Sand Festival in Nin – A magic that arises and disappears, but remains in the unforgettable memory of tourists

first_imgThe 4th Sand Festival was organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Nin  which took place this year on the sand banks of the Queen’s Beach and Ždrijac Beach The long natural sandy beaches of Nina are one of its trademarks and an impressive image that is remembered by all who have been here at least once, and the total length of Nin beaches is as much as 8 kilometers, while the longest and most famous among them is 3 kilometers long, sandy Queen’s Beach.The Sand Festival is so logical and a phenomenal tourist story that is a great addition to the Nin story. So amazed by the beauty of Nin beaches, tourists from various countries together with residents and sculptors built imaginative sand sculptures on the theme of Nin motifs, although on the beaches you could later see various imaginary characters, animals and other interesting sand sculptures.This year’s 4th Sand Festival, conceived as an exhibition on the theme of Nin motifs on the beaches of Nin, attracted the largest number of participants so far. The weather conditions were suitable for an early morning stay on the beach, so the sun lured a multitude of participants who came to try their hand at building from sand – a magic that arises and disappears. The sand festival this year was led by the expert guidance of artists, sculptors and restorers from Zagreb Dejana Brdarić and Krešimir Valentak and artists Boris Žuliček from Lepoglava, who were also members of the jury. This year, all generations of participants competed – from the youngest to the slightly older, individually and in groups, and created a variety of imaginative sculptures:  towers and castles, motifs of the town of Nin such as a bridge, Nin’s creepers, the unique Nin church, then inscriptions of the town of Nin with features of romance and historical figures of Nin such as Gregory of Nin, Prince Branimir and others The families of the builders spent an unforgettable Sunday morning on the beach playing and socializing, and the adults also aroused children’s creativity. And there is the whole magic of this story, parents spent quality time with their children, a moment that is unforgettable, and the memory remains eternal because everything is captured by a shared photo.Building sand towers with children is an emotion and an experience to remember. And when we add other phenomenal sculptures by artists to the whole story, we have a great tourist story and content. It is these “little” unforgettable experiences that we remember the most and that is the essence of tourism.Quality content is the key to success. Sun and sea alone are not enough.The Sand Festival has great potential for future development, but it also needs the help of other participants, such as the Zadar County Tourist Board and the CNTB. Smaller environments do not have the human and financial capacity to raise events to a much higher level, and this is where the real support of the system should come into play. We did not give declarative support in the context of the type “3.000 kuna of support as sponsors”, but seriously studied the development of the event, in this case, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Nina,It is always easy to find an excuse, but it is precisely such surveys that show the strength or powerlessness of a system that should recognize potentials and give so important real professional and market support for the day-to-day development of a tourism product. Of course, where there really is potential for the development of tourist events in TOP events, and in Nin this is certainly the case.last_img

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