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To restore the site down the right thing 32 coup

Please look at the first

but it is a great pity that now the website ranking no, pictured above.

, this is one of my website for more than half a month of love Shanghai included, generally included seems quite good, has been steadily in the process of ascension, and I also adhere to the basic stability of the station one day a few original article, so included in the side is very considerable the.

did not change too much

1 and

these can be said to be the basic characteristics of down right, most of the site is down right, shown in the form of almost all is so.

1, included compared with some time ago,


4, the brand disappeared

now love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, more and more Adsense website is affected, caused by a serious drop right even part of the webmaster website directly with the sea K, which makes us Shanghai dragon ER are jittery. As mentioned above, when your site meets the following conditions, basically can make sure your site is down right.

and the factors leading to the site was down the right is also a considerable number of factors from the station outside the station, may have affected the site right down. One of the most typical reasons are the following:

Before the

2, the death of over

3, some or all of the keywords ranking decline, a serious decline, until it fell out of the

2, still in the snapshot update, and the frequency is not more than

is not difficult to see that the keyword of my choice is not what popular keywords, some even index are not words, but even if this is the case, in September 10th the day the night of my website keywords, the home directly disappeared all over again. This is the site is down right and punish the show is like, you can control your own website, if there is such a situation? If yes, please continue to look down:


chain is also frequently appear in the process of construction, this is actually through the tool to avoid it, so here is not to say, we did not.

to introduce a coup, I think it is necessary to give everybody to take a set of data, the only way to make everyone more intuitive to understand the next thing I have to say.

100 outsideKeywords


The over the anchor text

the most, because the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER clearly understand that the weight oriented anchor text links provided is the most heavy, so in the chain, tend to anchor text, but they are not considered a problem, too much of the same anchor text easy to cause the site is down right.

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Pay attention to your site optimization excessive yet

Maybe ?

2, your external links anchor text with the same keywords

Oh! Oh!

the past two years, Shanghai Dragon technology can be said to rise again, more and more leaders began to pay attention to it, even many leaders hope growth only by Shanghai Dragon technology to achieve flow. Although the Hefei recruitment network Xiaobian, Shanghai Dragon technology can bring flow, it can be the biggest disadvantage is the need for as long as possible to achieve, this is also a lot of big Boss don’t want to face up to the problem.


maybe some understanding of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners said, in fact, "excessive optimization" does not exist, only is the webmaster friends for the sake of discussion and derivative words. But as long as you can see a small series of intention, not to go! Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in the implementation of the strategy, we must understand clearly the stand inside and outside the station where can be optimized, of course, to study a set of optimization scheme is more suitable for their own, then do not need to pay attention to is to optimize the content is to achieve the ultimate, because it will produce some negative effects, such as search engine punishment

3, links from high weight website that >


if your site has the following features in the tendency, or quickly slow optimization steps or transfer of the contents of it, otherwise it will be punished in the affirmative

a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er heard a very positive effect on the weight of the chain site anchor text brings, the chain can therefore take part of the anchor text links with the so-called core keywords. Although the keyword exposure is improved, but for search engines, the same keywords too centralized use of the construction of the chain, is very likely to let the words be punished, so webmaster friends think twice oh

novice will feel, this is not supposed to do? Of course, the optimal place keywords is Shanghai Longfeng way, such as the title tags, H tags, keywords and description tags, bold, italic, internal anchor text, picture ALT attribute, the page in a paragraph of text, text, URL page, the last paragraph. If your keywords are in these places, and is called the core keywords, be punished is absolutely certain, so do not do Shanghai dragon.

1, the optimization of those places are placed on the keyword

, of course, more and more sites began their journey to Shanghai dragon, such as job hunting in Anhui, although the recent changes part very much, can optimize the site is still spare no effort to perform, a point of course need to pay attention to is that don’t optimization excessive! This is not only a small website to face the problem, all the webmaster friends in the process of website optimization, also must be careful, don’t be punished because of excessive optimization, this is The loss outweighs the gain. behavior.

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The PR value update date forecast 2013


for 2010, 2011 and 2012, the PR value of the update data, with Google database, Google updates the PR value also slowly began to stabilize, basically can be expected to be updated every three months, but would like a regular annual 2011 update, Google also need to continue to observe the next step.

is a web site for the PR value of Google’s rating, the higher the level of the website more popular. Webmaster for the PR value of the degree of concern is no less than love Shanghai weight, even when the exchange of Links, PR value is will be in the first place. In 2012 the PR value larger update 4 times, once in February, three in May (a small update), August, November, the last update was in November 8th. According to this year’s PR update data, the PR value update about once every three months, are updated in the first month. The website is updated in August 3rd April, PR updated to 3. 2012 basically PR is not updated, the update of the PR value of the 2013 forecast.

We first look at the 2012

according to the forecast will have 4 major updates in 2013 updated for the first time at the beginning of the February, update the date of the year is February 7th, the first time the PR value update in 2013 is expected to be in February 4th to February 10th, the first is the first time in November 8, 2012, about three months, the second is 2012 February 7th is a big update. So the first update should be in February 4th to February 10th.

in 2011 is not the PR value of the update rule, until the beginning of November in small changes from January, except in October 8th, close to one hundred percent of the update, the rest is slightly updated, but there were no rules.

2010 is a small range of update, the highest was 12%, less than half of 2011 and 2012 update, of course, in 2010, Google cleared the PR value of the site, after the re start the update, perhaps is the beginning of instability, so there is no large-scale update.


PR update benchmark:

look at the 2010 PR update benchmark:

second update, in early May, is expected in May 4th to May 10th, in 2012 May, the PR value update, Google.

has 4 major updates, take a look at the following 2011 PR update indicator:

Through the above

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We must learn how to distinguish between what is natural links

some time ago Google enabled the penguin algorithm, which targeted those through the excessive Shanghai dragon means to improve website ranking. I heard a lot of foreign sites are affected in different degree, and the concept of excessive Shanghai dragon one of the most important. That is natural links, believe that the excessive use of Shanghai dragon means for ranking web site will receive a letter from Google mail, and e-mail is about the content of your site’s natural links problem. But Google is not clear about what is natural links, so some friends cannot read what is the natural link, so people often in the QQ group asked me what is the natural link, that today to explain. After you understand all of you on how to actually do the chain also have very good guidance function.

third, sources of dangerous

fourth, the correlation is not strong links

website keywords ranking is the most important one is the correlation, correlation refers to the contents, the two refers to the relevance of the link. If the user is to help you share and produce links should be a strong correlation, but if it is your own hair link, due to limited resources, you have to go to some place to send the chain related. Especially the chain that mass, flooding the chain of garbage and not.

first, the anchor text single

this is also very easy to understand, we often say that the chain needs extensive, if you want your site is the whole chain from several blogs or several forums, search engine is easy to judge whether you are your hair. If you are a popular website, there must be a lot of users in different places issued outside the chain. Not a single source, it is also an important factor to determine the non natural search engine links.

this is to say that your link is the source of some unreliable websites, such as link farms, black chain, some illegal kind of site, etc.. Like these sites outside the chain is not an ordinary person can get, so only through the special means to do it, since it is the special means it is against the natural links.

second, single source link

A factor influencing

the anchor text link that is in the station, also refers to the station’s. When I was at the end of last year, love Shanghai in the station anchor text unreasonable website for the blow. Like a lot of people doing before the station anchor text to love their core keywords to the home page. In fact, this approach is whether to search engine or users are no help, so this is to optimize one way too much. Standing outside the single anchor text is easy to understand, but also control the station. The chain like nature outside the station in Google understanding should be users to help you, at this time the anchor text link is completely controlled. If your text is the anchor chain of this single, it is easy to show you are human hair, this is contrary to nature.

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What is the name of the barber shop

wanted to make a barber shop business is booming, not only need good practices, good service, but also need to have a good name, so that it can attract more consumers. So, what is the name of the barber shop?

last year in Weihai saw a lot of interesting barber shop, this time to see, beautiful hair, not silky, dizzy with success, a beautiful art, it will have to cut his name, ah, if I open a barber shop I, the Supreme People’s court. Here are some good barber shop name:

cool shear


name cut


hair Xuan



name macro


wolf wild








love beauty

colorful street

grass Gallery

Wave Bay

e cut beauty


still has



Oriental name cut

dream fly space

top priority

fine cut world



Shi master

blue harbor

Tang outside the famous art

beauty shop

Volkswagen barber shop

red sun barber shop

century name scissors



cut Xiaoya


beauty tip

interpretation: the forehead hairline hairline down a sharp tip, said beauty tip. Because the forehead of the ancient beauty of the middle of the hair tend to go down a little longer, forming a "M" type hair, so commonly known as "beauty tip". Beauty tip, as salon name, catchy, easy to memorize.

Name: hair

interpretation: the name is not only to understand the image, but also easy to pronounce, novelty, and moral Business Flourishes, Caiyuanguangjin, is called a good barber shop name.

Name: good cut

interpretation: Law, homophonic hair. Jia, a homonym, can also be interpreted as the best way to cut hair. And homophony and "subtraction", memorable and unforgettable.