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about China’s enterprise level service summary many, the local faction and overseas faction has the outstanding article to come out, VC and the entrepreneur stand in own angle, also has many good conclusions. This article is based on Ping++ nearly three years of entrepreneurial process, there are detours, lessons learned, there is disillusionment, but also experience.

first, trust.

why are you? Because the costs of replacement and cost of opportunity are high, it is important to build trust. Trust generally comes from a professional image, an absolute expert in this segment, not only to solve problems, but also to provide advice for business. Have a strong strength, you can always accompany the growth of enterprises, do not worry about suddenly unable to provide services. Benchmark customer endorsement effect, the real case of brand customers over thousands of words. Third party authority certification, objective evaluation of industry reports.

2., the core of enterprise service sales is trust and vision. read more

Five pioneering surfer Li Mingshun left for the king to changeshlf1314 webmaster agent alliance is h

2. webmaster only contact with Shanghai. For any ads or links displayed on your resources, you agree to contact Shanghai directly without contacting any advertiser. The equivalent of supporting unique local enterprises. more than one agent, webmaster and a layer of exploitation

3. Shanghai seeks to withhold any taxes or fees from the amount paid to you in accordance with applicable tax laws. before withholding personal income tax, the possibility of withholding tax is relatively large, and the specific rules are still to be determined.

indeed, for Li Mingshun, entrepreneurship is like surfing.

as mentioned above, the advertising alliance does not allow the webmaster to use third party statistics to monitor the click effect, or the presence of clicks and hidden clicks are not statistics. Platform problems, shlf1314 will not be liable for corporate column, so shlf1314 alliance or will reduce the webmaster to join the threshold, the introduction of advertising is relatively relaxed, from advertising began to put IDC advertising can want to know. read more

About sh419 phoenix nest forthcoming conjectureShare your city’s Web site

mode is that customers in the purchase before it is difficult to determine, the word, how many people can search every day, how many potential customers have entered the customer site, how much is paid by the client for each potential customer cost so in the PPC flexible and can purchase multiple keywords related to your business the ranking, and left, so sh419 hot zone ranked sales, it has always been difficult to promote. If sh419 phoenix nest plan officially launched after the massive will activate the "frozen" the "hot zone", but also can promote their business growth and better financial statements.

the news so far has not received the official sh419 agency confirmed that the following is my personal guess.


hot strip, now the pattern is: the annual payment, a price of a word, the specific price need to query the 1-3 name, the same price, who bought the first, whoever came to the front, 4-10 ranking is not fixed, the rotation of the ranking system is "the emperor, take turns sitting to my house" the form of today. read more

Beginner tutorial two flow typesSorry may reflect the guests or find a good prostitute who is your

live in a battle, there are rich and powerful: "two rich generation" such as pepper, crazy live broadcast; "bangdakuan" represents as quickly short video broadcast platform, double, panda TV; rub social "like YY, unfamiliar street live broadcast.

drainage: this should be met, it is on the group encountered some people send advertising, what what XX site, how?. If they are true advertising information, then the point in the flow can be considered directional traffic, if he sends the XX site has beautiful pictures, the results go in and see, is a novel station. Well, the amount of traffic you’re entering is garbage flow, because you’re not going to see a novel at all, so you’ll turn the window off as soon as you see it…….

2016 broadcast the key to the development of the industry a year, in this year, the emergence of countless live platform, the industry gradually evolved into a war of chaos.

garbage collection: when we search for something through a search engine, we tend to go to sites that are completely unrelated to the information we search for. The traffic we ordered in is a garbage flow for that site. "Garbage station" mainly on the web site sent a lot of people search, the recent hot news on it, the purpose is only to improve the site traffic, and don’t care whether to enter the crowd help. The flow is mainly garbage flow. read more

Station group profit model big secretSuichang model how to make agricultural products business plat


Before the

all data points to: agriculture, electricity supplier has been a prairie fire, to a higher level. New farmer groups rise, cooperatives enthusiastically Taobao shop, agricultural products electricity supplier website surging, many types of agricultural products in the network selling well. At the same time, agricultural electricity supplier service providers flourish.

in 2005, through the Internet technology to shlf1314 Adsense friends, this is a network of profitable projects, through the above shlf1314 to apply for an advertising if you have no account and old domain name, can borrow a friend’s old domain name application, the probability of success is relatively large, on top of your own website, visit the page through browsing, there is a chance to click on ads, this probability in almost 1%-5%, almost 1000 IP 10-50 people to click on ads, 1 people click on the ads will have about $0.2 in revenue, 1000 dollars by almost 2-10 IP.

in 2009, making me the station by station making techniques, and details in the heart of every site, completed 680 construction sites, IP traffic every day with about 1000000. Many webmaster will sigh, wow, 1 million traffic, in fact, do more than 4 years in the industry, 1 million traffic is not in the minority, in fact, this is also brought about by the fruits of persistence. I use these traffic to run: shlf1314, Adsense, sh419, league, popups, Taobao, visitors read more

Fly fruit nets Zhang Feilong sell fruit online can go very farUber exposure harassment scandal CEO

But Fowler

Fowler also accused the company of sex discrimination. Once her engineering team bought a leather jacket for employees, but missed the female staff. Executives say this is because the number of women in the team is too small, and suppliers refuse to offer discounts like men’s jackets, and buying women’s employees at higher prices can be unfair to male colleagues.

work for nearly half a year, Zhang Feilong want to start their own business, when only 500 yuan in hand, resolutely resigned, "nearly 10000 yuan Commission, I did not take."". He plans to use what he has learned to build a website, selling fruit like many Shandong villagers. General fruit, you can buy in the fruit shop, if the Internet also sell such fruits, do not have advantages. By chance, he came into contact with imported fruits and immediately realized the great business opportunities.

, 18, creates a busy sky,

Beijing 20 morning CNBC said the taxi software company yuho Uber CEO Travis – Kalanick Travis Kalanick said on Sunday, was ordered to launched an urgent investigation of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination allegations by a former employee of the. read more

Amoy thinking Taobao guest website product differentiation Wangzhuan Era4 tips to let the team regai

the old business model is nirvana, new business model innovation is highly collaborative, Tongli ashes. Nowadays, anyone in any industry or position needs the ability to creatively solve problems.

it is worth noting that this method is effective only at the last moment, and you have to take the lead, so that your team can freely express ideas. You can try to give the team this freedom early in the project, but they probably won’t trust you and try and let go. When you feel the tension in the team, do it again.

2. find something you can see and feel,

guest to earn money must be fine differentiation products even only a single brand products to meet the business shop promotion defects to achieve win-win situation, no matter what you do have to product research and thinking in order to achieve the needs of users, or what people can not directly Taobao! The source from the zhaojinseo Webmaster: Zhao Jinru reprint please specify the source, at the same time, you are welcome to visit the Zhao Jin SEO blog and put forward opinions and suggestions. read more

From the three day to raise 2 million Ma Jiajia Chinese erotic viral 20 year growthThe significance

counter Trump

"Resistance can also provide motivation and potential," says Mike Phillips, chief executive of

but it seems from Ma Jiajia after more and more fun supplies to chiefs from the background to the public, from even before the said they do sex toys, now like to talk about other many intelligent hardware industry as natural and media talk. Now the popularity of intelligent mobile phone, mobile Internet innovation, more and more strong brand awareness, a strong intelligent fun supplies tide hit, Chinese sex toys manufacturers have started from OEM to transition to the brand with international rivals to raise public platform fight hand to hand with, rely on access to capital has become a trend. A little more than an unbelievable, Ma Jiajia chemical reaction, has produced so many chain change.

since the beginning of 2014, from iball to chunshuitang megacool Kegel intelligent Wahaha ball, from Wolkamo to thunder I intelligence, from the Jingdong to raise the public, to raise public network to raise the public to raise the amount of Taobao, from hundreds of thousands to millions. " read more

Rural tourism short rent look just unfolding on how to build rural tourism guesthouse Expressshlf131

rural tourism is in the ascendant and has risen to national strategy

rural tourism to promote rural development, where the road is

third, increase employment opportunities, enhance the well-being of the villagers.

second, accommodation as the top priority of rural tourism, to help the villagers rapid income increase.

tourism consumption upgrade, people are tired of the holidays, people get together the mass tourism, but some niche tourism is more popular, rural tourism talent shows itself: Regression pastoral life, enjoy a leisurely vacation time. "China rural tourism development index report" pointed out that this year is China’s " big rural tourism era " the first year of the year, rural tourism has become a new way of vacation. Through large data deduction prediction, the future of China’s rural tourism fever will continue for more than 10 years, in 2025 reached nearly 3 billion passengers. Such a huge rural tourism market brought about by the economic benefits can be imagined, rural tourism fiery can be seen. read more

Lacarra curve listed unsuccessful fought gem will give A shares about how the storyShare 6 advantage

there is no complexity among social students

of the students now basically have some Internet technology, to learn new things are relatively easy to use, according to the survey of college students on average access time is 3.4 hours, for popular things touch and the ability to accept a strong, if can use to expand business opportunities, the effect will be very good. As in "you" like Zhang Yipan, using his own understanding to network game, developed a set of software and the development of virtual product market, and ultimately achieve water 1 billion 500 million years. Such an example, I think, will not be less in later life.

has enough time and little external interference,

compared to other types of entrepreneurs, in the university campus university entrepreneurship obviously has more adequate preparation time, to know that it is no longer the elite education, leaving the students spare a lot of time, if the spare time together, to realize the transformation of an idea is not difficult, starry Zhao Yingguang, non Su Yiheng stranger and Zuckerberg of Facebook, they are all in the university dormitory will mind into the actual development. But compared to the trend of social entrepreneurship again, social factors of college students in the campus faces is relatively small, and the family economic pressure is also very small, entrepreneurial environment optimization and so on college students really need to make good use of their own. read more

Yu Minhong if the company was founded at the beginning with Xu Xiaoping New Oriental will dieHow to

I have a point of view, according to different periods, different stages of development, with different people.

as a partner!

went through Mr. Yu’s account to see how the golden age of China’s partners was dying out.

business model: my business model is reasonable and effective, whether there is room for improvement, how much space, how to improve? Whether you need to completely change, transformation or upgrade, how to reform, transformation and upgrading? What are the key success factors of the business model, how to capture and create these critical success factors of

, for example, New Oriental was later able to do big, of which, on the one hand, did not ask Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping to help me back from the beginning.

8, strategy implementation functional strategy: is my capital structure, organizational system and management system suited to my business strategy and business model? How do I need to improve, optimize, change or change?

strategy is the enterprise according to its external environment and internal resources and ability, for enterprise survival and long-term stable development, to gain new competitive advantage, the general ways and means of enterprise development goals, achieve the goal of the plan. When you think about a company’s strategic planning, which aspects will be analyzed? This article will analyze how to complete the systematic thinking of the company strategy. read more

Talking about how to manage a movie station in the end

in general, the current movie station is still quite a bit, and most free movie stations are collecting Youku, potatoes and other resources, because it saves a lot of server resources. Of course, such resources also have considerable advantages, not only can save resources, server bandwidth costs, but also a large number of such. With such resources do successful station a lot, such as energy-saving, 100ys and so on.

but, resources to resources, I want to talk about is how to promote the movie station, how to develop the stable flow of the movie station?. Combined with the development of my own station, I think we can start with the following aspects:

first, the stability of resources. Whether you are collecting resources or your own server resources, you must ensure that the stability of resources is relatively high. Do not have three day 2 head problems, otherwise you will not only attract new users, but even the old users of your website will be lost.

second, the website structure is clear. I’ve seen a lot of collection stations, and more resources are facts. But the ads are flying around. Not only have the title of temptation Abstract advertising, 2 and even 3 of the pop, excuse me, what is the people to watch movies, or read your advertisement? After you called the user how? (of course, if you own resource server, and the movie and put some pop is not clear, effect). So, ensure the website user clear interface, reasonable structure is also very important. read more

Zhou Ning six links analysis of how to retain users of local websites

There are several phenomena in the

local web site: the main form of local websites is local communities; local websites mainly focus on localized consumption; local websites do not have strong dependence on the flow of Baidu. We can see the local website domain many brilliant case, for example, 19 floor Xiamen, long lane fish etc.. We analyze some of the practices that these websites are adopting and have been using, and can answer many of the initial local web operators’ doubts: how do local sites retain users?

keep the user this problem is in place, including many rookie problems, such as: how to do? How to promote? How to find? What rules? How profitable? — the nature of the problem has been close to the operation of the community is to keep people. Local websites exist in the form of local communities, which solve the needs of local Internet users: local consumption and the local human relations extending from the local consumption.

must recognize that local communities operate not just content operations, but the combination of content operations and business operations. Therefore, retaining people is not a single link to solve the problem, but rather the integration of many operational processes. According to the development process of a website, there are six main links: read more

nterrogation 12306 three loopholes hundreds of millions of users may disclose information

September 28th evening news last night, the network exposed 12306 another more serious problem is found, the existence of serious security vulnerabilities, may disclose user information, and other people can modify the user name and password through the vulnerability of arbitrary, booking, refund and other operations. In this regard, Sohu IT visited experts in the field of industry security. Through 12306 exposure problems were analyzed, experts said, 12306 site security risks have reached a very serious level, if not promptly upgrade blocked, hundreds of millions of user information may leak.

Sohu IT exclusive anatomy 12306 site structure diagram

exposed vulnerability is only the tip of the iceberg,

According to the

network exposed 12306 security vulnerabilities exposed, Sohu IT visited network security experts, security treasure CEO Ma jie. Ma Jie was a rising company’s technical engineer, with more than 10 years of security experience.

network security experts, security treasure CEO Ma Jie read more

The construction of a successful website

SEO for such a long time, they also run a small, if a successful website talk about some success, perhaps more persuasive, now I have not been successful, would like to share my experience some of the site, is not welcome.

first: select website type and website profit model

you choose what type of website, you will choose the competition in this industry, no matter which industry is now almost all sites, different degree of competition in the industry is not the same, as you choose the type of Web site also must be aware of


industry website profit pattern, at least you should know their website profit pattern, the biggest taboo is the station construction site to see others to make money, they still don’t know what happened, just into it, then your website will become difficult, will eventually become a chicken ribs, because of you the lack of judgment of the future of this industry and the site is not clear their own direction of development.

second: preliminary preparation of website construction read more

APP product operations how do you make product users 100W

as a APP operator, today we say, from product design to the user to break through millions, at different product stages, we have to do what?

1, product development period – before the product line

first of all, product operations to clear the product positioning and target users. Product positioning and target users determine what problems the product will solve, the style of the product, and the strategy that will affect subsequent product operations. After all, the product is often just a solution to the needs of a fixed population, not a universal demand. Understand the product positioning and target users, the operation should be involved in product design and development process, while providing some product testing and other support. At this stage, the product and operations should be coordinated with sufficient tacit agreement to develop a product line plan.

in addition, product operations should do the necessary preparatory work: shelves, channel collation and account registration, WeChat public number, micro-blog, preheating program production and implementation, product line activities program. There is, if it is Android channels, large channels of first round of cooperation must be considered, such as: Baidu mobile assistant, 360 mobile assistant, application treasure and so on, there are new products starting. You must first understand the rules of the major channels, and communicate reservations for the scheduled period. New starter can bring the first batch of natural growth "seed user", the effect is good. read more

Good station user experience you must first learn to figure out the needs of users

station optimization is a key ring for website optimization, especially this year, Baidu update Scindapsus and pomegranate algorithm, we can see the Baidu algorithm to more high-quality user experience. In the SEO and the user experience on the balance, webmasters will tend to SEO, resulting in the abuse of anchor text, keyword stack and so on, although this is to enhance the site’s ranking, but this is the original intention of the website and let the user’s aversion to draw further apart, the content of the website, this ranking is not stable.

if you do not pay attention to user experience will allow the user to generate resentment, then we need to consider the needs of users, the only truly meet the needs of users is truly effective and qualified station optimization. In this regard, how do we figure out the needs of users? And how to do the station optimization according to the user’s needs? The following author share some of his personal views.

1: to provide users with really convenient and quick anchor text in the station read more

Social question and answer website pioneer is closing social quiz in the end there is no drama

day before, always can use anonymous Q& A form; "ask me anything of the pioneer social" quiz website: Formspring off. The San Francisco based startup announced the news on its blog.

The famous

Q& A platform will be closed on March 31st, users before April 15th can be derived from personal information, Formspring founder and CEO ed Ade Olonoh wrote in closing this announcement.

When Formspring was launched in 2009,

was a pioneer in this field, but its personal brand was also affected when its service was replicated by many later, such as Tumblr. The company has raised $14 million to build its unique advantages, for example, in the last year, Formspring launched the "anonymous social network" based on the interest of this name, but not be optimistic investors, things do not seem as expected smoothly.

‘s recent rumors of an internal Formspring layoff and the departure of COO have recently spread, but unfortunately, this is really the case, and today all the news is about websites closed. read more

Do site navigation station Mo learn 360 security guards

inadvertently found that 360 security guards also out of the site navigation, using the two domain name Go in and take a look, this navigation station is the Shanzhai version of hao123, in fact, it can be seen from its two level domain name. And this is also the 360 navigation station, is estimated to see the success of the 114la, after all, 114la is relying on wind known to man. Then said the 360 copycat version of hao123: in addition to simple modifications, there is no innovation In fact, the 360 navigation version before it is own, do not know what the reason, at 360 completely replace their own version, and follow the footsteps, is really unbelievable. Do you also want to learn the success of hao123,


actually in hao123 by Baidu to buy at a high price, Google acquisition of 265 navigation, site navigation station has become the webmaster pursuit of a kind of website. In addition to being greatly attracted by the success of the previous two, the site’s demand for technology, and the ease of imitation of the site, have led to a rapid increase in the number of such sites. But slowly, we found that the success is nothing more than a few, but for most small owners, no resources, no contacts, and lost the best opportunity for development, success is not an easy thing. read more

Write excellent soft Wen six standards

on a "six webmaster soft text release base" after, caused a lot of webmaster attention, also have a lot of people put him as his later soft Wen work standards. Published place has, after all more important is the quality of soft text. We write the main purpose of soft Wen, sure is propaganda, let more people know. And the quality of soft text directly affects the click through rate and reprint rate. Well, once an article comes out, it will naturally be reprinted. Here are a few of the guidelines I’ve been making for the IT teahouse:

1. faces end audience user

publicity, the first consideration must be my website audience groups, what are the main activities of these user groups?. A local site to Sina to advertise, certainly is not worth the candle. Therefore, this point must first think well, not necessarily send to the most popular web site or forum, but to send to the most targeted. Before the online circulation of a national forum, TOP50, has been reprinted a lot. Some people follow the list to send articles, and the results have little effect. read more