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Zhang Li a beginners understanding of Shanghai Dragon

when I wrote this article I started my first website optimization combat, a client’s case, when doing this case I also think, this article I am to see who wrote to you, I think every novice look? Is this a dragon from Shanghai a process is over, and each have their own understanding of the novice, so I want to talk about my understanding of a beginner in Shanghai dragon. In the eyes of my predecessors Shanghai dragon even sand is not, not to mention the predecessors of fayan. So I decided that I send this letter to me and Shanghai dragon just started, so here is not professional Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but their understanding of the. Chapter I is for Shanghai dragon force nearly 2 months to come into contact with me is a more professional term, search engine optimization in my work since then became the dominant web site, I often read about a website search engine optimization technology, technology and personnel article. Feel a site optimization is not very difficult, but anyone can learn the basis of these, just a lot of people know and implement, but the real Shanghai dragon than I saw on the Internet more.


Zhang Ligang has just begun to learn, master taught me the meaning of the code is HTML and domain name meaning and so on, he told me about a Shanghai dragon er must understand how a web site is established, and an important part of "the code is closely related to the optimization. I saw an article that "if you can’t finish manual code of a web site, then you are not a Shanghai dragon". Shanghai dragon circles predecessors would still give me a lot of knowledge.

is a Shanghai dragon Er we will need to know HTML code, control algorithm of search engine (Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are recorded in the ER they really need to know how much control they do search engines, each detail, algorithm analysis and test with the engine change at any time re recording, analysis, testing, to establish a link) (building links like sales, Shanghai dragon should know basic concept and application of link building strategy, but you will link building doesn’t mean you are a Shanghai dragon), analysis (if you want to know whether the optimization effect of the search engine, pray, that you have to learn to analyze website traffic analysis), follow the search engine rules (the rule of the search engine is for you Shanghai dragon strategy does not violate the rules or policies but most of their benefits and so on). This is the soft for optimization also play a corresponding role, but I have a very good example for the soft and the weight of this, I have a friend who is a PR=7 local portal site for a year, now every day is updated every copy of each big door soft, but also get a good ranking, close to the daily IP 100 thousand and he said to me, he is not particularly concerned about the quality of the content, a little bit pseudo, he only cares about the chain every day, released a large number of high quality the chain exchange of high quality friendship chain.

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The website title or keyword in the on-line error correction to find

may be part of webmaster see this title will feel unbelievable, actually the website in the on-line time due to negligence, impatient causes the title and keywords error phenomenon has always existed, and how to fix this error is the key to the following specific talk, if a site in the on-line time title or keyword the wrong choice how to fix this problem.

2, modified for >

website home page, the inside pages, the chain and so on are not

submit your site included, but when the site of the home page, the inside pages of the chain are not found at this time, the title of the site or the keyword error, the best solution is directly in the template or the background, modify site title and key words, this is the best way, convenient and fast, do not affect any local website.

4, to release a new weight outside the chain, can be in the A5 forum, Chinaz webmaster forum forum released every ten new chain.

by this method can make the new title and website keywords love Shanghai recognition, but this method must pay attention to: the web site’s home page, page is not love Shanghai included before use, if you have included so this method is no longer applicable.

in the website home page, the content has been included in the love of Shanghai, this time to modify title and keywords website is to carry out surgery on the site, and to minimize the loss, then you must modify the website title and keywords through several of the following methods:

website, the inside pages have been indexed by

if you are in this case found that the title of the site or keywords were wrong, so we can not modify title and keywords website in the website backstage or in the template, this time to do some minor surgery on the site.

1, the location of the web site, find out where you need to modify, for example, now the site title is: the biggest training examination network home, do you think this position is too broad, is not conducive to the optimization, you need to modify.

1, to modify the site keywords, keywords and then modify the chain, keyword based release link anchor text.

website home page, page is not included, but has released the chain

The title and keywords of Methods

2, there are about 10 keywords of the anchor text link, to estimate the time of about 3 hours and then the title of the modification, and this time the title change of not more than 5 words, more than cause the site to be search engine trust.

When the

3, find out the release of the chain, then the chain of these sites to re edit all keywords, get rid of the site, plus its modified title.

If love Shanghai

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Experience the hazards of using super chain tools to bring the

OK, I admit, want to save some strength in the website optimization on the road, but the fact is that, in the station on the way to be a little sloppy, not steal a little lazy. We all know the website optimization, in addition to their own content to the original accident, the chain will continue to increase, especially the quality of the chain, it is absolutely the webmaster dream. But bitter we do the chain often face two embarrassment: either a good website not on us, or small website, we can’t see them. So a tool came into being, this is the super chain tools. But here I advise you, it is best to stay away from this kind of tool, or your site will be following me to no end of trouble for the future, these days of experience to share with you.

to tell you the truth, brought this automatic propaganda effect is very accidental, because you stay on the website of the time is very short, because people in the brush when will bring you the top down, but if it is when you stop, search spiders crawl the page, this is direct brings you an effective chain. You brush more than 2000 web site, at least hundreds of websites leave your outside chain, that is to say you outside of the chain increased 100, the number of the chain is too frequent, search engine will think you >

1, the chain will directly lead to frequent right down

a few days ago, suddenly think of to try these tools in the end there is no use, so I took the gold brush blog for two days, the effect is very clear, but obviously, look at the various site parameters following the change that the usefulness of this tool:

about this automatic propaganda principle! As we all know, the free online webmaster tools, such as integrated query, Shanghai Longfeng query, whios query and so on, are query records, that is to say when you query finished, your site will remain inside his record, sometimes even the query page stays for a period of time in his, this is the automatic tools to achieve the effect of publicity.

traffic site decreases, you may think it is not what is directly linked with the automatic propaganda tool indeed, but my main source of the website is search engine, if the site traffic continues to decrease, that weight of my site has been constantly reduced. I wonder why a website in order to increase the weight but with the tools that will lead to the decrease of weight? This is my site visits the change.


!Changes in the number of

is not only the site visits, site index, and the number of sources of keywords is also dwindling, this time in the weight of the website are declining, why is this the truth? It is what I thought, I finally understand why this will happen the following is the harm caused by the phenomenon, I summed up the use of super propaganda or attention is

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360 search launched the bidding system 360 dotting marketing platform

so 360 for long-term military search quite strong determination. The search engine market changes, the Shanghai dragon ER generated vibration is also not small. Especially the love of Shanghai from June until August began a large-scale update algorithm still did not stop, while there is a large number of "hit right down, many webmaster of the 360 search as a new channel. Love Shanghai update algorithm itself is a good thing to let users get more accurate results, if we can step by step to improve even better so that everyone can have a process of acceptance. Original address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 


this is not the end, we all know that enterprises take a product made out of the purpose of profit. Followed by the "360 point marketing platform".



reference figure:

launched in early August 16th 360 quietly began a search began in 360, was just beginning to think that the search should be a very imperfect system and even the result is a lot through the acquisition and not as much. Zhou Hongyi didn’t want to prepare, directly to the navigation search box directly for down flow all import, relying on the browser user traffic instantly become the market share of the second largest search engine Chinese.

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Keywords mining and layout of the site core

here is our main work of Shanghai Longfeng website construction, mining and analysis of long term, we need to pay attention to is the long tail word, not just confined to the so-called keyword tool swept out of the word, if you do some products of the enterprise station you will find the tools, with extended out words also dozens of Web site updates so you end these words and how we can extend? Here we use Jinhua mining webmaster tools, such as:

here we compare concern by users, industry, type of keywords, title settings, here is the classified keywords, and then find out the relevant keywords layout to our column (for example: a women’s clothing to buy Taobao station, navigation column can be combined, women’s brand, fashion models, winter ladies, ladies, so affordable row). Here the word to navigation and keywords navigation related parts of speech, the weight of the high share in the website, so the navigation layout can not be sloppy.

two, navigation, keyword


Keywords layout of the site in the

, we must pay attention to the core keywords, is not fine is much, the weight of each page is certain, too many keywords, can only make the website optimization more difficult. Not only for the general page two or three key words are optimized in content planning, more targeted.

keyword is the site of the core keywords is one of the basic mining site can get good rankings, the keyword is selected according to your site’s theme determined.

mining The

first analysis is three to five words in the most most popular keywords and user attention, as the core keywords web page optimization (according to their own needs to optimize the resources, the keywords competition degree analysis, the choice of words, it can be optimized in the selection) is the core keywords also need to pay attention to the same, need analysis of industry website, find out the similarities and differences reflect their own. In fact, we can be understood, the main keyword is to use your own brand word matching core keywords website optimization. For example, I do Wuhan Shanghai dragon, the word Wuhan, Shanghai Dragon Star Nobel blog = Wuhan Shanghai dragon Xingnuo blog to form their own brand of words. Were closely related to the core keywords, you before this and you must set the keywords.

is here to tell you a practical method, using the internet hotspot, combined with your industry website updates, and this website article, but we all know that the timeliness will have a very good ranking, so you can update articles to attract more people to browse, access more audience driven website ranking is inevitable. Here is the long tail word subject extension >

, a master key, the layout of

three, the long tail word mining, layout

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How to do the chain to become effective chain effective quiz chain

fifth, if your peers are also doing your products ask what should we do? What we are leveraging the power of this move is very useful. Don’t underestimate, we can make the most good peer products and our products are put together so that our products have also been improved on the right, see his customers our competitors will also see our products, there will be a webmaster friends asked. Do you know why customers will see? I’m not guessing.

today we are here and we talk about how to let you ask the chain to become effective chain. Of course, our webmaster friends do the chain is to let our website chain more then in the search engine to get better ranking, let the website weight is improved so as to achieve our goal. The chain is not to do the chain and the chain that many owners do not understand. Don’t understand to look down, I wrote how to do the chain which is "how to a site outside the chain of the chain you plan how to make gold chain" in this article I wrote about the importance of the gold chain become chain and how to make your chain become gold the chain in the blog, ask the chain is no exception. As long as we pay more attention to these free high quality resources can also be used by us. But how many people can make good use of these resources as can be imagined. We make every link under the effects are what this link is likely to become our gold link right. Only do links have the effect to the site outside the chain to play a supporting role on the right. Said that only one purpose is to ask the chain to make the chain. The start method.

fourth, answering skills is very important, many people ask can send a bare answer on the above effect such as can be imagined, we cannot let our answer do some modification? Let him look natural. It is not good for


second questions is very important, some people say I answer questions, I told you that opportunity is very small, but your answer is by chance is very small. Right, even if your answer can be adopted what and how many opportunities waiting for you? Very few, isn’t it? To learn how to create their own opportunities, so that you can learn in Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry more and more away. The search engine in this industry are engaged in various types of work in continuous learning, continuous efforts to harvest that you agree?

third, if their products find their own position in the quiz? It does not know how many friends do ask note that this is a very important point. Is the answer to the classification, classification and find the most relevant to your product, if you can find the product that best classification, this also answers quality than you do about Q & a much higher quality.


first, do ask and answer questions related to the chain of words and not too little, you have only ten words how the rankings are not very good, you agree with it?

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Case analysis information website using love Shanghai billboard drainage

, two, illustrated the wayWe all love to see

startling step by step

reasonable use of hot events to lead flow every day to watch love Shanghai emerge in an endless stream, billboard became a lot of habits, for a relatively high weight of the site, it is easy to put some hot events into traffic, as long as their intentions to do an article, perhaps every day can bring thousands of flow, one thing which is unmatched by many owners, after all, their website no weight, even with the then popular articles, the search engine will not give good rankings, analysis of information website is how to use love to Shanghai billboard drainage below.

The key of

beautiful things, an article is written to fill the page, it sure if with a few feel dull as ditch water, beautiful pictures up, so this effect may be able to remind the user’s interest in reading, for example, the information network is reasonable tea station placed two Zhang Jimei set up to let the user does not produce visual fatigue, to search engine, and also a good optimization method.

love Shanghai index in recent months:

which is related to whether an article can get traffic, such as "watching a startling step by step, find and match your temperament, this article fine tea", is the combination of tea and characters, such as: four the elder brother temperament, thirteen elder brother tea tea may express is not very temperament. The ideal, but this creative description will attract users to read an article, so as to reach the site to increase the amount of traffic, must first consider the user’s reading, only.

love Shanghai billboard today search: 137818 last seven days: 864609 today ranking: 6

three, the article show the contents of the

Key words:

introduction: "startling step by step" adapted from the novel of the same name Tong Hua Qing wear. Is the recent hit TV series


web site of the title of "watch the startling step by step, find and match their temperament, cleverly exquisite tea and tea were startling step by step the words together, this is not only to type their own website, but also achieve the optimization goal of key words, although the very popular keywords startling step by step in general, the site is no way near the top of the screen there are many large websites in front of the queue, we can gain some traffic from the long tail keywords.

here to talk about a tea class website if with a movie name together, so as to optimize the overall effect:

, a website title written

site optimization type: tea category information website

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B2C mall optimization guide eight steps to build a successful B2C website


Keywords site procedures

B2c Shanghai Longfeng optimization guide is my feeling online without authority on optimizing B2C data writing a document. Whatever you want to do B2C individuals or companies will therefore benefit.

I often see some cases, such as a watch website, finally from the sale of cosmetics, selling up bags. I believe that such a change is not appropriate, because you look like a grocery store. Of course, if you are powerful, of course you can open a store, but you can not be like a grocery store. This is the website positioning.

in our country, shopex and ECSHOP is the value of the recommended two, you can choose one.

determine your home page according to the website of your location, such as you are selling watches, it is very simple, if you want to become the watch industry’s largest online shopping mall, your website keywords is relatively broad keywords, such as watches.

for example, I am now ready to sell watches. What is my position? You need to consider hundreds of factors to locate your site, for example, is your own production of small products, you are only those styles, your human is not a lot, so your location is a small website selling watches.

I often see, some people put keyword classification page layout to the home page, such as

need to locate your site in the early stage, then what is the location? Is very simple, you want your website is a website what position, this is very critical, for example, are you ready to sell those products on the Internet, will now sell those products, will reduce will increase?. After some complicated factors to consider, you can reach, after your site will be in what position in the internet.

you are developing their own website program? Back or use open-source program? I recommend to use mature open source program. Of course, if you are strong enough, you can also set up a team of their own development process, but if you need to develop procedures, it may take several years to have a strong program.

if you are also agents of the well-known watch brands, abundant funds, manpower is abundant, then your position is lofty ideals and high aspirations, a large comprehensive watch store.

three, to determine how many words and columns according to the website of the product, and the distribution of keywords.

A After

was elected the program, need a set of exquisite template, with your site style, also has a good user experience.

< title> poly fashion luxury Mall – 100% authentic Tissot Longines watches in | > |

B2c optimization preparation. To determine the site location and program.

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Five daily habits improve website rankings and chain

don’t create content and create content. Instead, you should make sure that the article is relevant and professional, high quality. This is a good habit to the most effective and will surely return.


3) re written introduction

good daily habits are good for you. If you have the correct brushing, eating, exercise, daily drinking water, you will improve health. As for digital marketing. If you can start some daily habits to improve website rankings? Some simple operations will lead to the success of the enterprise.

4) add a new paragraph in the article

through daily modifications one or two articles, you can give the injection of new life, have more links to show more, so as to enhance the entire site condition.

like all things, the content will be out of date. Even if your content is permanent, but I still advise you to make some changes.

write a thing is the most time consuming but the most valuable.

long form content can get higher ranking, but also require a longer time to write. If you spend at least one hour a day of time to write, you should create at least two a week long article or more.

Time required: 10 minutes

2) to change the article in H1 H2 tag

modify the old article

wrote and published an article that




Time required: 1 hours

6) delete important paragraphs

often changes the content are more likely to rank higher. From the beginning of 2007, Google launched the algorithm more "QDF" (fresh content query value) features, the idea is to give a query the latest date of publication of the search results. The goal is to provide users the latest information on a given topic to provide users.

can learn the following things

9) share your article to get more active users

7) to write the conclusion

1) with more relevant keywords to change the title of the article

the creation of new content is the only way to bring traffic to the site the best.

a daily habit of promoting Shanghai Longfeng and will have a great market success. Some of the following practices required daily operation:

why do you need to update the old

to get links from the new website

5) adding links to other sites link to the new

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Cause analysis of Shanghai dragon Er are not to be underestimated 360 must focus on 360 Search Searc

Senmao science and technology search on the BD no 360 search 360 drop-down box, which shows the effects of the current insufficient attention is limited, it is also just beginning but I expect that in the near attention and visibility will improve.

3. key:

I think after

1. that my first 360 comprehensive search experience:

A lot of

is used on the whole is good, and the previous 360 product style, the whole page is not what a big change, the key is to look at the Shanghai dragon of search results, because I’m a dish, not on the 360 search engine principle and so on further analysis of the system, it can only rely on A5 the master had a jar.

2.360 comprehensive search the degree of concern at this stage is not enough:

when I first saw the 360 search in a customer there, there is a news show 360 search information, I guess 360 to engage in the search engine, what situation ah, no in-depth view, open the A5 forum home see several comprehensive search information on the 360, I also generally looked on start using 360 search engines, in fact I do not work, good is the kingly way.

China Internet users is white for the search engine can be said that many users do not need to manually enter the information website, people who want to understand the relevant knowledge unless it may open the corresponding website directly enter the URL to want to query, but most users of China computer proficiency is not good, is what is what. I believe that there are a lot of people in China, so 360>

? The binding effect 360

search results on the whole and BD ranking of 65% identical, because they are comprehensive search may be comprehensive all things together, but there is the weight of old domain and information to a comprehensive search website and a list of 360 sites, so the package of the new domain name may be lower 360 search rankings and this is an initial product, the latter may also strengthen many aspects, but the 360 release of the first search again, I personally think it has achieved a stage of success.

Senmao technology recently found that 360 of the search is the fire ah, our novice Cougerenao, express my personal meaning, if there are mistakes please pat, you must not give us a lot of points, will be improved, here thank you in advance for, nonsense is not much, in today’s theme "why not 360 to search for the new force"

products 360 are free of charge, especially the 360 anti-virus and security guards of these two products is very high popularity in late 360 will put 360 comprehensive search bundled into his security guards inside, so the stability of users will be huge, why?