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Analysis of various business competition sites love Shanghai

Qi more found that many participating sites have emerged in this case, which I personally feel is love Shanghai server issue. Keywords a website is placed on different servers, each server updates are not synchronized, so the key update is also not the same.

this point most love Shanghai and examine the mechanism of a relationship, will filter the data on the website, this factors cannot be excluded. The impact is love Shanghai lags behind in the server cache update. This phenomenon still need to calm and perseverance.

2, love Shanghai snapshot update lag

thus love Shanghai itself and the site can cause a snapshot of the normal or abnormal. One important point but also learn from the web log analysis whether the spider love Shanghai visited your website, how to enter the website, how to grasp the website information, what the local website spider crawl to what place.

Shanghai Shanghai search program process for processing the data on the network, a specific manifestation of the index storage file data is the love of Shanghai.

This phenomenon is largely due to the

business website update generally is not a problem, whether it is the quantity or degree of originality, but the space is not stable, the revision range or external links too little will have a certain impact. The old station is generally after revision or change three labels, new words in the short term rich content, the chain do less or not timely, resulting in not updated snapshot.

1, love Shanghai snapshot not update

double snapshot phenomenon The principle of love: love

4, love Shanghai

through the most love Shanghai snapshot of the normal site observation, they stand are usually open faster, higher degree of the original and updated regularly, update the article shows the stability of spatial and quantitative timing is very necessary.

3, love Shanghai snapshot

5, normal love Shanghai snapshot

website, the space is not stable, or Links caused by abnormal. We choose a stable space with high quality is very necessary, and should always check the status of their Links, found problems in a timely manner, so as to avoid the influence of other, more detailed solutions can refer to how to solve Shanghai soon as the correction of love.

blog appeared a lot of Qi due to love Shanghai double snapshot phenomenon, home page snapshot, but the business circle in the 15 snapshot keywords. So I checked the other participating site, many sites have found that the emergence of this phenomenon, and most are fixed in the 14,15,16 3 days, there is the appearance of the snapshot there are many, here together through various snapshots appear station snapshot of Shanghai under the principle of love the understanding and solution of network.

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Three seasons leveraging the Dongfeng Power Sharing Economy entrepreneurial dreams come trueshlf1314

build up between consumers and businesses on both sides of the contact point three is the biggest platform through the addition of a "promotion of entrepreneurship" link, open the excellent way of thinking a passenger model, for the majority of entrepreneurs to help achieve the entrepreneurial dream. The platform brings together the industry information line, gathered a number of entrepreneurial talent, the platform only needs to pay 100 yuan to become the three consumption through a passenger, every consumer can get rewards, recommend membership or businesses, but also to obtain higher percentage return. Rich entrepreneurial profits attract customers to expand and expand, greatly stimulating the initiative and enthusiasm of creative customers, so as to help the store to promote and help users solve the problem

according to our policy, one can put up the page:

wave of mobile Internet is profoundly changing the society, and the "sharing economy" as one of the beach goers are also subvert our perception of the traditional business forms. From travel, travel and accommodation to personal consumption and many other segments, the trend has affected the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of chinese. With the vast amounts of information on the Internet, sharing economy realizes the integration and transformation of the supply side and the demand side, service and share multiple identities, social collaboration configuration more optimized, more efficient to social resources, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" provides a lower threshold, more and more large platform the space.

now we’re here to answer these questions:

1. a page up to how much an ad unit?
2. an account can put ads on the number of Web sites on a website?
3. can put in a number of publishers of

pursuit of wealth is often the driving force for many people to start their own business. The prosperity of the market economy and changes in consumption patterns have increased social wealth and added infinite possibilities for entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is bound to be a hard process. Many people are still climbing on the high threshold of entrepreneurship because of their lack of strength, and many entrepreneurs are trudging through the rough road of starting their own businesses.

also note that each AdSense to any website placed its advertising code responsible for the contents are released. If a site in violation of our policy, we will be on the site of all advertising publishers.



if you are the site owner or the owner of the site allows you to display ads on its website, you can place your ad code and other publishers advertising code is placed on the same page, all publishers advertising units can not exceed the total number of 1 in the limit problem. But please note, you must have permission for the site owner can advertise on another website, any unauthorized advertising acts are violations of our policy, we found a publisher account will be disabled.

three through response to the mass consumer online payment habits, as long as the installation of three mobile phone through APP, scan code can conduct safe and efficient payment. As a result of the promotion power that includes businessman, this platform still can bring more favourable discount for the consumer. Secondly, the three seasons has opened up a Easy Access convenient service demand, as long as the demand for the release of the platform is a key, service businesses or personal orders, queuing for tickets, on behalf of the act, all easily solved.

in this round of our tour, there are many publishers to ask about advertising restrictions, mainly includes three aspects:

leveraging the sharing economy in the East, Shenzhen City Road Network Development Co. Ltd. according to the increasingly changing consumption habits and entrepreneurial ideas, establish the value of entrepreneurial development very convenient consumption platform — "three seasons". The platform to facilitate payment services and convenient information services as the carrier, through the creation of customers as the dominant, driving businesses and consumers to form ABC promotion model. The constant fragmentation of consumer groups and the positioning of differentiated patterns have made it a sustainable and competitive platform for markets, as well as sharing the economy as another blue chip for entrepreneurship.

3 AdSense for Centent ad unit, and the advertising unit format without special requirements, you can put on the advertising unit of the same size.
There is no limit on the number of

accounts for a US advertising website. As long as you have the right to have the website management, advertising on the site of the right, and the site in accordance with our policy, you can put ads on these sites.

In addition to the advertising?

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Lacarra curve listed unsuccessful fought gem will give A shares about how the storyShare 6 advantage


there is no complexity among social students

of the students now basically have some Internet technology, to learn new things are relatively easy to use, according to the survey of college students on average access time is 3.4 hours, for popular things touch and the ability to accept a strong, if can use to expand business opportunities, the effect will be very good. As in "you" like Zhang Yipan, using his own understanding to network game, developed a set of software and the development of virtual product market, and ultimately achieve water 1 billion 500 million years. Such an example, I think, will not be less in later life.

has enough time and little external interference,

compared to other types of entrepreneurs, in the university campus university entrepreneurship obviously has more adequate preparation time, to know that it is no longer the elite education, leaving the students spare a lot of time, if the spare time together, to realize the transformation of an idea is not difficult, starry Zhao Yingguang, non Su Yiheng stranger and Zuckerberg of Facebook, they are all in the university dormitory will mind into the actual development. But compared to the trend of social entrepreneurship again, social factors of college students in the campus faces is relatively small, and the family economic pressure is also very small, entrepreneurial environment optimization and so on college students really need to make good use of their own.


income statement data

Internet technology contacts early, market feel good,

"profit for one year that is listed," can you do it,

should pay more attention to their group advantages than younger ones. Because now students have their own stick, BBS or group, if managed well, the user viscosity will be ideal. This resource has a very important role in publicity and marketing. It can spread the information of the merchants to the maximum extent in the shortest possible time. So the students at the beginning of the business do not have to leave the campus immediately, we rely on the advantage of students for their own project of publicity, 7 students as the Zhejiang business school was founded at the beginning of their propaganda shorthand company, is based on schools and achieved very good results. Some college students with prophets will use the Fetion, micro-blog, everyone and to unify all users, and this is the need for entrepreneurship.

March 3rd, the Commission announced the prospectus lakala attracted industry attention. Kara payment gem in Shenzhen to IPO, to be issued not more than 40 million 10 thousand shares.

now is not what fresh business vocabulary, either in life or on TV we can smell a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, it can be said now become entrepreneurial employment direction the hearts of young people the most ideal. Compared to the resignation of entrepreneurship, college graduates after graduation entrepreneurship although there is lack of experience, relationships imperfect, but things always have two sides, a short board will have strengths, college students should firmly grasp their existing advantages.

experienced a failure of Kara curve listed once again seek listing, still can not avoid the individual payment business decline, acquiring business frequent violations of the embarrassment.

but it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the company, which has started its third party payment business, is on the market.

prospectus data show that lakala payments in 2013 and 2014 for two consecutive years of losses, 2015 earnings, and only 2016 of the first three quarter earnings is profitable. As a result, enterprises have chosen the gem second sets of financial standards, "the most recent year earnings", Choi successfully completed IPO declaration. However, the standard of profit for the most recent year and not less than fifty million yuan for the most recent year has not been actually implemented since 2014.

in the Kara payments overall performance, the company in 2016 1 to September revenue of about 1 billion 994 million yuan, net profit of 212 million yuan; from 2013 to 2015, the annual revenues were 617 million yuan, 915 million yuan, 1 billion 588 million yuan, net profit of -1.27 billion yuan, -1.97 billion yuan, 124 million yuan.

class users large, good information dissemination

2014, the Commission revised the "IPO and listing on the gem Interim Measures" provisions of the gem listing, financial conditions for the last two years of continuous profitability, the last two years the cumulative net profit of not less than ten million yuan; or recent earnings, revenue last year of less than fifty million yuan". After the amendment simplifies the financial indicators, the abolition of the financial indicators of the rigid requirements of growth, allowing enterprises in a certain size above the income required only one year earnings record can be listed.

it is worth noting that Kara is the first to meet the "recent earnings, revenue more than 50 million yuan standard enterprise. If the payment Kara successful listing, is expected to become a domestic third party payment to the main business of the listed shares of the first independent.

2013, chairman Sun Taoran put forward "Kara Kara, will not sell a separate listing". Until 2016, Lacarra decided to reorganize the Tibet tourist route through the listing. In February 16, 2016, Tibet tourism announced that the company intends to price of 11 billion yuan acquisition of Lenovo holdings, Sun Taoran and other 46 counterparties together hold 100% stake in kara. After the purchase is completed, LaCara founder Sun Taoran and sun Hao Ran will become the actual controller of the company. Tibet tourism said at the time that the total assets purchased by Sun Taoran, Sun Haoran and its affiliates were >

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Xinjiang set up a public service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship incubation

innovative technology for entrepreneurs, is an all conquering weapon. Under the help of science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship can be unprecedented pace of development. Xinjiang to build a scientific and technological foundation for young entrepreneurs to guide the future development of science and technology entrepreneurship.


the project site roadshow, a total of 6 projects from 5 units to obtain the favor of institutional investors, and signed the investment cooperation framework agreement.

the new recommended Chinese Academy of Sciences

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The initial stage of the site, with rich content to retain and accumulate users

Internet grassroots webmaster number millions, tens of millions of individual sites, some owners through the Internet platform to gain a lot, some websites are also impressive, but most of the people is still in the initial stage of development, the website also has not improved. Why do others succeed, and some people are still wandering,


November 18th Admin5 forum Thursday invited Pizhou forum version Xu Wei share site development initial stage operation and accumulation of users topic, this paper focuses on baby finishing, welcome to discuss.

asked: the site early stage, operation, user accumulation, traffic and other issues are very concerned about the webmaster. How does the Pizhou forum start to solve these problems? How to build a user base and build their own brand?

answer: Pizhou forum stage is a focus on the "news media" the people’s livelihood type of forum, not as many local forums that rely on line users activities started, that is to say at the local station, we stand at the beginning by the website of real content to attract visitors to the website just at the start of the 06 years also didn’t want to become a business forum, just as an ordinary people to speak the place, in the early development because there is no any commercial behavior, there is no so-called financial difficulties, to say that is difficult, netizens use the forum to push in the public opinion the frontier, and the government to push in the opposite. Until now, we still survive in the government and the ordinary people, the people to stand in the position to speak to the


in the initial stage, a small town in the network media has not been recognized by most people, till now, the small town of network media and did not like the metropolis as recognized by the public, and sometimes I even in the family and relatives about our company and our work are not communication with them, for they this industry is not very understanding, they also represent the vast majority of people in the small town.

groundless talk over the past four years, these four years we have been trying to do is to let everyone know about Internet media, e-commerce, the company is doing all in this network of e-commerce is not very developed county, put the word "Pizhou forum" the brand set up.

speaking guests of the website, the user stickiness is very strong, a lot of "to the Pizhou forum, and the society of loyal users" on the Internet, want to ask guests, how do you do it? Hope to talk about the specific.

answer: early development of our website is the development of "media" direction, in the early days, the Pizhou Forum on the Internet is not here to see what delicious good drink fun, but come here to see what was happening in Pizhou today news! For the Pizhou forum, users are sticky, because they can see them in the "Pizhou radio station and Pizhou TV station" > at the Pizhou Forum

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Before the promotion of thinking your product is qualified

our products if you want to occupy more market share, usually need to achieve promotion, but in the promotion before inspection thought our products can withstand the market and users? If we vigorously to promote a defective product, so most users will only attract a look to meet curiosity, they will not leave and become loyal users, so the product promotion, a defective product is largely futile, but before a product promotion, pondering whether the product defects have become a crucial step, the author discusses how to work together with you whether evaluating a product can withstand the test of the market.

stability: will your product continue to operate,


, many articles have mentioned the importance of stability, and here I am going to make a long winded speech. Is an Internet product, stability refers to the following aspects: server stability, regularity and stability of product update performance, generally speaking, that is our product or web site to ensure that whenever you use or access, and our products to ensure the regularity of the content and the updated version. Instability will let users tired and eventually abandon our products, more deadly point is that instability will cause our website even dropped by K in the search engine rankings, believe that the webmaster for a deeper experience.

on the site as an example, to create a relatively stable website, we must start from the server this step, in the deployment of a good web server, we can load on the website of the pressure test, test sites can limit the number of load, once our users approached the limit is to increase the bandwidth and server. In addition, in the process of doing the station, we must force the objective factors of the outside world, we must maintain the status of open web site, if qualified webmaster can rent more servers to do backup and data backup. In operation, we want to ensure that our website has new content every day to provide users, in this regard, the author will not wordy, I believe that the webmaster in this regard, experience is relatively deep.

empathy: is your product attractive to you,


very important point is whether the product is attractive to the user, this is related to our products can move users. The easiest way to check is our empathy, starting to experience the product from the user’s point of view, if we do not even want to use the product, how to expect users will use hell-bent? Empathy approach allows us to find insufficient product from the user’s point of view, in order to improve these deficiencies before the release of the product, is the best way to carry out online inspection of product defect.

constantly thinking that we can continue to find problems and improve the products, the only way to make our products more perfect, in addition, in the promotion of our products to our customers, we should be more.