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To restore the site down the right thing 32 coup

Please look at the first

but it is a great pity that now the website ranking no, pictured above.

, this is one of my website for more than half a month of love Shanghai included, generally included seems quite good, has been steadily in the process of ascension, and I also adhere to the basic stability of the station one day a few original article, so included in the side is very considerable the.

did not change too much

1 and

these can be said to be the basic characteristics of down right, most of the site is down right, shown in the form of almost all is so.

1, included compared with some time ago,


4, the brand disappeared

now love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, more and more Adsense website is affected, caused by a serious drop right even part of the webmaster website directly with the sea K, which makes us Shanghai dragon ER are jittery. As mentioned above, when your site meets the following conditions, basically can make sure your site is down right.

and the factors leading to the site was down the right is also a considerable number of factors from the station outside the station, may have affected the site right down. One of the most typical reasons are the following:

Before the

2, the death of over

3, some or all of the keywords ranking decline, a serious decline, until it fell out of the

2, still in the snapshot update, and the frequency is not more than

is not difficult to see that the keyword of my choice is not what popular keywords, some even index are not words, but even if this is the case, in September 10th the day the night of my website keywords, the home directly disappeared all over again. This is the site is down right and punish the show is like, you can control your own website, if there is such a situation? If yes, please continue to look down:


chain is also frequently appear in the process of construction, this is actually through the tool to avoid it, so here is not to say, we did not.

to introduce a coup, I think it is necessary to give everybody to take a set of data, the only way to make everyone more intuitive to understand the next thing I have to say.

100 outsideKeywords


The over the anchor text

the most, because the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER clearly understand that the weight oriented anchor text links provided is the most heavy, so in the chain, tend to anchor text, but they are not considered a problem, too much of the same anchor text easy to cause the site is down right.

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How to use love to do network promotion space in Shanghai

First of all, the new love Shanghai

, do the promotion of soft



space account

promotion videoHere is the

Hello, I am the future. "How to use love Shanghai space to do network promotion" this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, in search of a fall in love with the sea, there will be a lot of related articles. Why do I have around this topic, the reason is that I found some new ways to do network promotion, of course, these are the space for the love of Shanghai. Following on from the future with everyone to introduce a new method under which I find.

image promotionPrinciple and QQ space,

since we want to do promotion in love the sea, then apply for account nature is the first thing to do, the name of this account is the best in our company or brand name, so we started the brand. The head can be used to replace the LOGO company, this can reflect the image of the company and the name of the web site and web site also brought. Write on the company’s business in the space on the home page, you can participate in our specific practice, as shown below.


love Shanghai space can still write text, and we practice in the forum text, put some information related to the product release. The use of some hot topics (industry hot topic) with our information to improve the hit rate. Love is to see Shanghai search site to love Shanghai how much traffic included, which will be in your hair at the end of the article with keywords and web site. Our purpose is to allow only one to improve the site click rate, can bring traffic to your site, so your article included love Shanghai will be higher, your keywords ranking will be in front, so your soft Wen promotion play a role.

space blog love Shanghai as the product of our pictures uploaded to the Internet, you can do the album classification, name of different products or models to classify the product pictures are described in detail, if you remember into words, pictures of products used by others, of course you can add watermark. Love Shanghai space images if included, can be directly in the search engines love Shanghai pictures forum to search, when people click on the picture below the link address when you link to the website up, this promotion effect is very significant. Method of operation as shown below. Click on the "album" upload the corresponding pictures, and then in the "edit pictures" to write relevant pictures and introduce a web site, and then write the name of the enterprise in the title and URL (where the title is very important, convenient to search in Shanghai love in the picture).

video upload video address, it supports Iqiyi, Youku, potatoes, cool 6, sound >


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Liu Jun the website of Shanghai dragon three elements make site more attractive one

do not have the original content of the website, rely on reprint, copying the main website, is often included abandoned by the engine. Many webmaster headache own website why always only included the home page, or the page is collected and removed, after all the reason one, the content of the website is really rubbish. For search engines, spam website search engine in addition to occupy the server’s bandwidth, database capacity, crawling spider waste of time, waste of search engine computation time and have no other meaning. Not the actual user content to websites, search engines have to use, to the website ranking what? The three elements of Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today to talk about the content of the website.

must understand the search engine is to provide high-quality content to the user, rather than to your site for traffic. This does not accord with the logic of the website, the search engine is not really the most willing to provide ranking. Only your real website provides quality content, target and unity to the search engine, to reach the state of coexistence.

website content should be the most Adsense really concern. In fact, this is not absolute standard and answer, according to the website to do the different owners of different condition, generation of web content will be different. For example, you do as a Liu Jun and Wuhan Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng personal blog, generating initial content of natural writing is to rely on oneself, can obtain the expanded original content from a blog reader. For example, blog is the message reply, really do a good job of quality content, write a good article, can let the reader through Bo Wen active messages, so you can let the original content get good self expansion.


, the 2 generation of web contentHow to generate


some B2C type of website is very let Adsense headache, some products the content of the page is copied from the manufacturers, a lot of content fits, how this website to create high-quality content? Some large B2C can rely on a strong financial strength, increase the weight of the website, let the search engine think the copy of the original, high quality, but the ordinary grassroots webmaster does not have the strength. Write the product page of their products, to create their own content is not realistic, so we can only rely on the excellent planning ability to make a site of the original content. < >

must understand the content of the important significance of

many webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng classic saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor. But most of the time just talking about my mind, really to do stand, when the actual execution, put this sentence left behind. Also the stationmaster is good, there is no ability to make a number of high-quality original content. Probably many webmaster friends there will enhance the importance of the content to a much higher level, not from the heart feel how important it is to create high-quality content.

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How will the Shanghai sex optimization slowly ranks steadily

After 1

second: do website internal page article update

but depressed depression, in this sunny afternoon, I still want to put forward under the friends of these problems, to summarize, roughly 5 aspects we did not deal with gossip, here to share to you, hope to be able to give us an idea, I hope my friends can xinxiangshicheng.

recently in a period of time, people have been with me Q, and are often consult some repeated question: "why my website for several months, ranking could not appear on the home page, or appear on the first page but soon go on, always want to find the answer here, in fact, unfortunately, this problem is really not a few words can be said clearly, here, for those who put a question to me, but no reply to your friends say sorry, because casual search on the Internet, this is the mass appeared in the love of Shanghai in the column, ha ha.


The pre

3, in the line on the website, must adopt a proper way to improve Shanghai dragon love Shanghai rankings, this is the basis for the foundation, there is no basis for this ranking, not stable for a long time.

, the line on the website, it should be noted that the first keyword here, to friends advice is done as far as possible not to change, but it should be possible to give some keywords bold, italic, which can arouse the attention of the spider love Shanghai, of course, some of the benefits of the site, and do a good job the anchor is also an important way in the station, link to the home page, so you can have some weight things appear.

2, completely abandon the home page weight was within the page of negative tired phenomenon, the main method of this step is to anchor all inside pages to set the key words to love Shanghai home, so that the weight of Shanghai in the home of love, of course, inline settings, page also the relevance of the course, there are and some other methods to increase the weight of the website, is to set up a secondary navigation, this way can refer friends to learn.

said the truth, love love in Shanghai is still relatively static pages, this is a long period of experience give an idea, so we, when building a web site, we must first consider the web page static page, this is worth us to follow the train of thought.

home page, this is a fundamental problem, that is in the beginning of the line on the website, it must take into account the internal site optimization, there is a saying called foundation is not solid, I believe that doing the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, for a period of time the friends in Shanghai Longfeng this major should understand very much to the problem the construction of the fundamental problem, your site is a key point in the future by leaps and bounds, mainly focus on the need to be friends, there are several steps in this note, we share:

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How to judge the love Shanghai repeat

E, for each category "," additional signature calculation;

B, the web page on the block after block filtering, to obtain the contents of the web page text contains fast;

C, the extraction of one or more sentences from the text, and calculate the text sentence according to the signature of one or more sentences;

The basic architecture of to judge the content of the web site to repeat

in the era of highly developed science and technology, Shanghai love has become the main way for people to access information. But now the love Shanghai, everywhere is full of some duplicate content, the users’ access to cause great distress. Therefore, Shanghai needs to "love repeated judgment, to repeat", only choose some high quality of my industry, Co browsing. However, the existing technology is generally by comparing the two page content and to borrow, to confirm the similarity of two pages.

in the first step, filtering the digital information in the sentence; the copyright information and other "repeated judgment plays a decisive role of information. Subsequently, the sentence conversion, for example, are full / half width conversion or traditional / simplified conversion in a uniform format makes the converted sentences.

in this step, the filter >

The method of

A, the web page into blocks;

B, filtering and conversion of web page text after the

F, according to the signed judgment under every kind of "whether to repeat.

A, clause of "text;



A, access to multiple web pages;

D, according to the web page text sentence signature clustering on multiple pages;

by the way of "repeated judgment system and judgment methods by including the web page text sentence, multidimensional signature signature effectively and quickly determine whether a page is repeated.

web page

C, from the extraction of web page content block.

B, were extracted from the web page text pages;

; clause clause;

in this step, the semicolon, period, exclamation marks and symbols to end a sentence clause of the web page text. In addition, but also through the web page of text to visual information on the web page text clause.

C, from one or more of the longest sentence from the text filtering and converted in

can be calculated accurately, but the time complexity is too high, the calculation is time consuming. The signature of some important information in a page, and then compare the two page signatures, to calculate the similarity, this way is simple and efficient, faster computation speed, more suitable for the application of such vast amounts of information of the Shanghai love scene.

text extraction

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Website optimization keywords article

Since the Therefore,

ZZD5: the original bokee贵族宝贝 at this site in many websites, get a good ranking. There are two ways. One is to use the search engine promotion directly to get good rankings. For example, love Shanghai love Shanghai League promotion is the way. To love Shanghai certain search fees can get love Shanghai home page ranking. The advantages of this way is the most directly and quickly get a good web site in the search engine ranking. But this approach is not every site can afford. Because love Shanghai promote this kind of method is to rely on money to drop out. But also need the right to formulate promotion plan according to the popularity of keywords in love extension in Shanghai. The following is the author ZZD5 bokee贵族宝贝 for everyone to talk about their own views, say well that please, be grateful! Learn from each other, common development can better help.

did not do very simple. That is not their own website content and search keywords associated with high heat. There are many people who use the search engine to search what you want every day. The highest frequency is recorded in the search search hot words. So I want to do website optimization, use the search hot words is essential. In order to obtain better search rankings, you must.

keyword is so important in website optimization, then the optimization for specific keywords and what to do? Above we know some simple techniques based on keywords of website optimization. Then we further discuss how to make full use of the web site keywords in the search engine rankings. Not everyone has the power to love Shanghai, then only the choice of Shanghai Longfeng this road. The importance of Shanghai dragon and use the station to get more original article spider. It is very important to increase the site of the original article so. Add your site original articles in the theme is more accessible to the favor of the spider. Keywords is also very important in the original article. In the original article appropriate to add keywords and related websites to get better ranking in the search. In fact, according to the method of keyword original articles website optimization is very useful. But few people do.

is very important in website optimization keywords selection. Keywords hot degree directly determines the level of traffic to your website. Want to do a good job in the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, keyword function is very large. So how to choose it website keywords. First, the choice of keywords must be consistent with the content of the web site. If you just blindly choose popular keywords, and ignore the basis of website content. It will cause into the website flow though but the quality is not high. Therefore website keyword selection must choose according to the content of the web site. For example, your website is the movie download station, then you can choose to SEI optimization keywords and movie related search keywords in the rankings. Optimization of relative film resources website is relatively easy to do. But for other types of sites can also use the same method to optimize.

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To enhance the user experience, to help the five WordPress plug in Shanghai Longfeng essential

often pay attention to other people’s blog that many blogs have some deficiencies, but some problems exist outside the template (such as: can not create a navigation column page show text in a heap, the user experience is very hurt), and some optimization details has not been done, such as many blogs purely for Shanghai Dragon and title keywords piled up, and set a column around the keywords, that does not consider the user experience, personally think that this blog is a failure, the whole blog looks like a small website, which relates to the optimization matters or a lot.

, a plug-in hunting related articles

as a Shanghai Phoenix, a personal blog is essential, because it can help us to enhance the work of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng our technical knowledge, long-term blogging can also meet many webmaster. Several more owners welcome blog theme design is very beautiful, and very suitable for the Shanghai dragon, in the fierce competition in the Shanghai dragon industry, optimization of the personal blog was hard, after all each stationmaster is Shanghai dragon personnel station not genuine goods at a fair price, optimize a set details are likely to affect the blog the.

two, Widget Logic



WordPress in every plug-in all have their own characteristics, are able to compensate for some shortcomings in the blog, or let the blog can get the better effect, but the plug-in is not perfect, site installation and more, will affect the speed of opening, the installation can only take the best effect to control. Here’s what a few necessary plug-in WordPress blog.


to find related articles plugin is the use of data mining technology, intelligent matching articles and pictures to show. Although the articles can be placed in each article by calling the point, but the plug-in is illustrated in the form of display, no doubt on the user experience and better effect, can clear and simple graphic form will remind the user’s reading desire:

Links for a website weight and keywords ranking is essential, but we find that many bloggers Links area has a defect, that is called total, Links only show OK in the home, in order to let the blog have this effect, the Widget Logic plugin to help us in this busy, you can easily to solve the Links only display on the front page of the problem, we only need to install this plugin, then click on the background in the gadget, set in the link options, adding is_home (&) in & (is_paged);;! This will be accomplished as shown in figure


< >

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Pay attention to your site optimization excessive yet

Maybe ?

2, your external links anchor text with the same keywords

Oh! Oh!

the past two years, Shanghai Dragon technology can be said to rise again, more and more leaders began to pay attention to it, even many leaders hope growth only by Shanghai Dragon technology to achieve flow. Although the Hefei recruitment network Xiaobian, Shanghai Dragon technology can bring flow, it can be the biggest disadvantage is the need for as long as possible to achieve, this is also a lot of big Boss don’t want to face up to the problem.


maybe some understanding of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners said, in fact, "excessive optimization" does not exist, only is the webmaster friends for the sake of discussion and derivative words. But as long as you can see a small series of intention, not to go! Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in the implementation of the strategy, we must understand clearly the stand inside and outside the station where can be optimized, of course, to study a set of optimization scheme is more suitable for their own, then do not need to pay attention to is to optimize the content is to achieve the ultimate, because it will produce some negative effects, such as search engine punishment

3, links from high weight website that >


if your site has the following features in the tendency, or quickly slow optimization steps or transfer of the contents of it, otherwise it will be punished in the affirmative

a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er heard a very positive effect on the weight of the chain site anchor text brings, the chain can therefore take part of the anchor text links with the so-called core keywords. Although the keyword exposure is improved, but for search engines, the same keywords too centralized use of the construction of the chain, is very likely to let the words be punished, so webmaster friends think twice oh

novice will feel, this is not supposed to do? Of course, the optimal place keywords is Shanghai Longfeng way, such as the title tags, H tags, keywords and description tags, bold, italic, internal anchor text, picture ALT attribute, the page in a paragraph of text, text, URL page, the last paragraph. If your keywords are in these places, and is called the core keywords, be punished is absolutely certain, so do not do Shanghai dragon.

1, the optimization of those places are placed on the keyword

, of course, more and more sites began their journey to Shanghai dragon, such as job hunting in Anhui, although the recent changes part very much, can optimize the site is still spare no effort to perform, a point of course need to pay attention to is that don’t optimization excessive! This is not only a small website to face the problem, all the webmaster friends in the process of website optimization, also must be careful, don’t be punished because of excessive optimization, this is The loss outweighs the gain. behavior.

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The scenery is not carved sirloin in speculation bubble obliterate all whyGong Haiyan the two ventur


below for interview record:


and technology: you and friends, Hello! In 2013 Chinese Internet Conference, we are very honored to be invited to the 91 teacher’s founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Gong Zong, please Gong Zonggen and friends say hello

now carved sirloin obliterate all carry

this leads to consumer psychological expectations too high, some consumers online after the actual consumption, found that there is a gap between the expected feelings, which makes the consumer two times into the store consumption rate is not high.

As the founder of

spoke on the topic of business students, Gong Haiyan does not recommend early business, she said, entrepreneurship for many people only once in a lifetime, if it is too early to try, immediately faced a failure, fear, there will be second start, will find a job after a flat flat light, let oneself have enough power to blow, don’t start, so easy to give up.

carved sirloin pattern and vision is very high, the brand positioning accuracy, but there are still the following problems:

recently, the original carved sirloin COO Mu sword after leaving everyone as Hunan CEO sparked a variety of hot food industry to discuss, as many people at leisure talk, where the focus is on in the home, carved sirloin executive miracle no longer on the issue, which attracted people to constantly suspicion.

and dispatch technology: first introduce, you just launched a new enterprise platform,

91 foreign teachers

Gong Haiyan: hope to surpass oneself. That I started also like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site. When my goal was reached, the company went public and felt lost. I like to set myself up

Gong Haiyan: I’m doing Jiayuan at the end of the CEO, behind the day-to-day management of business again, do 91 net foreign teachers, recruit a large number of foreign students in the United States, in Chinese recruitment, teachers and students from home and school in front of the computer, student and teacher is a real time face to face, there is a whiteboard, the teacher can writing on the whiteboard, the experience and the classroom business are very similar, but it allows students to learn more freely in space.

since September last year, after the carved sirloin resorted to "raised" strokes began to silence, except for the occasional release of WeChat on the public by twos and threes in the article, seems to be carved sirloin and I have Meng wake gradually fade out of sight of consumers, but with executives leaving issue, carved sirloin and pushed in the teeth of the storm on.

founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Jiayuan founder

Although < >

Meng wake in the restaurant before opening for a half year period in beta, inviting the brightest star, KOL, Master delicacy to free tasting, light burn burn during the first half of about 10000000, have to say God carved sirloin is successful in Internet marketing, through a series of event marketing and the topic of speculation has attracted enough attention, also managed to increase brand recognition.

What is the reason for

another is due to excessive marketing to attract traffic, most consumers have curiosity, the total number of customers accounted for about 80% to 90%, after meet the curiosity of this part of the consumer will no longer come in, carved sirloin business situation tends to decline, re purchase rate is low, the Internet marketing although the effect is good, but if the food is poor, will only exacerbate the negative word-of-mouth.

carved sirloin noise after the silence, and even began to emerge as abortion has become an indisputable fact.

Jiayuan, for Gong Haiyan again founded 91 teachers intention, at the end of last year to do Jiayuan CEO, threw the day-to-day management of the main business again, hope beyond the self. find that I started is like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site.

Gong Haiyan: Hello, I’m Gong Haiyan!

and information technology news from August 13th to 15, 2013 China Internet Conference held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of this conference is to build a good ecological environment, good service network life ", the topic covers many areas of mobile Internet, e-commerce, Internet banking, big data, cloud computing, networking, IPv6, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.. During the meeting, Gong Haiyan, founder and chairman of 7 and 91 foreign teachers, was invited to receive an interview with news technology.


it is understood that the carved sirloin was founded in November 2012, in May 2013 officially opened, the main sirloin in this sub category, positioning light luxury meal, and will be locked in the target consumer groups and pay special attention to the hobby delicacy dining experience middle class body.

in the catering Starving people fill the land. market environment, Meng wake in just two months time, has realized the store restaurant floor effect and double champion over Taiwan, 60 million with two stores and obtain financing, venture capital’s valuation of up to 400 million yuan, which was to create a catering industry the miracle, which is often used as the successful integration of Internet thinking of traditional food ".

! !

and technology: we know before you are Jiayuan Jiayuan CEO, and have been very successful, what is the business goal and motivation you out of the


one, excessive network marketing and consumer expectations form a drop of

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If one day Shanghai died in Shanghai dragon Er is still alive

, a webmaster over reliance on Shanghai Longfeng optimization and love Shanghai, will inevitably lead to the operation of the single method and profit is not stable.

because of pure technology and Shanghai Longfeng no thought, so we can through very simple labor can make a profit, resulting in many webmasters are addicted to it, the real website operation left on the maintenance of real users to give up, give up the construction site content value, give up depth the tendency of user experience, the operation mode of the website was simplified. Many webmaster will say, I will Shanghai Longfeng optimization and actual fully combine the words, in my opinion, it is not possible, because you can’t afford to bring profits to the Shanghai dragon fast temptation, you will be in Shanghai dragon can not extricate themselves. Everyone must remember the 622 2012 and 628 love Shanghai K station, the old station and the railway station of Shanghai K station is a large amount of love and.

in the Internet field, the webmaster has been optimized Shanghai Longfeng occupies all of mind and thought, it is, as long as the webmaster activities, will talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai has become the love of our God, Baidu said this is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. fully reflects the webmaster, is highly dependent on love in Shanghai. Shanghai dragon Er is not negative for the development of the network contribution is many webmaster constantly chain construction, make originally have no contact site with full contact, let the Internet content to be more abundant and fulfilling. However, the network has gradually come to maturity, the netizen participation increases, has made Internet don’t need er by Shanghai Longfeng chain construction only to fill the content. Return to the user, to guide the user to create value will be the focus of our work; we believe that the user is the true God is our belief. This paper focuses on the stand in a row if one day Shanghai died, Shanghai dragon Er is still alive this proposition, hope the webmaster correct.

since the advent of the Internet search engine, Shanghai dragon also accompanied by the. In the initial stage of the Internet, the webmaster to occupy a favorable cyber source by Shanghai dragon means, constantly get a profit, and that the Shanghai dragon optimization can provide long-term meal ticket for us. Day and night in physical labor, early in the morning to night, we enjoy watching the website daily, love Shanghai rankings, concerned about the number of the chain, the mood with website ranking and weight fluctuations. The website ranked top, we excited; a sudden drop in rankings, we tragedy. Fall down, so a pig’s way of life, but many webmaster as pretentious Station Road, recruitment, training, a batch of new path from evil can not extricate themselves. I have been attracted to Shanghai dragon magic, has been struggling to the construction of the chain, also for revenue and excited, also for the overnight ranking and devoid of anger and depression. Therefore, the author of the webmaster to indulge in Shanghai Longfeng optimization leads to life is deep.

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Shanghai Longfeng electric district website entry optimization five note

: stop the search engine grab tool

2, Robots META label

the start of the game for a long time, the blog has been writing are of no great importance article, a friend suggested yesterday, whether you can write a special suggestions for the contest, I think this is the most practical, today will give players – Website Optimization of the five note, in order to avoid the site into the point of no return ~


two: JavaScript navigation

1, robots file, this file will use a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, including the now mainstream CMS comes with a ROBOTS file, but the file the original intention is good, in order to prevent the crawling of unnecessary files such as admin folder, but according to the experience of some friends will inadvertently, or errors in writing this the entire file, then stop the spider crawling, if business competition website has yet to be loved in Shanghai included the first to check whether the file robots

< html>

due to the electric business circle game is learning Shanghai dragon friends play, but also some extraordinary novice, so need to pay attention to JavaScript navigation, because now the spider is cannot capture these things, if you use JavaScript navigation so please note changes after viewing the

! According to the observation of the

game and no player website using flash, there should be a number of reasons, first we all had an inkling of the FLASH friendliness of spiders or the comparison of emergency no time to do more processing in >

three: too much FLASH

Robots META tag is on the page, used to tell the search engine ROBOTS to grab the page content. The specific form of similar (see BOLD):

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The gap between the old and new domain name weight obtained from Shanghai dragon combat coating stat

snapshot is March, I think how old domain, the snapshot is so old, but the snapshot new domain with other enterprises as the next update station. Then the old and new domain name is bound in the same space, source files and data is synchronized, so cannot achieve set different keywords in two domain name. So I asked the boss for a new space, the old domain name to the new space, then began the two site optimization work.

At that time the old domain

say my new domain name is used in the same way, every day two to three article update content and several links, because the station is not high set keyword difficulty, four words have two words to love Shanghai home, the remaining two words of nano coatings and brand paint companies seem to love Shanghai and some sensitive for a long time without progress. During the Spring Festival, www.daqifang贵族宝贝 because of space issues lasting a month time open, Shanghai will be gradually included "love K light, finally even home also fell K. Over the years I came back quickly contact the customer side, immediately change a new space, after the website can be a normal visit after second days in Shanghai once again included in the home station, one of the most simple keyword ranking is restored. But after a few days in Shanghai and K fell naturally are not included, rankings, lasted for two weeks are not included again. I think this may be because before the site open to love Shanghai to trust greatly reduced the station, so the time and pay attention to the renewal of the station and the chain construction. Until finally today included back, but no ranking recovery.

from the end of December last year to now I have to concentrate on a keyword optimization coating on the website, because this is a $thirty thousand list. In fact, the thirty thousand is not high, because want to do thirteen keywords ranking, maybe then made eleven or twelve keywords to the remaining one or two words did not or not get the balance. Because customers have two names, one for 04 years, another 09 years, so I finally decided to take the words more difficult on the old domain name, easy on the remaining keywords new domain name to do.

Keywords The

keyword is relatively high when the old domain nine (the difficulty of building coating, coating, paint brand building) all done, simple keywords new domain name is a no ranking. It makes me feel deeply the new domain name and the old domain gap is too big,. The weight of love Shanghai gave the old domain than the new domain name is up to a lot, I the old domain name to stand for the title three times is not drop right, row >

old domain name nine, said it is difficult, because I was not familiar with the word segmentation technology, but also have to try. The snapshot of the old domain name is too old, I choose to use the method to update the content and links to high quality optimization, maintained almost a month later, the old domain name website snapshot update update almost every other day, the day of the articles included, ranking also has five key words in the sea love home.

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Analysis of various business competition sites love Shanghai

Qi more found that many participating sites have emerged in this case, which I personally feel is love Shanghai server issue. Keywords a website is placed on different servers, each server updates are not synchronized, so the key update is also not the same.

this point most love Shanghai and examine the mechanism of a relationship, will filter the data on the website, this factors cannot be excluded. The impact is love Shanghai lags behind in the server cache update. This phenomenon still need to calm and perseverance.

2, love Shanghai snapshot update lag

thus love Shanghai itself and the site can cause a snapshot of the normal or abnormal. One important point but also learn from the web log analysis whether the spider love Shanghai visited your website, how to enter the website, how to grasp the website information, what the local website spider crawl to what place.

Shanghai Shanghai search program process for processing the data on the network, a specific manifestation of the index storage file data is the love of Shanghai.

This phenomenon is largely due to the

business website update generally is not a problem, whether it is the quantity or degree of originality, but the space is not stable, the revision range or external links too little will have a certain impact. The old station is generally after revision or change three labels, new words in the short term rich content, the chain do less or not timely, resulting in not updated snapshot.

1, love Shanghai snapshot not update

double snapshot phenomenon The principle of love: love

4, love Shanghai

through the most love Shanghai snapshot of the normal site observation, they stand are usually open faster, higher degree of the original and updated regularly, update the article shows the stability of spatial and quantitative timing is very necessary.

3, love Shanghai snapshot

5, normal love Shanghai snapshot

website, the space is not stable, or Links caused by abnormal. We choose a stable space with high quality is very necessary, and should always check the status of their Links, found problems in a timely manner, so as to avoid the influence of other, more detailed solutions can refer to how to solve Shanghai soon as the correction of love.

blog appeared a lot of Qi due to love Shanghai double snapshot phenomenon, home page snapshot, but the business circle in the 15 snapshot keywords. So I checked the other participating site, many sites have found that the emergence of this phenomenon, and most are fixed in the 14,15,16 3 days, there is the appearance of the snapshot there are many, here together through various snapshots appear station snapshot of Shanghai under the principle of love the understanding and solution of network.

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Reasonable in chain optimization is the cornerstone of the website ranking

second: the establishment of the website home page link, website home page of the website is highly summarized, but also the highest weight of the page, his will directly influence the website main keywords ranking is good or bad, so it is the priority among priorities of the establishment of Shanghai dragon home link, home to fewer pictures, text links, not only convenient the search engines, but also to speed up the opening speed, enhance the user experience. On the connection must have keywords anchor text, pointing to the web page, so it can increase the density of keywords and keyword weight, in fact, Links is the reason why everyone is willing to exchange Links, first of all is to tell the search engine, many websites have used the words at me and this is my website to explain the key words the content, improve the weight of words, so we should do more on the home page Wendian anchor, but not too much. "

: first website navigation links planning, site navigation of a website is the most important place, not excessive use of flash and JS, because these are the search engine is very objectionable, if you want to use, then the bottom or side of the site, do this kind of auxiliary navigation, can make up for the loss of flash and JS, in the navigation text, I suggest to use keywords, may sometimes do not put on, so we can describe in writing, and try to use H1 tags and bold, it can tell the search engine of the importance of the word, if not pretty we can use CSS to control, so as to solve the appearance of the problem.

2, the better, the average weight of site, improve internal web site keywords ranking, is conducive to the long tail keywords ranking, while improving the site PV, so as to improve the website main keywords ranking.

Transfer of PR

a reasonable chain optimization is to ensure the long-term stability of the rankings, so that each page is a search engine to crawl, is the most basic things you can do for the website ranking. This can not only improve the search engine for your site’s reputation, but also make your web site keywords ranking has more potential to ensure your long-term stable ranking, not because of external links or change the search engine algorithm to reduce fluctuating, so before writing the site within the chain optimization tutorial, first explains the importance. Within the site chain. Usually, the site within the chain and the external links is that Shanghai dragon master is the most important work in the Shanghai dragon, in the search engine update algorithm change rapidly among sites within the chain becomes more and more important, even more than the importance of external links to the site, so the establishment of a chain will directly affect the site’s ranking, I said in the chain is established on the website of the benefits.

1, increase the degree of customer experience, good inside chain can let visitors quickly find what you want, not only can let visitors to find relevant information, but also allows the search engine to find what we want.

the small left to talk about the site within the chain is how to plan, we hope to help.

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The benefits analysis of how to build station webmaster Resources Resource Station

we create a new web site, the general in the short term it is difficult to find someone’s home page link, only through Links, even so, it is very difficult to obtain high weight links. Because Links is a two-way link, the weight is lower than the one-way link. If a competitor has 100 sources more than high traffic website home page, or a single page, high flow theme page, high traffic directory page weight of these high link. We can’t do more than 100 Links. Even so, it is difficult to catch up with rivals.

a website to build resource station group, first we want to choose what kind of station, to know several topics to build several stations, but also to ensure that the resources station is healthy and reasonable, to do according to the formal means of optimization. Here with examples to illustrate.

many people do not understand why the station resources, resource station is not equal to the garbage station, in fact he is the biggest benefit to solve the problem of high weight chain.


we can carefully observe the taobao贵族宝贝 advertising in other places of words, it is easy to find business opportunities. If you open the 360 navigation, the right column will often have to do Taobao advertising, will be provided.

as we do is the theme of "Shanghai art school", his resource station do? We can think according to the needs of users to divide, then from the category, function, area points to refinement, such as function, can do "Shanghai music academy", "Shanghai Art Institute", "the Shanghai Dance School of art" and so on. Such as the area, we can subdivide the District of Shanghai, such as the "Shanghai Art School of Jinshan District", "Shanghai Art School of Xuhui District", "Shanghai Jingan District art school" and so on, with flow and weight for the master station. Another point, around Shanghai city we can actually do, such as "Nanjing school", Hangzhou art school, " " broaden enrollment object, the increase in traffic and guide included.

1, planning website:

so, how to build resource station, what steps and direction resources Station

product planning, such as "T-shirt", can be divided into "short T-Shirt", "T-Shirt", long sleeved "male models T-Shirt", " T-shirt; female models", "foreign trade T-Shirt", "cultural T-Shirt" and "ad T-Shirt", is in accordance with the demand for products classification. As a woman’s dress, can be divided into "dress", "dress", "skirt", "Chiffon", "miniskirt".

so our website weight is not high level, will bring a lot of adverse effects: (1) included the total will not increase; (2) the long tail keywords flow and ranking is not ideal. The weight of the inside pages from the home page, the home page without high weight, it is hard for us to get the weight, how to do, resource strategy can solve these problems.

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Shanghai dragon every day you are tired of reading what post replies

as the Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon day will do the homework, but only limited to post repling? Do the purpose is to increase the chain. In my last article "DISCUSSION: the site outside the chain is important not important" also said that the construction of the chain is a must play a supporting role, the chain is not the most important, the most important is the site itself first with high quality content, good site navigation clear layout, internal quality and external chain the chain of high quality. But judging from the topic for the construction of the chain is the most essential daily work tired.

forum a topic "daily post, post, reply, are you tired?" a single vote for Shanghai dragon industry colleagues opinions vary, may be different cognitive. But the vast majority of people were tired, because we think this is the job to be done, even if tired also have to do, what do you think of

is the last performance check, through the webmaster tools to check outside the chain, the chain of high quality is really can have certain effect to improve the weight of the website. Make high quality of the chain is necessary but not only the choice of Shanghai Longfeng work, improve the site weight chain is not the only. Shanghai Longfeng do more, improve the site weight more things. For example, the domain name of the website for the weights of the site, age, site server stability, update website, website credibility, website content and its optimization, have an effect on the weight of the site within the chain on the site. Shanghai dragon in addition to the chain construction and important site optimization, high quality website construction.

is followed by the planning and implementation efforts, and never thought of a survey where you should class forum post repling, the plate is suitable for your post, the plate is more suitable for repling, what kind of card is the most worthy of you? Is there a serious summary that send those posts in the forum that plate effect is the best, to search engines, to play the role of the chain, to reprint, there were no serious excel record, compared to make long term, summed up what should often post in the forum replies kantie? Is there a day planned for the forum, a few back a few stickers, stickers, how to post, how to reply? A day to do summary records, check the daily results, you will have a sense of achievement, at least not tired .

why people are engaged in their daily work (post repling)


we have to.

first from the attitude we all think this is the work that must be done, and how tired do not have to continue long-term, monotonous and repetitive movements, who will bother. Why not change a point of view, with questions to see it, to see some interesting posts is not tired!!! Really! Some feel is very annoying, but feel very interesting reading.

tired? why?

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Several factors affecting the noble Adsense advertising into the baby

first website too many invalid clicks


is more than three reason to speculate on the outcome of individual sand, do not use this as an important basis, so as to cause your loss, I am not responsible for sand; in addition, if the above sand to reason and fact for example does not match, you also see.

website traffic, click rate is not high


believe that as long as the nobles baby Adsense have a little understanding of the webmaster all know, noble baby Adsense alliance will according to the website of different types, so the display ads will not be the same, if your website is not so popular in the industry station, then you noble baby Adsense advertising price will be relatively high; however, if your site is a garbage station, so unfortunately you are not your advertising into how high proportion, are, what kind of website is the garbage station? Such as QQ website, there are relatively large film and pictures of this traffic site, general nobles baby Adsense advertising in Chengdu will be relatively low, on average, one click only about $0.02, which is far lower than those industry stand too much

!Third reasons

second websites were summed up as garbage station

If you

revenue for Google third original calendar is the click rate, we should make full use of Google alliance channel function, the low rate of click advertising are removed, leaving only the position of high click rate, do not feel bad low click rate advertising revenue, it will only reduce your income. So, in order to improve the noble baby Adsense advertising unit, the webmaster is best to find ways to improve the site traffic, because when your site click rate is high, then the ECPM (effective CPM) is higher, whereas the lower.

done noble baby Adsense webmaster all know, even if your website content and the visitors are the same, but the proportion of advertising is not the same (some may know what is divided into advertising, in fact you can put into understanding click price, want to know the proportion it can go to Google advertising management background then, find the personal information of the following view), and the percentage of! The reason is like may be many, but the sand or to a list of three common reasons:

The influence of

this noble baby Adsense had many invalid clicks on the ad, it seems like not what, at most is not charging only, but in fact it will affect you into your plan, originally advertising into proportion is eighty percent, the results are too many invalid clicks, your ads into public will fall into sixty percent or lower, so, if the owners do not want to let their own noble baby Adsense advertising into a decline in the proportion, it is best not to make too many invalid clicks

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Shanghai dragon chain chain 99% to combat the experience of his hair.


believe that we now know that the forum signature is invalid, even A5 has canceled the forum signature, many people have in order to be able to in the A5 forum with the signature chain purchase invitation code to register. Then to the inside with a signature with the top post, weight of an ordinary page itself is not much, a bunch of people to go to the top. Finally, you can imagine how much weight to? How many PR? Even if you own the post with links, there will be a large group of people against the links with

3. love Shanghai official products


before I do is love and experience of Shanghai library, Shanghai love their weight official products are relatively high. In this way the present form relative threshold ratio >

1. forum signature

as a Shanghai dragon Er, recently found himself for a long time did not publish any articles about Shanghai dragon industry. The weather is sunny today, although a little hot hot, but very good mood. Specifically the pen write this article! This article is based on the ZAC in the course of one part of the content and the actual results summed up. Don’t pull away, directly below the share of

99% no matter where the embodiment of

Reviews work!The chain

through high quality original articles written by their own contribution to get outside the chain, but also can give users valuable information, users feel the value of the content, will give you a recommendation or forwarding and some websites to collect content, through such a cycle can get many high quality of the chain. The main page or whether their submission to be forwarded after the page is mostly a page only a few links to the weight distribution is quite high.


do not know if you have not done blog, blog made shoes all know my blog occasionally there will be some people use mass software reply much to your blog, most of them are some English font. If you look at, or use the tool out you will find those who see small font English inside is actually contains a link inside. The second is the number of Chinese font is also a link. The hair on top of this chain of people I want to say: "you are not stupid". Now the blog reply basically are tagged with nofollow tags module, meaning I would not say

with classified information website

2. blog

2. B2B

Most of the

the remaining 1% works where

in addition to the above submission mode we can also choose some B2B website or classified information website to publish their own web site, released here on the platform of the article basically is a separate page, the inside of the link is less. At the same time also can give their own website promotion

!The source of the chain

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Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee depth interpretation of love — on the chain judgment

1, clearly tells us to love Shanghai "


will officially enter the interpretation, long Yu interpreted in the screenshot annotated mode in "on the chain" judgment begins, love Shanghai Lee has given us by reading this article to understand what content.


3, how to determine the problem is the chain, love Shanghai analyzed a large number of examples, summarizes the characteristics of the characteristics of the garbage outside the chain, so that the general criteria should be correct, but does not rule out the fire situation.

Long Yu has been marked the important content, through this article, Lee or thinking to tell some of what we love Shanghai, first read the article, first, we can understand some judgment principle of love Shanghai on the outside of the chain; second points, we can understand the problems in the mainstream chain the chain of garbage and the difference of cheating in the chain, and the treatment principle of love Shanghai. And third, Lee lists some actual cases, to help us determine whether your site has the same problem chain, finally give the correction.

A good

2, Shanghai to love junk the chain and cheat the chain have different criteria, and different treatment principles.

this part is a summary of the contents of the whole document, this is Webmaster Platform always send the article, because the whole article is long, but also for visitors to grasp the core content of the article is very helpful, basically similar to the four navigation Title sums up the whole article focus.

first put this "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee on the chain decision" to give you read the address, to facilitate reading analysis: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160

in April 25, 2013, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee published an article in dragon feather seems by far the most important, this is the love of Shanghai about the garbage outside the chain and the chain cheating judgment method, so far, did not see any Shanghai Longfeng communities of detailed interpretation, but we know that for a a web site and the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon Er, in addition to the station, the construction of the chain is the most important part in the daily work, this article and love Shanghai Lee hair has a very important significance for the construction of the chain after Shanghai dragon Er, so it is very necessary to make a interpretation. The interpretation by the world economy and Shanghai dragon dragon feather business platform, improper welcome criticism.

1, through the above points, the basic can know love Shanghai now the chain is divided into two categories, one is the chain is no problem, another problem is the chain, and the chain, the most important is the love hate Shanghai should be garbage chain and the chain of cheating.

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Talk about love sea weight that point thing



weight 0~1

weight 1~2


from zero to a weight weight, is actually a very simple thing, many people can do not know, we have found in Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query a love related to Shanghai, one of the key words, I believe many people before, but it must pass through, must have index of the word and the word to pass, you also have a website ranking. As far as I know a word index ranked in the top fifty by submitting keywords by weight can reach a.

Although This article from Changsha where

love Shanghai officials have repeatedly stressed that no weight said, but still found a lot of people care about love in Shanghai to be able to check the data of weight, so a few, a lot of people don’t care what, here to talk about how to increase the weight is. This article represents only the personal views, not only has the authority, give you a reference.

weight 1~2In fact, the

from the weight of one to two is a process, in a certain period of time in the optimization of a website that love Shanghai traffic forecast when beating in the 98~102 between the weight between 1~2 beats, according to a week of data analysis found that your love Shanghai traffic arrival your natural weight 100 to reach 2

maybe our website main keywords index is very high, the short-term optimization does not go up, but we can use the inside pages to do some competitive heat low, so the ranking is up, you will be able to reach a weight of.

method for weight 1 up to 2 are many, this depends on our optimization technique, in fact, optimization methods comprehensive department’s website, is nothing more than two kinds, one is on the long tail word to get traffic there is a direct brand image to promote our website through the brand, I I believe many people are aware of the role of the chain on the current stage has less effect, more just to attract spider. Through the long tail words to get traffic is short-term development, long term competitive heat, get more Many a little make a mickle. ranking we can certainly get more traffic. As for the long-term development of the company, we are more focused on brand publicity, like the chain of our work is no longer with us. The link, but with the name of our company.

for the optimization method, this article will not say more, the weight is only a reference value only, different industries have different needs, such as some of the industry’s traffic is so big, itself can not be more than. So we don’t go to care about these rankings for some industries we care we need to focus on the good. Small and medium enterprises is more for + natural ranking. It can not only save time but also can achieve good results.

weight 0~1