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What search mode allows the search results open the Blu ray high color value

Blu ray model on the one hand, allowing users to bid farewell to the traditional search web links, App mobile search interaction, on the other hand the use of large data and knowledge of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence to identify the needs of the users and the scene matching, accurate information and services." Ceng Honglei said.

in content aggregation, blue mode no longer stay in Box Computing the first result or the first screen optimization, but the search results will make the overall combing with different web search.

what is the Alibaba’s search mobile search brand, is completely mobile search. According to the CNZZ data center data traffic statistics agency show that in March 2015, what mobile search share reached 13.35%, to love Shanghai, ranked second.

technology to experience, in what search in the search for movies, travel, college entrance examination, such as NBA, the search results are no longer traditional link arrangement, interactive page is redesigned, more independent App, this is what the blue search mode.

Ceng Honglei said that blue light is visible, one of the most sensitive human perception, the meaning is named blue. With the PC era Box Computing compared to Blu ray mode has three characteristics: high color value, polymerization, scenarized.

October 13th afternoon, what search announced the launch of a new mobile search mode blue interactive products. According to reports, the blue pattern has three main features: high color value, the interaction of App; the whole polymerization, polymerization of high quality content; the scene, moving scene matching precision.

what search according to general manager Ceng Honglei introduced what search results with "floating layer mode" and "light interaction" and "information flow loading technology.


in the data, what hope that through open strategy, the more quality content producers access in, using its own technology and what Ali big data resources, mining the potential value of big data and re processing, amplifying small data value with big data. Such as "the Imperial Palace" in the search results, what access Ctrip, the hornet’s nest, Interactive Encyclopedia and dozens of partners at the same time using their own data, the data processing and spread, so that the user can directly obtain the cross platform quality content show immediately in god.

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How to do the chain to become effective chain effective quiz chain

fifth, if your peers are also doing your products ask what should we do? What we are leveraging the power of this move is very useful. Don’t underestimate, we can make the most good peer products and our products are put together so that our products have also been improved on the right, see his customers our competitors will also see our products, there will be a webmaster friends asked. Do you know why customers will see? I’m not guessing.

today we are here and we talk about how to let you ask the chain to become effective chain. Of course, our webmaster friends do the chain is to let our website chain more then in the search engine to get better ranking, let the website weight is improved so as to achieve our goal. The chain is not to do the chain and the chain that many owners do not understand. Don’t understand to look down, I wrote how to do the chain which is "how to a site outside the chain of the chain you plan how to make gold chain" in this article I wrote about the importance of the gold chain become chain and how to make your chain become gold the chain in the blog, ask the chain is no exception. As long as we pay more attention to these free high quality resources can also be used by us. But how many people can make good use of these resources as can be imagined. We make every link under the effects are what this link is likely to become our gold link right. Only do links have the effect to the site outside the chain to play a supporting role on the right. Said that only one purpose is to ask the chain to make the chain. The start method.

fourth, answering skills is very important, many people ask can send a bare answer on the above effect such as can be imagined, we cannot let our answer do some modification? Let him look natural. It is not good for


second questions is very important, some people say I answer questions, I told you that opportunity is very small, but your answer is by chance is very small. Right, even if your answer can be adopted what and how many opportunities waiting for you? Very few, isn’t it? To learn how to create their own opportunities, so that you can learn in Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry more and more away. The search engine in this industry are engaged in various types of work in continuous learning, continuous efforts to harvest that you agree?

third, if their products find their own position in the quiz? It does not know how many friends do ask note that this is a very important point. Is the answer to the classification, classification and find the most relevant to your product, if you can find the product that best classification, this also answers quality than you do about Q & a much higher quality.


first, do ask and answer questions related to the chain of words and not too little, you have only ten words how the rankings are not very good, you agree with it?

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Exchange website optimization Links when you need to pay attention to what the details


webmaster tools, the other side of the transmission. You can see into the basic information of the site, to see the first love Shanghai love Shanghai weight, weight can determine the level of a web site quality, the higher the weight that the love of Shanghai site optimization do better; and then look at the domain name age, see this website built how long if the time, a very short, but included and the traffic volume is high, it would have to be careful, this may be a short-term profit website.


two, the flow of Shanghai and Shanghai love love

is the most intuitive point of a website is to see the love of Shanghai included the number, the greater the amount collected, indicating that the site traffic will bring more and better the website optimization. The chain is the same, the number up, the quality of the whole site will go up.

love Shanghai shows how much traffic website traffic statistics in the days, the higher the better flow effect of their own website; a part of love Shanghai snapshot is also very important. Love Shanghai to see a website, is to look at the frequency of updates within the site, a site is updated every day, with a monthly update time, visiting frequency of love in Shanghai is not the same, if your site is updated every day, every time you love Shanghai to search the website can be detected by the new in the article, the love of Shanghai on this site will generate goodwill, visiting times are more and more frequent, Shanghai will be a Monday for love snapshot or better is two days for a change, these are reflected in the love of Shanghai snapshot.

every time we just open a web site, see a row of other sites in the bottom always, this is your site chain, and how can we find the right links? A few points to see each other website:

Shanghai dragon

it’s notice should be in the friend exchange chain, you want to find a good friend chain, to find all the data above your own website.

three, love Shanghai included and anti chain

of course, you look for friends of the chain website of others, if you love Shanghai snapshot within a week, the other side of love Shanghai best in half a month, in addition to half a month, it is necessary to carefully manage their website, may very lazy.

exchange Links can give their website ranking promotion, send original articles within the site relative to add links, a chain of benefits is much higher than the benefits of dozens of articles. When we exchange chain, the most important is to analysis whether the site of others and their own websites match.

website promotion website promotion



, a web siteOpen the

The basic information of

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Amoy thinking Taobao guest website product differentiation Wangzhuan Era4 tips to let the team regai

the old business model is nirvana, new business model innovation is highly collaborative, Tongli ashes. Nowadays, anyone in any industry or position needs the ability to creatively solve problems.

it is worth noting that this method is effective only at the last moment, and you have to take the lead, so that your team can freely express ideas. You can try to give the team this freedom early in the project, but they probably won’t trust you and try and let go. When you feel the tension in the team, do it again.


2. find something you can see and feel,

guest to earn money must be fine differentiation products even only a single brand products to meet the business shop promotion defects to achieve win-win situation, no matter what you do have to product research and thinking in order to achieve the needs of users, or what people can not directly Taobao! The source from the zhaojinseo Webmaster: Zhao Jinru reprint please specify the source, at the same time, you are welcome to visit the Zhao Jin SEO blog and put forward opinions and suggestions.

customer segmentation product can be done in two ways, the first is to use the ready-made CMS template changes to one of your own layout and layout for a category of products, to provide more detailed information for users of products. The second way is to use blog program, the architecture of the program because the blog has largely consistent with the SEO optimization, slightly modified to be on the line, the biggest advantage is that blog program can easily be included and the search engine is love blog program, do keyword ranking will be easier.

sometimes magical things happen at the last minute. At this time, people’s thinking is often clearer and more hysterical desire to break through. When the deadline gradually approaching and my team has also struggled in trouble, I will be at the last moment requires players to display any of their ideas to the whole team, no matter how those ideas sounded self-evident or funny. "Suppose you can decide on this project……." You can’t imagine the effect of stress when you tell a group of creative people this sentence.


with the intense competition in many Taobao customers have started to do a single product category, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, like a raging fire oil sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like bloom, because the industry is profiteering categories so to earn money is still relatively small, and the black hat technique today is a group of K emerge in an endless stream, appear again tomorrow a group of. Many Taobao customers take the product differentiation line is the trend of the times, all walks of life will be more segments of the market, and ultimately to meet the precise needs of users and development.

lead: getting a new idea every day in a fast growing company is a very unlikely thing for you or your team. Fortunately, I found some tips for heresy.

Taobao guest website in the early days can be roughly divided into two forms, one is to promote product based web site, to "Amoy boss" early website, for example, mainly earn product commission. Another is to store promotion model sites earn shop commission. These two ways of profit each have their own advantages and characteristics, product promotion commission high, but the turnover rate is low, shop promotion turnover rate is high, but the Commission is very low. One after another is a large number of Taobao customers follow the line online, resulting in fierce competition, miserable.

more challenging is that in this never-ending business environment, you must constantly innovative ability in place, when at any time to deal with the coming demand — and this is the most easy to change your head "brick". In a fast growing company, however, getting new ideas every day is an unlikely thing for you or your team, and the path to inspiration is changing. A walk for inspiration, a change of scene or watch an episode of "Shower Principle" "I’m mad as a comedy 30 Rock sixth quarter fifteenth set" The Shower Principle ", this episode is about how to use creative impress the boss, these methods in me never force two times continuously.

when your initial project comes into play, find something to touch and put it in the room. For example, a piece of art that will remind you of the final shape of the product you’re thinking of; it can remind you of what you did and what can be improved. Another example is a competitor’s product, a piece of building material, a small part of the finished product, a magazine of customer groups, etc.

development of the Internet has just a dozen years, many companies with strong capital and innovation ushered in today’s brilliant become famous portals, e-commerce sites, websites and so on, so all walks of life to the elite website, new website development will become the problem you need long-term planning, Taobao guest many webmaster has advanced into the ranks of market segments, of course, referring to or less part of the crowd, because most of the Taobao customer website is still not profitable.

fortunately, I found some tips for heresy, when you do, maybe you can help.

1. embraces the last 1 minutes of creative ideas

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Rural tourism short rent look just unfolding on how to build rural tourism guesthouse Expressshlf131

rural tourism is in the ascendant and has risen to national strategy

rural tourism to promote rural development, where the road is

third, increase employment opportunities, enhance the well-being of the villagers.

second, accommodation as the top priority of rural tourism, to help the villagers rapid income increase.

tourism consumption upgrade, people are tired of the holidays, people get together the mass tourism, but some niche tourism is more popular, rural tourism talent shows itself: Regression pastoral life, enjoy a leisurely vacation time. "China rural tourism development index report" pointed out that this year is China’s " big rural tourism era " the first year of the year, rural tourism has become a new way of vacation. Through large data deduction prediction, the future of China’s rural tourism fever will continue for more than 10 years, in 2025 reached nearly 3 billion passengers. Such a huge rural tourism market brought about by the economic benefits can be imagined, rural tourism fiery can be seen.

, in some remote rural areas with beautiful scenery, may be the only way to earn money, so many rural areas become empty nest elderly and left behind children gathered. The development of local tourism resources, increasing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the villagers to attract migrant workers home, family reunion, income stability, promoting social stability and harmony at the same time, the villagers also to enhance the sense of happiness.

2017 NPC and CPPCC closing, B & B short rent and rural tourism as has been mentioned several times and became the start of hot words. In February 5th, "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further promoting the agricultural supply side structural reform to speed up the cultivation of a number of opinions" of agricultural and rural development new energy release, clearly will develop a rustic pension and health pension base". In addition, in the two sessions this year, many deputies and members mentioned that the construction of rural tourism, all talked about improving the capacity of rural accommodation and reception. It is hot the development of B & B, particularly the rural pension once again sparked the attention from all walks of life.

name, foreigners habit is named Firstname in the former, surname Lastname in the back. If you run into it, you’d better pay attention to the order, but if you fill it out, it doesn’t matter. The Bank of China accepts the check when it is admitted. For example: Liu Gang, can be written as GangLiu, can also be written as LiuGang.

note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translated into English agreed, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your check is sent by the Chinese postman, the key is for them to understand. Tech building, you wrote TechnologyBuilding, they might be even more confused. Now, each city’s China post sorting center has a special person responsible for translating foreign addresses into Chinese addresses and writing them on envelopes and sending them to the postman. Important: your postal code must be written correctly, because several postal links in foreign letters are delivered by postal code areas.

on how to verify their written address what can be delivered right to the local post office. I often see a lot of new Internet enabled friends asking for the correct English expressions about the address. In fact, you can take a simple and effective way to validate yourself.

1. go to the post office to buy envelopes and stamps;

2. on the envelope to write your address and the recipient English or pinyin;

3.. You can also write an address in a variety of ways, such as no.1xiluroad and xilulu1hao which are then addressed envelope stamped in a mailbox;

4. in a week you should receive these letters sent to their own, if you do not receive the written address or the local post office has a problem. For the latter, you can use the following aspects of the post office sorting personnel training is effective or not, depends on the quality of the local post office address in English envelope while writing, one line is English Pinyin, the next line with Chinese to write, then took to posting, repeated several general can be OK.< >

< >

first, rural tourism meets the needs of the upgraded tourism, and it can also promote the local economic development and kill two birds with one stone.

with the upgrading of consumption, urban people to rural leisure vacation has become a fashion, the tourism industry is from the city to the countryside, from scenic spots to pastoral, from sightseeing to experience changes, rural tourism is in the ascendant. At the two conferences, rural tourism rose to the national strategic level. Therefore, the development of rural tourism is the trend of the times. The reason why the country attaches so much importance to rural tourism is that there are three reasons:

travel, accommodation is essential, rural tourism is no exception. With the opportunity of local tourism development, the villagers can set up farmhouse restaurants and open farm houses for accommodation and accommodation for tourists. The characteristics of the local food and lodging in the tourist season, can help the local villagers to achieve rapid growth in income, improve the overall income level of local residents.


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APP product operations how do you make product users 100W


as a APP operator, today we say, from product design to the user to break through millions, at different product stages, we have to do what?

1, product development period – before the product line

first of all, product operations to clear the product positioning and target users. Product positioning and target users determine what problems the product will solve, the style of the product, and the strategy that will affect subsequent product operations. After all, the product is often just a solution to the needs of a fixed population, not a universal demand. Understand the product positioning and target users, the operation should be involved in product design and development process, while providing some product testing and other support. At this stage, the product and operations should be coordinated with sufficient tacit agreement to develop a product line plan.

in addition, product operations should do the necessary preparatory work: shelves, channel collation and account registration, WeChat public number, micro-blog, preheating program production and implementation, product line activities program. There is, if it is Android channels, large channels of first round of cooperation must be considered, such as: Baidu mobile assistant, 360 mobile assistant, application treasure and so on, there are new products starting. You must first understand the rules of the major channels, and communicate reservations for the scheduled period. New starter can bring the first batch of natural growth "seed user", the effect is good.

2, product seed period – product close in period

at this stage, the main purpose of product operations is to collect user behavior data and related issues feedback, and product planning, analysis and discussion, product optimization. The main concerns are: page path conversion, button clicks, start times, start time periods, length of stay, etc.. At this stage, the amount of data is not large, but it is true. The main source of product users is the product team invites people around, as well as the channel’s first natural new users.

must note here: the operation of the seed phase is not only at this stage, but in the process of iteration of each version of the product.

3, product growth – Product outbreak

product itself performance and experience no problem, then the product is the beginning of large-scale promotion of the important time. The main purpose of the promotion period is to expand the influence and attract users. The first thing to do is to shop, covering all major channels, such as: Baidu, Android mobile phone market, 91 mobile phone assistant assistant, 360 mobile phone assistant, Tencent application treasure, pea pods, millet, Lenovo music store, HUAWEI app store, Meizu, OPPO and Jin Liyi exchange, excellent billion market, N market MM, mall, wal shops, application exchange, Android Market, mumayi, market access, Sogou assistant, Sogou mobile phone market, UC/PP assistant, Suning stores and other applications. If the budget is adequate, some channels can be put in place.


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Future success will be born in the mobile phone website

according to the survey, the domestic webmaster 2/3 site annual income of less than ten thousand yuan, small and medium-sized website survival situation is still grim, revenue needs to be further improved. Web site, the novel station, QQ station, non mainstream station, game station, station community site become popular at the present stage, the game entertainment sites generally used in fierce competition, so the future hot site where? How to grasp the trend of the future of the site


in the report, the use of SNS third party application type analysis shows that the game, entertainment, SNS, third party applications are most common. 86.3% of the webmaster said that the use of games, entertainment, three party applications, and the use of content sharing only 39.8%, less than half of the game entertainment. The evaluation and utility class three applications were separated by 34.7% and 29.3% using third and fourth, respectively.

however, according to the third party application type Statistics website most want to use 42.4% of the site, expressed the hope that the use of mobile phone third party application the future, finance, friends, information and tools were 32.8%, 32.3%, 31.9% and 31.4% proportion in the future site most wish to use third party applications from second to fifth a. This is the game and entertainment applications in the first place in the characteristics of the opposite, for the future expected, the game, entertainment and assessment in the bottom position. Although mobile phone third party applications have been recognized by the webmaster, but in the SNS users, mobile phone applications have not been more recognized. This does not mean that the mobile phone application future prospects, compared to the popularity of mobile phone mobile phone intelligent computer is higher rate, the tendency of the future, SNS users demand for mobile phone applications, will appear blowout situation.

in addition, functionality, operability, and intelligence are the main considerations for web selection of SNS software. The development status of survey data DCCI 2009 Chinese Internet SNS display, 62.5% of the site said the function of comprehensive and flexible customization and third party extensions are primary considerations for selecting SNS software; 59.6% of the website that the operation is quick and convenient, and user experience and interface is the main consideration of SNS software; and whether the availability of the system, the upgrade operation of the intelligent management of the other 56.7% sites are the main factors to consider.

mobile phone, and Internet users have comparable users, even beyond the Internet, real-time, convenient, whenever and wherever possible trade advantages, integration of SNS finance, sharing, e-commerce extension application, through word-of-mouth, will be a snowball development trend, the formation of a new concept, new field and create a new pillar industry, the future mobile phone website prospects are very wide, huge capacity, will be the exhibition stand up the direction of future success will be the birth of the webmaster.


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AD what’s up I’m here to send AD

          do a few years, the site is not big, but I firmly believe I can do big, because I persistent, because I work hard. Often bubble in the major forums to learn, but also often go to major forums and websites to AD. I feel this should be normal too.

recently read many articles, very impressed, especially in the winter of the Internet, as the most basic grassroots webmaster, may die run the fastest, in the real society, money is not the highest, but the survival around a web site. Traffic is not paramount, but it directly determines the profitability and foundation of a website.

as webmaster of us, should be more pragmatic. In ADmin5, many articles are also referred to as soft, there seems to be opposition, I wondered, how soft, how AD, this is a matter of shame? I don’t want people to send you the text, what made the Government Gazette? I love to see is experience and skills of the no, this kind of article, a soft case that I don’t want to see it, the empty theory, boring policy the article you love? Do you want to see some is not practical, the authenticity of the article? The people get a URL, a URL is not normal. Even if it is to be soft, it should be, who do not want to promote? I want to hang the Baidu home page Hao123, then I have to hang up?! in fact maybe a lot of people like me, you have to be the stationmaster is to promote Next, come to want to psychology point, take in hand, can not walk empty handed, before go, also corner, in the courtyard leave a dot AD. Did you see the major scenic spots are leaving of calligraphy and painting. Since ancient times, the AD is as unalterable principles. Just a few people got the lead, AD. Mentally depressed.

AD was innocent, and the criminal was the one who looked at AD. Is the webmaster will not AD, equal to disability, or is not a responsible webmaster. Because you do not hang on your website in psychology. There is a story, middle school teacher, in my psychology for 10 years, today to find out, to share with us a Standard Oil Corporation called Burt clerk, did not cause particular attention. His dedication is especially strong, and he always pays attention to maintaining and publicizing the reputation of the enterprise. Travel in a hotel can not forget to write under his signature "of $four a barrel of oil standard", in a letter to a friend or relative, even in the play receipt, the signature will not forget to write the words. To this end, colleagues called him "four dollars per barrel."". This is the company’s chairman Rockefeller know, he invited a Burt dinner, and called on the staff to learn from him. Later, Burt became the second chairman of the Standard Oil Corporation. This is probably the highest point in AD. Maybe we don’t AD this achievement, but AD is not guilty.

"don’t be good"

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Another way of development for women’s forums

forum pays attention to member interaction, pay attention to is a stickiness. The development of women’s forums is a special environment.

now MM likes shopping, like to dress up, make up, like to star. If someone can help them provide a better shopping platform, the way to dress up, make-up, and the latest news of the star, can bring users. But these have been done badly on the Internet, and if you find a good female website, it’s ten and a half months to get all the information.

but did anyone think that shopping was targeted? From profit analysis, I summed up the following possible options:

, for example, a webmaster with a business combination, as long as it is a member of the station, how much discount can be played?. This communication process depends on their eloquence, mutual benefit and win-win situation, the site to help businesses do free publicity, as long as there is no negative impact, businesses will consider.

now free make-up make-up shop also has many, if for regional on the site to do the corresponding publicity, I believe will attract many members to retain for a long time. This process takes time, and if you don’t want to spend your time without energy, the effect is quite different.

, a new station, is not the lack of the most suitable for their links.

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A traditional clothing factory owner tells you how to transition, good Taobao sellers orders

I dark horse: since the spring of 2013, we clearly felt the factory winter came, and until now, this chill has not receded. Domestic market by the impact of the network, substantial decline in physical orders, before moving tens of thousands, and thousands of pieces of big orders no longer appear. Domestic brands also played a defensive battle, the existing more active orders are network orders. However, due to the small amount, many factories have failed to make a successful transition and are afraid to contact such a small quantity order.

this is the current situation of our domestic garment industry, that is, many of our domestic garment factory owners face a big problem.

where is the garment factory order? How can the factory keep on developing? How to find the transition and how to receive the internet order?

following is a transition, successful traditional garment factory owners summed up the transformation experience. Summed up the following points for your reference, a clothing factory in order to successfully transition, we must have the following conditions:

one, the boss’s thinking to synchronize with Taobao

1, and accept the network communication: network communication is well documented, both sides promised something, you can through chat records to search. For traditional oral agreement and telephone communication, reducing the communication disputes between the two sides, but also improve efficiency.

2, accept online payment payment: Taobao customer used network through the network can complete the payment, bank and bank remittance, Alipay payment, credit card payment. The factory must support these payment methods, so that greatly enhance the efficiency of payment, there is evidence, the factory does not worry about not receive the money, customers do not worry about the factory do not pay the goods, the two sides of the funds are also guaranteed.

3, accept a small order: Taobao orders, the first single, the general amount is very small, once sold explosive, anti large amount of single, requiring shipments faster.

above, these three points are Taobao orders must have the hearts of the preparation, only the mentality of change, in order to truly cooperate with the good Taobao, Taobao customers receive orders.

two, to develop data collection habits, understand the rules of network sales

1, develop the habit of collecting and analyzing data: collect all the data of three party suppliers, such as fabrics, accessories, lines and so on, and make good records. Record when the first single material, with a long, cut to spend a long time, how long do the production, printing and embroidering do how long tail, check the goods to spend a long time, how long does it take to packaging. These should be made into the system data stored, in order to prepare customers at any time, anti single, contact suppliers, quickly arrange production.

2, should have the concept of time to remember the client’s instruction: Although we do not plant sales network, but every time we communicate with customers when he urged delivery will tell us what he is now on the activities of the stocking period how many days, how many days of delivery. We need to keep in mind the data that our customers sent us and evaluate what they give to customers