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The benefits analysis of how to build station webmaster Resources Resource Station

we create a new web site, the general in the short term it is difficult to find someone’s home page link, only through Links, even so, it is very difficult to obtain high weight links. Because Links is a two-way link, the weight is lower than the one-way link. If a competitor has 100 sources more than high traffic website home page, or a single page, high flow theme page, high traffic directory page weight of these high link. We can’t do more than 100 Links. Even so, it is difficult to catch up with rivals.

a website to build resource station group, first we want to choose what kind of station, to know several topics to build several stations, but also to ensure that the resources station is healthy and reasonable, to do according to the formal means of optimization. Here with examples to illustrate.

many people do not understand why the station resources, resource station is not equal to the garbage station, in fact he is the biggest benefit to solve the problem of high weight chain.


we can carefully observe the taobao贵族宝贝 advertising in other places of words, it is easy to find business opportunities. If you open the 360 navigation, the right column will often have to do Taobao advertising, will be provided.

as we do is the theme of "Shanghai art school", his resource station do? We can think according to the needs of users to divide, then from the category, function, area points to refinement, such as function, can do "Shanghai music academy", "Shanghai Art Institute", "the Shanghai Dance School of art" and so on. Such as the area, we can subdivide the District of Shanghai, such as the "Shanghai Art School of Jinshan District", "Shanghai Art School of Xuhui District", "Shanghai Jingan District art school" and so on, with flow and weight for the master station. Another point, around Shanghai city we can actually do, such as "Nanjing school", Hangzhou art school, " " broaden enrollment object, the increase in traffic and guide included.

1, planning website:

so, how to build resource station, what steps and direction resources Station

product planning, such as "T-shirt", can be divided into "short T-Shirt", "T-Shirt", long sleeved "male models T-Shirt", " T-shirt; female models", "foreign trade T-Shirt", "cultural T-Shirt" and "ad T-Shirt", is in accordance with the demand for products classification. As a woman’s dress, can be divided into "dress", "dress", "skirt", "Chiffon", "miniskirt".

so our website weight is not high level, will bring a lot of adverse effects: (1) included the total will not increase; (2) the long tail keywords flow and ranking is not ideal. The weight of the inside pages from the home page, the home page without high weight, it is hard for us to get the weight, how to do, resource strategy can solve these problems.

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Several factors affecting the noble Adsense advertising into the baby

first website too many invalid clicks


is more than three reason to speculate on the outcome of individual sand, do not use this as an important basis, so as to cause your loss, I am not responsible for sand; in addition, if the above sand to reason and fact for example does not match, you also see.

website traffic, click rate is not high


believe that as long as the nobles baby Adsense have a little understanding of the webmaster all know, noble baby Adsense alliance will according to the website of different types, so the display ads will not be the same, if your website is not so popular in the industry station, then you noble baby Adsense advertising price will be relatively high; however, if your site is a garbage station, so unfortunately you are not your advertising into how high proportion, are, what kind of website is the garbage station? Such as QQ website, there are relatively large film and pictures of this traffic site, general nobles baby Adsense advertising in Chengdu will be relatively low, on average, one click only about $0.02, which is far lower than those industry stand too much

!Third reasons

second websites were summed up as garbage station

If you

revenue for Google third original calendar is the click rate, we should make full use of Google alliance channel function, the low rate of click advertising are removed, leaving only the position of high click rate, do not feel bad low click rate advertising revenue, it will only reduce your income. So, in order to improve the noble baby Adsense advertising unit, the webmaster is best to find ways to improve the site traffic, because when your site click rate is high, then the ECPM (effective CPM) is higher, whereas the lower.

done noble baby Adsense webmaster all know, even if your website content and the visitors are the same, but the proportion of advertising is not the same (some may know what is divided into advertising, in fact you can put into understanding click price, want to know the proportion it can go to Google advertising management background then, find the personal information of the following view), and the percentage of! The reason is like may be many, but the sand or to a list of three common reasons:

The influence of

this noble baby Adsense had many invalid clicks on the ad, it seems like not what, at most is not charging only, but in fact it will affect you into your plan, originally advertising into proportion is eighty percent, the results are too many invalid clicks, your ads into public will fall into sixty percent or lower, so, if the owners do not want to let their own noble baby Adsense advertising into a decline in the proportion, it is best not to make too many invalid clicks

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The website was love Shanghai after punishment emergency self-help five trick Xiangjie

In order to achieve the purpose of rapid

second strokes: site self-examination, detection in the chain, remove bad chain chain.

self-help, let love Shanghai is already being punished site as soon as possible stable weight, then the need to play the role of original content. The search engine is to provide the value of what they need to find the phase > for Internet users

third measure: content is king, the original awesome, increase the proportion of the original content.

love Shanghai search engine NO.1 Chinese is worthy of the name for our webmaster, to a certain extent we love Shanghai is the site of the "run", keyword ranking, the number of pages included, new snapshot which means more traffic, more revenue, so it’s like artificial intervention every act and every move, the search results have a direct impact on the site’s business, let us not have the slightest negligence.

in addition to the chain, the website internal link directly to the search engine optimization plays a very important role in Shanghai, was love down the right but also the use of webmaster tools, a comprehensive test of the site within the chain, the chain simulation whether there is a spider crawling site within the chain using detection tools, if the number of links how will affect the spider to crawl and grab web content, which is an important cause of the site right down to be punished. Once the death number reaches a certain degree, according to the test results to exclude bad chain, provide good conditions for the structure of the website search engine grab web content, then re submitted to a search engine website to return to a normal state.

is the most vulnerable to the chain of love a little reason to punish Shanghai website, search engine will be based on the website in the website content to crawl and weight when assessing the chain extent and their influence to make a judgment. At this point, there are many people to take the black chain of illegally obtaining high weight site such as government website links, some will use such means to get a lot of FTP intrusion site management links to obtain permission to join the chain, and these search engines focus on the object, so to avoid the unfair the practice of absolute. To keep the quantity and quality of the chain is stable, increasing regularity, the absolute end chain number fluctuations occur, in order to reduce the suspected of cheating.

but love Shanghai algorithm coupled with the artificial intervention constantly changes, the webmaster accidentally may be touched the red line and punishment, for keywords ranking drop, stop updating the snapshot, included reducing, SITE is not the first home page, the punishment for web traffic hit very serious and even fatal. Once this happens, as a webmaster can do is to deal with the emergency, take remedial actions, remove all may trigger love Shanghai punishment "suspected problems", use the following five strokes themselves, make the site out of love to punish Shanghai as soon as possible, restore the weight and included.

the first one: the stability of the chain, put an end to the black chain, reduce suspected of cheating.

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The website title or keyword in the on-line error correction to find

may be part of webmaster see this title will feel unbelievable, actually the website in the on-line time due to negligence, impatient causes the title and keywords error phenomenon has always existed, and how to fix this error is the key to the following specific talk, if a site in the on-line time title or keyword the wrong choice how to fix this problem.

2, modified for >

website home page, the inside pages, the chain and so on are not

submit your site included, but when the site of the home page, the inside pages of the chain are not found at this time, the title of the site or the keyword error, the best solution is directly in the template or the background, modify site title and key words, this is the best way, convenient and fast, do not affect any local website.

4, to release a new weight outside the chain, can be in the A5 forum, Chinaz webmaster forum forum released every ten new chain.

by this method can make the new title and website keywords love Shanghai recognition, but this method must pay attention to: the web site’s home page, page is not love Shanghai included before use, if you have included so this method is no longer applicable.

in the website home page, the content has been included in the love of Shanghai, this time to modify title and keywords website is to carry out surgery on the site, and to minimize the loss, then you must modify the website title and keywords through several of the following methods:

website, the inside pages have been indexed by

if you are in this case found that the title of the site or keywords were wrong, so we can not modify title and keywords website in the website backstage or in the template, this time to do some minor surgery on the site.

1, the location of the web site, find out where you need to modify, for example, now the site title is: the biggest training examination network home, do you think this position is too broad, is not conducive to the optimization, you need to modify.

1, to modify the site keywords, keywords and then modify the chain, keyword based release link anchor text.

website home page, page is not included, but has released the chain

The title and keywords of Methods

2, there are about 10 keywords of the anchor text link, to estimate the time of about 3 hours and then the title of the modification, and this time the title change of not more than 5 words, more than cause the site to be search engine trust.

When the

3, find out the release of the chain, then the chain of these sites to re edit all keywords, get rid of the site, plus its modified title.

If love Shanghai

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SP business has sank to the bottomIt’s more important for a novice to be a Taobao customer

above structure is greatly disadvantageous to SP. In this case, the value of the industry chain is concentrated at both ends, that is, where the operators are located and where the CP is located. The SP seems dispensable, and the other ends can be united at all. It can be said that the SP experience of winter is also unusual, not because of the industry chain

wireless service providers SP has been going on for a long time, and SP has been struggling ever since the government introduced a consolidation policy last year. In May 22nd, the first SP air network released 2007 first quarter earnings, the situation is not optimistic: first quarter revenue fell 28%, a decline of 15%, net profit fell 82%, a decline of 57%.

common promotion methods are not more than the above, in addition to, there are soft text promotion, plug-in promotion, and some of the Taobao customer level higher requirements of promotion. In fact, Taobao is only half way to promote customer success, grasp in the choice of goods good can often have a better income, careful friends will find web traffic relatively large number of transactions more often, but the Commission is generally low; some day only a few single transaction, but every day is.

: and I do stand for a period of time to do Taobao guest must remember when sh419 search on the words, now sh419 search has been brush recognition, then sh419 launched the Lenovo function words, word association basic each month appear taobao input can change several times. This method relies on brush search and associative word has been used too much, not to speak of what is stable; in addition, some relatively strong words, like Taobao, taobao, taobao home several, also known as SEO master monopoly in fact on the words, SEO has become the competition of the chain, you may wish to see, spend thousands of dollars or even thousands of dollars to buy the chain can There are plenty of people who, say, taobao feed chain sale industry half of the country. Novice Taobao customers rely on the station to promote this way, the difficulty is undoubtedly enormous.

of course, whether the bubble will rise again after the bursting of the bubble depends entirely on whether the demand for new industries remains, and so does the SP industry. In fact, people can easily see that the future SP will also play an important role in people’s life, such as mobile phone TV, mobile phone, mobile phone mail stocks and so on, with these needs there, follow the economic law, we can assert that the SP industry will rise again.

bubble will eventually break, some speculation too far, the performance can not keep up, and some are due to changes in the business environment. However, if this bubble completely negated, even hate, need not. On the one hand, it is always accompanied with the emerging industry, on the other hand, the bubble burst of emerging industries mature major role: industry boom, uncompetitive enterprises will also be relaxed because of environmental profit, which is actually a resource allocation efficiency of the damage.

, mobile operators, SP and CP ie content providers together constitute the upper and lower reaches of the whole industry chain. Among the three, mobile operators occupy a monopoly position, CP provides operational content for SP, while SP plays a bridge role.

Taobao has imperceptibly, customers shopping for a year and a half, from 06 years to learn the Internet, by the end of 08 began to learn the construction site, so the experience is not rich, at present only four Taobao guest, and Taobao off the weekly rankings those weeks into the tens of thousands of crown strongman immeasurably, although has not been able to achieve more the promotion of good record, but a year and a half years experience, and constantly to peer observation study, a psychological. Now Taobao customers has become more and more difficult, but the list of everyone’s income is more and more high, undoubtedly, can earn money or There are plenty of people who but these people, the promotion may not be suitable for all my friends, I think: the new Taobao customers, another way to make money, choose a commodity is more important

but in my view, this overly pessimistic response may be the sign that the SP industry has bottomed out. Throughout the history of economic development, the SP industry is not new to the moment. In fact, if we link the landscape of the entire SP industry two or three years ago, we can see that the SP industry has just come down from a bubble peak.


‘s overly pessimistic view of the SP outlook may be the sign that the industry has bottomed out, and that the SP industry will rise again from the point of view of the laws of economic development.

group: This is Ali mother launched Taobao at the beginning of the customer support, then the mass is too much, Taobao become the entire Internet links off everyone shouting makers hit garbage, from the common forum group, group was sending to Taobao to Ali Wangwang on the disk, so some of the funds in the account group frozen mass promotion also gradually fade out the stage Taobao customers to promote the.

and the sluggish performance of the corresponding stock price, the air network has been half a year from $9 per share fell below $5, the same year, Linktone’s share price fell 40%, Hurray shares fell 30%, pessimism has spread in the SP industry. Allegedly, the country engaged in the industry of 600 thousand people, more than half of them are suffering from job change and job hopping, and even the industry elite switched from restaurants.

blog promotion: blog marketing is very suitable for those who do not have the ability to do the novice friends, but now part of the blog began to blow off promotion behavior such as Taobao, sh419, and Sina blog space, even directly blocked Taobao customer link, so we should be careful promotion, management should choose those slightly loose but the weight is still good, such as gold blog, blog search room etc..

Before The winter of

, let me first comment on some common ways of promotion:

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Website profit model analysis summary tenDone 3 years of enterprise SaaS, I harvest 10 points experi

about China’s enterprise level service summary many, the local faction and overseas faction has the outstanding article to come out, VC and the entrepreneur stand in own angle, also has many good conclusions. This article is based on Ping++ nearly three years of entrepreneurial process, there are detours, lessons learned, there is disillusionment, but also experience.

first, trust.

why are you? Because the costs of replacement and cost of opportunity are high, it is important to build trust. Trust generally comes from a professional image, an absolute expert in this segment, not only to solve problems, but also to provide advice for business. Have a strong strength, you can always accompany the growth of enterprises, do not worry about suddenly unable to provide services. Benchmark customer endorsement effect, the real case of brand customers over thousands of words. Third party authority certification, objective evaluation of industry reports.

2., the core of enterprise service sales is trust and vision.

1.toB product is the ability to draw accurate images of target customers.


, the best combination is: accurate customer positioning. Identify an expanding niche market. The more focused and narrower you are at first, the easier it will be to succeed. It’s best to build a brand new category and monopolize it and capture the customer’s mind. Stealth killer demand. This rigid demand is very hidden, has not been a good solution, belonging to counterparts can not think of the demand is not optimistic. The early development of toB products should be kept away from competition. Systemic value chain. The introduction of this product is positive for the entire industry chain, upstream, downstream, midstream benefit. Not only to avoid organ rejection, such as organ transplantation, but also to have a catalytic effect. Revolutionary cost reduction. Customers use this product, the entire efficiency from the input-output ratio is more than 10 times the magnitude of the upgrade. All of the last innovations that can be widely applied are revolutionary, and only a few optimizations are pointless.

Ping++ CEO of I Yiye gold horse journal article

what is the future? This is the higher dimension of persuasion, through the display of the future industry judgment panorama, so that the product is now constantly full of optimization and upgrading of vitality, thereby leading the needs of customers. Enterprise service companies should become customer partners rather than buying and selling relationships, exceeding customer expectations and practicing customer success for a long time.

second, vision.

because the purchasing process is a rational decision-making process, it is important to deeply understand the different ways of thinking in the chain of decisions, including budgets, responsibilities, boundaries, and key people. Products to solve customer problems are only the basis for the purchase also need two things:


The core of the

Website profit model 1: online advertising

the most common online profit model, domestic do better is Sina, Sohu, NetEase www.163 and other portals including industry portal. Most of the personal website profit model is also adopted this way, by hanging other people’s advertising survival.

emerging online short video website, through the video load before and after waiting time play advertisers online advertising. Typical example:

Home 56 www.56, potatoes www.toodou, six rooms www.6rooms etc.

  website profit model two: CRBT, MMS downloading, SMS sending, subscription of electronic magazine and other forms of value-added telecomOne of the most profitable network profit model

, almost every entry into the global top 100 thousand commercial websites and personal website in SP to obtain economic returns, due to the current sp by China Mobile and other operators, some of the decline in profitability, the gravity model the market capitalization of listed companies are shrinking. Typical example:

3G portal

Profit model

A. sells other people’s products C2C and B2C via the web siteA typical example:

Excellence www.joyo, Dangdang www.dangdang, B2C flowers usually B2C online retail is about two kinds of operation methods, one is your own products, sales through the Internet; another is to build an online retail platform, let more merchants to sell their products through this platform.

B. sells its products via the website including B2C mode

Profit model

3. large >

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Talking about how to manage a movie station in the end

in general, the current movie station is still quite a bit, and most free movie stations are collecting Youku, potatoes and other resources, because it saves a lot of server resources. Of course, such resources also have considerable advantages, not only can save resources, server bandwidth costs, but also a large number of such. With such resources do successful station a lot, such as energy-saving, 100ys and so on.

but, resources to resources, I want to talk about is how to promote the movie station, how to develop the stable flow of the movie station?. Combined with the development of my own station, I think we can start with the following aspects:

first, the stability of resources. Whether you are collecting resources or your own server resources, you must ensure that the stability of resources is relatively high. Do not have three day 2 head problems, otherwise you will not only attract new users, but even the old users of your website will be lost.

second, the website structure is clear. I’ve seen a lot of collection stations, and more resources are facts. But the ads are flying around. Not only have the title of temptation Abstract advertising, 2 and even 3 of the pop, excuse me, what is the people to watch movies, or read your advertisement? After you called the user how? (of course, if you own resource server, and the movie and put some pop is not clear, effect). So, ensure the website user clear interface, reasonable structure is also very important.

third, reasonable editing, appropriate updates. Only from the collection, so many webmaster have become lazy. All the resources are collected and stored up, so that users do not know how to visit when looking for. There are only the first station to do the station crazy collection, storage, and then not updated. Excuse me, what are people visiting?. My station, I insist on updating every day, no matter how much, at least let the user feel that this station there are people in the management.

fourth, proper outside chain. The main thing is how to start from the inside, and this is what everyone talks about often. A station must have outside chain, otherwise search engine is to you do not catch cold. To do the chain, I want to say is that you have to see the connection to the station. I do the chain, I usually go to their own initiative to find the site. In this way, not only PR high, the quality of the chain is also very high. The chain I bought is generally 50 months, no more than 5 of the entire station is connected with the basic. Just imagine, you give 10 yuan to buy a chain of dozens of stations and only 5 sites, which good


fifth, alternative Baidu promotion methods. This method is my own original, as for others have not used, or published, I do not know, at least I use their own, I want to come out. If your station is good enough, there are certain bright spots that can attract people and use this method to have effect. In the Baidu post bar, when you can reply with a picture of Zhang, my method is to do an ordinary picture of yourself, in their own space. Then in >

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Stationmaster should often tidy up oneself to do station mentality

, first of all, thank A5 very much. Why do you say so?. That is because yesterday I sent an article entitled < a primary webmaster bitter experience of > the article on the site due to the weak foundation, is a standard rookie, plus yesterday is the first post in the A5, but also can be said to be the first posting on the Internet (that maybe you don’t believe although the Internet, 10 next year, but I was never in love or certain Forum irrigation is to post, find something interesting to see) as a fledgling rookie webmaster, posted on A5 after I was mad in the slightest fear and uneasiness, I’m afraid I can’t write well, or misunderstood is affectation, will be scolded, was a brick.

I woke up, immediately opened their own posts, found that there are so many webmaster friends will not discriminate against me this little rookie, but to encourage, but there are more than 80 people to see me in the eyes of the predecessors must be rotten garbage station, I got a great encouragement and motivation for this! I feel the sincerity and warmth, give me more courage, this is also the reason why I could not help secretly at night and his mental words written down. I suddenly found that, although there is a virtual space, but it seems that everyone around, it is precisely because of this, I always do not love the post yesterday, hold to tell the truth, and today could not bear, sitting in front of the computer, seems to be on the side to care about their owners friends talk about their feelings, when tired has been detached, the spirit of love this feeling, too, suddenly understand why so many people love the post, in fact the reality with a bunch of old friends talk, talk about the day is a kind of feeling, enjoy. I think I probably like the feeling.

believes that many webmaster friends feel anxious to put a day for two days or even three days, because always feel tired, but I also like so many things not done, never done. Website to update, to promote enough time to spend, and sometimes touched some technical things, and even in the middle of the night eyelid fight, or not willing to sleep. I made up my mind to go to bed, but I didn’t seem to sleep at all. Although I have no experience of what, but vaguely felt that a world view of themselves are busy, but it seems not busy what substantive things, then feel like what didn’t do. Feel like a headless fly, and then go to some forums, send some promotion post, update the website for a while, and then go to see other people’s Web site is how to do?. Suddenly found himself very necessary to tidy up his thoughts, a good summary, and good to others to learn from, so as to let oneself busy on the Internet a day, have busy day content and value.

was busy on the computer for 10 hours, and the work I had created might have been 30 hours or even longer. Inefficiency is a bad thing. I was thinking about my daily promotion, and every day I thought I was working hard and didn’t waste

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Advantages of website construction for enterprises

is the first Internet has all of the text, picture, color, film, three degrees space, virtual reality and other media advertising function, through it, so that customers can easily see the company introduction, product description, service mode, contact address, and you can add sound, pictures, animation and video information, to achieve real and to establish a good corporate image.

second customer market and every corner of the world, whether you need or not, you will find online customers may come from all over the world. In Northern Jiangsu, a company providing dehydrated vegetables has received several orders from overseas customers. Overnight, it became " international " the company.

third provides instant business information, catalogues, advertising, marketing, and more. Many companies in order to update the contents of advertisements and catalogues, and printing fee need to spend a lot of manpower, and once the data is put on the page, not only immediately appeared " ", started to take effect, more can be updated at any time, correction, saving time, saving manpower and cost of printing large.

fourth advertising and marketing of low cost, compared with other advertising media, the Internet can cost very low, compared to the printed catalogue and television advertising, the cost is more insignificant, and the Internet advertising area to every corner of the world extends.

fifth: reduce the company " pre-sales and after-sales service " operating costs, the traditional " pre-sales and after-sales service " is the staff to answer the phone, may cause human error, delays in business opportunities. But on the web, can provide a carefully designed " often encounter problems, the solutions of " " " and " commodity note;; guide to using " and other information, so that customers can store or print on your computer is fast and convenient.

sixth can bring advertising, marketing and order into one, contributing to the purchase intention. On the Internet, you can design purchase orders, allowing customers to select, print, order, complete, send back, or send directly online, to provide customers with faster and more direct channels of purchase.

seventh offers all-weather advertising and services without additional expenses. The maintenance and operation of the web site will be handled by the Internet service company, with professional design of computer software, 24 hours of automatic processing of information, statistics and archiving, without increasing the operating or personnel costs of the enterprise itself.

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