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Luna chubby concise user experience of tiger bar

used in the construction site, a lot of people love with message to reflect, and now more QQ or online customer service solutions, a service of online reviews is more and more we recommend, but more chat, can use simple text, pictures, or shortcut, allowing users to more the comments, expression or complete their own ideas, enhance the user experience at the same time, save the time of users.

said here a little more useful to users, is the greatest value, such as some stocks, lottery station, real-time requirement is very strong, and some real exchange rate, such as news, but some fans need the first hand information about the site, so the station must show the user is the most effective, the most valuable information, will be able to retain him, of course, keep him, he is also very loyal to use your station.

network for users, the most important is simple, convenient, save time, and if your site open very slowly, or find something very slow, which users will be more love to visit your station, so more Shanghai dragon ER in web interface design, the user will need more attention to the information on the significant position, let users find it more convenient, more simple, for example, the main services, main products, customers pay attention to the latest news, can use the most convenient way to display to the user, allowing users to more easily access to.

concise three: user exchange more convenient.

for search engines, spiders are important tools, and how to attract the spider, let all the catalogue and page spider site is smooth traversal is an important problem, and why more and more webmaster website design into a flat structure, the website design into three layer architecture, and why there are so many the special page, let the spider can through the single page more direct access to the underlying directory, but after all, is the embodiment of a concise, similarly is the domain name and path more simple, more convenient for users to remember, but also more willing to enter the site to open the site.

concise two: user access to more simple, more useful.

simple one: for simple user spider.

short, the complexity of the work to us, for programmers, and the right to use the most concise, the best experience, the most valuable information available to the client, I think no one will refuse to users of this website, I hope this advice can help us progress, development together, this article.

for site conversion, yesterday in the "Luna fat: the user conversion rate is low, the common stumbling block mentioned some problems, and today I want more Shanghai dragon Er say a word, in fact, the user experience is the foundation to improve the conversion rate, and enhance the user experience better is a word that is" simple ", today to share a concise understanding of Luna xiaopang.

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A new station FAQ FAQ to teach you to move

! The

3, I did not change the site didn’t do anything, how to link, ranking suddenly Kuangxiang

1, the new sites included why the ranking is very good, a few days without

Conclusion: ?


to be honest, you will certainly ask that my website through the emergence of this situation, I also know that my site is certainly wrong, what is the problem leads to a keyword to my site temporarily to the ranking? I want to say is, I only speak several reasons. After I practice the most important reason is summed up, you must listen carefully, that is outside the chain chain problem! Exactly what is the problem? To be honest, the chain and the cause of the problem is also a lot of search engines only love outside the chain, a natural increase to be honest, if you don’t see love Shanghai core algorithm, cannot quantify how do link is the natural growth, in fact if it is the old site, high weight, link growth will not be too abnormal affect the ranking, such as you give Sina the link group, I absolutely did not respond, you have a link to sending your own new sites, must be K! So we do when the chain, especially for new sites through the chain of time, in order to ensure the growth of the natural link, the best way is one of the 5 points to the site update time spent. The chain! In other words, you will have new website promotion content update, the original content is stable keywords ranking improve the new king, don’t spend too much time doing links, keywords your site’s ranking bottleneck, when not to go in, to enhance your link experience and time

! ?

don’t get excited over a little thing, just add new sites included the original content, don’t care too much about ranking.

this situation often appear in the top of the new station, the old station or do new words, this is not the search engine to your site down the right, but the spider after this period of time to a keyword of your website data analysis of your site in this keyword data and little problems so, not for you to calculate the ranking, observed a few days later, the key data not what problem, ranking back in the back.


2, a keyword ranking disappear to outside 100


search engine, especially the weight of love will give Shanghai website promotion content included is relatively high, so the new station on the line, there will be a period of time and then good keywords ranking, ranking will disappear in a few days, this is normal, for example, you go to the 58 city issued an original article, also be very good included second ranking, over time may disappear.


sure your site for a considerable period of time for some reason can not access! Not encountered "

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How do enterprise stand stable keywords ranking



1. web space

is not intended to do within the chain rankings, many CMS system has the function of program, only keywords polymerization of the same article, and not related to the demand is recommended. My personal feeling is not very good, I used the manual recommended, the main purpose of the 1. users reading this related needs, meet the user read to the end of the 2. contact demand.


I have been adhering to the principle is to add the contents of the "want", I am doing sales work, will meet the customer put forward all kinds of problems, dig out the needs of users, finishing the corresponding article. This is not very good to do an original, written in a station in Shanghai Longfeng angle, can add pictures and pictures that can add video and video page, do the richness of your peers is not only the text, you have more difference advantage, I write this article is: "segmented, short sentences, read fast".

stable keywords ranking is the middle of website operation, today I took the operation of ecological wood website to share with you, I is how to do keywords ranking, the first 1-2 of your site keywords ranking on the home page.

station in the search engine perspective, why the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, because users change and demand change, the search engine in order to better meet the needs of users, constantly adjust and improve the user experience. Your site is standing in the user’s point of view, to meet the needs of users? If you pursue Ranking Ranking? This is our reflection, say so much nonsense to tell you: standing in the user’s point of view to do the work.

2013 with love Shanghai algorithm updating algorithm to update every time, see Shanghai dragon practitioners forum, group, talk about the most is the ranking up and down, the site was K, ranking floating, ranking do not complain, that if you stop and think about why me? Why why ranking is not stable, fell..

users can read very comfortable. Update frequency according to the actual conditions of 2 days, 3 days a week, etc.. To ensure the steady growth of station data, remember: the ranking is up on the matter, three days two days net.


2. content quality and update frequency of

enterprise website, generally adopt a virtual host, recommend the best use of network space, if your web site keywords ranking up, traffic will become large, you need to ensure the stability of the space, if the site often isn’t open, even if you and the ranking of the first, he will fall down, this is the basis of. We can love Shanghai tools to test the space velocity, suggestions are more than 85 points in Unicom telecom.

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With the mentality to do Wangzhuan experiencenew online advertising,360 advertising feedback, stop p

277 3604  3485  28782418; 3558  3528  2525  3565  3083  3546; 3595  252621013125617361; 2977; 2957  89  3000

contact Wangzhuan, that is the end of 2004, at that time, the first time to know the original network can make money, the mood is full of curiosity and excitement. In fact, that time, including mail making money, click to make money, and other projects have long been prime time. If I’m not mistaken, in 2001 before doing this project to earn a beam with joy. The price was very high at that time. But now that you miss it, look straight ahead. So, began to become someone else’s downline. Every day to go down the various forums. I remember doing the famous cashdelight, cashclicking and other projects. Also pulled dozens of referrals, can also deduct some commissions every day, and also hang hundreds of resource stations with pe. But I didn’t receive any payment because I gave all my accounts to net friend before I could pay. at the time that I am sure I can do it to pay, but can not think of referrals, most unreasonable referrals wangzhuan. So I don’t want to do it anymore, though I didn’t pay for it, but now I feel like I’m earning a lot of money. Because it is from that time, began to do web site, began to understand that the network can make money. In the next day no Wangzhuan should say is not narrow Wangzhuan day I started thinking about trying to get revenue through the website operation. Among them, station, movie station, website station, lattice station, entertainment station, stationmaster station, industry station; in a variety of attempts, even if there is no income, but lost money to go in, but also feel worthwhile. Because in the station to learn a lot of new things, to gain more experience, broaden their horizons, and realize a lot of fun.

so when I make money online again, I’m more aware of the joy of standing, sharing experience and information, just like blogging. It’s also a good feeling. So webmaster Wangzhuan forum to talk about Wangzhuan from a variety of angles, website operation, website promotion, SEO, blog, make money advertising alliances will be involved, where is my experience, most will write out. While enjoying myself, I try to provide as much reference as possible to my friends who are still serving food. Finally, summed up a word for you: take the experience of mind to do Wangzhuan, only in this way can realize the Wangzhuan fun, feel wonderful fun internet.


I think ?

official site address: myiee/shownews.htm, id=170

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Webmaster should learn to use reverse thinking to do website

for a long time I did not write anything, chat with friends today, friends are talking about the website why do not, some more than a year of flow less than 100IP! Heard many such people helpless and complain. If your website does not operate well. You might as well do reverse thinking and see where your website is,


first you have "become" visitors to view your site! Visitors to your site can see what see is advertising? If you don’t see the love I am full of ads, so people don’t see love. So the advertising should be modest! And the best relationship to the content of the web site and less! Hanging unrelated advertising, such as do car sites, hanging in the medical advertisement we can see A5 (, accounting for advertising space is very small, and are concerned with the site


browser on your website can get what? If the content of your website you are too lazy to look at, so what a waste of time to look at the others? Only by the superposition of keywords to cheat others in traffic? Then one second after the closure? So the website should have good content to increase the viscosity of the website! For most visitors to become your


visitors on your site and what needs to be done! If you want to watch a video on the site, when you click on the ready to play, that requires you to register as a member to play, what is your first action? Anyway, I open the first action for Baidu direct viewing of the visitors to our website! Is to create wealth for us, so we have to simplify their operation steps. For example, nets, the webmaster here video tutorials are directly watched, other sites charge the site here are free to see. We also benefit by bringing convenience to others,


so don’t just ask what the website brings to you. We need to think about what websites can bring to others. Learn to converse and think differently. Maybe the solution to the problem will be found soon,