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Let the web content be quickly collected five points should be paid attention to

three, website

The weight of

general, a stable website I personally recommend a week timing quantitative update content, it can reach a very good collection.

Shanghai dragon knows the weight of the website for the record is a great influence, in the high weight of the site, the "second" is very common. An article in the same article, into two different weights on the site, in terms of speed is the same.

a website or do Shanghai Longfeng people know that the success of a web site is included in the site depends on the content of the site is search engine soon included, is each person’s wish station. But, sometimes, we write something on the web, but not included, this is why

website code

, a high quality content

many people know the impact weight update frequency of a web content on the web site, but do not know the update frequency is also influential for the website included. A stable website, search the spider every day from time to time to our website to go up, if we want to website content is very fast to be included, to ensure that your site in the empty timing quantitative update is a must.


so, we do soft Wen promotion, must take the original first put the first overnight in your own website, and then put it into the soft website, so the search spiders have time to collect their own website, otherwise will be included for their site influence.

website now there are so many websites every day, the spider to climb the site we have lost count of the number, it also saw a lot of things, but it came to our site is to find more and better content, if our website for it is not high quality or is not fresh, the it is not included.


here, I will summarize some experiences that search engines should pay attention to the rapid collection of web content, we hope to help:

many people may ask, there is relationship between code and website of equivalent? This is certain. Many webmaster will use the CSS style to do their own websites, think it will be very good, but good rules look good, do have to use a string of code. When the spider to our site, see a lot of CSS style code to retrieve, that it would be a waste of time for it.

two, website

so, in our website content, must to focus on high quality content, the content of the website must have originality and readability, only such content can be regarded as a high quality content, the search engine will love, to the user is also very good resources, users will love the.

Update frequency of

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What kind of love is not the love of Shanghai green dream 2 update

it certainly will not be included in each site, not to mention before the release of the news source contains a lot of contact with the sea is not moving out? Therefore, the contact must be less, leaving only a common contact line.

made a two article in the newspaper about the results reflect is not good, it is very few, the article is original, is not included, but also through the audit on sites such as A5, the mystery. Therefore, this article advise you that should appear in other forms, otherwise you are useless.

fifth, the internal not the emergence of too many links to other sites.

third, try not to appear too many website reprint articles.

reprint articles, we all know Shanghai dragon, on their own to others on the search engines are not very friendly, so a little less like this, increase the system knowledge, a related industry slowly, your site will be completely love Shanghai trust, at that time the station must be very stable.

I remember I wrote a "dream from falling in love with glauconite algorithm 2 to teach you to identify the real soft Wen", has been very clear what the love Shanghai love, this time, I love Shanghai very hate in about what the article? I hope you write in not long winded well, write articles on their own, is a kind of help to others,


I think a little before

second, the article do not occur within the "contact" and "connection" and other harsh words.

some people in the web site of the internal update, often copy some other websites and things within the chain of this article most from this website, this is not good for their own website, to format text, and then released in >

Hello, I was thinking, I recently in writing has been found such problems, not every article has been in love with Shanghai aunt included, there are very individual website is not included, I do not know why, then I will ask others, own in observing it. Slowly I found one of the doorways, the love of Shanghai search, no related articles, I need you to write one for your reference.

this situation is easy to appear on the website after the move, or you delete some articles and other articles contained in the article, which indirectly created a lot of dead links, if the latter with such links increase, is very friendly to the website, the only solution is to increase by 404, to get through each part link to the site, so the search engine will love your website.

first, the title do not appear "medical" and other related long tail words.

fourth, invalid site is less as far as possible.

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Looking forward to the 2015 Shanghai Longfeng natural flow data and expected growth

on the other hand, the growth of 21% the proportion is also a good reference standard, can also be used to determine the proportion of the natural flow of a website which is in a reasonable state.

from the whole, natural flow channel growth has not slowed down, but almost every channel than the rest of the growth will be faster.


Through the comparative analysis of natural

, of course, is closely related to the natural flow of the occupied proportion and type of the site itself and other factors. For example, in the insurance and financial industry, the natural flow of the growth is relatively slow, and the same flow rate is the equivalent of PPC. But in another extreme case performance, such as medicine, health care, the ratio will be as high as 70% annual growth.

The rapid growth of

with this huge data growth compared to the growth rate of paid traffic is because the incremental data be cast into the shade, the whole channel of paid traffic declined by nearly 10%.

two point of view: the natural flow for a larger transformation contribution into the target site is whether consumer or registered

view: the natural flow has a great potential for growth of

generally, growth differences in traffic, many are reflected in the special nature of industry. In simple terms, for this type of tourism website or industry, the overall flow tends to have a ratio of about 50% is from the natural flow, but for the need to complete the online conversion website or industry, only 17% of the overall traffic flow is from the Shanghai dragon.

natural flow, it will also affect its share in the proportion of the overall site traffic. In the case of brand website analysis data, the natural flow of the proportion increased by 2.9 percentage points in 2014, a total of 21%. This increase is obviously insufficient even by other channels flow rate is to reduce the result of this remarkable growth potential of natural flow.

generally, many people think that all the traffic flow in Shanghai Longfeng channel, is a very important source of growth. But the need to confirm the relevant data of this point, it is difficult to obtain, especially compared with the precise digital pay channels, more difficult to witness. In view of this, search Dongguan Shanghai dragon in 2014 according to the analysis of a large number of industry website case data, the following data comparison and conclusion.

the 2014 annual Internet site data analysis, we found that the number of conversion from natural flow had increased 27% than before, especially in the electricity supplier website, the average conversion of natural flow rate increased by 40%, this figure also shows that in 2015 the annual flow data will be.

multiple brands of Web site traffic, only the year 2014, an increase of up to 19.8% data flow.

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Long long tail keywords can attract more users to click

can bring traffic to the site by the long tail keywords, improve the site conversion rate, this is Shanghai dragon industry recognized fact, so how to define the long tail in the implementation of the specific process of the long tail? How long can be more in line with the user’s psychology? In order to bring more benefits to the site? Three words, four words or five the word

through such a test data analysis can be seen, although the long tail keywords longer search users rarely, but he can get the click rate is very high, because when the user search, search the site to its accuracy is very high, so the long tail word suggests the use of long tail words.



? !

from the top of the table, the importance of accurate search for SERP in the stronger, when users use the long tail word production when they will open the homing, more websites from search results page, click on the total average rate of 10 ranked 227% (3 words), long tail queries (4 words) is 233%, and the long tail queries (5 words) 249%, this phenomenon is because the search engine results page to meet the needs of users, and encourage users to visit a web site, find more accurate data.


information diagrams is about the length of the long tail keywords website hits, contrast obviously longer use keywords when users query, the result is more accurate, 4 words and 5 words of higher visibility query.

saw a group of information chart information recently on the Internet, feeling very profound, as shown in figure


. This group of

original source: 贵族宝贝lead Shanghai dragon.Cn station starting A5, please keep the effective link address, thank you

in order to get more accurate data conclusion, I made a bold attempt to use 10 long tail words, respectively 3, 4, 5 words to test the average click rate, the results are as follows:


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Guizhou network company can bring you what service

finally, the network company is also responsible for the follow-up services, perfect service are very sound, so even if the process of post operation in what problem, can find problems in time, also can timely make up. So for the site later development also has a positive effect.

secondly, if the website design is not very good-looking and scientific, so the image of the website in general is relatively poor, it is difficult to have an advantage in the fierce competition, and now all kinds of products have a very fierce market. The overall image so the network company can help you optimize your website, after optimization, the image of the website can be raised to a higher level, so as to have a good development.

network company: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝, please explain, thank you

is now a very large number of various types of Internet companies, can provide you with professional service, these services are mainly to help the website has a lot of progress in a short period of time, to get the economy further and better harvest. For many first contact business friends, for specific network companies can do is not very understanding, once Guizhou high network for network company specific business can give you a detailed introduction.

once again, high network companies will provide you with a lot of traffic flow after drainage services, greatly increased, there are a lot of people click, click, the volume will increase greatly. And these are the drainage can be converted to the purchase volume, click on the site is not to say that after leaving, the click rate can also help business people believe that more profitable and long-term development.


This paper consists of: Guizhou

first, the electricity supplier website must expect a good website ranking, ranking it, only to have the business, business is much, to be able to get benefits, also can have good development results. So the network company can help you on the basis of scientific ranking rules to optimize the optimized reorganization after the website ranking can quickly rise to a higher level and standard, and click on the amount and volume of better.


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The construction of a successful website

SEO for such a long time, they also run a small, if a successful website talk about some success, perhaps more persuasive, now I have not been successful, would like to share my experience some of the site, is not welcome.

first: select website type and website profit model

you choose what type of website, you will choose the competition in this industry, no matter which industry is now almost all sites, different degree of competition in the industry is not the same, as you choose the type of Web site also must be aware of


industry website profit pattern, at least you should know their website profit pattern, the biggest taboo is the station construction site to see others to make money, they still don’t know what happened, just into it, then your website will become difficult, will eventually become a chicken ribs, because of you the lack of judgment of the future of this industry and the site is not clear their own direction of development.

second: preliminary preparation of website construction

website construction including website construction, program selection, search keywords, art design, domain name server, a lot of things to do, these things are in order to prepare for the line on the website, the preparation is behind in order to promote better, once the website line is not easy to change, so the construction site should make the preparation, must not side extension side modification, if too frequently change it. Baidu to extend the date included, and then the site was K off, I have eaten this aspect of the deficit.

third: team building and execution

now is not the personal heroism era, Li Xingping era has passed, a team of operators to improvise the probability of success is greater than one at the same time, a good team can benefit by mutual discussion, SEO is a continuous innovation and learning technology, any kind of method can be used in SEOER, black or white. A mouse is a good cat, the promotion effect is a hard truth! Execution is the key to the success of the site, a good promotion method is not to practice, you always do not know can not succeed, do SEO need endurance and force analysis also dare to innovation and practice. Say more not to practice is no use


, I’m currently running a weight loss website,, welcome to the website,


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Buy website how to undertake website analysis, (one) understand group buying website characteristic


this is a very realistic problem, the domestic group buying websites mushroomed, homogeneous and fierce competition. Good site data analysis, and constantly optimize conversion rate, is one of the required internal strength of enterprises. It’s a subject that puts pressure on me. Because not only the subject itself is very specific, but my idea of doing this series is to put aside the methodology, write from the point of view of the implementation, write down the code, and manipulate things from the A-Z.

See friends @

from SEMWatch in Beijing. The butcher got me doing this series of ideas, to the real pen have a month. Finally decided to write, on the 10 to Lyon to participate in the directional crossing of the train. When looking out of the window is pulled thin scenery I know waiting for me in front of 2 days will be carrying more than 10 kilograms of luggage non-stop down the mountain to find the arduous journey point; when the line of sight back inside the car to open this subject notebook to write down I know what is waiting for me in front of the challenges and risks? Of course I know, then let them go and welcome questions and opinions! (also welcomed the work in the company of friends of your group purchase demand and case, through the comments or via email: hailongxia AT

temporary directory (the parts that might be written are changed at any time)

1- preface

The features of

2- group buying website

3- data requirements and tool requirements

, 4-, If, Google, Analytics, tracking, plan

Transformation analysis of



6- advertising and traffic source analysis

7-, CRM, Analytics, especially mail marketing,

8- Behavioral Targeting

9- dynamic report sample


1- ad: the author of this article, Tian Zhu, started

2- declare: "day bank does not have the experience that buys a website in the job, have the suspicion that armchair talks,


3- Disclaimer: click here,

4-: according to the U.S. mission network, handle network and Gaopeng

5- extensions: semwatch on the collection of content highlights, including Gaoge and yesweet analysis,

The features of

group buying website

compares with other website, buy a group website below a few characteristic is the problem that we can not avoid when doing website analysis: