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Shanghai Longfeng both ranking and the conversion of several skills


from August 15th to August 22nd, due to the large number of original articles, let the search engine to give sustained weight, during this period, from the search engine traffic gradually increased. But an obvious question arises: in this period, website bounce rate is very high, almost reached 90%, that is to say, although the search engine has brought a lot of traffic, but visitors almost did not see how the content of the web site. They stay on the site for an average of 30 seconds.


some people engaged in the Shanghai dragon, in the operation of their website optimization, they do not realize that they have entered a vicious circle. That is too focused on rankings, but did not think the purpose of ranking is transforming transaction. The first study of this problem, because one of my clients come to me for help. He hope to improve their website ranking. So he published many articles on the site, but before he also contacted a number of Shanghai dragon knowledge, he believes that the release of a large number of original articles, you can easily complete the Shanghai dragon. He found a professional writing team, wrote many articles for their products, to set their own target keywords that appear to be high quality articles.

so, how to operate the Shanghai dragon, in order to maximize improve the conversion rate, so the potential customers back into

through the analysis of the noble baby Analytics traffic statistics, we found the target keywords specially created the target group received little attention. Also, I found that the site visits have obvious fluctuation in a month, indicating that apparently is not necessarily his ranking results produced in Shanghai dragon.

, a diagnostic problem

shows a month to site traffic.


, it achieved his aim. After the release of a large number of original articles, a lot of visitors to his website in search engine. He is very happy at first, but soon, he found that although the search engine traffic gradually increased, but did not increase his sales. That is not what the conversion rate. When he consulted me, I gave him the answer is very simple: search engine itself is not going to buy your products! Remember, optimization is for users, not for search engines.

August 22nd: after the search engine began to judge, although these articles are original, but not full.

: before August 15th this period site traffic is good, every day he released 15 to 20 original articles. Because of his name for a long time, has accumulated a certain weight, so it is given a higher weight search engine, keywords ranking is very good. But not what flow.

The results of


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Experience the hazards of using super chain tools to bring the

OK, I admit, want to save some strength in the website optimization on the road, but the fact is that, in the station on the way to be a little sloppy, not steal a little lazy. We all know the website optimization, in addition to their own content to the original accident, the chain will continue to increase, especially the quality of the chain, it is absolutely the webmaster dream. But bitter we do the chain often face two embarrassment: either a good website not on us, or small website, we can’t see them. So a tool came into being, this is the super chain tools. But here I advise you, it is best to stay away from this kind of tool, or your site will be following me to no end of trouble for the future, these days of experience to share with you.

to tell you the truth, brought this automatic propaganda effect is very accidental, because you stay on the website of the time is very short, because people in the brush when will bring you the top down, but if it is when you stop, search spiders crawl the page, this is direct brings you an effective chain. You brush more than 2000 web site, at least hundreds of websites leave your outside chain, that is to say you outside of the chain increased 100, the number of the chain is too frequent, search engine will think you >

1, the chain will directly lead to frequent right down

a few days ago, suddenly think of to try these tools in the end there is no use, so I took the gold brush blog for two days, the effect is very clear, but obviously, look at the various site parameters following the change that the usefulness of this tool:

about this automatic propaganda principle! As we all know, the free online webmaster tools, such as integrated query, Shanghai Longfeng query, whios query and so on, are query records, that is to say when you query finished, your site will remain inside his record, sometimes even the query page stays for a period of time in his, this is the automatic tools to achieve the effect of publicity.

traffic site decreases, you may think it is not what is directly linked with the automatic propaganda tool indeed, but my main source of the website is search engine, if the site traffic continues to decrease, that weight of my site has been constantly reduced. I wonder why a website in order to increase the weight but with the tools that will lead to the decrease of weight? This is my site visits the change.


!Changes in the number of

is not only the site visits, site index, and the number of sources of keywords is also dwindling, this time in the weight of the website are declining, why is this the truth? It is what I thought, I finally understand why this will happen the following is the harm caused by the phenomenon, I summed up the use of super propaganda or attention is

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Grassroots webmaster earn more by what meansPublicity settlement commission from December 31st to Ja

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

union advertising revenue increase, one is to rely on to show the amount of show amount up, click on the chance to go up, income naturally go up. So all we have to do is to increase the volume of presentation, that is, to increase the PV of your website. Generally speaking, the blog IP:PV proportion is generally 1:3, BBS is 1:5, CMS is 1:6, so in the same IP, get the biggest PV is CMS, so we start doing station >!

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

most people do the station in order to make money. There are many ways to make money through the website, but for the grass roots stationmaster who just started, the way to make money is narrow and not easy. Find cooperation, pull support, write soft text and other methods, really not suitable for just started the site, so how can grassroots Adsense to make money? Below I according to my own experience to say a few points:


, check with the webmaster, please.

2. new way

see ads8/paylist.php

, that’s what I’m trying to say. Most Adsense have applied for advertising alliance, put the code, improve website traffic, you can make money, but the same is done League advertising, everyone’s income is very different. That’s the problem with putting skills on. The forum is often asked whether to increase the click through rate of advertising. This is a question that everyone is concerned about. Here I talk about my own experience.

3. affiliate advertising

, this is the most direct way to earn money, sit on the link, five minutes after getting the money, as long as you included more, snapshot new, you can sell links, this method of making money quick, simple. Weakness is not stable, has a great impact on the station itself, why people buy links, because his station can not obtain the high quality the chain through the normal way, but also is the profits, so they buy costly links, improve search engine rankings, get traffic, increase income. What kind of station, we all understand, and the result is clear to everyone, one day you will be implicated, so if you want long-term stable development, it is recommended not to sell links at will. I know a person, he spent 800 yuan to buy a PR4, included 3000 of the forum, used to sell links, the first month sold 3000, second months sold 2000, third months sold 2500, fourth months sold 0 yuan. That’s the problem, and I’m sure you’ll see what you’re going to do after you’ve seen it.

for more details

I haven’t met this way before, so I don’t know what name to give it. One day, someone added me , said about cooperation. He said, if you publish an article on the website, beauty is not limited, as long as it contains our website URL, was included, and can not be deleted, I pay you 20 yuan. It’s like selling a link and getting an outside chain from your website. I think, this link output is only a page, not the total station, the impact on the station is small. But this is permanent, and you can’t delete it until the day you close the door. Personally, I feel very good, interested friends can consider.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

1. sell links:

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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Lin analyze the WAP web site

has recently been observed in WAP dynamic, mobile phone number of Internet users has significantly, WAP site has many, but closed quickly, eventually became famous station Buduomiumiu not have the strength to promote a large number of money to buy traffic, is the main type of door, apartment layout type, download the social web site, these are large the human and management personnel. Portal level 3G portal, Tencent, QQ, Le news, etc.. One can count as many as they stand. It can be said that monopoly uses most mobile Internet users. Navigation station, intelligent machine mostly downloaded UC browser and QQ browser, Op browser, go browser. Built in URL navigation. These big tycoons all sell software in large quantities.

so I don’t have much hope to build a navigation station. I don’t have any utility to compete with them. No strength, such as the grassroots webmaster, we should do characteristics, seize a theme, do the best, do fine, as it is now doing a great site, Ruili, wireless network, the story of healthy female net, net, local stations, Kaku cartoon etc.. I have also done two special features, the story Chinese network, entrepreneurship rich, content and layout landscaping, and he is also very satisfied. Just don’t have time to manage it yet. Before, music news is also from the mobile phone master, slowly do portal level. Before the site, the first location or allocation of the main columns – rich resources – beautify the layout – re publicity. A web site, the most important content, is not equal to the content of shell site, not what can miss another page beautification, say a website only 3 seconds to retain users, I think that is right, if a web page, it looks down, not the kind I southeast don’t stay for a second, so have a clean and orderly layout.

is not recommended for personal website or community portal, see a lot of grassroots webmaster do love and love for the community portal, there are a lot of entertainment programs, but many mistakes, loopholes, people will not black you for half an hour, community entertainment, fun and practical matters, such as guess points, stone cloth, 49 1, the traditional game can not, do not have a few people to play, now the big debate or virtual stock is also good, users also love. Suggest winning, leaving a few fun and interesting. Portal level to do any column resources or articles are not a few, so that what is the feeling to the user, it is recommended to do a good, and then do another column. Topic: the recommended WAP site type has not yet started. The station can be considered. 1. army online. On the military side, this type of WAP seems to have few, you can refer to the web’s military website. 2. women network. 3. local websites. Make a feature of your home town for months, and you’ll see the results on your website. 4. article stand. 5., pioneering network,.6., life, etc.. 7. health network. Note that do not add color content, such sites are not color station. Can refer to the portal level of the two column. 8. star station. Collect some star information, this workload is also large, but must be updated frequently. Well, anyway, did not read the book a few years, literary talent is not good, please don’t mind typos.

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The gentleman’s love of money in a proper way, the site do not earn ill-gotten gains

          these two days, coincided with the "3.15" consumer rights storm coming, so the network published a lot of news about consumer protection. "Users upload" website to evade responsibility camouflage "expose" users upload "content is actually made by the parties to organize people to upload sites, they use such camouflage to deceive a lot of people who are not familiar with the Internet, the website to make full use of network virtual property, under the guise of the name of the net friend upload infringing works. In order to achieve a business advantage. "Buy a fake website search ranking touting consumer fraud" is undoubtedly a most incisive interpretation of black sites to consumer fraud boon. Similar to such infringement reports abound, here on the "Shanzhai" web site, relying on the search network search engine ranking phenomenon published their views.

China Association for quality promotion recently announced the 23 fake "copycat" repair station, these "copycat" maintenance station the main use of the Internet and the "114" directory assistance information issued to mislead consumers. Among them, more than half of the "Shanzhai" maintenance station is to rely on the search network search engine competitive ranking business to attract business. According to the survey data, the "Fortress fastness" maintenance sites pay high advertising costs to search engines, in fact, far less than they are "black" to consumers. "To a 70 yuan regular water heater parts, for example, fake repair stations overcharged consumers 230 yuan, remove the money Baidu points, they can earn more than 100 yuan."." Why the regular manufacturers can not afford the price, "cottage" repair point, but can never forget the top two pages? I think the final reason is to blame in the Baidu search engine body,


gentleman loves money, should also be in a proper way. First open, end the site is trying to make money as profit, such as Baidu Internet portal, as one of the major search engines, must be strict "quality", the "quality" is required by your own web site included a good reputation, (I know the Internet site and China station network by virtue of its own reputation, in addition to earn legitimate interests necessary, in the credibility of good play, deep Internet users), whether it is a real integrity of the site, you deserve to be included, although it used to price bidding to the home page, you the website also not because you want to make money to be moved, isn’t it? Remember what time last year, CCTV of Baidu PPC fraud As had been exposed, it makes users of Baidu, the most authoritative media websites and search engines have questioned, but also on the Internet everywhere, emerge in an endless stream fraud of fear, downhearted. In this case, there is only one result: your website will end up in bankruptcy.

review the underlying causes of the "degradation" of the web site

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Great products only have one button The fate of the Home key is not a big problem at all

Home key is the fruit powder used to show the extent of their nouveau riche just need. At least in China, or otherwise entangled in the fate of a Home, it is better to tangle screen size and cell phone color?.

compared to the volatility in the stock market, recently from iPhone rumors, but also stimulate the fruit powder – Apple may debate on the iPhone hardware is simplified. Apple designers are looking to integrate touch and display chipsets on iPhone screens and may also add fingerprint recognizers. If the news is true, then Apple will have the opportunity to remove the Touch ID sensor from the Home key, or even remove the Home key itself.


Home key if delisting, then iPhone is not and Android brothers become good base friends?


great product has only one button,

of course, all of this is just a trend or may only, although many predictions about Apple products are true, but if you see every day will be a new set of Apple broke the news at the time, you will find the octopus Paul eight different orientation of the antenna, one refers to the direction, will become the prophecy God


strong and faithful fruit powder also a quotation from Jobs: the great product is only one button. Because Jobs thought: "if you want to make the user interface beautiful enough, you should use a button to complete all the tasks."." To this end, there are good people also conducted an online survey, the results of 60% users are opposed to cancel the Home key.

the truth right enough? If a person’s can determine a product life of the same insist, he the God of the Godhead may be too tall. Because of the powder’s experience, there is a Home key is to let everyone love hate entanglements.

benefits not elaborate, because Jobs has said; the downside is also needless to say, why we are addicted to the use of AssistiveTouch (virtual Home key), this is the disabled design good Dongdong, but also shows the physical key always has life, but only one, too expensive, and too often wear out.

of course, I prefer that the Home key is to give up a lot of users in most operations, in fact is that everyone’s love for iPhone, this is not going to at least according to Moore rhythm to love for mobile phone.

however, this does not have eggs……

will be another little red dot,


many people entangled in the fate of Home, the advantages and disadvantages between technology and characteristics of the design difficulty, human engineering and Apple’s various patents when actually forgotten a bit, one and another apple not much relationship >

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Four main reasons why blogs are not seen

blog online for a long time, why don’t people visit? For all of us, whether or not encountered such a problem? As the saying goes "people rely on clothes horse saddle", which is also the case for the blog, if the first impression you blog to people not how, then, your blog will not look, nobody ignores.

first, blog template is very dull, WordPress blogger told the author, "a lot of people used to use when looking template, is not to be changed, really make people depressed, the monotony of the template, making it difficult for you to remember your blog", in fact, there are many ways to do the appearance of blog small adjustments, if your blog template does not make any changes, then, will make people feel very professional, good template to, but don’t just ism oh.

second, the blog content is mediocre, is all trifles recorded this blog every day, of course, the life also is so, but if every blog is all other people cannot read the article right and wrong, insipid content is acceptable, if no value is the people who read the article. Someone else is not willing to visit your blog, just a waste of time, our content can be lackluster, but not let people cannot read the right and wrong.

again, blog advertising is flooding, a lot of people make money through the blog, this is not what to be blamed, but not so obvious, advertising not only makes people sad, and disturb others, put advertising no ground for blame everybody can understand that, but if you have a blog page, the article page, search all this is full page ads, but also in every place, not to mind taking the trouble during advertising, so that people can accept just anger + left.

finally, the blog speed is very Wohuo, open speed slow, who are impatient to open such a website, will only make people Speechless, unable to walk away, if it is to buy foreign host, we find that service quality and security, not to English classmates. Find a Chinese website like HostEase and Chinese customer service host, this will reduce the unnecessary trouble, don’t be tempted to buy cheap machine, a penny goods.

blog as long as a few seconds simply to attract readers, but for many people, they focus on not only is your language concise, more people will pay attention to the first reaction of your blog’s appearance, appearance is very important, make sure that your blog looks very perfect, it is a must.

copyright statement: columnist

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Local Forum opened today, PV has twenty thousand

was still fighting on the Internet at three or four in the morning. I didn’t feel sleepy. What I did was a local forum called star city online.

from the beginning of the 05 years, the government in the online class, then you do not understand the technology, still do not understand, I do is planning and news, a few years, the Regional Internet demand is relatively understanding, it is a continuous development of e-government, there is a great prospect, this one needs the second is to maintain the market; regional website needs of businesses and individuals, demand more and more obvious and intense. And the forum has been my leisure pastime and sustenance, and not too much utilitarian, this phenomenon has been going on for several years.

the beginning of the government website forum, but also by the use of spare time to forge self management, and thus held the first large-scale network of local party, had a lot of interesting stories, then together together, including the largest gathering, thousands of ginseng and is held in the square, candlelight blessing the party, for donation, but also touching the deepest.

but the forum was closed for a number of reasons and has been suspended for more than a month. Have waited too long, have stopped too long, a lot of expectations, many hope, perhaps again, perhaps again. The choice of the domain name, the negotiation of space, the construction of the website, the perfection of the details, the supplement of the function, and a rudiment, one of the most primitive appearance finally appeared. No value is not worth, only willing or unwilling. There are many interesting things in the world, people live in a world, if can love one or two of them, and to enjoy thinking and sorrow, is a kind of ultimate interest.

in the current situation, in the domestic environment, the forum is of different significance, the weapon of supervision by public opinion, the place for personal recreation, the platform of communication learning, the intermediary of information sharing…… Interactive, universal and entertaining than to win a chip on the website, website, global nature, timeliness of media and quick than many. The media, the forum, is also a media. It was the voice of the whole nation. This is valuable, but also interesting, as we read unofficial history, imagine those people at that time, but also a variety of space, to convey their happiness and sadness.

early in the morning, after the invitation code, after the phone, it was going to sleep, because to get up early. But the Sacred Dance, seven and domineering invitation after registration, found some problems, for example, can not upload avatar, Short Message open, the other night has been committed to the static pages, today finally ready, just put these details perfect once, found the article but no general rules for it, or simply come back tomorrow afternoon, the organizing committee has invited registration code in Xingcheng group sent, you can find them, you can find the registered members, they should be on the front page with the invitation code, the purpose of doing so is to cherish ID, can limit the same IP vest registration it is hoped that the first 100 registered members to invite such party "