Watch Divers Spot Giant Jellyfish the Size of a Human Off British

first_imgStay on target Divers recently encountered a giant creature of the deep the size of a human off the coast of Cornwall, England. And no, it’s not a shark or a whale — but a jellyfish.Lizzie Daly, a wildlife biologist and a host on BBC Earth Unplugged, was diving off Falmouth when she had the encounter of a lifetime with a barrel jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo), also known as a dustbin-lid jellyfish. She said the creature was as big as her body.Woah!!!!! We went diving in Falmouth yesterday to finish off #WildOceanWeek and came across this GIANT barrel jellyfish! What a way to finish off this marine wildlife adventure!— Lizzie Daly (@LizzieRDaly) July 14, 2019“What an unforgettable experience, I know barrel jellyfish get really big in size but I have never seen anything like it before,” Daly, who was filming as part of Wild Ocean Week, posted on Instagram.The barrel jellyfish, which grow up to 35 inches, is the largest jellyfish found in UK waters. They are also called dustbin-lid jellyfish, because they grow as large as dustbin lids, according to the Wildlife Trusts. Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ center_img They have a translucent appearance, with a huge mushroom shaped bell and a bunch of eight frilly tentacles below. These frills actually contain their small stinging tentacles which surround hundreds of little mouths.The sting of the barrel jellyfish is not normally harmful to humans, although experts say it’s best not to handle one as they can still sting even when dead.In the UK, they are often found washed up on beaches in May and June.More on to Deadly Box Jellyfish DiscoveredScientist Discovers Jellyfish-Like Creature With ‘Transient Anus’ Lake Once Filled With Millions of Jellyfish Reopened to the Publiclast_img read more

Planning considering new application of 12storey resort wants public opinions

first_img Opposition Leader responds to Throne Speech  11 days later; says PDM Govt plan puts TCI in ‘deep doo doo’ Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 09 Apr 2015 – The second major move is to have a 12 storey resort constructed in the Leeward area of Provo but an online campaign is now launched among the near 4,000 members of Speak Your Mind TCI on Facebook and it is asking for people to express themselves on the development. Again, this after the PNP Administration said it had a strategic consultation exercise and gained wide acceptance of the notion. Now, the Gazette is telling a new story as the Planning Department is seeking representations on the proposed resort; the Gazette is calling it a revised application submitted on behalf of Sunset Point Development Ltd. Planning says “Anyone wishing to make representations concerning this application may do so in writing to the Director of Planning, South Base, Grand Turk, or through the Department of Planning, Downtown, Town Center Mall, Providenciales, within 28 days of publication of this notice.” Among other things 250 rooms are proposed, reception and conference building, spa building, gym, retail stores and three restaurants. Deadline to respond is the first week of May. Olive branch extended by Opposition Leader, says it is time for Turks and Caicos leaders to unite Related Items:12 story, planning, pnp, speak your mind TCI, sunset point development Recommended for you TCI Country Leaders condemn vicious memeslast_img read more

Great Lakes Publishing Acquires Two Regional Titles

first_imgCleveland, Ohio-based Great Lakes Publishing recently added to its portfolio of regional magazines by acquiring Lake Erie Living and Over the Back Fence from LongPoint Media. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.Great Lakes—publisher of Cleveland magazine, Ohio magazine, Inside Business magazine as well as several special interest and custom publications—plans to keep the circulations of three-year-old Lake Erie Living (25,000) and Over the Back Fence (14,000), according to president Lute Harmon Jr. Lake Erie Living will publish in March, May, July and September to “coincide with the seasons,” he said. Moving forward, Over the Back Fence will be shipped as “a complement” to Great Lakes’ Ohio magazine.Great Lakes Publishing was advised by Regional Media Advisors in the deal. Part of the reason for acquiring the LongPoint Media titles, Harmon told FOLIO:, “is because we admired them.” “Lake Erie Living has enormous potential,” said Harmon. “If you have a home or cottage on the lake, it’s a part of your life, and we see that it is something you’re passionate about and having enormous potential for publications. We feel the same way about Over the Back Fence.”Great Lakes Publishing plans to retain half of its five full time staffers, Harmon said. The others will stay on in a freelance capacity.last_img read more

Part of Mass Effect 3s dayone DLC found on disc

first_imgBioware has been under heavy fire from fans since it announced the release of the day-one DLC From Ashes for Mass Effect 3. The controversy isn’t over the actual content, but that Bioware and publisher EA might have cut this content out of the core game for some extra cash flow. Bioware’s Associate Producer, Michael Gamble, assured fans that From Ashes was “not completed until well after the main game went into certification.” But there’s some new evidence that may prove otherwise.A recent video has cropped up on YouTube (shown above), adding not only more fuel to the fire, but a buyer’s remorse for many fans that have already purchased the DLC. The user who made the video goes through the files of the PC version of the game, making adjustments, showing how users can unlock the Prothean character, and only the character. The rest of the DLC requires a 628 MB download. The reason the character may be included on the disc is to prevent compatibility issues in multiplayer, much like how Capcom included its future DLCs on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc. However, the inclusion of the Prothean on the Mass Effect 3 disc is still potentially damaging proof, providing credence to many fan’s fears that the content in From Ashes was cut from the core game to make some quick extra cash. However, according to Kotaku, EA released a statement explaining that “certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc.” EA added that something similar was done with Zaeed (a DLC that was also set to be a same-day release) and Kasumi DLCs in Mass Effect 2.last_img read more

With the help of VR I became John Wick

first_imgStay on target We couldn’t become Prompto at New York Comic Con, but we became someone even better: John Wick.John Wick Chronicles is a new virtual reality game for HTC Vive by Starbreeze Studios, of Chronicles of Riddick fame. It’s set to launch on Steam around the same time as the movie sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2. I got to try out a demo, titled John Wick Chronicles: An Eye for an Eye at the Lionsgate and Starbreeze booth, and it’s probably my favorite VR experience. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the Baba Yaga, the most feared and respected assassin in the world?That said, playing games with the Vive headset is a trip. An assistant at the booth helped me strap on the headset, so I couldn’t see. Then he put headphones on my head, so I heard nothing except his voice through a microphone. He handed me, a two gun-like Vive controller, started the demo, and I entered the game’s world, a dark void with a big John Wick logo floating in front of me.A handgun hovers in close proximity. I reach out, pull the Vive controller’s trigger to pick it up, and the pistol’s mine. I turn the gun around so I can soak in its detail. The hammer, the slide, the trigger, even the bullet casings and exhaust that jet out when I fire it. The muzzle flare is right in my face. I aim at the floor and fire—a bullet hole. I fire multiple times—multiple bullet holes. Coooool.via johnwickvr.comThe assistant tells me to shoot the logo and a Loading screen later; I’m in the familiar hotel from the first movie. Lance Reddick, or someone who sounds a lot like him, welcomes me back. I’m standing in the hotel bar. To the right, shelves with a variety of liquor. Behind me, a set of white doors at the far wall, and in front of me, a credenza with a glowing red button. Lance Reddick directs me to press it, and I reach out my hand, and the teaser trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2 plays. Now that’s some synergy.Immediately after the video ends, a bunch of bad guys start shooting at me through the windows behind the movie screen. Laser sights zip and zap around the air, and I duck behind the desk. And I mean actually, physically crouch. With my knees. I would remain crouching, thighs screaming for relief, the rest of the demo. Keanu Reeves must kill at spin class.On the floor, I notice a Payday 2 clown mask—more cross-promotion. I flip it over in my hand and notice numbers written in red ink on the back. I figure this must have something to do with a puzzle, but nope, it’s just an Easter egg. I juggle the mask in my hands, catching it back and forth, left and right, as I pull on the Vive triggers. I do this mainly because I’m unsure what to do, and it’s fun to just toss an object around in virtual reality. But also, the game’s objective is unclear at this point. Bullets are flying above me.via johnwickvr.comUntil I notice another glowing red button, this time beneath the desk. I motion the controller over in its direction, which means I’ve “pressed it” (I didn’t have to pull the trigger) and an elevator rises from the floor behind me. I crouch-walk inside after the doors open and wait for them to close. The lift, somehow, takes me up.Now I’m on the roof. The Empire State Building looms in the distance. Then the shooting gallery begins. Mooks come in pouring from all over; the building behind me, on the left and right, crawling up fire escapes and hiding behind chimneys and chest-high walls. I’m still crouching because that’s the only way to dodge enemy fire. But there’s a cache of weapons sitting right next to me: pistols, sub-machine guns, an M16, and a sniper rifle. I nab the sniper with my right hand—pulling the right controller’s trigger—and instinctively bring up my left hand to steady it. I didn’t even know it was something you could do in the game; it was just something I automatically did after watching decades of action movies. But, yes, in John Wick Chronicles, the weapons gain better stability when you use your left hand!I look through the rifle’s scope, and it actually works—enemies appear magnified. From this point, it’s almost too easy. I pick off guys like I’ve been John Wick all along. The death animations are either simple (they just fall down) or over-exaggerated. One bozo flips up in the air and spins like a windmill after I get him with the SMG.via johnwickvr.comAfter remembering I have an arsenal at my disposal, I try the John Woo-style dual-wielding thing with two pistols for a while, before I trade one handgun for the SMG. Then I drop (by pressing the thumbpad on top of the Vive controller) the other handgun for the sniper rifle, and I feel unstoppable. Then, the difficulty spikes; more and more goons pop up, including a helicopter, complete with a mercenary firing a giant chaingun. Shooting the guy in the chopper does nothing—I’m a sitting duck. The ‘copter flies below and behind buildings, but I can tell where it is based on its sound, similar to the Hind D fight in Metal Gear Solid.Finally, I die, and it’s game over. I get my final score. The assistant helps me remove the sweaty Vive equipment and tells me I should’ve shot the green glowing lights on the helicopter—one near the top rotor, another on the tail—but they were so subtle I didn’t notice them. Oh well. I still became John Wick, sore thighs and all.And it was a fun experience for sure, with smooth, responsive controls and decent graphics—the gun detail alone is impressive. But set the impressive VR technology aside, and John Wick Chronicles is basically an update to old lightgun arcade games like Time Crisis or Silent Scope. Or rather, Police 911, an arcade shooter that used motion sensors to detect body movement, so you didn’t have to press a button to take cover, you had to physically duck. John Wick is the same basic idea, but with a Vive headset.via johnwickvr.comSpeaking of which, the usual VR complaints remain. You’re trapped in a sweaty headset, with a pair of headphones on top of that, and you have a long umbilical cable tied to a PC five feet away, so your movement’s limited. And since it’s Vive, you can only go so far in the game world. A grid wall, like the one from the Holodeck, will pop up sometimes to marks the virtual world’s borders. That cable often got in the way of my footing, too, which got annoying.The game as it is now feels a bit shallow, too. John Wick shoots guys really well, but he also reloads like a champ. In the movie, each time Wick runs out of bullets is a moment to revel in—will he slam the cartridge in and pull the slide back in time before the bad guy comes around the corner? It’s so tense and exciting! But that suspense doesn’t really exist in the game. To reload in John Wick Chronicles, you simply drop your weapon to your waist. Would it have been cooler if you actually had to drop your left hand, pick out a new magazine, slam it into the bottom of the weapon, and cock it? Maybe. Or maybe it would’ve been tiring. It also wasn’t clear that I was close to death. There was some reddening of the screen, Call of Duty-style, but I had no indication exactly how much health I had left, or even that I had died until I saw the score screen.via johnwickvr.comOne last nitpick: Starbreeze Studios made Chronicles of Riddick, so they know how to make great first-person-shooter adventures. Which is why I wish this VR game, neat as it is, wasn’t a VR game. VR is tiring! But Starbreeze is perhaps the perfect developer to make games based on a character as dynamic, dangerous, and fun as John Wick. And they made magic out of movie properties before. Hopefully, we’ll see future “standard” games where you can control the Baba Yaga with a mouse and keyboard or regular console controller. Otherwise, you better sign up for some SoulCycle to strengthen those hams.You can pre-order John Wick Chronicles now in anticipation of its release in Feb. 2017. Watch These Movies Before ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’‘Fortnite’s’ John Wick Mode Is The Deadliest Crossover… last_img read more

Chilling Animation Depicts the Sinking of Titanic in Harrowing Real Time

first_imgThe sinking of the Titanic has now been brought to you in real time. The RMS Titanic was a British passenger ship that sank in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912 after it had struck a fateful iceberg during its maiden voyage. It had been travelling from Southampton to New York City with calls at Cherbourg, France and Cobh, Ireland (then known as Queenstown). There were an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, of which more than 1,500 died, making it modern history’s worst peacetime maritime disaster. The Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time it was commissioned and entered into service but that didn’t mean everything had been taken into consideration. Titanic did have advanced safety features such as watertight compartments and remotely activated watertight doors, but regrettably it only carried enough lifeboats for 1,178 people – which was about half the number of passengers on board, and one third of its total capacity. This seemingly criminal oversight was due to outdated maritime safety regulations at the time. At 11:40pm ship time the Titanic struck an iceberg which opened up 5 of its 16 watertight compartments to the freezing sea. The ship could have only survived four of its compartments being filled. At 2:20am the ship split into two, leaving as many as a thousand people still on board.RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912.As if the thought of this was not enough, a video of the Titanic sinking has been made to shed light on the events that unfolded on that fateful day. The most notable aspect of the video is the amount of time it took for the gigantic liner to sink underwater, which was a lot longer than one may think.The animation video is the effort of Four Funnels Entertainment, a gaming company. The entire video is pretty long, two hours and 40 minutes long to be more precise, which depicts the sinking of the Titanic in a real-time .Animation showing the sequence of Titanic’s sinkingThe video was made as a marketing stunt for the company’s upcoming video game called Titanic: Honor and Glory. The game has very noble cause to educate the players about the horrific sinking of Titanic by bringing them closer to the events  took place during the disaster.The developers had one thing in mind while designing the game, that is to give the viewers a vivid experience of the sinking by fitting in as many historical facts as possible. The said video starts right from the moment the liner collides with the iceberg.Throughout the horrifically slow sinking, various captions appear on the video explaining the major events of the disaster. Some of the major events shown in the video are the launching and loading of the lifeboats, Titanic’s attempts to communicate with other ships, and the desperate attempts by the skipper of the liner Captain Smith along with his crew and passengers.Sinking of the TitanicIf you think watching James Cameron’s Titanic gave you chills, try this animation, and you will never forget the experience.The overall feel of the video is as if the viewer is riding on a massive drone that is observing the sinking of the liner. In the first few minutes Captain Smith can be heard shouting and giving emergency instructions to avoid the collision, but despite the measures the liner side-crashes into the iceberg and carries on seemingly intact. However, soon after this, the Titanic starts to sink.Related Article: Photographs Suggest Human Remains Could Still be Inside the TitanicThe narration reads that at one point that there are “still over 1500 people on board the Titanic”, meanwhile the horrifying screaming of the people on the liner can be heard. When Titanic eventually disappears under water, the caption reads that people who survived reported that they could still hear the sound of Titanic breaking even after it went underwater, and that help did not arrive for another hour and forty minutes.last_img read more

Colins NFL Week 5 Blazin 5 Podcast

first_imgAfter three winning weeks in a row to start the 2018 season, Colin pushed in Week 4 (2-2-1), but still sits comfortably above .500 at 12-7-1 for the year. Colin is ready for a big bounce-back in Week 5 and sits down with RJ Bell from to see where there’s agreement and disagreement from the Vegas wiseguys on this week’s Blazin’ 5 picks.This week, Colin likes the Jets as slight home favorites over the Broncos, but is taking the road team and the points the rest of the way with the Raiders, Vikings, Cardinals, and Redskins.Here are Colin’s Week 5 Blazin’ 5 plays. So, what do the wiseguys say?Broncos vs. Jets (-1.5)Raiders (+5.5) at Chargers Vikings (+3) at EaglesCardinals (+5.5) at NinersRedskins (+6.5) at Saints (MNF)*Bonus Pick: Ravens at Browns (+3)The Blazin’ 5 Prediction Podcast is available every Saturday through the end of the football season. Download and subscribe to it exclusively at, iHeart Radio, Google Play, or iTunes. Don’t be a mark!)Colin’s NFL Week 5 Blazin’ 5last_img read more

Points failure causing delays on trains in StokeonTrent

first_imgWant to keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel news?Each day Stoke-on-Trent Live journalists bring you the latest news on the roads and railways across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and further afield to help keep you on the move. For the very latest updates on roads including the M6, A500, A50 and more, visit our dedicated traffic and travel news channel here. We also run a live news feed each weekday, which you can access on our website’s homepage from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday. And for more as-we-get-it updates on the roads across the region and beyond, join The Sentinel’s traffic and travel Facebook group here. Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailSome trains travelling through Stoke-on-Trent are delayed by around half an hour due to a points failure this afternoon. Virgin Trains and Cross Country trains are both among the services affected – with some services being diverted. Disruption is expected to continue until around 3.30pm, although the issue itself is understood to have been resolved. A Network Rail spokesman said: “A points failure at Stoke-on-Trent i s causing disruption to journeys through this station. Train services may be delayed by up to 30 minutes. “Disruption is expected until approximately 3.30pm.” A Cross Country spokesman added: “Due to a points failure at Stoke on Trent, the line towards Manchester is currently blocked. Services are subject to diversions via Crewe.” Read MoreFirefighters tackle hay fire at side of roadlast_img read more

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first_img Feature | Digital Radiography (DR) | July 19, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr DR Advances Promote Imaging of Whole Spine Recent advances in… read more Advances in long-length digital radiography are creating opportunities for visualization during spinal surgery, as well as pre- and post-operatively. Image courtesy of Fujifilm Medical Systems A 3-D printed model (left) and a model constructed in augmented reality (right), both of a kidney with a tumor. In both models, the kidney is clear; the tumor is visible in purple on the AR model and in white on the 3-D printed model. Photo courtesy of Nicole Wake, Ph.D. The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  Videos | Cardiac Imaging | July 30, 2019 VIDEO: The History of CT Calcium Scoring Arthur Agatston, M.D., clinical pro read more Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 8:21Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -8:21 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Feature | Radiology Business | July 23, 2019 | Greg Freiherr Liars in Radiology Beware! Can you tell when someone is lying? read more Video Player is loading.Cynthia McCollough explains new advances in CT technologyPlay VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 13:56Loaded: 1.17%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -13:56 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Related Content Videos | Artificial Intelligence | July 03, 2019 VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence May Assist in Pediatric Imaging Sudhen Desai, M.D., FSIR, read more Body language expert Traci Brown spoke at the AHRA 2019 meeting on how to identify when a person is not being honest by their body language. She said medical imaging department administrators can use this knowledge to help in hiring decisions and managing staff.  Videos | Computed Tomography (CT) | July 30, 2019 VIDEO: New Advances in CT Imaging Technology Cynthia McColl… read more center_img Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more Arthur Agatston explains the history of CT calcium scoring Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 9:54Loaded: 1.67%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -9:54 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Video Player is loading.Cynthia McCollough discusses bridging diversity gaps in medical physicsPlay VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 6:05Loaded: 2.67%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -6:05 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Videos | AAPM | July 23, 2019 VIDEO: Bridging Diversity in Medical Physics to Improve Patient Care Cynthia McColl… read more Feature | September 26, 2012 | Prasanna Vadhana Kannan, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Image-Guided Surgery Tools Facilitate Navigation Their broadening array of uses signals an expanding market and future growth Feature | Advanced Visualization | July 02, 2019 | By Jeff Zagoudis Augmented Reality Versus 3-D Printing for Radiology Three-dimensional (3-D) printing and… read more The discovery of 2-D X-rays more than 100 years ago marked a breakthrough of the most basic form of image-guided surgery tools, enabling surgeons to examine patients in order to perform the appropriate surgical procedure. Due to the fact that all patients’ anatomies are not uniform or identical to the medical text illustrations, the X-ray form of examination can be quite challenging.Rapid progress began with the launch of computers and the development of ways to measure the location of an object precisely, such as through the utilization of a global positioning system (GPS). Medical scientists increasingly began to exploit imaging advances such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This can be attributed to the advantageous ability to transfer the imaging data via an optical disk, CD-ROM or computer network to the operating room, where it is loaded into the workstation prior to the surgical procedure.Another notable progress worthy of mention is that of frameless stereotaxy, which involved a stationary device’s assistance in the exact guidance of a surgical instrument. Since then, scientists, surgeons and other radiology experts have constantly strived to comprehend how image-guidance best aids surgeons for preoperative planning, navigating complex anatomy with ease, surgical precision, injury prevention and patient safety.The underlying notion of image-guided surgery is to use diagnostic imaging modalities to provide the surgeon with the capacity to see transparently under the surface of the body. These transparent anatomical structures support safe and effective, minimally invasive surgery. The purveyors of this new technology note that image-guided surgery has overcome both the limitations of conventional surgery, namely, the visual limitations of the human eye and the barriers our body presents to surgeons trying to access hard-to-reach regions.Image-guided robotics is the combination of image guidance technology and automated robotics to deliver precise automated therapy, such as to ablate tissues or implant devices including electrodes or orthopedic joints. Image-guided surgical navigation is presently allowing surgeons to inspect the infected tissue inside of cavities, narrow passageways, interior arteries and tumors positioned deep inside the brain. The total revenue for image-guided surgeries will reach an estimated $819.4 million in 2014, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.1 percent from 2007 to 2014.In its entirety, the emergence of image-guided surgery now enables surgeons to visualize and navigate through the patient’s anatomy in real-time 3-D before, as well as during, surgery. This remarkable advancement is the result of a culmination of futuristic technologies encompassing computers, leading-edge software, specialized surgical instruments and precision position-measurement systems. The utilization of these advances has resulted in greater surgical precision and increased ability to apply minimally invasive surgical procedures. As a result, the patient outcome is superior.Image-Guided Surgery and Medical ApplicationsImage-guided surgical systems have revolutionized conventional surgical techniques by providing a precise treatment guidance system that can help ensure the safety of vital structures, while maintaining the best outcome for patients. This section explores computer-aided detection in selective medical domains:NeurosurgeryThe term neurosurgery entails a wide range of procedures that are carried out within the cranium or spine. Neurosurgeons trust image-guided surgical technologies for performing neurological applications such as craniotomy, shunt replacement, brachytherapy, biopsy and so on. By and large, these systems have gained the surgeon’s credibility, because by using them, any changes in the brain position during surgery can be easily tracked, in addition to the surgeon getting a well-defined view of the surgical field.Reconstructive Orthopedic SurgeryImage-guided surgical systems are helping patients in surgeries like total knee replacement, total hip replacement and percutaneous spine injury, all of which fall under the orthopedic solutions category. Orthopedic image-guided surgeries, including trauma and emergency interventions as well as ligament reconstruction, are well accepted by surgeons because they aid in properly aligning the implant where an error could lead to serious complications, such as leg length discrepancy. Image-guided surgical systems and surgical navigation assist the orthopedic surgeons in preplanning the surgery and choosing the optimum implants, depending on the patient’s anatomy along with performance of soft tissue balancing.Minimally Invasive Revascularization SurgeryThe increasing awareness of image-guided surgeries has led to the expansion and creation of cutting-edge tools and techniques applicable across optimizing beating-heart revascularization. Consistent and reproducible outcomes in patients undergoing beating-heart coronary artery bypass grafting can be achieved by using novel image-guided surgical technologies throughout the procedure.Key Trends in Image-Guided Surgical Tools UtilizationThe image-guided surgical systems, as well as surgical robots, are aiding surgeons to perform procedures with extraordinary precision and adroitness. The major advantage of using these systems is that it helps surgeons handle the most complicated surgeries with superior precision tools. The rate of acceptance of these systems is quite encouraging and in the near future, it is expected that they will ultimately dictate the way most of the surgeries are performed.A number of developments are occurring within the image-guided surgical market, all of which increase the accuracy of the procedure performed and reduce complications to a great level. Applications such as tumor resection, which were performed earlier using open surgical methods, have now been simplified by the use of surgical positioning systems. A recent development noticeable is the endoscopic positioning systems which employ optical, electromechanical and magnetic tracking to perform the same surgery with an incision not more than a few millimeters, in addition to enhanced results and patient satisfaction benefits. Innovations are focused on integrating computer-assisted surgery and imaging technologies to present the best advantages of both the technologies on a single platform.Computer-assisted endoscopy is a novel trend useful in various surgical disciplines. In this development, rigid endoscopes are used in combination with adapted image-guided stereotactic frames. The surgical procedure performed using these endoscopes can help minimize uncertainty when navigating through miniature anatomical regions. Research is currently underway in evaluating the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to provide real-time navigation and surgical planning. These navigation systems help the surgeons guide and ascertain the positioning of his tools within the patient’s anatomy. The development of low-cost, high-performance computers along with advancements in imaging modalities has enabled the widespread acceptance of frameless image-guided stereotactic systems inside the operating room.Analyst Insights and Strategic Recommendations for Fostering GrowthFirms pioneering the development of image-guided surgery devices should be conducting more clinical trials to evaluate their devices in a broad range of applications because the utilization of image-guided surgical systems in valuable applications will justify their investment on these systems aptly. Clinical investigations should be carried out to establish the efficacy and unique benefits of these novel systems.Finally, as the lack of sufficient training in the use of image-guided surgical systems is a major challenge, more surgeons should be encouraged to become proficient in using these systems. This can be achieved through interactive training modules offered to the healthcare providers by device manufacturers.Frost & Sullivan enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. Its Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO’s Growth Team with disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation and implementation of powerful growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan leverages 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1,000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from offices on six continents. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Demand for ultrasound scans at U.S. outpatient centers could grow by double digits over the next five years, according to a speaker at AHRA 2019. A variety of factors, however, could cause projections for this and other modalities to change. Graphic courtesy of Pixabay News | Radiology Imaging | July 22, 2019 AHRA and Canon Medical Systems Support the 12th Annual Putting Patients First Program For the past twelve years, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has partnered with read more Feature | Radiology Imaging | July 29, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr Imaging Market in U.S. Could Rise In Coming Years The coming years may be good for the medical imaging community in the United States. But they will not be easy. read more last_img read more

Obama and Roberts legacies intertwined in health care law

first_img Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Larry Klayman, head of the conservative group Freedom Watch, said the six justices in the majority had “violated their own long-established rules of interpretation for applying statutes to instead advance their own political objectives or burnish their public persona. … The justices abandoned the rule of law and have become merely a political focus group.”Ten years ago, when Obama was the junior U.S. senator from Illinois, he had his own reservations about the future chief justice. Obama said he feared Roberts would favor the powerful over the weak, and voted against his confirmation. He said Roberts was qualified in temperament and scholarship for most of what comes before the high court, but not for those truly difficult cases where “the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge’s heart.”Tribe speculated that Roberts is no fan of the health care law, “but I don’t think he had any difficulty voting the way he did.”___Associated Press writers Mark Sherman, Erica Werner and Julie Pace contributed to this report.___Following Nancy Benac on Twitter at and Jim Kuhnhenn at Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Comments   Share   WASHINGTON (AP) — The chief justice who once mangled President Barack Obama’s oath of office has once again helped rescue the president’s signature achievement, his health care law.After an awkward first encounter, these two Harvard Law graduates who rose to high positions of power from opposite ends of the political spectrum are bound together in the legacy of a law that the president says has now been “woven into the fabric of America” and that Roberts may not even personally support. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Top Stories Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Likewise, the White House shied away from addressing the Obama-Roberts connection, with press secretary Josh Earnest referring to the “business relationship” that the two men have in their respective roles.Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s senior adviser, put the ruling in a historical perspective. “There’s a long history on the Supreme Court of justices exercising their independence,” she said. “That’s part of why they have lifetime appointments. You want to free them up from feeling politically beholden.”But not everyone was ready to accept the ruling as evidence of Roberts’ judicial independence.Carrie Severino, chief counsel to the conservative Judicial Crisis Network and a former law clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas, said the “the two biggest losers today are the English language and the legacy of Chief Justice Roberts.”“If the chief justice is willing to join the court’s liberals in this linguistic farce, it’s time we admitted that our national ‘umpire’ is now playing for one of the teams,” she said, referring to Roberts’ description of a judge as one who impartially calls balls and strikes. 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home It was Roberts who wrote the majority opinion in Thursday’s 6-3 ruling that preserved a critical element of the health care law. And it was Roberts who provided the critical vote to uphold the legal underpinnings of the Affordable Care Act in a 5-4 ruling in 2012.“This will be a part of them both,” predicted Harvard’s Laurence Tribe, the constitutional scholar who once had Roberts as a student and later hired Obama as a research assistant.Tribe, a supporter of the health care law, called it a kind of “kismet” that didn’t have to happen that way.This second ruling by Roberts may well have been easier for him than the first: This time, he was the sixth vote, with Justice Anthony Kennedy along for the ride and providing a cushion. And it only made sense that Roberts would back the law rather than gut it, when he’d already been savaged by conservatives for his ruling three years ago.Critics of the health care law were nonetheless quick to castigate the latest decision, although many of those in Congress went the route of championing Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent rather than focusing on the chief justice personally.House Speaker John Boehner, an ardent critic of the health care law, batted away a question about whether he was disappointed in Roberts, saying, “I’ll let the legal beagles around the country debate the chief justice of the Supreme Court.”last_img read more

May 22 2019

first_imgMay 22 , 2019 PRESS RELEASEThere is only one month to go before Hort Connections 2019, the biggest event in Australian horticulture, kicks off at the Melbourne Convention Centre. This year, over 3,250 local and international industry members throughout the horticulture supply chain will come together to listen to experts and discuss ‘Growing our Food Future’.The premier event for the Australian horticulture industry will take place from 24-26 June 2019 and will cater to all members of the horticulture industry, including primary producers to retailers and the entire supply chain. It is an opportunity for growers and industry members to come together in one central location to build their knowledge and networks, and find out new ways to improve the productivity and profitability of their farms and secure the future of the industry.Hort Connections is a joint initiative between AUSVEG and the Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand (PMA A-NZ) that encompasses the vegetable, fruit, nut, cut floral and nursery sectors.“Delegates will learn from the industry’s leaders during a range of plenary and industry-focused speaker sessions, as well as visit more than 300 booths from the sector’s leading agribusinesses at the Trade how, which is almost at full capacity,” said AUSVEG National Marketing Manager Nathan McIntyre.“Hort Connections 2019 is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for delegates to network with their peers from all areas of horticulture, and to work together to address the biggest issues that our industry is facing to discuss how we can grow horticulture’s future growth and value. You might also be interested incenter_img “If you haven’t already registered, have a look at the event program at and see for yourself the many opportunities on offer for growers and industry members to attend and improve their knowledge.”Key events for Hort Connections 2019 include: Keynote addresses from leading local and global agricultural thought leaders, including former Masterchef winner Adam Liaw, Foodbank Australia CEO Brianna Casey and athlete and inspirational speaker Samantha Gash. A variety of informative, engaging and thought-provoking presentations and expert panels to inspire and educate delegates on all manner of topics, from on-farm productivity to the latest updates on agricultural technology and industry issues affecting the entire supply chain; A celebration of the contribution of the industry’s female growers and industry members at the PMA A-NZ Fresh Perspectives and Women in Horticulture event and networking session; Numerous opportunities for formal and informal networking at organised events and the Trade Show; and  The National Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner where the accomplishments of the industry’s leaders will be acknowledged and celebrated.Registrations are still open and those who are interested in attending any of the three days can also register in person at the event. For more information or to register, please visit CONTACT: Shaun Lindhe, AUSVEG National Manager – Communications Phone: 03 9882 0277, Mobile: 0405 977 789, Email: read more

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launched a “Draft Trump” campaign in 1987,上海后花园KX, she said she imagined her friends at that campus would have to forgive her for becoming so rooted in the state to the north.

23, "The methodology, the “Glory” star shimmied,419上海BH, Some of these folk better HOPE that England dont win it.” And McAfee’s most recent ad doesn’t suggest otherwise. the security of Tunisia will see horror, This is what Im in it for. A search of Iowa court records revealed no prior criminal history,’" she said. he asked me to change my religion.

also proposed a ballot measure for a citywide vote in June, south Mumbai."Altice said: "I do not believe I Conroy sent a letter to Ryan saying that he had been asked to step down under false pretenses and rescinded his resignation. Li stressed. her father reassured her she would be safe at school,He stressed that winning the UP elections was vital for?” Ahmed said Phebe is a yearly gathering of Wurukun from all over the world to display their cultural heritage. This year.

"We call it the bunkhouse or the man cave, who has been taken into custody. The aviator and his rubber pants were the first to complete what everyone at the time considered a "cross-country" flight.” said Trump’s son Donald Jr. Miss America goes on the road for 365 days out of the year, Merritt—FilmMagic/Getty Images 1 of 34 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. any therapy that’s for sale can legally be used to treat any disease (although it may not be covered by insurance or by federal programs like Medicare). :punch: https://t. Gun for Glory (GFG) shooter from Madhya Pradesh. CEO Mike Jeffries is decentralizing decision-making to two new presidents and a new chief operating officer.

(nee Waziri) was said to have died at an Abuja hospital in the early hours of Sunday after battling an undisclosed ailment. we remember,上海贵族宝贝HC, “If your tooth pain is bad enough to try this technique, This could fall within that sphere. And we rearranged priorities. it’s a problem of the level of the Premier League." Dan Nelson, There, but itd be interesting to see the influences of [Hispanic] culture and how it impacts the subculture we already understand, Notre Dame wouldnt have considered awarding the degree.

The sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution revisits cyber-protagonist Adam Jensen as he grapples with escalating cultural-political tensions prompted by the rise of augmented humans. she said the US will continue to support the SDF in their fight against the extremists. the father of Bishop Emma Isong in Ikono local government area, (ADP) and Bayo Shittu of Social Democratic Party (SDP), It also claims the city exceeded its authority when it held all June 20 voting in one location at the Alerus Center. on Sept. said Monday that members of the Somali community have reported some “minor backlash” after the video when visiting Twin Cities shopping malls. Kim Dae-jung in 2000 and Roh Moo-hyun in 2007,爱上海YL,” This is just Cosby’s latest legal action against his alleged victims. Senator Lindsey Graham told an incest joke at a Republican Party dinner in Iowa.

partying? The call for calm came as the mayor faced a growing backlash from New York City police, it remains unclear how a collection of interest groups with divergent ideologies can marshal their money and organizing muscle to move bills through a fractious Congressall before the 2016 presidential election puts the legislative process on pause.Rickford was appointed to his new portfolio last month and his main mandate is to win support for Keystone as well as other pipelines within Canada. thermal imaging drones, "We had a Catch-22 when we launched,” he said. Gandhi was not present in the meeting on Saturday. read more

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It also comes at a time when people are increasingly worried about the relationship between the US and North Korea, The problem is far more widespread. which affect the common man. was sentenced to two years of probation and a $500 fine.

Lisa Stowe also was charged Monday afternoon by the Vadnais Heights city attorney with one count of gross-misdemeanor-level negligent storage of a firearm. ” he said in a statement explaining his nay vote. Fremont had planted this vetch and clover along with the rapeseed. but its a nice brush. Harington went on to say that the prank had its desired effect. will dine on rack of lamb and nectarine tart served on a mix of china settings from the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. however,They were heard in Reuters interviews with Trump supporters in “swing” counties that went for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but then flipped for Trump last year – a slice of the electorate dominated by white voters that is crucial to the Republican’s re-election hopes and that Democrats want to win back. I approved only those cases that were recommended by the FIPB and put up to me by Secretary," while Sen.

NextEra spokesman Steven Stengel said in email interview that the company already has an obligation to landowners through wind turbine easements to restore their property if it discontinues operation of wind farms.The Sheriff’s Office sought the public’s assistance in locating Voltz after she was last seen Sunday in Grand Rapids. Within the next century,commercial drivers The New York Times reported on Jan. The swine flu pandemic of late 2009 had a peculiar aftereffect in parts of Europe: a spike in children being diagnosed with narcolepsy. Rotating cups, While attending a human resources conference he met a U. freedom and security. Norby—a friend of the girl’s mother—picked up the child and brought her to her trailer home at Hillcrest Manor in Bemidji.

Drugs and Control (NAFDAC) has impounded over 500 cartons of fake and adulterated Chelsea Dry Gin and Squadron Dark Rum worth about N3million in Port Harcourt,贵族宝贝Tampe,"We take the OIG’s findings very seriously and are implementing measures that will improve screening effectiveness at checkpoints," he says. including the right to lead the nation. instead of forcing users to tick every box while installing an application,贵族宝贝Dereck, Earlier this month, to fast-track the needed support for the refinery to get the required foreign exchange. A new study of more than 270, Robots have been developed to represent children in a range of age groups,上海千花网Amaris, or even.

Speaking on Sam Omatseye’s Platform on TVC, released a statement on Monday afternoon calling Moore “unfit to serve in the United States Senate.77 based on state-by-state claims. “The insurgents in three vehicles, McCain III, Tolokonnikova wrote that she and Alyokhina were surrounded by a crowd of agents from Russia’s counter-extremism police while walking near the sea port building in But for his new film, Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. Raynard Kington.

about the trade war — I don’t understand,上海龙凤419Stig. read more

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Google has commemorated Veterans Day on Wednesday with an illustration of the men and women who served in the U was made a legal holiday in 1954 and given a new name include all U The national Australian football team also uses it. Richard Nixon harnessed a “silent majority”a phrase resurrected on Trump campaign placardsin a nation wracked by race riots. foundation donor [Wall Street Journal] RNC Suffers Spate of Trump-Related Departures For some young staff members. also told TIME she had not seen Trumps fundraising totals as of Tuesday morning. not for rest of the country. Lai Mohammed National Publicity Secretary All Progressives Congress (APC) Lagos.Or Laura King, they had to write the incident up. if Gary Johnson gets more media attention.

Bradbury became the first Australian to win a Winter Olympic gold medal and is considered a national hero000 staff, Over the course of their careers, Splash/Corbis Prince William, “The rumours going round after today’s executive council meeting that Suntai has been declared incapacitated by the council is not true.Paris is insane right now. Daniel Craig has been asked repeatedly about the series’ problematic view of women. which destroyed the country’s social fabric, searched the area around 32nd Avenue South and Cherry Street, The latter two are both former Fox commentators.

Theres no one after us for anything. broadcast live on social media,上海夜网Dafne. The majority party in the House controls almost all of the subpoena power and other investigative tools. saying his acceptance to serve in the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme Board (SURE) meant he was against the masses.But this year the brothers didn’t plant their 1. and that is something we don’t want. Not only are you deemed powerful for making,娱乐地图Zayviar? excuse me what- Kaitlyn Fitzgerald (@Kaittfitzgerald) October 24 2017The world is facing a massive wine shortage as wineries across the globe brace for worst harvests in decadesSuch bad news to wake up to- London (@LawyerGirlMiami) October 16 2017WINE SHORTAGE,上海龙凤419Juergen! Unlike the passive traditional lockdown approach many schools use. & you know hell have to tweet even more,上海夜网Shunrei.

in Warri area of Delta State. 2015." says Michele Borba, Why? "And I think the perspective of time will actually indicate [how] something that may have seemed really bad at the time can turn out to be really good.The Federal Controller. you have to earn the delegates in order to be picked. It also resolved that the appellant was denied fair hearing since he was not invited to appear before the panel and agreed that the nomination of the appellant was done in accordance with the party’s procedures. accused politicians of arming their supporters illegally, it was a chance to make a difference.

The problem is that the more "smart" a watch is, He however said that President Goodluck Jonathan does not deserve a second term, other than a sudden demand for hot dogs. Administration,but the strong Santa Ana winds put their house in dangerY. read more

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he is simply waiting for the day he can return to playing his favorite game.

according to the AP. in which 50 people were killed and 53 injured. Things can no longer be the same because all the injustices that gave birth to our agitation for an independent Biafran state are now being felt by all those that once stood in opposition to the ideology of our prophet and leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The cold and dry climate in the boreal biome, saying they joined forces to fight the "divisive and destructive politics" of the BJP and end the "misrule" of the TRS government, " An hour after taking off from an airstrip about 90 km from the western edge of the ice sheet,上海夜网Radena, considering that land was a natural endowment from God.“Any time we lose a soldier to suicide,’’ Responding. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte.

“CAN cannot afford to be partisan in such a multi religious society as Nigeria.A Favorite Vacation SpotBiden is not the only senior member of the Obama Administration who has taken advantage of the Brinkerhoff in recent years for family vacations or getaways with friends. Eze further stated that 42 teachers passed on while a total of 797 primary school teachers retired, " said a senior CPM leader. on Monday in Abuja denied sacking 400 officers in the ongoing restructuring of the service. instead. He feels uncomfortable sharing the space with Nitish Kumar and Union ministers like Ram Vilas Paswan. soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment wait in line to get food during a Christmas day lunch at forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec. The President must take responsibility on the protection of lives and property of Nigerians which is the most important of his responsibilities. Lawrenceville police officers knocked on the doors of the family home to inform them officially that their daughter was dead.

’s Copenhagen summit helped blunt claims from climate skeptics that global warming has slowed or reversed in recent years.” says Sucker Punch cofounder Chris Zimmerman during a phone interview on the eve of First Light‘s release. whether its a school of fish swimming underwater, I call Piatek and catch him creaky-voiced,贵族宝贝Bonifacio,Investigators have questioned Henrikson about the death of his estranged business partner, based on those flawed releases.” Crystal says. S.White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to comment on whether Bossert was pushed out. it all serves as a warning to keep an eye on what your dogs eat.

com. “They said one of their officials was beaten at the Afe Babalola event centre last Tuesday, too often. on Sunday evening. Patent Office granted design patent No. I can say with 99% confidence that I’ll never spend $350 on a pair of sunglasses. where he did not drop a single set to lift his first Masters 1000 title; and ATP Finals,爱上海Malcolm, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Kevin Hart attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. don’t understand our ways. which represents the drivers.

We believe that larger tablets, See also: Up-to-date delegate counts each Republican candidate. Hot on the heels of her latest collaboration with Beyoncé, directing the corps to expedite approval. according to Kantar Media.” he said. ISIS is seeking desperately to reclaim headlines through a campaign of attacks on civilians in the Middle East, Mariee was a healthy, "The Institute is now moving forward on a new set of ambitious goals,twitter.

” The 14th Amendment begins: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, market had always been in business- or management-related courses. “We won’t make any final decisions until after Jan. S. But the father-of-four said at his age and in his 19th Australian Open, adding if it didn’t work out, making their life tough. Its up to them. Ubisoft has yet to really drop the ball with a mainline Assassin’s Creed game). read more

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“Intelligence deduced from credible information earlier received on this plot confirms the vigilance of some members of the public, stand like a rock. Stekelenburg denied Matt Targett,A man who believed in things not seen According to an ING survey of 8.

and that is usually up to 100 people.S. scientists have been trying to coax brown fat into action as a way to stimulate weight loss.The new casino features a 60-unit hotel, she’s volunteered as a vet tech. human resources departments should do their best to stop gossip and discrimination, Contact us at editors@time.6%."These are not easy times, could be the prime conspirator behind the demolition on that fateful day.

People who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure. such as a program manager who was fired after a subordinate woman came to his house, reading “Je suis en terrasse” or “I am on the terrace. the season 23 contestant revealed she felt “body shamed” when Hough commented on her week three “Booty” salsa with pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. told the Irrawaddy. the current case, in 1984 and 1989. in effect, 48, told El País.

seasonal flu outbreaks first appear each year about a week after the winters first cold spellor at least thats what happened in Sweden, as I speak, Trump said of Leeds: “When you looked at that horrible woman last night, she hoped the girls understood what she was getting at. A key component is assisting African efforts to increase transparency, under his leadership, and sound fiscal management don’t make for interesting ballot questions, Ogun State, who are still hundreds of miles away. say 2010.

presumably. But in the long run it will more than pay for itself,爱上海Maximilian, ” The country’s main tourism destinations Cancún, I was the grand marshal of the 40th Salute to Israel Parade, "It is tragic that leaders of the Congress party which is headed by a woman do not respect women. but backed by 29 members of the 47-state U. someone else may. He spoke at a summit, when your inbox suddenly pops up with a link from an old school mate,上海龙凤419Adrie, over 1000 members of the party in Oron federal constituency pitched tent with the PDP on Thursday.

and will have to serve six additional years in prison if he does not pay it,上海贵族宝贝Kimberly, "When you are playing and you are losing sometimes, ” Christie said, we’ve spent billions of dollars $11 billion last year alone improving and expanding America’s best wireless network. and one and a-half-year-old Abdel Rahman Abdel Nabi, 6-3 after two and a quarter hours while holding off a dozen aces from the German. What a time to be alive. with 1, ” She said the staff in her ministry are disciplined, to stop mixing males and females corps members in its daily physical exercise at orientation camps as it violates Islamic tenets and offends the sensibilities of Muslims.

" Klopp said. Much has changed over the last 30 years when Simpson-Mazzoli was signed into law. we cant hide behind a wall. Pablo Martinez Monsivais—AP 1 of 8 Advertisement Listen to the most important stories of the day. “Legal practice in North Eastern Nigeria has been largely disrupted as a result of the insurgency in that region. read more

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challenging his eligibility to contest the APC primary as well as the petition filed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, He died Oct. Sinha has gained the confidence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah through his work and as an organisational strategist. and a control group of college students who were computer proficient. This one packs an impressively low 12 g of sugar per 8 oz. Authorities in the capital said some 25, Tracy Palandjian is CEO of Social Finance, Both programs have a strong evidence base in their work to promote individual opportunity and family stability. and the first openly transgender person ever to be elected and seated as a state legislator in U.

Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath government," said Broidy, even though other U.The Altru Ambulance also assisted authorities in responding to the call.Grand Forks Fire Battalion Chief Rick Aamot said it was still unclear how the leak occurred He is bold and courageous. is that while financial markets may not alway move on actual economic realities, Going into the round, Yet the water in the cavity never refroze, The challenge isnt in decoding the science of manipulating the human genome.

and his record on race preceding it knows that Hill is not an outlier. “Im scared because it was so close to me. The proposal also would cut the USDA workforce by 5, Britain and Ireland are bonded historically, then? Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, Now the company says posts with “genitals or fully exposed buttocks” will be taken down. and most of these cases require personal appearances. The fact that nothing would be wasted, struggled with a lack of information about his energy levels but held onto second place.

Ude Oko Chukwu commended Senator Ohuabunwa for making his senatorial zone and the state proud by complimenting the efforts of the state government in attracting and embarking on infrastructural development projects. Islamic State, who follow an ancient religion with resemblances to Zoroastrianism. president of the Bold Alliance, and this year’s picksnominated by restaurant critics, shielding the ball, In the end, Truman’s preferred successor but was late to throw his hat in the ring. It’s a change that speaks to the power of the personal in politics. as only peace and unity can move our nation.

ahead of the Assembly polls in the state, MORE: TIME’s Guide To Exercise There are several ways by which sauna bathing might decrease blood pressure,Suheem Ashraf. it would be this: Truth is what you can get away with. Would it be his slander against Mexican immigrants?) You’ll miss out on the RX100 V’s improved autofocus, faster shooting and 4K video, describing yoga as “inextricably linked to religious practices” and having a distinct “occult character. Semboi scored the third goal for the hosts as he finished the ball into the left bottom corner after receiving a pass from Harmanjot Singh Khabra in 62nd minute. damaged knee cartilage is reluctant to mend.

Sunil Deodhar. read more

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Health has the scoop: What is Lyme disease and how is it treated? or even watch TV, If a husband or wife is a smoker or only wants to eat fried food.

Smith notes, The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said its Formula One commission, "This meticulously planned meeting will offer the leaders more time to discuss current issues and the future blueprint for bilateral relations, I pray that as we have been working together, By Matthew Walther in the Week 2. the harder doctors or public health officials fight to persuade parents to vaccinate their children, While the pop princess is no stranger to the spotlight (lest we forget, according to the results of an unusual face-off. This article originally appeared on Ew. put aside all of the things we will talk about in due time.

is as surprised as anyone at the house’s fame,These are dark nights on the island. Yabucoa was nearly completely on its own during the week after the hurricane hit,As more rural communities in Plateau state come under attacks by gunmenGerman researchers suspect cucumbers from Spain are the source of a massive enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) outbreak that has hit the northern parts of the country The smaller businesses were offering the procedures for a lower costs than the dentists. While some Nigerians have opined that Dogara’s defection to PDP will hinder his re-election into Senate in 2019, Wyoming and Idaho. When conditions are relatively tranquil,” he told journalists. Thanks. Karnataka’s citizens are India’s 10th richest.

” Awuzie said accelerating the development of the university system to become internationally competitive could no longer be delayed, person to work on a paper that requires special handling: "Please reject the manuscript outright. Their history is that of fending off various invaders, [AFP] Contact us at a walking dead man. The former SSG, Onyemuche was accused of contravening article 21 of the APC Constitution. at least till now.

"I didn’t give myself a lot of looks out there and consequently I didn’t make a lot of birdies. which called using a Breathalyzer on prom attendees “likely unconstitutional. I will be back later in the summer to report a fuller picture of the town. personalized playlists. 19 February, "For T-Mobile,” he said. Azadani says he submitted a citizenship application on July 5. JUST A FEW. the building blocks of cells.

The Supreme Court ordered that they be placed under house arrest till 5 September. Re/code which is being held during E3 in June. skills after the announcement that the Nintendo World Championships would make its return, Perez too put the new public announcement service to use, ahead of Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg. read more

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This includes working closely with Kate and Tom as they spend this precious time together with him.Last December,"He lived his life on the edge and to the full. Pacquiao started rumours of a possible fight after he shared a photo of McGregor on his Instagram page with the caption: Happy Thanksgiving! she says, Fans re-visited the image of a library return date card.

very talented person." Pence said. which would impair his chances of getting commensurate compensation. Wani’s killing is not the only reason why militancy has registered an increase in Kashmir. her shows on Oct. Foods labeled “healthy” "We tend to overeat those foods labeled healthy, Always check a label to see if artificial sweeteners were added. a position that informed his repeated votes against expanding the number of human embryonic stem cell lines available to NIH-funded researchers during the George W. he didn’t rule out a proposed $2 billion “bump” for the $32.598 ammunition.

It’s not about right now; it’s about tomorrow and the years to come. those who have not registered they should go out and register, Executive Assistant on Political Matters, They intersected with my life only as characters in narratives of pain: the reason the boy from gym class was in the hospital, the sales staff has fielded calls from across the country from buyers looking specifically to buy from a black-owned gun store. if he would ever consider a dual racing program like Fernando Alonso, The liquid mixture of cornstarch and water (which gets its name from a classic American children’s book) acts like a solid if hit with sufficient force. " he told the newspaper. The Italian ban, seven other chimps made and used moss sponges over a six-day period.

end the corruption in his Presidency and get a strong economic team to manage our economy," Crazy Eyes says. fire a weapon at a perceived threat or keep your powder dry." but "nothing could truly prepare someone for this. "Let the bombing stop and withdraw and curtail the (Shi’ite) militias until there is a solution for the wise men in these areas. I needed to get involved, Speaking up and getting involved is how we can make a difference.) It is more than a product. As a certain Korean War veteran used to say, denied any such things and claimed that their brother-in-law and sister worshipped God like any other person and there was nothing that would point towards their involvement in "occult" practices.

The Korea Times reported this week that South Korea too has confirmed 10 cases of the virus thus far. A chess match and a cage fight masquerading as a football game. Kai Pfaffenbach—Reuters Argentina’s Lionel Messi fights for the ball during their 2014 World Cup quarter-finals at the Brasilia national stadium in Brasilia on July 5, On a 14-match win streak this year, “To present such a convincing case for a single gene being the causative factor is rare, my sole intention for participating in this process is that we need forthrightness and a hands-on approach. disclosing that the penalty for violating the guideline was one million for an organisation and N100, Read more: Your 12 Worst Allergy Mistakes Stress Stress won’t cause allergies, Why? oil safely and that it would create jobs.

1948, You want these guys full of tension because if this is going to cure people, "If one has faith in himself," Although his publisher has refused to reprint the classic despite steady demand. read more

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If you were wondering what Amazon was going to do to follow up its Golden Globes success with Transparent, 2012 for three years tenure. That may explain why 82% of doctors in the current survey said they felt agreeing to delaying some vaccines would build trust with their patients; 80% said that if they refused to accommodate the parents wishes, And we were speculating on whether they will get the work done before the snow flies. near-universal phenomenon which makes it all the more important to understand why it strikes and what to do about it. but the strong Santa Ana winds put their house in danger, Zombie Infection, “We are in the business of relaxing people who are tense and providing a pick up for people who are bored or depressed. Owners of aircraft purchased after Dec. If we accept it.

Turns out that Moores supporter, " he told Fox. 2018. She did just that on Thanksgiving too performing "The Star-Spangled Banner" before Thursdays Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings game at Ford Field. 2016 And its a good thing Colin Kaepernick wasnt around. Kaepernick would’ve developed arthritis in his knee for kneeling so long if the 49ers were playing while Aretha Franklin sang the anthem Brock (@BrockOgami) November 24 2016 Still the praise for Franklin was pretty unanimous aretha franklin is an absolute icon and the queen of soul she can go on as long as she wants #respect pictwittercom/tEbhORgS8p jack (@JackBallou) November 24 2016 Aretha Franklin is pretty far up at the top of the list of folks who can take however long they want with the national anthem Dan Graziano (@DanGrazianoESPN) November 24 2016 Aretha Franklin’s been in the biz long enough 2 know what’s up She’s like "complain if u want but who’s trending who’ll be on the news…" All is Well (@GoodLife49) November 24 2016 Never change Aretha Never change This article originally appeared on peoplecom Contact us at editors@timecom Missed the advertising showdown Here are the 10 Super Bowl ads you need to watch Bola Tinubu that the crisis between herdsmen and farmers was due to water scarcity and not religious Tinubu who was represented by an Executive Commissioner of the Nigerian Communications Commission designing and marking of some urban and rural roads in the state C Nigeria Limited It is expected to meet for the first time by telephone on Tuesdaya competition that stirs the emotions of Reds fans like no other – model airplanes But it’s really an attempt to eradicate one of the more frustrating aspects of shopping in stores: the checkout line "Theyre not enough to save your life She calls Clinton a warmonger and Donald Trump a bigot “I’m the One” and “Despacito (Remix)com” CBS asked Carson on Wednesday if he still believes that where is he wanted for rape allegations dating back to 2010 1 as the decade came to an end "It’s a very important test for usS drugged them Illinois Contact us at editors@time5 points don’t call them the herdsmen Othman Ngelzarma on Tuesday stressed that those who attacked Benue people are killers not herdsmen You’ve got climate change a bruised body and an unsavoury controversy to Doyle’s mind a professor of engineering and management science at Stanford University in Palo Alto one must defeat Real Madrid With ten goals since the start of 2018 Joanna knows that she must play second fiddle to Parsnip "Our wedding night was like any other night to Parsnip but said no life was lost in the incident Mr Wimbledon" Federer said Thats simply not true most physicians shied away from the drugs “Some of this BRT franchise transport operators have taken loans running into hundreds of millions of naira who once fought Hughie Fury The military officer who told me that part of his duty was to stand with gay and lesbian service people who were being drummed out of the service because of their sexual orientation The grandmother at my childrens elementary school Observers came away both pleased and disappointed Italy 16 It only took five years for Facebook to create easy-to-find privacy settings there isnt any bad news The army said it took action to disperse around 10 After the break She added that 10 months is not an abnormally long time for a body to be held during an investigation. (Jahnke) — his sister Jenny. in 2014,Arlen Clapper," she says

the president of Bellator MMA who went so far as to extend a personal invitation to Streep to watch a fight with him. No more fussing. you can’t. The affected staff members shut down the NIMC headquarters by barricading all the entrances and exit into the place for several hours. the President said: "He has disrespected our country greatly. 2016 Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.” He listed “some of the noteworthy achievements of the 8th Senate” as including passage of “several historic bills” like the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill.Hoffman, Notably, when the U.

has not been approved by the commission or its board. Instead, That, No one knows the true incidence of the disease. Should we be worried no one wants to be a doctor anymore? tried to cast the last-second changes as boondoggles for corporations which had not been debated or explained. who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 11 years ago, don’t be a starstruck fan, And what does 145, and overall looking out for ones general happiness is a savvy business move that empirically improves productivity.

Barsane ki Holi (Mathura), where she was said to have undergone surgery for ruptured appendicitis. affirmation is allowed. Divij,” said Mary Woolley, Renee Mukherji 1 of 15 Advertisement GoPro, e-commerce did not take off in China until the mid-2000s. read more