The Future of Natural Gas Supply for Nova Scotia

first_img the need for firm capacity commitments for a new pipeline into New England to help reduce the bottleneck at peak times natural gas storage in Nova Scotia to help manage price volatility during peak periods. The province has a better picture of the natural gas market and its challenges after a commissioned study released today, July 31, by Energy Minister Charlie Parker. The Future of Natural Gas Supply in Nova Scotia, looks at options to access natural gas from the U.S., and the costs and benefits to meet current and growing demand. “The study provides us with a better understanding of the market,” said Mr. Parker. “The spike in gas prices last winter highlighted that as our natural gas demand increases and our domestic production begins to decrease, we need to take steps to ensure continued access to competitively priced natural gas. “The study identifies possible ways to accomplish this over the medium and long term.” It examined supply and demand scenarios that could impact natural gas availability and cost, and identified ways that might bring more stable prices for Nova Scotia consumers. Industry representatives provided information and insights into the Maritimes gas market. The study found when demand is highest in winter, Nova Scotia is forced to purchase natural gas from the congested New England market, which inflates the cost to deliver natural gas to the province. To help combat this, the report identifies potential long-term solutions for the Maritimes, including: The Energy Department has met with most of the companies that provided information to the study, and continues to champion a regional approach to natural gas issues. At the recent Atlantic Energy Ministers’ meeting in Pictou, the provinces, their utilities, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency agreed to work together through the Atlantic Energy Gateway to develop a regional approach. to natural gas supply issues. “This study addressed longer-term solutions. Our utilities are working on strategies for the immediate challenges of accessing competitively priced natural gas,” said Mr. Parker. “Regional collaboration will also help to find solutions.” The study, prepared by ICF Consulting Canada, Inc., was awarded through a request for proposals. It is available at .last_img read more

Allowances will fill fundraising gap for political parties in BC

first_imgVICTORIA – British Columbia’s plan to get big money out of politics and shake off its reputation as the Wild West of election campaign financing comes with a potential cost to taxpayers of almost $30 million over the next five years.Attorney General David Eby introduced legislation Monday that bans donations to political parties by unions and corporations and caps donation limits by individuals at $1,200 annually.The proposed changes to the Election Act include a taxpayer-funded, five-year allowance to wean the parties off those donations, Eby said.Starting next year, political parties will receive $2.50 for every vote they got in the last election and funding will drop by 25 cents each year until 2021, the minister said.It means both the Liberal and New Democrat parties will receive just over $8.1 million over five years, while the Green party will get $3.4 million.The changes would also ensure that the parties that get at least 10 per cent of the vote are reimbursed for half of their expenses — an estimated cost of $11 million.Eby acknowledged the NDP did not fully address its position on a vote subsidy before or during the election campaign. He said the government considered implementing a permanent vote subsidy after the May election, similar to Quebec’s system, but decided on the five-year allowance instead.“This bill takes $65 million out of the political system going forward,” said Eby, referring to the estimated amount that B.C.’s political parties would have fundraised for over the next five years. “We guaranteed the public we would make 2017 that last big money election in B.C. We believe this bill achieves the goal.”He said the legislation also bans out-of-province donations and caps contributions to third-party advertisers. The proposed law does not permit political parties to use the money they have raised since last May’s election to be used in the next election, Eby said.Elections BC, the agency that monitors provincial elections, reported the Liberals raised $13.1 million in 2016, while the NDP took in $6.2 million and the Greens raised $757,268. None of the parties have officially disclosed how much money they have fundraised since the election.Premier John Horgan said the legislation will take big money out of B.C. politics.“The Wild West financing of the past will come to an end,” he said. “It’s time elections were decided by voters, not by those with the most money in the kitty. This bill is what we campaigned on.”Andrew Wilkinson said the Opposition Liberals will vote against the proposed bill, saying taxpayers should not be funding political parties.“This is a big disappointment,” he said.Green party caucus spokesman Adam Olsen said the influence of special interests through the lax campaign finance laws led to cynicism from those who felt their voices hadn’t been heard.“British Columbians should be able to trust their government to put them, not special interests, first,” he said in a news release. “This legislation is a big step towards restoring that trust.”Per-vote funding isn’t a new idea. The federal Liberal government introduced such a subsidy in 2004 after banning political donations from unions and corporations.The Conservatives vowed in 2008 to do away with the $1.95 per-vote subsidy, with then-prime minister Stephen Harper saying political parties should have to rely on support from individual citizens, not all taxpayers. The allowance was phased out and ended in 2015.last_img read more

It will devastate the community Alberta firefighter dies battling wildfire

first_imgA volunteer firefighter was killed and two men trying to beat back flames on their property were injured in wind-whipped wildfires that scorched parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan and forced the evacuation of several communities.Officials with Cypress County in southeastern Alberta confirmed the death of James Hargrave, 34, who was with the Walsh fire station. He was helping to fight a fierce grass fire Tuesday that had been driven into Saskatchewan by winds gusting to 100 km/h.“He was an awesome fellow. He was very nice, kind and very considerate of the community and the people around him,” said Walsh resident Chris Sauer.“He ran a big ranch north of Walsh with his wife and four young children. He was just an all-around nice person.”Walsh had a listed population of 60 in the 2016 census. Sauer said everyone knows everybody.“It’s terrible. It will devastate the community for a while here. He’ll surely be missed.”Rick Friesen from Vauxhall, Alta., knew Hargrave when the two served together as delegates with the Alberta Beef Producers.“He was a great young guy. He was friendly, hard-working and a good family man. It’s a shame what happened to him and I feel for his family.”RCMP said Cypress County firefighters were assisting Saskatchewan crews when there was a crash around midnight involving a water truck and a pickup truck south of Burstall, Sask.Police said Hargrave was alone in the water truck and died at the scene. The driver of the pickup truck was not badly hurt.It wasn’t known if fire or smoke in the area were factors in the accident.“This tragic loss of life speaks to the danger that this emergency posed and also to the heroism of the volunteers who sacrifice in service of their neighbours,” Cpl. Curtis Peters said in a release.“The RCMP extends its deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of the deceased as well as his friends and colleagues in the Cypress County Fire Department.”The men trying to protect their land near Tompkins, Sask., were seriously injured and had to be transported to hospital in Calgary. The RCMP did not have an update Wednesday on the condition of the two, who are 43 and 27 years old.The executive director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency said Hargrave’s death outlines how dangerous grass fires can be.“It is a very dangerous business that they’re in. Last night’s events are a clear indication of that,” said Scott Long.“Grass fires, especially with that kind of wind, move at incredibly fast rates of speed and even professionals find themselves in precarious situations.”On Wednesday evening, provincial officials updated the number of homes lost to 14 —two in Stobart, four in Gleichen, one in Rockyview County, five in Acadia Valley and two on the Siksika First Nation. They said, however, that could go up as further assessments are done.All but one of the evacuations ordered during the height of the fires had been lifted by Wednesday.In Saskatchewan, residents of Leader and Burstall were allowed to return home and the fire near Tompkins was under control, although a farmhouse and barn were lost. There was also a loss of some livestock near Richmound.However, thousands of Saskatchewan residents were without electricity.One one local state of emergency remained in effect in Alberta in the Crowsnest Pass area of southwestern Alberta, where 150 people were forced from their homes in Coleman.While an evacuation order remained in place Wednesday, the mayor of Crowsnest Pass said things had calmed down somewhat.“The wind has died down. We’ve got helicopters bucketing the area,” Mayor Blair Painter said.“We were able to divert the fire so it hasn’t affected those areas. I’m hoping we’re able to get those people back just as soon as possible.”Painter said the blaze was probably caused by downed power lines as a result of strong winds.No one was injured and a welcome centre was set up in the nearby town of Pincher Creek, where more than 80 residents had registered.Painter said it was a wild scene when the fire started.“We had 130 kilometre-an-hour gusts. Probably about 100 kilometres an hour steady, and then gusts up to 130. Guys were even having a hard time standing up so, yeah, it was pretty scary.”Painter said it didn’t appear any homes burned down. Two barns and two outbuildings were confirmed lost to the fire. A fish hatchery also sustained roof damage from the wind.Alberta Agriculture and Forestry had 25 wildland firefighters supporting local fire departments. Four helicopters were being deployed.— Follow @BillGraveland on TwitterNote to readers: This is a corrected story to clarify that it was the firefighter who died in the Saskatchewan traffic accident. An earlier story based on RCMP information suggested a second man died in a single-vehicle collision in Saskatchewan.last_img read more

BC mom backs MPs calls for criminal probe of opioid manufacturers

first_imgVANCOUVER – A woman whose son fatally overdosed after becoming addicted to the painkiller OxyContin is backing a New Democrat member of Parliament’s calls for the federal government to launch a criminal investigation of opioid manufacturers.Helen Jennens said families that have lost loved ones to an ongoing epidemic want accountability for the actions of any company that profits from allegedly hiding or minimizing the addictive impact of opioids.New Democrat MP Don Davies said the federal government should also pursue compensation for the cost of treating addiction in a country that is the second-leading user of opioids, after the United States.Jennens was among what she estimated to be about 2,000 litigants in a class-action lawsuit that resulted in a $20-million settlement against Purdue Pharma (Canada). A Saskatchewan judge recently rejected the settlement, saying it was inadequate.The case launched in 2007 and involved people across the country.“It was ridiculous,” Jennens said Thursday about the settlement. “I was glad the judge turned it down.”A federal investigation could lead to a government lawsuit against Purdue, sending a message to drug companies and the public, said Jennens, whose son Tyler Leinweber died in January 2016 from fentanyl-laced heroin after he became addicted to OxyContin prescribed for an injury.Purdue Pharma has paid out $634 million in fines in the United States after a federal court ruled it had an aggressive and misleading marketing campaign related to OxyContin. The pharmaceutical giant claimed the narcotic painkiller posed a lower risk of abuse and addiction compared with other drugs such as Percocet.Davies said 100 lawsuits are ongoing against Purdue in the U.S. at the federal, state, city and county levels, with multiple states joining forces to recoup costs for addiction treatment.“Canada’s federal government has neither launched a criminal investigation nor sought meaningful compensation for the public costs of this crisis,” he told a news conference Thursday, adding that health-care costs of addiction across the country amounted to about $1 billion between 2011 and 2016.“I’m looking for (the government) to investigate behaviour, and I think that’s Health Canada’s responsibility, for any product that is marketed to Canadians.”Health Canada said it is not currently considering an investigation into Purdue’s marketing practices but has closely noted the outcome of U.S. proceedings against the company and its misleading advertising of OxyContin to health-care professionals.Action would be taken if Health Canada determines an advertisement poses a significant safety concern or contravenes its regulations or the Food and Drugs Act, the department said in a statement.If charges against Purdue had been pursued in Canada, the maximum penalty imposed by a court would have been $5,000 per offence, the statement said. It also noted that penalties have since increased to $5 million per offence, though a court could levy any fine against a company recklessly causing serious risk of injury.Purdue Pharma (Canada) said in a statement that it markets its products in accordance with Health Canada’s regulations and the Food and Drugs Act.“Canadians are facing a complex public health issue in which all stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, have a role to play to provide practical and sustainable solutions,” the statement said.“Unfortunately, misuse and abuse and diversion of pain medications can lead to tragic consequences, including addiction, overdose and death.”Dr. Nav Persaud, a family physician and researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, said a criminal investigation should be launched in Canada to determine if false claims led to a continuing overdose crisis that has also had a devastating impact in the U.S.“The same medications are sold here for the same conditions so it would be very surprising if the inappropriate marketing stopped at the Canadian border,” said Persaud, who has spoken out against the misleading marketing of opioids.British Columbia’s Health Ministry said the province has led efforts to recover tobacco-related health-care costs and is considering its options related to treatment of addiction.“In light of the decision in Saskatchewan, the province is considering what options are available to recover its health-care costs from Purdue,” the ministry said in a statement.Over 4,000 people fatally overdosed in Canada last year.— Follow @CamilleBains1 on Twitter.last_img read more

Many solutions possible to close growing oil price gap

first_imgCALGARY (660 NEWS) — With a price differential harming the resource market in Alberta and across Canada, there have been some different ideas proposed on how to tackle it.Most recently, the CEO of Cenovus Energy, Alex Pourbaix, suggested we should slow oil production in order to limit supply and raise prices.But the company’s competitors were quick to reject the plan. Suncor Energy said they have no exposure to the differential between Western Canadian Select and West Texas Intermediate, while Husky Energy said they believe in a “market-based solution.”As it stands now, WCS is trading at less than $15 a barrel, while WTI is at close to $57.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley agrees with the stance the differential is a significant barrier, but there’s a lack of consensus among the industry.“Meanwhile, we have a suite of options at our disposal that we are currently working with to help chip away at that differential, and so we’re going to continue to do that, and we’re going to have conversations and discussions with the players about the best way to move forward,” she said Thursday during a media conference at the University of Calgary.Notley said they are working “furiously” on the issue, but also the government is stuck between a rock and a hard place with many possibilities in front of them.Over the last few weeks, Notley has suggested increasing rail transport to boost market access while pipeline projects are held up.She said that remains one of the options, but no matter what, one thing is abundantly clear.“We can’t have it racing out of the ground at ten dollars a barrel for a really long period of time, because it’s Albertans’ resources and we know we need to do better.”last_img read more

UN agency welcomes 14 billion French pledge to fight AIDS

French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced yesterday that his nation will provide the funds to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria at a General Assembly meeting in New York on progress made in realizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).Halting and beginning to reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS by 2015, as well as achieving universal access to treatment for the disease, are among the eight MDGs.“At a time of difficult fiscal space, France has put the interests of people living with HIV first,” said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), urging all other countries to follow France’s lead.During a meeting with the UNAIDS chief yesterday, Mr. Sarkozy praised the agency’s approach to place the response to the pandemic as part of the broader health and development agenda.More than 7,400 people are infected and 5,500 die from AIDS-related illnesses every day, and HIV remains the leading cause of death among reproductive-age women worldwide, according to the UN.There are also nearly 10 million people living with HIV who urgently need treatment today.UNAIDS data shows that new infections have declined by more than 25 per cent in the 22 countries most affected by the disease in sub-Saharan Africa, home to two-thirds of all people living with HIV.“AIDS is a smart investment that is producing results for people holistically,” Mr. Sidibé said, stressing that “this is a time for scaling up, not scaling down.” 21 September 2010France has pledged $1.4 billion to United Nations-backed efforts to combat HIV, in a move hailed by the world body’s agency coordinating the global AIDS response. read more

Over half of Syrias chemical weapons removed or destroyed says joint OPCWUN

As of today, some 53.6 per cent of Syria’s chemical weapons material has been removed from or destroyed in the conflict-ridden country. The deadline for completing the destruction of Syria’s entire chemical weapons programme is 30 June 2014. “This represents important progress,” said OPCW-UN Joint Mission Special Coordinator Sigrid Kaag, as she made the announcement.“The Joint Mission welcomes the momentum attained, and encourages the Syrian Arab Republic to sustain the current pace.”A total of 11 consignments of chemicals have now been transported out of Syria for destruction, according to a news release issued by the OPCW. When all of the Syrian chemicals from all storage sites have been loaded aboard Danish and Norwegian cargo ships, they will be transported to various locations for destruction under the verification of OPCW inspectors.OPCW added that as the removal process continues, a team of experts is currently in Syria to facilitate the formulation of a plan to destroy certain structures that housed Syria’s chemical weapons production facilities. The removal of the most critical material for destruction began in early January, in line with an agreement brokered by Russia and the United States under which Syria renounced its chemical weapons material and joined 1992 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons. read more

Kuru Kururu miner in custody for murder of boat captain

David Gaskin, 37, of Kuru Kururu, Linden-Soesdyke Highway was taken into Police custody on Monday over allegations that he murdered Owen John, a boat captain of San Martin, Venezuela following an altercation between the two at Eteringbang Landing.This publication understands that the men were reportedly imbibing at Maria Da Silva’s shop when the two started arguing over money.Police disclosed that from preliminary investigations, Gaskin, a miner, asked John to borrow money but, the boat captain refused.After John refused, Gaskin allegedly dealt him one punch to his nose which caused the boat captain to fall to the ground. It was stated that the suspect then dealt John several kicks to his head and body during which he became motionless.Police said that when they arrived on the scene, the boat captain’s body was lying on the ground with blood oozing from the nostrils.This publication understands that the man’s body was awaiting transportation to Georgetown where a post-mortem examination will be performed. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan accused of murdering Venezuelan boat captain remandedDecember 14, 2017In “Court”GDF member assaulted, robbed of valuables in Kuru-KururuAugust 27, 2018In “Crime”GDF Captain to be arraigned tomorrow for murder of girlfriendApril 3, 2018In “Crime” read more

Hundreds in Miami rally for extension of Haitians protective status

first_img Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. MIAMI (WSVN) – Members of South Florida’s Haitian community hit the pavement Saturday to protest in favor of extending an immigration designation that allows thousands of Haitians living in the U.S. to remain in the country.Hundreds marched outside the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Miami Field Office, along Northwest Seventh Avenue, near Interstate 95.Demonstrators spoke on behalf of the nearly 50,000 Haitians who could face deportation if President Donald Trump does not renew the Temporary Protective Status that allows for them to stay in the U.S.“We should not be afraid if tomorrow they’ll ship us away,” said one protester.“We’re hoping that they see just how important this is, and the whole context of human rights,” said activist Badili Jones. “This is a human rights and social justice issue. We don’t want people to go back into a precarious situation.”The immigration designation was granted by the Obama administration in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the Caribbean country. It allows Haitians to live and work freely in the U.S.Other immigrants are covered other the Temporary Protective Status, but for Haitians it expires on July 22. The Trump administration has until then to extend the order or let it expire. last_img read more

John Prine And Bill Murray Discuss Their Early Days Of Music Comedy

first_imgNETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Oct 10, 2018 – 6:14 pm John Prine And Bill Murray Get Up Close & Personal John Prine & Bill Murray Talk Folk & Comedy john-prine-and-bill-murray-discuss-their-early-days-music-comedy-more John Prine And Bill Murray Discuss Their Early Days Of Music, Comedy & More News Two giants of their respective crafts, Prine and Murray sat down for an intimate conversation to reflect on the old days hosted by the Recording Academy Nashville ChapterPaul ZolloGRAMMYs Oct 10, 2018 – 6:16 pm Like other Chicagoans who left their hometown to become world-famous, both John Prine and Bill Murray remain Chicagoans at heart forever, forever imprinted by the big city where they started their careers in close-proximity to each other. So it made sense to bring these two old friends together to discuss how they went from Chicago boys to legends. Email center_img Presented by the Recording Academy Nashville Chapter and moderated by musician/author Peter Cooper, the conversation took place in front of an intimate audience at RCA’s historic Studio A in Nashville. The old friends reminisced about their early days in Chicago and crossing paths with the likes of John Belushi, Steve Goodman and Kris Kristofferson. They also talked songwriting, improvisational comedy, record deals, friendship, and much more.On Getting StartedPrine: Soon as I could play one guitar chord and laid my ear upon that wood, I was gone. My soul was sold. Music was everything from then on. I’d listen to that chord as long as it would linger.Murray: First time I went to class at Second City, I was so bad that I walked out to the street, and just kept walking. Then I hitchhiked around the country. When I came back, I could do it. I had to go out and live some before I could stand in my own shoes onstage and feel confident.Prine: I was 22, working as a mailman, doing the open mike night. I wrote “Souvenirs” in the car on the way.Cooper: How did you know at your age all about longing and, regret?Prine: Man, I’ve known about that since my first pair of shoes. You know that first love that leaves you? You never forget that, especially if you’re a songwriter. I must have gotten nine songs out of that girl.On Steve GoodmanPrine: [Goodman] was 5 feet 2 of dynamite. He was a ball of energy. Also the hardest person I’ve ever followed onstage. Steve would just drain the audience. They would have no bones on them after. Then he’d walk offstage, hit me on the shoulder, and say, “They’re gonna love you, Johnny.”Murray: Sometimes I’d be done at Second City and they’d still be going at The Earl, so I’d stumble by to hear Prine or Steve Goodman. By then they’d already manipulated the crowd. There were men that were crying, and women who were just adoring. Musicians! They work their ways.On Struggling To SurviveMurray: I had to get out the house. We lived in the suburbs and I was not welcome in my own house, because I was a troublemaker. I had a schedule worked out where I’d get in late, sleep past when everyone would leave, wake up, eat all the eggs I could, feed the dogs, and leave before they came back. Then I’d be out all night and come back and go to sleep before they left.I’d go to Old Town, where my brother took care of me. I watched the shows at Second City a lot. It was Belushi, John Candy, my brother [Brian Doyle Murray]. and his friends. I’d hitchhike back and forth, because I had no money. And hitchhiking in Chicago in the winter is a ridiculous proposition. Somehow I made it home.Prine: My goal was getting out of the post-office. I was a mailman walking in the snow six days a week, 12-hour days. Every two weeks I’d get a check for $228. Earl of the Earl of Old Town told me, “If you sing four nights a week, I’ll give you a thousand bucks cash under the table.” I thought, this is heaven!  Once I got out, I was King of the Hill!  I slept late all week and made a thousand dollars a week! I didn’t care if I never did anything else. I was a total 100% success. That was as far as I wanted to go. I didn’t think of getting a record deal.On Finding SuccessMurray: I was onstage at Second City and I did something in a scene, and I could feel it in me; I felt it react and rebound with the audience. It hit me I could support myself by doing this.Prine: Kris Kristofferson and Steve Goodman were the two most unselfish people I ever met. Kris loved Steve, and said he needed to go to Nashville to make a record. Goodman said, “No. You need to go hear my buddy, John Prine.”So at one in the morning on a Sunday they came to the Earl and I sang. Then Kris asked me to sing them again and said I was going to New York, too. Goodman and I went to New York, straight to the Bitter End. We see Kris, who told us we were each going to sing three songs a piece. Jerry Wexler came up after and asked me to come over to Atlantic the next morning at 10 am. I did, and he had a record contract on his desk waiting for me. I hadn’t been in New York 24 hours.Back then in Chicago, you had to leave town to get a deal. Me and Goodman left town for three days and came back with record contracts. We were like returning astronauts! I never knew that wasn’t the way it went. I wondered for years why my peers kept their distance from me. It’s cause I was the Cinderella kid. And I was lucky.Murray: These guys are ice-breakers. Kristofferson for you. Belushi was mine. He dragged all of us to New York for the National Lampoon radio show. Belushi broke it open for a lot of people and made it possible for find the opportunities. I was lucky. The spotlight would be on them, and I’d be the spare-part, like if they needed an extra bride-groom. I was lucky all the way.Janelle Monáe On Choosing “Freedom Over Fear” & Creating ‘Dirty Computer’ Facebook Twitter Read morelast_img read more

ProducerSongwriter Busbee Forms New Venture With Warner Bros Records

first_img “Busbee not only has an impressive track record of artist development but also of producing as well as writing top hits across multiple genres,” said Warner Bros. Records Co-Chairman/CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck. “He has the passion for spotting new talent and the vision to fuse the worlds of country, pop, and alternative in truly refreshing ways.” Producer/Songwriter Busbee Forms New Venture With Warner Bros. Records Busbee Forms New Venture With Warner Bros. producersongwriter-busbee-forms-new-venture-warner-bros-records Twitter Email The successful hit-maker brings his unique ability to combine styles to a full-service venture expected to sign next-gen talentPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Dec 10, 2018 – 1:21 pm With an ear that defies musical expectations, songwriter and producer Busbee has been behind GRAMMY-nominated tracks and albums that go way beyond his personal nomination for co-writing Maren Morris’ “My Church.” Now he is teaming up with Warner Bros. Records, Warner/Chappell Music and Red Light Management on an entrepreneurial joint venture called “Altadena,” offering full-service representation for talent ready to keep breaking boundaries.Busbee is primarily known for the pop sensibility he brought to the country genre on albums such as Lady Antebellum’s Heart Break and Keith Urban’s Ripcord. One hint of his impressive stylistic range is his co-production on the P!nk album Beautiful Trauma, nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 61st GRAMMY Awards. Facebook NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Mar 7, 2014 – 4:00 pm Pop Is Different For Busbee Now That He Does It News Last year, Morris described Busbee’s eclectic ear as the reason she trusted him with her major-label album debut, Hero. “We didn’t want my record to lull people into a comfortable vibe they’d heard a million times,” she said. “Busbee was never afraid to take it there and get weird.” Busbee said, “I want to keep shaking things up.” He’ll have his chance with Altadena.In addition to the world-class partnerships forming the venture, Busbee will be working with Daniel Lee as Altadena’s general manager and vice president of creative, Noreen Prunier as Nashville Creative Director and Kelly Benini as Los Angeles Creative Director.Busbee has worked with artists ranging from Florida Georgia Line to Usher in the past. It’s exciting to imagine the fresh sounds to come from this Altadena venture. Sonic surprises are likely in store.Niall Horan, Maren Morris Unplug For Stripped-Down “Seeing Blind” VideoRead morelast_img read more

Demolition men razing decrepit structres

first_imgHyderabad: The collapse of a decrepit building on Tuesday in south Mumbai’s , killing at least 11 people and trapping more than 40 people under the debris, makes one shudder and worry about the state of such buildings and GHMC measures to ensure safety of people. However, even before monsoon set in, GHMC has been cracking down on wornout and impaired structures in the state capital to avoid any untoward incident during the heavy rains season. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us Though the town planning wing of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is briskly carrying out demolitions of such structures across the city, there are many buildings still standing precariously. Every year the number of dilapidated structures is increasing. A total of 434 dilapidated structures were earmarked for demolition across the city in 2018. This year the identified structures number 331 and the overall total is 765 dilapidated buildings waiting to be demolished. Out of this, 167 are razed and 132 are either repaired or seized and vacated. At present, there are 466 structures left to be demolished. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us GHMC officials say people do not want to vacate the buildings. Business establishments cite livelihood as the reason and refuse to vacate. Speaking to the Hans India, S Devender Reddy, Chief City Planner, Town Planning Wing of GHMC, said “We are demolishing buildings on priority and vacating the people from the buildings which have become very old and ready to fall in rainy season and have identified around 10-15 per cent of buildings in city. Advertise With Us Around 70-80 owners have taken permission from us to reconstruct the dilapidated structures and some people have sent proposals for reconstruction and are waiting for our approval.”Khairatabad Zone Demolitions pending since 2018: 201 Identified structures in 2019: 70 Total number: 271 Buildings demolished so far: 55 Buildings repaired, vacated and seized: 14 Structures yet to see action: 202 Charminar Zone Demolitions pending since 2018: 60 Identified structures in 2019: 84 Total number: 144 Buildings demolished so far: 22 Buildings repaired, vacated and seized: Nil Structures yet to see action: 122 LB Nagar Zone Demolitions pending since 2018: 00 Identified structures in 2019: 57 Total number: 57 Building demolished so far: 25 Buildings repaired, vacated and seized: 12 Structures yet to see action: 20 Secunderabad Zone Demolitions pending since 2018: 104 Identified structures in 2019: 79 Total number: 183 Buildings demolished so far: 20 Buildings repaired, vacated and seized: 57 Structures yet to see action: 106 Serilingampally Zone Demolitions pending since 2018: 14 Identified structures in 2019: 39 Total number: 53 Buildings demolished so far: 29 Buildings repaired, vacated and seized: 15 Structures yet to see action: 09 Kukatpally Zone Demolitions pending since 2018: 55 Identified structures in 2019: 02 Total number: 57 Building demolished so far: 16 Buildings repaired, vacated and seized: 34 Structures yet to see action: 07last_img read more

India committed to protecting borders with Bangladesh

first_imgIndian minister of home affairs Rajnath Singh speaks during a press conference after attending a meeting of chief ministers on the Indo-Bangladesh border states to discuss security issues, in Kolkata on 7 December, 2017. Photo: AFPIndia’s home minister Rajnath Singh said on Wednesday his government is committed to securing the country’s borders with all neighbouring countries, reports PTI.Singh will chair a meeting of chief ministers of states bordering Bangladesh in Kolkata on Thursday.”The centre is committed to securing India’s border with all neighbouring countries,” he said before leaving for Kolkata, according to the news agency PTI.The meeting, called by the Indian home minister, would discuss the influx of Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrants, and explore ways to check it, an Indian home ministry official said.Chief ministers of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram are expected to attend the meeting.India shares a 4,096 km-long border with Bangladesh of which 2,217 km falls in West Bengal, 262 km in Assam, 443 km in Meghalaya, 856 km in Tripura and 180 km in Mizoram.This would be the fourth meeting of the chief ministers of states, which share international borders, called by the Indian home minister.Three separate meetings of chief ministers of states sharing borders with Pakistan, China and Myanmar, were held earlier.The meeting in Kolkata is also expected to chalk out plans on how to check cross-border smuggling of fake Indian currency notes, narcotics and other illegal activities, the official said.According to an official estimate of India, around 36,000 Rohingyas are currently living in various parts of India.Director general of India’s BSF KK Sharma had said last week his troops apprehended 87 Rohingya Muslims along the Indo-Bangla border since the beginning of the current year till 31 October, of whom 76 were sent back to Bangladesh.Nearly 9-10 lakh Rohingya Muslims are estimated to have migrated to Bangladesh from Myanmar due to alleged persecution by the Myanmar military and the possibility of a spillover into India cannot be ruled out, he had said.Illegal immigration from Bangladesh has also been a major cause of concern for the north-eastern states and West Bengal for many years now, another home ministry official of India said.last_img read more

Snapchats new mission getting you to buy more stuff

first_imgMore products, easily accessible.Image: Snapchat In another significant update, Snap added a new feature that allows people to shop for items on Amazon by pointing the Snapchat camera at object around them. The details of that arrangement aren’t clear; Snap hasn’t commented on whether it receives the usual commission from Amazon purchases made via its app. But the intent of that update is the same as the new Snap ads: to get us comfortable with the idea of shopping and buying via an app better known for self-destructing photos.Instagram has also been investing more in in-app shopping. The Facebook-owned app has been experimenting with linked ads in its feed and, more recently, in Stories. It just recently began letting brands add shopping links inside of its Stories posts. Instagram is also said to be exploring another dedicated e-commerce app that could compete directly with Amazon.The new shopping-focused updates come at a critical time for Snap. The app has faced some recent declines in users, though it is still incredibly popular among teens, a coveted audience for many advertisers. If Snapchat can successfully cast itself as their preferred communications platform and an actual shopping destination, that could boost its standing in the eyes of investors — and bring in a lot more ad revenue. As Instagram prepares to challenge Amazon, Snapchat is also getting deeper into the retail game — by making it easier to buy and sell stuff in its app.The app is introducing a new type of ad that will make it easier for users to buy products inside of its app. The new ads, called Collections, allow brands to link to their products without the need for users to swipe up on the ad. Collections will appear in the app between users’ Stories, as well as in the app’s Discover section. The new format, along with other advertising tools Snap just unveiled, will make it much easier for businesses to entice consumers to go from viewing photos to actually buying. “We expect these ads to have a significantly higher engagement rate,” says Pete Sellis, Snap’s head of monetization. Sellis says the company has been testing the ads for a few weeks, and that early results have been promising. Snapchat’s new  ad strategy: Collections.Image: snapchat Snapchat is making it easier to buy stuff in its app.Image: mashable/lili samsBy Karissa Bell2018-09-28 00:48:55 UTClast_img read more

Costa Rica hopes to attract adventurous eaters with new decree

first_imgRelated posts:Once Mexico’s booze of ‘drunks,’ mezcal earns respect Chef Jamie Oliver visits Costa Rica, makes tortillas Costa Rica’s best coffee hails once again from Naranjo Francis Ford Coppola wants you to come on his family vacation Vice President Ana Helena Chacón thinks that Costa Rica should be as well known for its cuisine as it is for its beaches and sloths. But will foodies add Costa Rica to a Latin American circuit alongside culinary destinations like Mexico and Peru?On Tuesday, Chacón presented a decree from Casa Presidencial naming Costa Rican cuisine a matter of public interest. The National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy acknowledges food as a cultural expression of the peoples here, and aims to protect and promote the country’s national dishes and produce. Part of the goal of the decree is to position Costa Rica as a destination of agricultural and food tourism.At this writing, there are no funds assigned to the decree.Costa Rican coffee already enjoys a coveted place abroad, and Imperial beer—for better or worse—is a reminder of hot afternoons spent on the beach here. Costa Rican food, on the other hand, often gets left off the list of memorable experiences for tourists. Some might stick up their noses at eating rice and beans multiple times a day, but hey, haters gonna hate.To celebrate the foods that Chacón and others hope will become as well-known abroad as rainforests, toucans and monkeys, The Tico Times hereby submits its picks for the Top 10 Costa Rican dishes:1. Gallo pintoPity the person who starts their day in Costa Rica without this iconic dish and a side of fried eggs. Rice and black beans fried up with onion, sweet pepper and a dash of Lizano sauce and some spoonfuls of the bean’s cooking liquor, this is definitely a meal that will stick with you the whole day—or at least until you order a casado. A typical “casado” served in a San José soda. Francesco Vicenzi/The Tico Times2. CasadoOK, it’s not really a dish, but it the cornerstone of the diet and a combination of Costa Rican staples. The casado is any combination of rice, beans, a simple salad or vegetable picadillo, fried plantains, and sometimes pasta or potatoes, crowned by a protein such as fish, chicken or beef, all on the same plate. This is a dish that will give any visitor enough energy to hike a volcano. Chifrijo: a $15-million recipe? Robert Isenberg/The Tico Times3. ChifrijoPerhaps Costa Rica’s most beloved bar food, this combination of rice, beans (notice the trend here?), chicharrones (fried pork), pico de gallo and tortilla chips is the best way to start a round of drinks with friends. Restauranteur Miguel Cordero claimed he invented the dish and sued for damages to the tune of $15 million. Worth every penny.4. Olla de carneA simple but satisfying beef soup served with chunks of chayote, squash, potato and other vegetables that would warm anyone’s bones on a cold night in the mountains.5. Rice-and-BeansA Caribbean twist on the classic rice and beans combo, “rice-and-beans” takes its name from the English patois spoken in Limón. The basic recipe has rice, beans, coconut milk, thyme and spicy chile panameño served with chicken in hot tomato or coconut sauce. Check out a recipe here.6. PatíThe iconic beef turnovers of the Caribbean trace their roots to Jamaica. Stuffed with ground beef, onion, spices, chile panameño, and fried in a flaky pastry shell, these little guys are not to be missed.7. PataconesSmashed and twice-fried plantains are the perfect delivery mechanism for anything from pureed black beans to guacamole. Bundles of tamales called “piñas” for sale. The Tico Times8. TamalesTraditionally a Christmas treat, Tico tamales stand out from the Mexican variety (except for Oaxaca tamales) with their banana-leaf wrappers. Served with coffee, these seasonal snacks are a social experience, from making them with a crew of family and friends in the traditional tamaleada, to the rounds of invitations throughout the holidays to come over and sample the finished project.9. Arroz con palmitoThe Costa Rican equivalent of macaroni and cheese. Creamy, cheesy baked rice with hearts of palm, this is comfort food at its finest.10. RondónRondón (from “run down,” as in “whatever the cook can run down”) is the quintessential coastal seafood stew, including an arsenal of tubers such as sweet potato, cassava, taro and potatoes, along with whatever seafood products are available, plus plantains and breadfruit braised in velvety coconut cream and spices.11. Bonus: Salsa LizanoSure, it’s a condiment but it’s also its own food group, right? This little bottle of “salsa inglesa” is a staple in Tico kitchens and used in many of these dishes listed. Gringos might draw strange glances from locals when putting it on eggs in the morning, but we’re still learning, OK?What did we miss? Tell us what Tico favorites are on your plate in the comments below. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact 6. Oakland RaidersHi: 3Lo: 9Comment: If Beast Mode has a retro year or anything close, as some predict, this offense could be deadly despite a shift in philosophy. — MorganNext: at Tennessee7. Kansas City ChiefsHi: 7Lo: 9Comment: Offense in flux, but Andy Reid always gets points out of his teams. — LapinskiNext: at New England (Thursday)8. Dallas CowboysHi: 7Lo: 12Comment: Prescott won 13 games as a starter last year, tied for most by a rookie QB in NFL history. — JureckiNext: vs. New York Giants (Sunday night)9. Arizona CardinalsHi: 8Lo: 11Comment: A return to glory led by a defense that I think is going to surprise some people. — BurnsNext: at Detroit (Sunday)10. New York GiantsHi: 4Lo: 20Comment: Can they win in Dallas if OBJ can’t play? — MarottaNext: at Dallas (Sunday night)11. Tennessee TitansHi: 6Lo: 17Comment: Marcus Mariota is healthy. Andrew Luck is not. That could be the difference in the AFC South. — MorganNext: vs. Oakland (Sunday)12. Denver BroncosHi: 11Lo: 13Comment: The defense can still get it done. Can Trevor Siemian? — BurnsNext: vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Monday night)13. Tampa Bay BuccaneersHi: 9Lo: 18Comment: Dirk Koetter always believed he was an offensive genius. Now his team is a fashionable pick in the NFC. — MorganNext: vs. Chicago (Sunday, 9/17) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 29. Chicago BearsHi: 26Lo: 30Comment: Mike Glennon will be on the clock from the moment he takes his first snap. — MorganNext: vs. Atlanta (Sunday)30. Cleveland BrownsHi: 27Lo: 31Comment: This team is really going to struggle with Kizer learning on the job. — BurnsNext: vs. Pittsburgh (Sunday)31. San Francisco 49ersHi: 30Lo: 31Comment: The Brian Hoyer Era has begun! — LapinskiNext: vs. Carolina (Sunday)32. New York JetsHi: 32Lo: 32Comment: Todd Bowles is going to be fired by Halloween. — BurnsNext: at Buffalo (Sunday) Top Stories 22. Baltimore RavensHi: 15Lo: 24Comment: It’s really just a crapshoot when you get to the bottom third of the NFL. We’ll take the Ravens’ track record. — MorganNext: at Cincinnati (Sunday)23. Miami DolphinsHi: 16Lo: 24Comment: Reuniting Gase and Cutler? It’s just so crazy it might…never mind, it won’t work. — BurnsNext: at Los Angeles Chargers (Sunday 9/14)24. Los Angeles ChargersHi: 16Lo: 25Comment: Several Texas high school programs will have higher attendance figures than the Chargers this year. — MarottaNext: at Denver (Monday night)25. Indianapolis ColtsHi: 19Lo: 27Comment: I don’t want to upset the Kaepernick crowd, but Scott Tolzien is starting for an NFL team this week. — MarottaNext: at Los Angeles Rams (Sunday)26. Jacksonville JaguarsHi: 25Lo: 28Comment: The Jags were a sleeper pick last year. This year, not so much. — MorganNext: at Houston (Sunday)27. Buffalo BillsHi: 25Lo: 29Comment: Who’s running this team? Jackie Moon? The next thing the Bills get rid of will be their washing machine. — MarottaNext: vs. New York Jets (Sunday)28. Los Angeles RamsHi: 25Lo: 29Comment: I have a feeling they’re going to end up higher than this. But not until Aaron Donald shows up for work. — BurnsNext: vs. Indianapolis (Sunday) 1. New England PatriotsHi: 1Lo: 1Comment: Because who else are you going to pick? — BurnsNext: vs. Kansas City (Thursday)2. Seattle SeahawksHi: 2Lo: 4Comment: Seahawks advanced to playoffs for the 5th consecutive season in ’16. Have won 10+ games in each of the past five seasons. — JureckiNext: at Green Bay (Sunday)3. Green Bay PackersHi: 2Lo: 7Comment: Sure, their running back wears #88, but they’re still going to be good. — MarottaNext: vs. Seattle (Sunday)4. Pittsburgh SteelersHi: 2Lo: 6Comment: Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant. Oh, my. — MorganNext: at Cleveland (Sunday)5. Atlanta FalconsHi: 2Lo: 9Comment: Bound to feel some after-effects from that Super Bowl meltdown. — LapinskiNext: at Chicago (Sunday) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img 1 Comments   Share   When the NFL season kicks off Thursday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, not only will the world be watching the defending Super Bowl champions — they’ll be watching 2017’s best team as well.The New England Patriots, at least according to our five-member panel at, is once again the top squad even after adding a handful of new pieces like receivers Brandin Cooks and Phillip Dorsett, running back Rex Burkhead and cornerback Stephon Gilmore. They’ll take on the Kansas City Chiefs, who are also highly-regarded in our initial rankings of the season. 14. Carolina PanthersHi: 10Lo: 18Comment: I believe the Panthers will be back, but I still have early-season questions about Newton. — MarottaNext: at San Francisco (Sunday)15. Philadelphia EaglesHi: 11Lo: 22Comment: Good luck figuring out who their main running back is. — LapinskiNext: at Washington (Sunday)16. Houston TexansHi: 14Lo: 20Comment: They’re like the Broncos to me, except they have hope at QB with Watson waiting in the wings. — MarottaNext: vs. Jacksonville (Sunday)17. Minnesota VikingsHi: 14Lo: 21Comment: Bradford started the season 5-0 last year without throwing an interception. — JureckiNext: vs. New Orleans (Monday night)18. Detroit LionsHi: 13Lo: 25Comment: Matthew Stafford made a billion dollars in the time you took to read this. — LapinskiNext: vs. Arizona (Sunday)19. New Orleans SaintsHi: 16Lo: 23Comment: This team has a last-gasp feel to it. — BurnsNext: at Minnesota (Monday night)20. Cincinnati BengalsHi: 14Lo: 24Comment: Over/under on Burfict fines is set at $400K. — MarottaNext: vs. Baltimore (Sunday)21. Washington RedskinsHi: 15Lo: 23Comment: Looking forward to another year of talk about Kirk Cousins’ contract. Yes, that was sarcasm. — MarottaNext: vs. Philadelphia (Sunday) Each week, a panel of Dave Burns, Luke Lapinski, Mike Jurecki, Vince Marotta and Craig Morgan will vote each NFL team from 1 to 32 and we’ll lay out the rankings here for you.Power rankings will normally be published on Tuesday, but this week, in conjunction with the beginning of the season, they’re live on Thursday.Ties will go to the team that receives the majority of higher rankings from our panel.Week 1 Composite Ballot  Burns | Jurecki | Lapinski | Marotta | Morgan The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more

New database promises transparency in the Cyprus property market

first_imgA NEW centralised data base has been launched, cleaning, filtering, and mapping 145,000 real estate transactions across Cyprus and breaking them down by municipality, property type, and by price band, with the findings analysed using maps and thermal maps.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

Legislation for states Qualified Forest Program for timber harvesting and management signed

first_img06Jun Legislation for state’s Qualified Forest Program for timber harvesting and management signed into law On hand for the ceremony were from left: Todd Johnson, forestry services manager for Weyerhaeuser’s Grayling; Gov. Rick Snyder; Gregory Cairns, Rendon’s legislative assistant; and Rep. Rendon.Legislation to encourage owners of the 11 million acres of private forestlands in Michigan to join the state’s Qualified Forest Program for timber harvesting and management was signed into law today. The nine-bill package, which includes a measure sponsored by Rep. Bruce Rendon, R-Lake City, updates the program’s property tax incentives and offers educational and technical assistance.The program is capped at 1.2 million acres but less than 80,000 acres have been enrolled in the program designed to ensure and increase a steady, sustainable supply of timber to an industry that generates $14 billion annually and directly employs 26,000 residents. The package includes Public Acts 42-50 of 2013.Pictured above, from left with all the bill sponsors: Jamie Clover Adams, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development director; Rep. Ed McBroom; Sen. John Moolenaar; Gov. Rick Snyder; Rep. Frank Foster; Sen. Darwin Booher, Rendon; and Sen. Tom Casperson. Categories: Rendon News,Rendon Photoslast_img read more

Rep Whiteford testifies in support of returning hiring decisions to ISDs

first_img State Rep. Mary Whiteford was joined Tuesday by William Brown, superintendent of the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, in testifying before the Senate Education Committee to return hiring decisions back to intermediate school districts (ISDs).Whiteford’s House Bill 4166 will eliminate the need for ISDs to give preferential status in hiring decisions to candidates formerly employed with other districts or a comparable state agency. Multiple ISD officials voiced their support for the legislation during testimony before the House Education Reform Committee in mid-March.“Special education administrators in ISDs need the ability to hire the best professionals to educate their students,” said Whiteford, of Casco Township. “Every child is different and administrators face the challenge of finding the right teachers for the right students.”Brown agreed, stating the legislation “allows us to make independent hiring decisions based solely on the needs in our classrooms and students where it should be.”No vote was made on HB 4166 on Tuesday, but it remains under committee consideration. Categories: News,Whiteford News 04Oct Rep. Whiteford testifies in support of returning hiring decisions to ISDslast_img read more

Rep Hauck sets local office hours

first_img State Rep. Roger Hauck of Union Township announced his office hours for the month of April. The representative will be available Friday, April 27 at the following times and locations:9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at Leah’s Korner Kafe, 300 E. Railway St. in Coleman;11 a.m. to noon at the Lake Isabella Village Office, 1010 S. Clubhouse Drive in Lake Isabella; and12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the library at the Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Road in Mount Pleasant.“Remaining open and accessible to the residents of my district is an important part of my job as state representative,” Hauck said. “I encourage those with questions, issues, or concerns to stop by.”No appointments are necessary. Those unable to attend may contact Rep. Hauck at 517-373-1789 or via email at 19Apr Rep. Hauck sets local office hours Categories: Hauck Newslast_img