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The price of Shanghai dragon Philosophy

. battlefield?As for the

Webmaster: a large groups of organisms to survive in the Internet era, there are a few owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon, now the Shanghai dragon value for the webmaster, we use in what place, what is not used in the right place, this is not to discuss the reality of. Shanghai dragon thought because 90% of the webmaster every day in the study does not value, but were forced to price.

two new battlefield Internet:

. One of the common manifestations of the Internet Shanghai Longfeng price:

pull so much, Jane Shanghai Longfeng is expected to do a meaningful thing to yourself and the time, life is short, want to make a small thing on the Internet is not so easy, if you want to have a new life value, it.

certainly has a good case, but failure is accounted for more than 90% of Internet, then you can say that this is false? Here is not knowledge change destiny, here is a change in the Internet Internet and increase the number of garbage Porter created price gives him more value.

price response value, value of derivative prices, now value as we know is the Shanghai dragon in the gold rush era of gold like Mr, because of what, because we can’t see him fast hope of survival and the value of money. Because the value of performance is always very slow, in this fast time value of living space is very narrow, the price instead of the offbeat webmaster survival value.

has a good ranking, we can start to act to save themselves, but did not really have Shanghai Longfeng quality, money to our rich life, we learn to Thanksgiving, but has no real value of Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon taught us about how the Internet is a new survival and third quality, the new value for Shanghai dragon again to save another confused webmaster. Which part of Shanghai dragon became another price product, called the strength of the loading force master.

but not too pessimistic, Jane Shanghai dragon to remind you that good things always need your taste, true love exists in common, the real value of big data exists in the normal, this is the Internet to a small revelation to us, so we still have 90% drunby opportunities, also the remaining 10% is the strength value. So the opportunity is still very large, as for how to create a big chance I bet you of Shanghai dragon also know how to act.

but the strength is indeed the Internet is now a new battlefield, Jane Shanghai dragon to remind you that the strength of the way there is a 90% chance, but you need to pay 90% of life time, but not many people in this battlefield, would you like to do such

has a full range of Shanghai dragon system knowledge, but we are in the same work of migrant workers in Shanghai Longfeng, called edit and promotion.

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Four enhance the stability factor of website keywords ranking

website, here also involves the "content is king" topic. Yes, the content is the core of the website, this point is not the least bit we neglect. Here is to emphasize that the site is updated, the stability factor must be taken into account is the content of the.

even give up the search engine update, spiders will crawl every day on our website capture content, some high weight website every day is uninterrupted to the spider. As mentioned above, the website does not open, leading to the spider over and over outsmarted, will trust your site? Of course, this is just one example, the search engine algorithms in detail, have you wondering.

in conclusion, the web server is stable, is the most basic element of good website.

Two, The stability of

, a web server

these two aspects in the early stage of our site should be done, don’t wait until problems appeared to solve it.

this site hierarchy says least medicine involves two aspects, the first is the positioning of the site itself is stable. Perhaps a friend would ask me, how positioning stability. In fact, the author here speaks of "positioning stability" is refers on its web page "title", "Keywords" and "description" stability. We all know that these things are not to be cannot but can freely modify, sometimes even change what impact on their own will, but as I said in previous articles that often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes.

The stability of the

site hierarchy

three, website content

on improving methods for ranking web site keywords, the network has many, today to talk about the basic point, it is most likely to six "stability" factor is the webmaster friends ignored. These factors may seem insignificant, when you do Shanghai dragon but it is the biggest stumbling block.

content is not sound? "

is the stability of the web server in the first place, to see that the server is stable or not seriously restricts the increase your website ranking. As far as I know, our space each month one day or two days is not open, say something nice called "server normal maintenance". As we know, the search engine is a Monday update, January a big update, and when your site is in an important point in time cannot be accessed when the consequences are as can be imagined.

to the other hand site hierarchy stable explanation, is about the site directory structure of the website level related issues. Site structure clear, must be the most conducive to the search engine grab way to create.

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The rapid increase in the 6 methods of the website chain

recently the author built a small station, in places like A5 mix for a long time also know that the chain of the site is very important, so in the website to find the rapid increase of the chain method. After more than a month, the chain is increased a lot. Some of the methods used to good effect, some methods due to the limited level cannot copy, but to see people with the effect is obvious. The summary of this period of time the rapid increase of the chain way summed up here the author, hoping to attract.

four, outside the chain of tools

blog in the comments you can write on their web site. In the comment, click easily fill in the user name to open the message. A look at the blog content, write comments, please fill the anchor text, URL fill, submit, a chain is done. Some celebrity blog weight high Oh ~ sometimes hit the content of the website and your website content match, can also have skills and leave your site in the comments, this review must be a little longer, and the content of the website is also left echo to the high point, the more the more high weight blog is not delete this comment. Do some more professional blog will have a lot of bloggers visit, is also will find N blog site in the comments, like a lot of the same dial radish pulled so outside the chain blog address is almost no time to look for a fee, the efficiency is very high.

this method is very simple and very high efficiency. Free online search, there are many such sites, the principle is automatically position. Fill in the various Webmaster Tools site, use left these Webmaster Tools site after use, similar to the "recent website" and do the chain on record. The webmaster tools the usual website traffic is relatively large, the search engine to the very frequently, it is easy to search engine chain snapshot, we have another. So, it has much higher efficiency? The rapidly increasing use of a network chain website online, the whole process about half an hour, the result is a more than 400 increase in the chain overnight, since these chain of love Shanghai than I love most master Shanghai snapshots updated more often. Absolute as sure as a gun.

online, a rapid increase of the chain


blog commentsMany of the

we can find a lot of hair in the comments and more chain snapshot forum. We pay attention to the rapid increase of the chain, the reply is relatively simple, if you really do not want to use their brains skills plus. In reply, it may be in the user signature with anchor text and URL, in many forums effective Oh ~

online, the rapid increase of the chain tools very much, including marketing software, principle there covers three kinds of methods mentioned above. Efficiency is very high, the website with a bunch of mixed software after three days, the chain increased nearly a thousand, also don’t know what the chain soft Tools >



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How to let the grassroots webmaster website when my hair achieves waist length

how to evaluate the success of a website, each grassroots webmaster has different standards, of course, using value estimation site is a more common way, such as the value of this site, how much money and so on. At present, Baidu, Ali group, the Tencent to enclosure on the Internet, they think I began wantonly acquisition of various sites, various venture companies also on the Internet looking for a potentially valuable website, webmaster website if get VCs favor, or to Baidu, Ali, Tencent under the door, also was successful however, you want to make your site to achieve "when my hair achieves waist length" state, can not be


"when my hair achieves waist length" and last year’s "Yuan Fang, what do you think", almost overnight became popular in the network, the network buzzwords hot, and "Yuan Fang, what do you think", "when my hair achieves waist length" seems to have a lot more poetic, with more meaning. It is reported that, "when my hair achieves waist length" from a study at the University of Cambridge of China handsome boys & girls, under an obligation to help a domestic company to make international lawsuit, two people posted in two different intimate photos, two photos of the biggest difference is the heroine’s hair long, so someone for this photo with poetry: you accompany me from long hair bobbed hair to the waist, so I accompany you from pure sentimental to calm certainty. And comment: when my hair achieves waist length, will you marry me young man?

this is the beginning, "when my hair achieves waist length" into the latest network popular in inadvertently, a positive or inspirational spoof, also sad, many users were surprised to find that the long hair and waist of the rich connotation can be infinitely extended, extended to personal feelings and life, of course can be applied in all walks of life! So, grassroots webmaster treat their website as "long hair", "how to make the long hair and waist"


from the physical point of view, all human hair, hair length, under normal conditions, the hair every day can be 0.3 mm long, 1 mm for 3 days, one month to 1 cm long, about 13 centimeters a year, if the long hair and waist, probably at least have to to more than 50 cm, it takes about 4 years or so


in reality, "the long hair and waist" women are not uncommon, but there is a beautiful black haired woman is less and less, why? Because it is need to ensure the hair length, but also to ensure the hair brightness and purity is not a simple thing, to choose a good conditioner, to know some hair, for hair patient care every day, do to fight a protracted war, it is the female especially married women, because of birth, breastfeeding, need to age and give up long hair, "in short, long hair and waist" is not easy


if their website as growing hair, so how to make the final growth for the beautiful black long hair? First of all to ensure a healthy state of mind if you do, then, even if the website distractions, insist on doing a lot of years, because of the complex of seven.

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Share the successful application for Baidu web promotion experience

my Qionghai information online, in January this year started, when on-line tepid, not put advertising alliance ad code, as Baidu web promotion does not want, but in the new year, then focus on the promotion, also sent a few heart station, then the site in a short period of time with the upgrade, Baidu also included my site every day.

is that when I choose to put Google’s ad code, because I think that Baidu was above my station, and Google earned dollars, Baidu earn RMB, the high price of Google advertising pairing, so I didn’t want to apply for Baidu web promotion.

however, about the recent "Google out of the mainland market China" things we should all know, do believe that many webmaster many are by putting advertising alliance to maintain website revenue, and Google Adsense is most webmaster preferred, but on the "Google out of the mainland market China" after the event, I also often see: Google Adsense price plummeted, the official Google advertising price is very low, even Google in Google’s own Adsense advertising.

based on the above reasons and the Qionghai information online growth, I decided to apply for Baidu web promotion, in order to prevent future advertising revenue is not stable, a rainy day.

said that Baidu now for web promotion before I are ready to do what.

seize the opportunity to update PR, exchange good quality links.

I think I just caught up with the PR update time, we all know that a recent PR update in the Tomb-sweeping Day day in Tomb-sweeping Day before I did and some PR at the same level or higher than my site exchange connection, Qionghai information online PR did not update before PR2, after the update is PR3, apparently the web site of the weight increase.

works hard to get local quality information

insists on updating the management website

every day

flow is stable after the start optimization content, there are people who come to Qionghai information online ads every day, some advertising does not conform to the rules, there is duplication, some illegal content, some people even 24 hours in group software in Qionghai information online advertising, so I set up the IP only to send advertising, and advertising review strict compliance with the provisions do not comply with the provisions must be removed, this website, "