Atlas travel agency has launched a restructuring process

first_imgRestructuring and optimization are necessary due to the circumstances caused by the corona virus pandemic in which the tourism industry found itself, which significantly negatively affected the Atlas business, as well as the processes of establishing a new business model and possible change of ownership. “Činjenica je da Atlas dugi niz godina nije uspio pronaći održivi poslovni model te je ovo prilika za dubinske promjene koncepta. Uz to, uslijed vanjskog udara, na tržištu se događaju tektonske promjene koje će promijeniti krvnu sliku cijele industrije. Žao mi je što restrukturiranje uključuje i otkaze ugovora o radu većem dijelu naših zaposlenika, no o njima brinemo najbolje što je u ovim okolnostima uopće moguće. Također, poštivat ćemo sve već preuzete obveze prema gostima i partnerima. Mi jednostavno moramo uvesti novi poslovni model kako bi se Atlas od iduće godine mogao fokusirati se na ono što i dalje možemo i želimo raditi najbolje – a to su Atlasovi dugogodišnji strateški produkti „Krstarenja Jadranom“, „Ture i grupe“ s garantiranim polascima“ te segment „Shorexa“ said Lovorko Mamić, President of the Management Board of Atlas plus doo In a situation of complete cessation of passenger traffic and uncertainty in estimating the duration of the crisis that hit the business, the measures could not be implemented, and the complete cessation of business brought into question the entire business structure of the company in the long run, Atlas Plus points out. As the global and local recovery of the tourism industry is not expected before 2021, Atlas will continue to work in a significantly reduced scope of business this year, and will certainly realize all already contracted and sold arrangements, Atlas Plus points out and adds that in the next plan to continue with the implementation of part of the business processes, especially the program “Adriatic Cruises” and “Tours and groups” with guaranteed departures, as well as the “Shorex” segment, and at the same time get out of some business processes that have been on offer so far. As part of the process of restructuring and optimizing operations, and in agreement with the unions and the Workers’ Council of Atlas Plus, and in compliance with all contractual and legal obligations, an employee care program is being implemented. The travel agency Atlas plus doo has started an extensive process of business optimization and restructuring, but it continues to work and will continue to offer its guests and partners a narrower portfolio of products and services, reports Atlas plus. The program includes 132 Atlas Plus employees, who will have all their rights respected and who will receive severance pay upon termination of the contract.  Until recently, as well as the new Management of Atlas Plus, they undertook a number of activities to stabilize and improve the business burdened by numerous inherited doubts, but in the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic it was no longer possible to do so and recovery plans could not be implemented. Since the continuation of unstructured business can only be maintained with further significant financial interventions, the new Management of Atlas Plus has decided to implement measures necessary for the company’s recovery, Mamić points out and concludes that the corona pandemic virus has slowed down the disinvestment of Kompas. its completion is expected during the year.last_img

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