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Liu Jun the website of Shanghai dragon three elements make site more attractive one

do not have the original content of the website, rely on reprint, copying the main website, is often included abandoned by the engine. Many webmaster headache own website why always only included the home page, or the page is collected and removed, after all the reason one, the content of the website is really rubbish. For search engines, spam website search engine in addition to occupy the server’s bandwidth, database capacity, crawling spider waste of time, waste of search engine computation time and have no other meaning. Not the actual user content to websites, search engines have to use, to the website ranking what? The three elements of Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today to talk about the content of the website.

must understand the search engine is to provide high-quality content to the user, rather than to your site for traffic. This does not accord with the logic of the website, the search engine is not really the most willing to provide ranking. Only your real website provides quality content, target and unity to the search engine, to reach the state of coexistence.

website content should be the most Adsense really concern. In fact, this is not absolute standard and answer, according to the website to do the different owners of different condition, generation of web content will be different. For example, you do as a Liu Jun and Wuhan Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng personal blog, generating initial content of natural writing is to rely on oneself, can obtain the expanded original content from a blog reader. For example, blog is the message reply, really do a good job of quality content, write a good article, can let the reader through Bo Wen active messages, so you can let the original content get good self expansion.


, the 2 generation of web contentHow to generate


some B2C type of website is very let Adsense headache, some products the content of the page is copied from the manufacturers, a lot of content fits, how this website to create high-quality content? Some large B2C can rely on a strong financial strength, increase the weight of the website, let the search engine think the copy of the original, high quality, but the ordinary grassroots webmaster does not have the strength. Write the product page of their products, to create their own content is not realistic, so we can only rely on the excellent planning ability to make a site of the original content. < >

must understand the content of the important significance of

many webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng classic saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor. But most of the time just talking about my mind, really to do stand, when the actual execution, put this sentence left behind. Also the stationmaster is good, there is no ability to make a number of high-quality original content. Probably many webmaster friends there will enhance the importance of the content to a much higher level, not from the heart feel how important it is to create high-quality content.

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Reasonable in chain optimization is the cornerstone of the website ranking

second: the establishment of the website home page link, website home page of the website is highly summarized, but also the highest weight of the page, his will directly influence the website main keywords ranking is good or bad, so it is the priority among priorities of the establishment of Shanghai dragon home link, home to fewer pictures, text links, not only convenient the search engines, but also to speed up the opening speed, enhance the user experience. On the connection must have keywords anchor text, pointing to the web page, so it can increase the density of keywords and keyword weight, in fact, Links is the reason why everyone is willing to exchange Links, first of all is to tell the search engine, many websites have used the words at me and this is my website to explain the key words the content, improve the weight of words, so we should do more on the home page Wendian anchor, but not too much. "

: first website navigation links planning, site navigation of a website is the most important place, not excessive use of flash and JS, because these are the search engine is very objectionable, if you want to use, then the bottom or side of the site, do this kind of auxiliary navigation, can make up for the loss of flash and JS, in the navigation text, I suggest to use keywords, may sometimes do not put on, so we can describe in writing, and try to use H1 tags and bold, it can tell the search engine of the importance of the word, if not pretty we can use CSS to control, so as to solve the appearance of the problem.

2, the better, the average weight of site, improve internal web site keywords ranking, is conducive to the long tail keywords ranking, while improving the site PV, so as to improve the website main keywords ranking.

Transfer of PR

a reasonable chain optimization is to ensure the long-term stability of the rankings, so that each page is a search engine to crawl, is the most basic things you can do for the website ranking. This can not only improve the search engine for your site’s reputation, but also make your web site keywords ranking has more potential to ensure your long-term stable ranking, not because of external links or change the search engine algorithm to reduce fluctuating, so before writing the site within the chain optimization tutorial, first explains the importance. Within the site chain. Usually, the site within the chain and the external links is that Shanghai dragon master is the most important work in the Shanghai dragon, in the search engine update algorithm change rapidly among sites within the chain becomes more and more important, even more than the importance of external links to the site, so the establishment of a chain will directly affect the site’s ranking, I said in the chain is established on the website of the benefits.

1, increase the degree of customer experience, good inside chain can let visitors quickly find what you want, not only can let visitors to find relevant information, but also allows the search engine to find what we want.

the small left to talk about the site within the chain is how to plan, we hope to help.

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B2C mall optimization guide eight steps to build a successful B2C website


Keywords site procedures

B2c Shanghai Longfeng optimization guide is my feeling online without authority on optimizing B2C data writing a document. Whatever you want to do B2C individuals or companies will therefore benefit.

I often see some cases, such as a watch website, finally from the sale of cosmetics, selling up bags. I believe that such a change is not appropriate, because you look like a grocery store. Of course, if you are powerful, of course you can open a store, but you can not be like a grocery store. This is the website positioning.

in our country, shopex and ECSHOP is the value of the recommended two, you can choose one.

determine your home page according to the website of your location, such as you are selling watches, it is very simple, if you want to become the watch industry’s largest online shopping mall, your website keywords is relatively broad keywords, such as watches.

for example, I am now ready to sell watches. What is my position? You need to consider hundreds of factors to locate your site, for example, is your own production of small products, you are only those styles, your human is not a lot, so your location is a small website selling watches.

I often see, some people put keyword classification page layout to the home page, such as

need to locate your site in the early stage, then what is the location? Is very simple, you want your website is a website what position, this is very critical, for example, are you ready to sell those products on the Internet, will now sell those products, will reduce will increase?. After some complicated factors to consider, you can reach, after your site will be in what position in the internet.

you are developing their own website program? Back or use open-source program? I recommend to use mature open source program. Of course, if you are strong enough, you can also set up a team of their own development process, but if you need to develop procedures, it may take several years to have a strong program.

if you are also agents of the well-known watch brands, abundant funds, manpower is abundant, then your position is lofty ideals and high aspirations, a large comprehensive watch store.

three, to determine how many words and columns according to the website of the product, and the distribution of keywords.

A After

was elected the program, need a set of exquisite template, with your site style, also has a good user experience.

< title> poly fashion luxury Mall – 100% authentic Tissot Longines watches in | > |

B2c optimization preparation. To determine the site location and program.

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In my example, start on the road is wasted

I think in all the people who work, I am afraid no one did not think of their own business as a boss. However, most people’s thoughts are only occasional moments, like the popular phrase in the forums: "drifting". The thought of the hardships and tired, think of a number of uncertain risk, think it is retracted to take the fixed salary, though not much, but at least every month can take to your account in next month’s living expenses had landed, get good can have a lot of balance. And this life more easy ah, 8 hours after the class home, do what you want to do, watch TV, surf the Internet, play games, go clubbing, shopping, don’t even do what, just lazily to the sofa or bed on the floor, "run into a unified story, he summer and winter and spring and Autumn", this is a free realm ah.

there are some people, think that work is not easy, think of the meager salary to buy houses and cars, not to change the retirement security, at the same time also saw others venture after the success of the scenery, often being entrepreneurial story inspiring night can’t sleep sleep. As a result, the idea of entrepreneurship has been spinning in their own head, lingering, scattered away. And every one that is not the way to work, entrepreneurship is a permanent solution, lest people do not know their own ambition. But in fact, these people have never really begun to do it, or even carefully think about whether their project is feasible, apart from the occasional idea of starting a business.

I’m sorry, but I’m the second. I want to have a lot of entrepreneurial heart impetuous, optimistic about the project are aborted in the fear of the risk, a few did a bit of give up. You can see, I registered in 2004, Taobao want to open an online shop, and as a result, in May 26, 2008 only upload 10 goods, barely opened zhang. While registered later than I have a lot of a diamond crown shop; I know the website to be able to make money from 2005, some can do a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars. And I waited until 07 years to make my first website, SOHO solutions,, just earned less than one thousand dollars, I have no idea to continue the operation.

so far, I already know my problem. I have found my Achilles’ heel from someone I know, first of all, lack of action, and then lack of concentration and enthusiasm.

some time ago, I and my brother-in-law are in college that I wanted to put it to spread out, exercise eloquence and sales ability, and advised him to try. Results after two days, I haven’t decided what time to supply it, others have been placed in Yantai stall on the side of the road, and good sales, an average net profit of nearly 100 dollars a night. Let me buy a friend in American space. The website has been ready. Just two weeks ago, I began to take orders for foreign trade. I have been developing steadily for months

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How to operate the franchise chain

bags to join the chain in the market is very popular, if you want to attract a large number of customers to come home so you may need to spend some thought. Many operators have shared their successful business know-how, you can contact us if you are interested.

first, to create a strong sales atmosphere.

whether it is the case of the chain store franchise image or chain store sales atmosphere, we must create a good. Let the consumers have a good impression. Therefore, the overall image of the chain stores to try to create a beautiful, pleasant feeling, and then the clerk, but also to give others a warm and considerate feeling. Just imagine, if the whole store sales atmosphere is very strong, all the presence of consumers can not produce the desire to buy their products immediately impulse?

second, to create dazzling shop decoration, but also to create a warm shop decoration.

either outside the store or shop, can not ignore the decoration. Because it is the key to attract people’s attention. A good store image to let consumers at first sight, so to ensure the rich content and eye-catching decoration. Then is the shop decoration, should try to create a happy and rich feeling and atmosphere, so that the majority of consumers into the store to stay in the store, watch products, products, and try to guide in-depth communication and so on.

third, the product shows a fiery scene.

shop to do business, but also must pay attention to the product display, not because the product is not really not to regard it as right! In order to display to display, which is in order to enhance the turnover rate better! In order to create a better sales atmosphere so as to promote the rapid sales of products in large area display. Therefore, the display of their products must be combined with the characteristics of the product, and the two should be combined with the contents of the large-scale theme marketing activities.

bags franchise business competition is not small, if you do not learn to use management skills, it is likely to encounter the danger of survival, if you are interested in this project just to contact us, not to be missed.

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