a certain period of time fixed love, love Shanghai more regular website. Other reprint, or false original some articles feature, as long as the total is not collected on the line, the total acquisition is not taking snapshots, consider what is love when Shanghai right down. Although the love of Shanghai collection of articles reprinted the will but not be bored, not included, after all, the original did not so much. The chain must also be sent every day, because the spider crawling in other sites, see the link will follow the link to grab another site, so the chain is very important. According to the different website articles should be appropriate, to various forums, blogs, classification of information, love Shanghai know the hair of the chain, try to make the site outside the chain of variety, love Shanghai spiders love fresh, if every day in a few forums, blog, spider would be bored, as far as possible write some text, put a link, reprinted many people, the chain is more, more than the chain spider climb take a dozen times, snapshots are also more likely to go up. It is.

had just started doing it a few years ago the Shanghai dragon, I want to cry, especially when the exchange of Links, when I took over the site snapshot generally in the 10-14 days hovering nearby, included in the 4000 or so, the ranking is also good, but because the snapshot problem, with others are quite difficult to exchange links in particular, with a snapshot of the next day or the day, people want to do not want to directly refuse, very awful. I found included snapshot, data for a similar change, change is not so much changed, because is eager to improve website snapshot, so only think of other ways, I was wronged to find a few 1000 included about the snapshot, or the last few days, we think of complementary next, did not think they actually are not willing to anger, this will not change, think impassability, began to look up information about quickly enhance their snapshots, also made a lot of methods, finally put up the snapshot, accept me after that website snapshot basically no more than 7 days and summarizes some of their own experience.

snapshot of what I do not have much to say, do not know to love Shanghai. Love not what their role in Shanghai, the equivalent of "love in Shanghai has a file only, the page is deleted or chain can open a snapshot can see love Shanghai. It is significant in that it represents the love of spiders in Shanghai often take us to climb up the web site information, enhance the snapshot have very good effect on the website. Of course I do not love Shanghai more near, does not mean that the website ranking is better, it only represents the love of spiders in Shanghai often take up our website, faster included on our website for updates on the website, the long-term development of good, has a direct impact on the site included. Here is a snapshot of love Shanghai improve their views.

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Analysis of burn promotion why attractive ball


third: both bidding and Shanghai dragon. Now the enterprise site is not to say that after the auction, not in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, actually in reality often we are both doing. A bidding promotion way to find your target keywords, do targeted keywords optimization of Shanghai dragon, so can their more pages show to the user, spread their information, so bring users is a lot. Site selection of Shanghai Longfeng method may not give the website to accurate user, but the auction can be seen in the precise user is from what keywords, for these keywords do optimization on the go, the resulting flow rate is very high.


second: marketing effect visible. Through the process of marketing promotion, marketing effect visibility is relatively large. How much the cost of bidding, the marketing process has brought the number of users, these data are visible. But for some other promotion methods, may not be able to calculate the cost, such as blog marketing, blog marketing is very difficult to calculate how much you spend cost, or blog marketing process, in the end bring you many users. In the end of this marketing, marketing personnel to see their effect. Is disadvantageous to days after marketing. But for promotion can effectively keep the effectiveness of marketing reaction, one of the reasons is that the enterprise will choose the site.

network promotion way, pay a free way to the spring and Autumn period, bidding promotion although the money is, but for some enterprise website, the choice is still very much. No matter what kind of promotion way, advantages and disadvantages are existing, only reasonable use, in order to better promote the work. Bloggers to share this money for promotion why attractive ball, only the author summed up his own views, I hope useful for everyone.

: the first quick promotion. For some enterprise website, online marketing, hope to soon have the effect, if you go by Shanghai dragon, effective rate is certainly very slow, and the new building site weight is not high, so it is very difficult to optimize, so most companies choose to bid promotion. The establishment of good bidding account, you can set the target keywords, estimates like a few days will be seen to flow into the target, it is necessary for enterprise marketing, and most need to get. Especially for some short-term marketing goals, for promotion effect than Shanghai Longfeng good promotion methods can be effective immediately, more suitable for short-term marketing projects.

fourth: price risk is relatively low. The bidding promotion way as long as you are not removed, the ranking is always there, but you can bring the user is lasting. But for the Shanghai dragon website, the effect is very unstable, the website can easily be search engine punishment, causing the site weight decreased, keywords ranking is reduced, the effect of such "will directly affect the marketing

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A new station FAQ FAQ to teach you to move

! The

3, I did not change the site didn’t do anything, how to link, ranking suddenly Kuangxiang

1, the new sites included why the ranking is very good, a few days without

Conclusion: ?


to be honest, you will certainly ask that my website through the emergence of this situation, I also know that my site is certainly wrong, what is the problem leads to a keyword to my site temporarily to the ranking? I want to say is, I only speak several reasons. After I practice the most important reason is summed up, you must listen carefully, that is outside the chain chain problem! Exactly what is the problem? To be honest, the chain and the cause of the problem is also a lot of search engines only love outside the chain, a natural increase to be honest, if you don’t see love Shanghai core algorithm, cannot quantify how do link is the natural growth, in fact if it is the old site, high weight, link growth will not be too abnormal affect the ranking, such as you give Sina the link group, I absolutely did not respond, you have a link to sending your own new sites, must be K! So we do when the chain, especially for new sites through the chain of time, in order to ensure the growth of the natural link, the best way is one of the 5 points to the site update time spent. The chain! In other words, you will have new website promotion content update, the original content is stable keywords ranking improve the new king, don’t spend too much time doing links, keywords your site’s ranking bottleneck, when not to go in, to enhance your link experience and time

! ?

don’t get excited over a little thing, just add new sites included the original content, don’t care too much about ranking.

this situation often appear in the top of the new station, the old station or do new words, this is not the search engine to your site down the right, but the spider after this period of time to a keyword of your website data analysis of your site in this keyword data and little problems so, not for you to calculate the ranking, observed a few days later, the key data not what problem, ranking back in the back.


2, a keyword ranking disappear to outside 100


search engine, especially the weight of love will give Shanghai website promotion content included is relatively high, so the new station on the line, there will be a period of time and then good keywords ranking, ranking will disappear in a few days, this is normal, for example, you go to the 58 city issued an original article, also be very good included second ranking, over time may disappear.


sure your site for a considerable period of time for some reason can not access! Not encountered "

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Four enhance the stability factor of website keywords ranking

website, here also involves the "content is king" topic. Yes, the content is the core of the website, this point is not the least bit we neglect. Here is to emphasize that the site is updated, the stability factor must be taken into account is the content of the.

even give up the search engine update, spiders will crawl every day on our website capture content, some high weight website every day is uninterrupted to the spider. As mentioned above, the website does not open, leading to the spider over and over outsmarted, will trust your site? Of course, this is just one example, the search engine algorithms in detail, have you wondering.

in conclusion, the web server is stable, is the most basic element of good website.

Two, The stability of

, a web server

these two aspects in the early stage of our site should be done, don’t wait until problems appeared to solve it.

this site hierarchy says least medicine involves two aspects, the first is the positioning of the site itself is stable. Perhaps a friend would ask me, how positioning stability. In fact, the author here speaks of "positioning stability" is refers on its web page "title", "Keywords" and "description" stability. We all know that these things are not to be cannot but can freely modify, sometimes even change what impact on their own will, but as I said in previous articles that often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes.

The stability of the

site hierarchy

three, website content

on improving methods for ranking web site keywords, the network has many, today to talk about the basic point, it is most likely to six "stability" factor is the webmaster friends ignored. These factors may seem insignificant, when you do Shanghai dragon but it is the biggest stumbling block.

content is not sound? "

is the stability of the web server in the first place, to see that the server is stable or not seriously restricts the increase your website ranking. As far as I know, our space each month one day or two days is not open, say something nice called "server normal maintenance". As we know, the search engine is a Monday update, January a big update, and when your site is in an important point in time cannot be accessed when the consequences are as can be imagined.

to the other hand site hierarchy stable explanation, is about the site directory structure of the website level related issues. Site structure clear, must be the most conducive to the search engine grab way to create.

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Do search marketing must proceed from the overall improvement of details

but to be clear, we will not flow, but the transformation. Only do advertising alliance talent flow, so the problem is that we should choose the keywords of value flow promotion, no value keywords for lower prices, or even delete, actually say or vernacular, any operation must be established to do the bidding is the basis of data analysis.

good thing here, even if the account to me fairly understand the point of bidding to operate it? The statement here, I have always been the point is to do network marketing must understand customers understand the products understand the industry understand competitors, as this is the people in this industry, we only from care. Account angle adjustment. Why do I actually want to be improved should be very small,? I often speak from the overall situation, each link of success can you succeed. I often talk with others for this case, a medical industry keyword click price 500 yuan, 50% of the people made the transformation of 50%, 1000 is the cost inquiry, conversion cost is 2000. and I don’t know the profits of this industry, if the industry profit is 20000, people turn cost only 2000, such words the price is higher also acceptable.


that is not the keyword value, 600 yuan of money some keywords high profit medical value of ah, ah, people can support such a high cost, as a product itself is only 500 yuan of money, how could the keyword bid out to 500 yuan money? This is not reasonable, so the above problems 10 yuan above click charges do not know expensive and not expensive, especially our layman, even if it is the company’s bid also must know the product and profit as well as the conversion rate to calculate our offer profitable? So the above analysis is that we have no specific data we blur. I need to adjust the price to go up? We want to see what to adjust the price first, natural ranking can rise, we get more clicks and traffic.

but others if only 5% of the inquiry, 5% conversion. The people of the transformation cost is 200 thousand, the profit is 20 thousand, people still play the turn? So from the point of view, a company must have a very good search marketing talent, bring the flow, followed by a good art and copy, because the biggest factor in the inquiry to the art.

today to see the group in a search marketing friend asked: I did one day love Shanghai, found that the peers bid is very high, we click charges are almost more than ten yuan of money, I need to adjust the price to go up? In fact, this is a pure new problem, this kind of the problem placed in front of me, I really don’t know how to answer, click on the average price of ten yuan more than is not high. Of course, the key is to see how you define the price is high, the so-called high price is not high and the high profit industries are not high, why a keyword can offer medical 500-600, and some key words only 3 cents, the difference with thousands of times in