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Analysis Six benefits of enterprise website

The importance of

second, exhibition site of product

many companies have their own websites, I don’t know what they do to. Of course, as long as people want to do a website, directly to them to do it, don’t ask what customers do. Because we give to the client site of the purpose is to make money, as for their website development is good or bad, how to develop with us Never mind.



many companies have their own products, if you want to see your products on which look? If you have a website, just need to let users see on the website you can. Moreover, the best website often update your product information. If there is no website, allowing users to see where your company.

if the enterprise has its own brand, it also has brand information, as long as the user in a search for the love Shanghai brand will be able to find your business website. As a customer you consult your business information, want to know how, you just need to tell him your official website, or let them love Shanghai search to find your website for the brand. You to promote your own company in any place, only under the brand can.

whenever I see my client’s website is not a renewal time, I also do not want to ask what, just feel pity for them, just do not know how to do business website, the website and nothing. Don’t blame them, they don’t know how to promote the site, also don’t understand. They think that as long as the site there will be someone to buy a product or service. In fact, only play the role of the website, the website can really know the good.

there is a saying that "small individuals have their own brand", whether you are a big business, or small business, or individual can have their own brand. What is the brand, the brand is like a person’s name, this one will know that it is a corporate brand. We like yogurt short Yili pure milk, that you know you know Kangshifu instant noodles Mengniu, said.

, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to the site, many enterprises also have their own enterprise website. There are a lot of because of the establishment of the cost is too expensive and give up the web site. In fact, do a website like large Internet companies are relatively expensive, thousands of million yuan. For small Internet companies, such as personal network company is cheap, do a website in three to five hundred yuan. So, suggest the enterprises are to have their own website. Because only the site, in order to better propaganda on the network.

first, the brand promotion website

website is not a word of the two sentence can be explained clearly, today, Shao Lianhu blog with you to talk about this topic. I hope you feel more business website through this article, play the role of the site.

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How to make money online exercise your executionWang Zuobing business models are natural when you we

I think an entrepreneur needs three abilities:


‘s ability to reflect: Chairman Niu Wenwen often says, "get yourself, fix the capital, fix the pattern.". The first thing is to fix myself, I said is introspection; objective ability: when we grasp the objective law in the entrepreneurial process, can improve the accuracy of decision-making; practice ability: entrepreneurship will put their shortcomings every entrepreneur magnified, learn to practice will be the way forward.

this article according to Wang Zuobing October 13th in dark horse learns, the content that the net is broadcast live, have abbreviate. Download the "dark horse learning", free to see the full version of video back broadcast.

online money, you have executive power? Hey, especially bad, just written articles accidentally shut me out, and engage in a mood at that time. Suddenly think of a thing, by the way to talk about online execution of the problem of money, just this article is also confirmed the problem. Not to mention what is the executive power, I first tell you some of the habits of cattle, online money making business start-up, is two days sleep once, not sleeping when not playing, but in thinking things in work. Here is an example of a famous man who speaks of the execution of Chen Huimin’s youth as a young man. Don’t know who Chen Huimin is? Xicihutong always heard of the

to solve some practical problems, we can pull a team seriously consider the enterprise’s mission, vision, core values, cultural spirit level of these enterprises on the idea, and let everyone believe. Because this is a cohesive force. With them, we have a reference for decision-making. What does not meet the corporate culture, we will resolutely abandon, and this is the power of corporate culture, it will avoid many detours for us.

focus on robot children training field, Baer and Wang Zuobing founded the group in June 2009, relying on well-known North American children education institutions and curriculum system of educational resources for children 3-13 years of age opened extracurricular science and technology innovation education, let the children doing in the robot class ", play school, exercise their imagination and creativity.


what is executive power? Execution? How to exercise? Do you have the power to make money online?

2, mission, vision and values are the soul of enterprise

3, this is a hit group

Chen Chen was very funny at the time. After listening to the story, he thought, "it’s so easy to do business and do business. Running 70 times in a row is a success.". So Chen’s goal in youth was to be an insurance salesman. He was looking for a job before he graduated from Nanjing, so he was looking for an insurance salesman. Remember when he said he ran for peace to candidates, then when he wrote for about 200 copies for books up over there, one episode particularly funny: when to fill in a form, fill in the form above requirements of social relations, Chen was always there, just wrote a big "the word".

I benefited from the entrepreneurial dark horse, pioneering black horse chairman Niu Wenwen gave me great support and help. Baer is from the college science entrepreneurs horse began to have a huge change, either from the team building, business model or polished docking capital point of view, I should be among the most benefit people of the dark horse. So, today, I am grateful to the heart, duty bound to pass the "dark horse learning" platform, to start small partners to share my entrepreneurial experience.

1, entrepreneurs should learn to reflect, objective, practice,

systems engineer, he was China’s first Internet entrepreneur. For 13 years, Wang Zuobing has successfully launched three business ventures, and has been involved in many areas such as local life websites, social networking, online education and artificial intelligence.

to the eighth time, things have changed, the general manager may do business in such a good mood, and then see Chen chief came to let him wait to call a half hour. When Chen was dispirited and discouraged, things changed greatly. The general manager told him directly, "young man, young man, OK. Let’s go to the 16 floor, personnel department, take the form and fill it in. Tomorrow we will come to work."."

in September this year, Wang Zuobing and Baer science and Education Group successfully gained over 80 million yuan A round of financing, once again attracted a strong round of venture capital circle. Today, the Baer science and education group ranks first in the field of science, technology, education and subdivision, becoming a veritable pioneer and leader of the industry. As a large education chain, it has been operating in 70 cities across the country, valued at $150 million.

said when Chen was young, he is very young, stupid impulse. He told the stories himself, huh?. He saw a flat about selling insurance master, said he had to sell insurance, a home run in Japan for 70 times! Every time, are in the home of a master, sweeping the block, the original one asked him in your home? "No!" 70 times in a row is an answer. To the seventy-first time, the old man really can not stand the original flat harassment, not waiting for him to open his mouth, said: "I am president, I really can not stand your harassment, and sell me an insurance."."

executive power is simply doing things repeatedly

later, he was called home for a week, you say a college student, what do not understand, a diploma, 0 of social relations, people will safely admit him? And more than 200 people at the same time competition. But Chen always reconciled, he went 7 times to ask questions, and each gave a "you go back and wait for news a week," advised back. During the period, he even saw the general manager under the boss, the boss can not see him, ah, the general manager, he looked for three times.