Future success will be born in the mobile phone website

according to the survey, the domestic webmaster 2/3 site annual income of less than ten thousand yuan, small and medium-sized website survival situation is still grim, revenue needs to be further improved. Web site, the novel station, QQ station, non mainstream station, game station, station community site become popular at the present stage, the game entertainment sites generally used in fierce competition, so the future hot site where? How to grasp the trend of the future of the site


in the report, the use of SNS third party application type analysis shows that the game, entertainment, SNS, third party applications are most common. 86.3% of the webmaster said that the use of games, entertainment, three party applications, and the use of content sharing only 39.8%, less than half of the game entertainment. The evaluation and utility class three applications were separated by 34.7% and 29.3% using third and fourth, respectively.

however, according to the third party application type Statistics website most want to use 42.4% of the site, expressed the hope that the use of mobile phone third party application the future, finance, friends, information and tools were 32.8%, 32.3%, 31.9% and 31.4% proportion in the future site most wish to use third party applications from second to fifth a. This is the game and entertainment applications in the first place in the characteristics of the opposite, for the future expected, the game, entertainment and assessment in the bottom position. Although mobile phone third party applications have been recognized by the webmaster, but in the SNS users, mobile phone applications have not been more recognized. This does not mean that the mobile phone application future prospects, compared to the popularity of mobile phone mobile phone intelligent computer is higher rate, the tendency of the future, SNS users demand for mobile phone applications, will appear blowout situation. read more

n my example start on the road is wasted

I think in all the people who work, I am afraid no one did not think of their own business as a boss. However, most people’s thoughts are only occasional moments, like the popular phrase in the forums: "drifting". The thought of the hardships and tired, think of a number of uncertain risk, think it is retracted to take the fixed salary, though not much, but at least every month can take to your account in next month’s living expenses had landed, get good can have a lot of balance. And this life more easy ah, 8 hours after the class home, do what you want to do, watch TV, surf the Internet, play games, go clubbing, shopping, don’t even do what, just lazily to the sofa or bed on the floor, "run into a unified story, he summer and winter and spring and Autumn", this is a free realm ah.

there are some people, think that work is not easy, think of the meager salary to buy houses and cars, not to change the retirement security, at the same time also saw others venture after the success of the scenery, often being entrepreneurial story inspiring night can’t sleep sleep. As a result, the idea of entrepreneurship has been spinning in their own head, lingering, scattered away. And every one that is not the way to work, entrepreneurship is a permanent solution, lest people do not know their own ambition. But in fact, these people have never really begun to do it, or even carefully think about whether their project is feasible, apart from the occasional idea of starting a business. read more

Explore how to make QQ class websites more accurate

personal webmaster do QQ type of website is not a few, the so-called QQ type website is the QQ head, QQ net sites like, sometimes I want to find a good QQ users will go to Baidu search, this website is actually a lot. Recently, a friend of mine has done such a web site, mainly to provide QQ Avatar download. Baidu search under the "QQ Avatar" this keyword, you will find N more such sites, the word Baidu index is 162748, you can see that the search volume is very huge. Today don’t talk about such website how to choose and do SEO optimization, talk about how to use QQ group and QQ space to do promotion, because this site is closely related with QQ, so the personal feeling of use of QQ resources to do promotion is more accurate. QQ space and QQ group we are very familiar with, specifically how to plan it,


first: analyze your user base and product features

here on what products, is your website QQ picture more, more important is your users love those types of QQ head, basically this website users can be identified as 80, 90 young people, especially after 90 more interested in what the non main stream QQ head. This also can be analyzed, from the Baidu index as above, a search for the words "non mainstream QQ Avatar" Baidu index, population attributes display up to 10-19 user search, can probably know the number of 90 users to search the most. After determining the site’s basic user group, the next step is to think about what kind of users love QQ avatar, such as personality QQ picture, QQ picture, non mainstream popular QQ picture are the users favorite, so your site to be more of this type of picture. I also feel sweet is also very creative QQ avatar, these pictures can produce their own, can be reproduced on other websites, but make your own avatar competitors is not, I have no people, this is an advantage from the read more

Lin analyze the WAP web site

has recently been observed in WAP dynamic, mobile phone number of Internet users has significantly, WAP site has many, but closed quickly, eventually became famous station Buduomiumiu not have the strength to promote a large number of money to buy traffic, is the main type of door, apartment layout type, download the social web site, these are large the human and management personnel. Portal level 3G portal, Tencent, QQ, Le news, etc.. One can count as many as they stand. It can be said that monopoly uses most mobile Internet users. Navigation station, intelligent machine mostly downloaded UC browser and QQ browser, Op browser, go browser. Built in URL navigation. These big tycoons all sell software in large quantities.

so I don’t have much hope to build a navigation station. I don’t have any utility to compete with them. No strength, such as the grassroots webmaster, we should do characteristics, seize a theme, do the best, do fine, as it is now doing a great site, Ruili, wireless network, the story of healthy female net, net, local stations, Kaku cartoon etc.. I have also done two special features, the story Chinese network wap.usba.cn, entrepreneurship rich wap.q8y.cn, content and layout landscaping, and he is also very satisfied. Just don’t have time to manage it yet. Before, music news is also from the mobile phone master, slowly do portal level. Before the site, the first location or allocation of the main columns – rich resources – beautify the layout – re publicity. A web site, the most important content, is not equal to the content of shell site, not what can miss another page beautification, say a website only 3 seconds to retain users, I think that is right, if a web page, it looks down, not the kind I southeast don’t stay for a second, so have a clean and orderly layout. read more

How much money is needed to Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet

we have in mind the national hero grassland Tiemuzhen, surely we will not be unfamiliar. That’s what we all hang on to Gen Gi Khan. Mongolia empire. Future generations to remember our heroes will be in various forms to commemorate, such as opening a restaurant with a hero. Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet is one of them.

Beijing Tiemuzhen catering Co. buffet featuring grilled fast food chain brand, is a professional engaged in the operation and management of catering franchise chain project company. With Korean barbecue, Ximeng ShabuShabu, with Chinese traditional diet characteristics, cultural characteristics of fashion elements into Western-style food.

Beijing Tiemuzhen catering Co. Ltd. mainly engaged in the project to Korean barbecue, Ximeng ShabuShabu, Beijing Roast Duck, Western pastry dishes, hot dishes, Teppanyaki, Beijing Roast Duck, Japanese cuisine, seafood seafood barbecue, Brazil and other ten series, more than 300 kinds of self-help delicacy.

Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet joining fee: read more

The nine type Huajing Tokgo cheats allows you to play through their own WeChat public number

many of my friends asked me on WeChat, so WeChat can improve their number of public enterprises, here I have to share about to let you play through their own WeChat " public number Tokgo nine; ".

the first thing to do is to clear the positioning of their enterprise company, the second is the product positioning and determine the position of the official public number, the public number is to showcase the company’s image, or to sell up with fans or to do a adorable, pure sales platform? Only do accurate positioning to be able to make public the administrator more clearly know what day you need to push the text to what style to create the public business, and I say this to say? Say, is for everyone to speak my mind:

type 1: creating custom menus

on the custom menu, my personal suggestions are at least: fist products, classic cases, qualifications or honors, push history messages, fans, communities, contacts, etc..

second: push product or service information

this trick is not to fear the loss of fans, I dare not push product information, fees, fans, fans, and ultimately not to transform. But to do product information push to have skills, to do is the hard at the time of hard, soft when soft. The following are several ways of pushing: read more

What is the name of the barber shop

wanted to make a barber shop business is booming, not only need good practices, good service, but also need to have a good name, so that it can attract more consumers. So, what is the name of the barber shop?

last year in Weihai saw a lot of interesting barber shop, this time to see, beautiful hair, not silky, dizzy with success, a beautiful art, it will have to cut his name, ah, if I open a barber shop I, the Supreme People’s court. Here are some good barber shop name:

cool shear


name cut


hair Xuan



name macro


wolf wild








love beauty

colorful street

grass Gallery

Wave Bay

e cut beauty


still has



Oriental name cut

dream fly space

top priority

fine cut world



Shi master

blue harbor

Tang outside the famous art

beauty shop

Volkswagen barber shop

red sun barber shop

century name scissors



cut Xiaoya


beauty tip

interpretation: the forehead hairline hairline down a sharp tip, said beauty tip. Because the forehead of the ancient beauty of the middle of the hair tend to go down a little longer, forming a "M" type hair, so commonly known as "beauty tip". Beauty tip, as salon name, catchy, easy to memorize. read more

Xinjiang set up a public service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship incubation

innovative technology for entrepreneurs, is an all conquering weapon. Under the help of science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship can be unprecedented pace of development. Xinjiang to build a scientific and technological foundation for young entrepreneurs to guide the future development of science and technology entrepreneurship.


read more

Stationmaster should often tidy up oneself to do station mentality

, first of all, thank A5 very much. Why do you say so?. That is because yesterday I sent an article entitled < a primary webmaster bitter experience of > the article on the site due to the weak foundation, is a standard rookie, plus yesterday is the first post in the A5, but also can be said to be the first posting on the Internet (that maybe you don’t believe although the Internet, 10 next year, but I was never in love or certain Forum irrigation is to post, find something interesting to see) as a fledgling rookie webmaster, posted on A5 after I was mad in the slightest fear and uneasiness, I’m afraid I can’t write well, or misunderstood is affectation, will be scolded, was a brick.

I woke up, immediately opened their own posts, found that there are so many webmaster friends will not discriminate against me this little rookie, but to encourage, but there are more than 80 people to see me in the eyes of the predecessors must be rotten garbage station, I got a great encouragement and motivation for this! I feel the sincerity and warmth, give me more courage, this is also the reason why I could not help secretly at night and his mental words written down. I suddenly found that, although there is a virtual space, but it seems that everyone around, it is precisely because of this, I always do not love the post yesterday, hold to tell the truth, and today could not bear, sitting in front of the computer, seems to be on the side to care about their owners friends talk about their feelings, when tired has been detached, the spirit of love this feeling, too, suddenly understand why so many people love the post, in fact the reality with a bunch of old friends talk, talk about the day is a kind of feeling, enjoy. I think I probably like the feeling. read more

Tell you how to make a music website

although the pressure of the music website is great now, because of the cost of the server, the competition of the same kind and the copyright problem, there are still many webmaster eager to try. Today, tell you about the general process and method of making a music website.

makes music network, this kind of website has three basic:

1. first copyright issues. We must pay attention to copyright in order to become bigger.

2., if you want to do a better music station. Requires at least 20G of music file space.

3. bandwidth 1M, don’t do it. So so, at least 10M. Want to do well, at least 100M exclusive

below, in detail under the investment program

1. minimum investment.

use music thief program, investment only need to download a thief program online, and then modify, and then buy a little space is enough. Cost =1 days time (find program, debugger) +200 yuan (virtual space cost). The advantages of the program are: first, the cost is low; secondly, because the songs data are stolen on other people’s websites, so they don’t need to update and maintain themselves. Then, even if the stolen site does not do security chains, even songs can be stolen to listen to. read more