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To enhance the user experience, to help the five WordPress plug in Shanghai Longfeng essential

often pay attention to other people’s blog that many blogs have some deficiencies, but some problems exist outside the template (such as: can not create a navigation column page show text in a heap, the user experience is very hurt), and some optimization details has not been done, such as many blogs purely for Shanghai Dragon and title keywords piled up, and set a column around the keywords, that does not consider the user experience, personally think that this blog is a failure, the whole blog looks like a small website, which relates to the optimization matters or a lot.

, a plug-in hunting related articles

as a Shanghai Phoenix, a personal blog is essential, because it can help us to enhance the work of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng our technical knowledge, long-term blogging can also meet many webmaster. Several more owners welcome blog theme design is very beautiful, and very suitable for the Shanghai dragon, in the fierce competition in the Shanghai dragon industry, optimization of the personal blog was hard, after all each stationmaster is Shanghai dragon personnel station not genuine goods at a fair price, optimize a set details are likely to affect the blog the.

two, Widget Logic



WordPress in every plug-in all have their own characteristics, are able to compensate for some shortcomings in the blog, or let the blog can get the better effect, but the plug-in is not perfect, site installation and more, will affect the speed of opening, the installation can only take the best effect to control. Here’s what a few necessary plug-in WordPress blog.


to find related articles plugin is the use of data mining technology, intelligent matching articles and pictures to show. Although the articles can be placed in each article by calling the point, but the plug-in is illustrated in the form of display, no doubt on the user experience and better effect, can clear and simple graphic form will remind the user’s reading desire:

Links for a website weight and keywords ranking is essential, but we find that many bloggers Links area has a defect, that is called total, Links only show OK in the home, in order to let the blog have this effect, the Widget Logic plugin to help us in this busy, you can easily to solve the Links only display on the front page of the problem, we only need to install this plugin, then click on the background in the gadget, set in the link options, adding is_home (&) in & (is_paged);;! This will be accomplished as shown in figure


< >

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The gap between the old and new domain name weight obtained from Shanghai dragon combat coating stat

snapshot is March, I think how old domain, the snapshot is so old, but the snapshot new domain with other enterprises as the next update station. Then the old and new domain name is bound in the same space, source files and data is synchronized, so cannot achieve set different keywords in two domain name. So I asked the boss for a new space, the old domain name to the new space, then began the two site optimization work.

At that time the old domain

say my new domain name is used in the same way, every day two to three article update content and several links, because the station is not high set keyword difficulty, four words have two words to love Shanghai home, the remaining two words of nano coatings and brand paint companies seem to love Shanghai and some sensitive for a long time without progress. During the Spring Festival, www.daqifang贵族宝贝 because of space issues lasting a month time open, Shanghai will be gradually included "love K light, finally even home also fell K. Over the years I came back quickly contact the customer side, immediately change a new space, after the website can be a normal visit after second days in Shanghai once again included in the home station, one of the most simple keyword ranking is restored. But after a few days in Shanghai and K fell naturally are not included, rankings, lasted for two weeks are not included again. I think this may be because before the site open to love Shanghai to trust greatly reduced the station, so the time and pay attention to the renewal of the station and the chain construction. Until finally today included back, but no ranking recovery.

from the end of December last year to now I have to concentrate on a keyword optimization coating on the website, because this is a $thirty thousand list. In fact, the thirty thousand is not high, because want to do thirteen keywords ranking, maybe then made eleven or twelve keywords to the remaining one or two words did not or not get the balance. Because customers have two names, one for 04 years, another 09 years, so I finally decided to take the words more difficult on the old domain name, easy on the remaining keywords new domain name to do.

Keywords The

keyword is relatively high when the old domain nine (the difficulty of building coating, coating, paint brand building) all done, simple keywords new domain name is a no ranking. It makes me feel deeply the new domain name and the old domain gap is too big,. The weight of love Shanghai gave the old domain than the new domain name is up to a lot, I the old domain name to stand for the title three times is not drop right, row >

old domain name nine, said it is difficult, because I was not familiar with the word segmentation technology, but also have to try. The snapshot of the old domain name is too old, I choose to use the method to update the content and links to high quality optimization, maintained almost a month later, the old domain name website snapshot update update almost every other day, the day of the articles included, ranking also has five key words in the sea love home.

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Quiz application platform in Shanghai dragon in

1, from the first account to start, account registration is the best Chinese, but to know no association with other account.

said the following situation under my account:


question answering platform mainly, love Shanghai know, Soso Ask, question and answer, YAHOO knowledge hall, Iask and so on, but most of us do is love Shanghai, I love Shanghai as an example to know your point of view:

love Shanghai know to ask questions, to pay attention to the quality of our first question, there are questions not too much like advertising, the amount of attention. Here I believe we all know I do not explain.

on the network there are many areas in which we have no access to the network promotion, have a long way to go, hope you to

want to help

3, IP, this I feel I know not essential, registered account, question and answer with a IP now, no matter what, but for the sake of safety, or for the best IP.


1, love Shanghai know is very strict on the new account audit questions.

love Shanghai know at all inquiry platform in the highest weight, of course, love Shanghai for their products is certainly love. Love is a piece of Shanghai know Feng Shui advertising, everybody wants to be in a place for this. But now the love of Shanghai has increased the intensity of management know. Many problems have been removed, now more than 2 questions will be deleted. We work hard to do. Here we first talk about love in Shanghai know when the questions which pay attention to:

2, love Shanghai know the observation time of the new account, which I just guess.

thank you for your cooperation! !In this paper, by

2, the problem, some time ago and the group master do some experiments in the group master as we all know, I will not mention, ask 2 words the same problem in a new account, it’s easy to delete a problem, while the two completely unrelated problems in the same account in question, one will not be deleted. I think we all know what’s happening!

Alex, Johnson Optoelectronics (贵族宝贝ledqs贵族宝贝) network series published, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

I have a few questions account 3 key words the same topic, one will not be deleted, but some questions are an account will be deleted, according to this situation, I have registered several new accounts, new accounts for 1. But the question question 2-3 will be deleted, for this very confused. Think there are several reasons:


do not explain the

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The chain is not only the failure forum you did wrong method

first, find the relevant forum

The content of

is the highest in the middle of the link weight content, like those related articles, popular articles link weight template that is very low. Only when the content is inserted into the middle of the link is the highest weight. But the general forum management strictly, can not let you want to insert a link will insert a link so simple. If you can not be serious to delete posts, advertising cup with a title. So if you insert a link in the middle of it must be "soft". This is a soft soft soft. Let others look not advertising, but a very valuable and can really help a link to another, the very nature of the. The only way we will identify the link, plus others click this link will become more valuable, remember also wrote a "only let people click on the chain is the high quality of the chain". If it is not the "soft power" in the words that you can later in this article with a copyright link.

In fact, the best effect is the link of

you may ask the signature set what is difficult? Of course, setting a personal signature is not what difficult, but if you want to set may have one click on the not so easy, in fact, when I see the forum mixed too many people signed simply link personality never let people click on the idea. In fact, the front also told you said, only let users click on the link will have a higher weight, this is I >

is currently the chain in our web site keywords ranking has a pivotal position, we Shanghai dragon Er most of the time spent in the construction of the chain. The character signature forum outside the chain is also one of our most important source of the chain, and when I go to the forum found a lot of personality signature chain there are a lot of misunderstanding, that is to do a lot of useless. So now many people say that search engine reduces the weight of the chain forum. In fact, not the forum outside the chain search engine right down, just your operating error. Today I have to express their views on the forum signature and the operation of how to make the forum outside the chain can be outside the chain of high quality. I hope everyone criticism.

forum chain is best to find out the related forum, because of the correlation in the search engine algorithm is one of the most important. If it is not related to industry, would greatly reduce the weight of your. If you find the relevant forum, but also find related pages, only the most relevant section also can play a maximum value. If you post in some related pages, then the link weight decreased, bad luck will get you the moderator to delete posts, if a good moderator, then he will send you the post shift to the relevant section, in fact, these are the most basic, we must pay attention to.

second, add a link in the requirements of

third, the signature set

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How to effectively use the forum signature promotion website weight


Nanchang Baowang is the local portal to do a relatively successful example, I certainly will not miss such a good opportunity to increase the signature links, registered and set up after the signature to start looking for a new post, suddenly found the home there is a "new Express" button, the original day of the latest the posts are concentrated here, it’s very convenient, then I every morning at eleven a.m. and four p.m. here on top of the latest posts, but also to me every day website brought dozens of signature links. And I was informed, I basically the top of the post signature are included, that love Shanghai are a relatively high weight of the site included speed is still fast. However, sometime, a zenith when I was surprised to find that post signature has disappeared, I thought it was my signature by the moderator after my signature and canceled it, open the control panel to check, but found before a simple signature was divided into three different functions (e.g. Figure), the first is the text of the signature, the signature does not allow web site, allowing only the text. This to me is not, second is the signature of this picture, I didn’t use, third is to link the signature, is the place where you can add links, but have to pay 50 gold coins to normal display links every day. I have no link to purchase gold, link is not displayed.

said one day to see an article about the Dragon Lane site is local portal site to do a best in stationmaster net above, I think the website weight is very high, the signature would easily be included also love Shanghai. So I open the long lane forum, see the amount of post above every day forum over 10000, the atmosphere is very warm. So in the above a registered user name, upload picture and improve the other registration information, and the signature on a website of the anchor text links to my voice. I try to send a post, see the signature can normally display anchor text links signature, I set the heart Anxi, thinking that this would make a great, every day I just go to this forum to the top of dozens of new posts, will increase dozens of the chain, shuangwai. Then I go to work every day to this forum to top posts, every query love Shanghai chain has increased a lot, let my heart happy. Let me think that one morning I was ready to open the long lane forum top posts, just after the top of a post, see my signature has been shielded tips (Figure), hard top hundreds of posts made white, site outside the chain of all of a sudden reduction of 1000. Heart annoyed.

forum signature, believe that people are not familiar with the webmaster. Every webmaster all know and try to various forums to post and the top post, and then in the signature to bring their own links to their site to increase the chain, but how can your signature do, if you can guarantee good signature links can exist for a long time not to be the administrator or moderator deleted, it is a comparison of technical problems. In order to increase the signature link to my own voice, I also take a lot of detours.

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Station group profit model big secretSuichang model, how to make agricultural products business plat


Before the

all data points to: agriculture, electricity supplier has been a prairie fire, to a higher level. New farmer groups rise, cooperatives enthusiastically Taobao shop, agricultural products electricity supplier website surging, many types of agricultural products in the network selling well. At the same time, agricultural electricity supplier service providers flourish.

in 2005, through the Internet technology to shlf1314 Adsense friends, this is a network of profitable projects, through the above shlf1314 to apply for an advertising if you have no account and old domain name, can borrow a friend’s old domain name application, the probability of success is relatively large, on top of your own website, visit the page through browsing, there is a chance to click on ads, this probability in almost 1%-5%, almost 1000 IP 10-50 people to click on ads, 1 people click on the ads will have about $0.2 in revenue, 1000 dollars by almost 2-10 IP.

in 2009, making me the station by station making techniques, and details in the heart of every site, completed 680 construction sites, IP traffic every day with about 1000000. Many webmaster will sigh, wow, 1 million traffic, in fact, do more than 4 years in the industry, 1 million traffic is not in the minority, in fact, this is also brought about by the fruits of persistence. I use these traffic to run: shlf1314, Adsense, sh419, league, popups, Taobao, visitors

electronic commerce did not come, Suichang Zhejiang provincial leaders rarely had a down. The pillar industries of the whole county include bamboo charcoal, paper making, metallurgy and other industries, characteristic agricultural products and tourism. Some people say that Suichang rice is good, because the mountain is original, no fertilizer; some people say that Suichang pork, beef, chicken and sweet, because they are eating their own grain; there are people from the tip of the tongue on the China learned Suichang tender shoots…… In short, Suichang county Zhejiang Nanshan District rich products, all know that the people of Lishui.

then just tried, do 10 sites, to some news station to copy some information maintenance day, each link, each website has a flow of more than 5000 IP 100-200 dollars income per day. Later, some Adsense asked me why he do not I more than 100 station flow 10 stations to flow fast, very simple, my 10 station every 2 stations in a space, templates are not the same, the quality of publishing articles are in the manual review and he 100 website; all piled on 1 servers, built with automatic station maintenance tools, with several hundred yuan station group software, IP resources, the quality of the content he is indifferent, pure garbage sites, sh419 will not give high weight, but these are not small weight station to guide, sh419 not more natural ignore.


sung west corner of Suichang County, fifty thousand of the population of the county has gathered thousands of shop, on the basis of the birth of the electricity supplier of agricultural products around the "Suichang model": one of the characteristics of agricultural products is to build a public service platform for local; the two is called "new rural e-commerce service station of the rush street".

last week, the Ali Research Institute released the white paper on e-commerce in agricultural products 2013. Data show that in 2013, the number of sellers of agricultural products on the platform Ali 394 thousand. Among them, Taobao including Tmall sellers for 377 thousand and 900, B2B platform merchants about 16 thousand. 2013, Ali platform sales of agricultural products continue to maintain rapid growth, an increase of 112.15%. 1688 platform, an increase of 301.78%. Fresh related categories maintained the fastest growth rate, an increase of 194.58%, in 2013 the number of parcels of agricultural products reached 126 million, an increase of 106.16%.

later, the ancient agricultural civilization met e-commerce passion, life is good in order to quickly Taobao "creative musicians everywhere. Mahjong table aunt aunt in the discussion spike, package mail, gold coins purchase. Childhood suffering from paralysis of the youth in the village and the Suichang Electronic Commerce Association President Pan Dongming during the first sentence is: how do you see this year eleven? In Suichang farm restaurant meal, serving the chef will suddenly talk about their views on the BAT war; some people spontaneously came to Suichang love agriculture, promote local agricultural business the development of AC line and circle.


2001, access to the Internet, then the Internet environment is very good, in a few Wangzhuan made money, then with the Wangzhuan understanding gradually deepened, summed up a rule, the network to make money is nothing more than 2 points: one is to give others earn advertising, advertising revenue, and is selling their products. The profit on the network needs 4 kinds of traits, selection, persistence, innovation and execution; when I understand how to use a website to profit, I will consider how to unlimited expansion of their income, I eventually chose the station group.

agricultural products electricity supplier model room

agricultural products sales network has more attempt and innovation in Zhejiang, the emergence of a "service oriented development mode of electronic commerce of Suichang county model", and its core is the development of the county agricultural products e-commerce. I recently visited Suichang, on-the-spot investigation, see behind the agricultural business what is Suichang rash and too much in haste,

many people have said that the station is to do dumpster, these friends can go to understand, including Tencent, Sina, Sohu, IDC product sales, will do collect information attract spider behavior, they are garbage station? Core stations is the garbage station made of normal station, so the core profit when you 100% make sure that the 1 sites can profit and profit, to the industrialization process, the profit mode of large-scale replication success.

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Explore how to make QQ class websites more accurate

personal webmaster do QQ type of website is not a few, the so-called QQ type website is the QQ head, QQ net sites like, sometimes I want to find a good QQ users will go to Baidu search, this website is actually a lot. Recently, a friend of mine has done such a web site, mainly to provide QQ Avatar download. Baidu search under the "QQ Avatar" this keyword, you will find N more such sites, the word Baidu index is 162748, you can see that the search volume is very huge. Today don’t talk about such website how to choose and do SEO optimization, talk about how to use QQ group and QQ space to do promotion, because this site is closely related with QQ, so the personal feeling of use of QQ resources to do promotion is more accurate. QQ space and QQ group we are very familiar with, specifically how to plan it,


first: analyze your user base and product features

here on what products, is your website QQ picture more, more important is your users love those types of QQ head, basically this website users can be identified as 80, 90 young people, especially after 90 more interested in what the non main stream QQ head. This also can be analyzed, from the Baidu index as above, a search for the words "non mainstream QQ Avatar" Baidu index, population attributes display up to 10-19 user search, can probably know the number of 90 users to search the most. After determining the site’s basic user group, the next step is to think about what kind of users love QQ avatar, such as personality QQ picture, QQ picture, non mainstream popular QQ picture are the users favorite, so your site to be more of this type of picture. I also feel sweet is also very creative QQ avatar, these pictures can produce their own, can be reproduced on other websites, but make your own avatar competitors is not, I have no people, this is an advantage from the


second: use QQ space and QQ group to share

QQ is a platform for the promotion of QQ space and good, the usual QQ number is stolen will bring a lot of spam, if not promptly deleted is likely to be the title, so do the promotion when using QQ group and QQ space, should not overdo sth.. Of course, if you really share some good QQ avatar, this is certainly not a problem, but first to add more friends, friends should also pay attention to the choice, mainly to add those 90. Do not underestimate the role of QQ group sharing, an attractive space log will often be reprinted, your friend’s friend will also see your QQ log. An ordinary QQ can add 500 friends, operates 3 QQ number will have 1500 friends, also established several methods related to the QQ group is good, can call the QQ avatar group, teach you how to do good.

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Internet business success (eight) website advertising optimization three steps

after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

two, advertising alliance to choose carefully,

three, large advertising alliance introduced

four, is the site good for an advertising alliance,


five, website advertising optimization method

six, Google Adsense apply for actual combat

seven, analysis advertising click, enhance website revenue

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (eight): analysis advertising click promotion website revenue in reading.

eight, website advertising optimization, three steps,

the same amount of Web site, the income can also be different, do not think that the more ads put in, the income will increase. In fact, only a reasonable set of advertising sites, in order to maximize the advertising revenue of the site. Now we will tell you how to increase your website’s revenue by optimizing the size, quantity and format of the ads.

1. is the best

many webmaster often like the biggest advertising pictures, in the selection of advertising, often choose the biggest advertising, think this will have more click through rate, but the actual situation is not the case. The sizes of ads for different websites are different. They need to be determined according to the type of the site itself.

generally speaking, the size of each page’s advertising should be less than 1/20 of the entire page, but for a large number of pages, you can modify it according to the actual situation. In a word, choosing the size of website advertising to the site can not affect the browsing, not too prominent advertising overwhelming principle.


most ad organizations provide advertising codes of all sizes, and can easily select and modify the size patterns. According to the management background of this kind of alliance, it is convenient to customize the advertisement.

2. content conforms to the location is very important,

determines the size of the ad, the next step is to choose the form of advertising content, there are many types of advertisements in various types of advertising, such as text, click the guide registered mobile phone short message paid, in the choice of advertising is the first health and positive principle, and it is best not to put SP advertising such as mobile phone SMS registration type. If the choice of a certain content of fraud for the sake of temporary benefits, the development of the site is very unfavorable.

for different types of sites, the chosen ad is also >

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Local website 15 days to earn 5000 yuan experience

local talent network project, I believe that the operation of personal webmaster has many, conditional I suggest applicant company to operate. Earn no money, we search all over the talent network, you can see Baidu, the former are promotion links. If you do not make money, who will do promotion, you can imagine things. Today is April 7, 2010, I was in March to enter the talent network project, although the site has only more than a month, has earned more than 5000 yuan, it is a small achievement. Here to share my experience in building. Because I have a local domain name, this domain name is good, 463000 is Zhumadian (my test area) the area code, so use this domain name to have brand effect. My promotion mainly has two parts:

online promotion: online promotion I mainly do is Baidu ranking, because of the poor can not afford to do my bidding, where there is a promotion of the city has been done for, even if the auction is not interesting, but we are individuals, the promotion of cable under the clerk in the run, people is the company operation, our personal ratio can not afford. I also use ordinary webmaster often used is Baidu domain optimization, because we have two years of history, and the domain name is the region code, so the weight is very high, and the local competition is not too fierce, so I just spent ten days to do Baidu second, now search for "Zhumadian talent network" is second.

: offline promotion and business promotion company to find different, we don’t have the capital to go to the recruitment of sales promotion, but also can not wait for it, after observing the same site, the same site price is 2000 yuan / year VIP membership fee, I began setting is 600 yuan / year, which has a certain advantage to the customer. In addition, business clients are allowed to view only 10 resumes. If they want to see more resumes, they will call the station owner and then start the business. Other brand promotion, I arranged in the urban areas of high traffic areas, posted small ads, of course, is to pay attention to advertising, as I posted in the public WC in advertising is "to a small step, a step of civilization, following the fine print on job recruiters quot, this kind of promotion; to be 3158 business network promotion slogan, someone asked why not say the name, as we all know, the Internet now the same site too much, take the Zhumadian talent network keywords, the name of the site there are dozens, if Kamina Ko is equal to others to fill in the advertising promotion, what do you think? My advertisement see a certain effect, is not much chance of Chengguan tear. Whether it is WC, or some other public places can be extended, such as a small household of three thousand people, I find the district security, said to them for free to get a "no admittance" brand of plastic, they quickly agreed to, also we can play on our web site, imagine a community of 3000 people at least 500 people, the Internet bar, this promotion is very effective.

concludes, "I’ve written it."

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A month of pursuit, Baidu finally see me

do not know how to write, literally write his own station was Baidu re included. I do not know what the Baidu fell into the circle, and their three stations have only been included in a page does not move, and continued this situation has been a month. The three stations are: potato network, TV drama,, QQ space, message code, candid camera network. Now the first stop has been re started by Baidu, writing about why Baidu doesn’t accept it.

1. repeat too many keywords: three stations have such a situation, repeated too many keywords, remember to read an article is to write a new station, can’t over optimize, may be counterproductive. Was not aware of this, he repeated too many keywords, cannot say optimization, I do not understand to SEO at all, is the beginning of thought more repeat keywords may rank higher, I know I was wrong.

measures: three stations are re engaged under the title, try not to reduce some keywords, and now the main problem is not optimized, and included.

2. chain: the first and third stations outside the chain is relatively small, and the second is the main Links problem, at the beginning of the connection too many non similar station, Baidu included the first received more than 20 page, second days on the page directly, may be the problem.

measures: add a few related groups, try to find some of the same kind of links, slowly.

3. Original: all say now do standing, the most important thing is the original problem, may own station is basically copy. The first movie station, the original difficult to say nothing, and the second did not get the original problem.

measures: candid camera network all the articles emptied, ready to re add pictures, and pictures localization, hoping to do it.

read a word, Baidu seems to be a great beauty, everyone to pursue her, because too many people, one day she decided to put all the information to take over, check again, reply to you for half a month. The first sight on the included, the first glance can not see the direct PK off.

write their own experiences, personal opinion.