Several factors affecting the noble Adsense advertising into the baby

first website too many invalid clicks


is more than three reason to speculate on the outcome of individual sand, do not use this as an important basis, so as to cause your loss, I am not responsible for sand; in addition, if the above sand to reason and fact for example does not match, you also see.

website traffic, click rate is not high


believe that as long as the nobles baby Adsense have a little understanding of the webmaster all know, noble baby Adsense alliance will according to the website of different types, so the display ads will not be the same, if your website is not so popular in the industry station, then you noble baby Adsense advertising price will be relatively high; however, if your site is a garbage station, so unfortunately you are not your advertising into how high proportion, are, what kind of website is the garbage station? Such as QQ website, there are relatively large film and pictures of this traffic site, general nobles baby Adsense advertising in Chengdu will be relatively low, on average, one click only about $0.02, which is far lower than those industry stand too much read more

Shanghai dragon chain chain 99% to combat the experience of his hair


believe that we now know that the forum signature is invalid, even A5 has canceled the forum signature, many people have in order to be able to in the A5 forum with the signature chain purchase invitation code to register. Then to the inside with a signature with the top post, weight of an ordinary page itself is not much, a bunch of people to go to the top. Finally, you can imagine how much weight to? How many PR? Even if you own the post with links, there will be a large group of people against the links with

3. love Shanghai official products


before I do is love and experience of Shanghai library, Shanghai love their weight official products are relatively high. In this way the present form relative threshold ratio >

1. forum signature

as a Shanghai dragon Er, recently found himself for a long time did not publish any articles about Shanghai dragon industry. The weather is sunny today, although a little hot hot, but very good mood. Specifically the pen write this article! This article is based on the ZAC in the course of one part of the content and the actual results summed up. Don’t pull away, directly below the share of read more

Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee depth interpretation of love on the chain judgment

1, clearly tells us to love Shanghai "


will officially enter the interpretation, long Yu interpreted in the screenshot annotated mode in "on the chain" judgment begins, love Shanghai Lee has given us by reading this article to understand what content.


3, how to determine the problem is the chain, love Shanghai analyzed a large number of examples, summarizes the characteristics of the characteristics of the garbage outside the chain, so that the general criteria should be correct, but does not rule out the fire situation.

Long Yu has been marked the important content, through this article, Lee or thinking to tell some of what we love Shanghai, first read the article, first, we can understand some judgment principle of love Shanghai on the outside of the chain; second points, we can understand the problems in the mainstream chain the chain of garbage and the difference of cheating in the chain, and the treatment principle of love Shanghai. And third, Lee lists some actual cases, to help us determine whether your site has the same problem chain, finally give the correction. read more

Talk about love sea weight that point thing



weight 0~1

weight 1~2


from zero to a weight weight, is actually a very simple thing, many people can do not know, we have found in Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query a love related to Shanghai, one of the key words, I believe many people before, but it must pass through, must have index of the word and the word to pass, you also have a website ranking. As far as I know a word index ranked in the top fifty by submitting keywords by weight can reach a.

Although This article from Changsha where

love Shanghai officials have repeatedly stressed that no weight said, but still found a lot of people care about love in Shanghai to be able to check the data of weight, so a few, a lot of people don’t care what, here to talk about how to increase the weight is. This article represents only the personal views, not only has the authority, give you a reference.

weight 1~2In fact, the

from the weight of one to two is a process, in a certain period of time in the optimization of a website that love Shanghai traffic forecast when beating in the 98~102 between the weight between 1~2 beats, according to a week of data analysis found that your love Shanghai traffic arrival your natural weight 100 to reach 2 read more

Let the web content be quickly collected five points should be paid attention to

three, website

The weight of

general, a stable website I personally recommend a week timing quantitative update content, it can reach a very good collection.

Shanghai dragon knows the weight of the website for the record is a great influence, in the high weight of the site, the "second" is very common. An article in the same article, into two different weights on the site, in terms of speed is the same.

a website or do Shanghai Longfeng people know that the success of a web site is included in the site depends on the content of the site is search engine soon included, is each person’s wish station. But, sometimes, we write something on the web, but not included, this is why

website code

, a high quality content

many people know the impact weight update frequency of a web content on the web site, but do not know the update frequency is also influential for the website included. A stable website, search the spider every day from time to time to our website to go up, if we want to website content is very fast to be included, to ensure that your site in the empty timing quantitative update is a must. read more

Learn to stand group thought one station in a keyword

complained that the stand number of webmaster site ranking has not decreased, but a number of trends. This is not to blame love Shanghai, as Google and other search engines, but the standing group of technology development speed of search engine in the development of spam technology. Since the station group can always get good rankings, there are many worthy of our study, we introduce the stations in a station corresponding to a key idea.

back to the topic, a station of a keyword, and even a stand a long tail keywords are not exaggerated. Why is a station of a keyword, this is not a waste of resources? Why stations such method can make each keyword get good rankings? The reason is very simple, just one sentence: love Shanghai for Quan Zhongyuan than in website home page weight. See, a common website home page keyword ranking keywords easily more than a high weight website page ranking, this is when we use love Shanghai to search keywords, see the majority of the site’s home page ranking, rarely see better. If the keyword competition is not strong, and the long tail keywords, you use a stand to do the key results as can be imagined. read more

Keywords enterprise website should be how to choose

first, here to introduce why corporate website to choose keywords (the case as a case, the author took reference): for example, you do care brown sugar sugar factory, the brand name is "cane Township People" company name "Hejin Tianfu Trading Co. Ltd., we believe that if the" Hejin Tianfu Trading Co. Ltd. "to the first page for the ranking? The answer is yes. There will be some sales?. But, to meet the two prerequisites: first, the big brands like Haier, DELL, All the world knows., millet, most people know. Second, the Internet famous network propaganda. More than two many companies are not up to so will choose a number of good words, the key is very important.

second: the difficulty just said in choosing key to ensure people search, but the search precision that someone on the line, the flow of words make up more slowly (the premise here is not to say that do not, but doing it is not so easy to consider a lot of things. For example, human capital, resource and time without considering the changes of the algorithm) here you can slowly to do some easy words, slowly raise some do big station station station do do content, structure and practice of different station. read more

Luna chubby concise user experience of tiger bar

used in the construction site, a lot of people love with message to reflect, and now more QQ or online customer service solutions, a service of online reviews is more and more we recommend, but more chat, can use simple text, pictures, or shortcut, allowing users to more the comments, expression or complete their own ideas, enhance the user experience at the same time, save the time of users.

said here a little more useful to users, is the greatest value, such as some stocks, lottery station, real-time requirement is very strong, and some real exchange rate, such as news, but some fans need the first hand information about the site, so the station must show the user is the most effective, the most valuable information, will be able to retain him, of course, keep him, he is also very loyal to use your station.

network for users, the most important is simple, convenient, save time, and if your site open very slowly, or find something very slow, which users will be more love to visit your station, so more Shanghai dragon ER in web interface design, the user will need more attention to the information on the significant position, let users find it more convenient, more simple, for example, the main services, main products, customers pay attention to the latest news, can use the most convenient way to display to the user, allowing users to more easily access to. read more

The price of Shanghai dragon Philosophy

. battlefield?As for the

Webmaster: a large groups of organisms to survive in the Internet era, there are a few owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon, now the Shanghai dragon value for the webmaster, we use in what place, what is not used in the right place, this is not to discuss the reality of. Shanghai dragon thought because 90% of the webmaster every day in the study does not value, but were forced to price.

two new battlefield Internet:

. One of the common manifestations of the Internet Shanghai Longfeng price:

pull so much, Jane Shanghai Longfeng is expected to do a meaningful thing to yourself and the time, life is short, want to make a small thing on the Internet is not so easy, if you want to have a new life value, it.

certainly has a good case, but failure is accounted for more than 90% of Internet, then you can say that this is false? Here is not knowledge change destiny, here is a change in the Internet Internet and increase the number of garbage Porter created price gives him more value. read more

The PR value update date forecast 2013

for 2010, 2011 and 2012, the PR value of the update data, with Google database, Google updates the PR value also slowly began to stabilize, basically can be expected to be updated every three months, but would like a regular annual 2011 update, Google also need to continue to observe the next step.

is a web site for the PR value of Google’s rating, the higher the level of the website more popular. Webmaster for the PR value of the degree of concern is no less than love Shanghai weight, even when the exchange of Links, PR value is will be in the first place. In 2012 the PR value larger update 4 times, once in February, three in May (a small update), August, November, the last update was in November 8th. According to this year’s PR update data, the PR value update about once every three months, are updated in the first month. The website is updated in August 3rd April, PR updated to 3. 2012 basically PR is not updated, the update of the PR value of the 2013 forecast. read more