Breakdown areas and local demand is the two major focus of the future transformation of the webmaste

November 22nd, A5 founder Wang in the QQ group launched a webmaster lecture: how to be a successful webmaster?. In Zaiqun graph king and the webmaster to share the experience of website operation for many years and realize their accumulation. The web site is to do what? What kind of site? How to do a website? Three aspects on how to be a successful webmaster do in-depth analysis, and the current owners of the environment, the future direction of transformation, to express their views, lecture by the majority webmaster enthusiastic response QQ group in a short period of time has been filled. The stationmaster also listened to the lecture carefully, enthusiastically asked questions and discussed each other, and launched a fierce collision of thinking.

personal Adsense industry today, simply relying on traffic to get advertising revenue era has gone forever. In the development of the Internet, the webmaster’s business environment has changed, speculation has been impossible; profits, opportunity basically tends to 0; illegal edge, is tantamount to death. In the past, simply by copying, relying on search engines, stations and garbage stations have no future. In the lecture, Wang also said, "99% of the websites are not computer majors, and even 95% have not been trained in computer science. They are all self-taught.". A new website, if not by copying the reference to other websites, it is difficult to understand the Internet and tangible website itself, only in the process of doing constantly break the past, constantly changing their learning and to grow. Do like swimming, you want to become a master, choking the water first plop jump, you also do not control this is what action, what posture, choking the water, you naturally have water, so in the absence of the website before, please don’t do in the old gestures, with the domain name space, or buy another station, take over the line. Now the filing is more complicated, in addition, search traffic is also getting smaller and smaller, so it is first suggested not to do too many sites, more than their own management efficiency, so it is difficult to profit. A person to do a 2-3 website, the website is good, but in the end, to be concentrated to 1, the earliest when I did not find the direction and goals, also made hundreds of websites, finally gave up all the interest in A5, and that lasted for 5 years and never in the future, familiar with the basic operation or website has been operating over a period. The site should be started on the right track." read more

What kind of website can be successful

thousands of websites are created every day. These new sites are not based on the needs of the visitors, but are based on the needs of the site owner. Browsing has been overlooked as the biggest cause of most web failures. Here are 6 ways to optimize your design.

1. becomes a member of the browser and puts himself in the browser’s position. Visitors to your website, what he wants, your web site’s goal is not only to meet your needs, but more importantly, to meet the needs of visitors. A good way to get what visitors want is to do a survey of people who are interested in your products and services and to tailor your design to meet their needs and your own needs. It doesn’t cost much, for example, you can ask friends around you.

2. minimalist is the ultimate goal, if you look at more successful websites, such as Google, Flickr and Blogger, they are simple. Why add bloated content, especially when only 80% of browsers use 20% of the above?. When adding each feature, consider the needs of the viewer. Think of it as your goal. read more

Share the successful application for Baidu web promotion experience

my Qionghai information online, in January this year started, when on-line tepid, not put advertising alliance ad code, as Baidu web promotion does not want, but in the new year, then focus on the promotion, also sent a few heart station, then the site in a short period of time with the upgrade, Baidu also included my site every day.

is that when I choose to put Google’s ad code, because I think that Baidu was above my station, and Google earned dollars, Baidu earn RMB, the high price of Google advertising pairing, so I didn’t want to apply for Baidu web promotion.

however, about the recent "Google out of the mainland market China" things we should all know, do believe that many webmaster many are by putting advertising alliance to maintain website revenue, and Google Adsense is most webmaster preferred, but on the "Google out of the mainland market China" after the event, I also often see: Google Adsense price plummeted, the official Google advertising price is very low, even Google in Google’s own Adsense advertising. read more

The 4 step is to build a complete corporate website


enterprise websites should be designed has been a topic shared by executives of various enterprise networks and network company designers. How to layout, how to arrange the content? All of these need careful consideration, enterprise e-commerce marketing is a "benefit type website" has, what is the benefit of the website? This is Yang Fan (Yang Fan) master a website concept put forward, before I know the website is a "marketing concept what is the type of website, benefit type website? Here is not about learning details, interested friends can go to Yang Fan’s blog:" your website is now benefit website? ", since the site is so important that how to do


, one of my clients today gave me a simple answer to the problem and thanked her very much.

, she gave me 4 questions:

1. what do we do,


2. what can we do for you,


3., how are we doing,


4., what’s the difference between us and other companies?

if a website can reflect these content, it is a complete website, read more

The development of China’s e-commerce needs the promotion of star brand

around the world, all kinds of e-commerce website forms, both All flowers bloom together., tolerance is large, and the precise vertical type. Not only the professional website more traditional industries emerge in an endless stream, or, for a time, the tide of e-commerce booming into the Chinese full of opportunities and challenges of the soil up to.

e-commerce is developing rapidly, the thunder’s ears, for Chinese, from there must be a process of enthusiasm once strange, too fast, go too quickly, Chinese is a special country, enter any emerging industry have to think twice, do not meet the situation of our country is not Chinese make the left is made right, not the status quo analysis China do not understand the Chinese character, Chinese will not buy your account, not local people, foreigners even not, why some foreign companies than the state-owned enterprises more competitive in the Chinese, to have ample funds, two in some respects, they are more willing to understand China the market, pay attention to Chinese psychological. read more

User experience of network copy

many people may think that the so-called network copy but is to write a good article, express meaning, and then released to the Internet site is good, whether it will give users what feelings are of no great importance, that text is like this, the user can not see, how to have none of my business. But in fact, no matter what stage of development of the Internet, the network copy will have an important impact on the Internet products and each enterprise, after all enterprises are more and more from the Internet, and presented to the first user interface on the Internet, often also cannot do without the network copy, even if it’s just a simple with a text advertising map, is the network copy, especially now network public relations crisis become more frequent, more need to pay more attention to the user experience in copywriting, in order to truly ease the enterprise public relations crisis, to establish a good image of enterprises and products in the majority of users.

first of all, the design of network copy interface. A lot of people will think that network copywriting has no need for interface design, just put text on the network, and then users read it, there is nothing to consider. But in fact, the network copy has the skills that can not be ignored in the visual and display position. For example, the network copy in many forms in the user interface, for example, in the window, text, buttons which are connected to the Internet copy, even in the user interface button with a word is. Also, the network copy since it is presented on the Internet, you need to display in the appropriate location on the network, in the end is on the web page or the content page is displayed in the upper left corner and lower right corner, which need to design according to the user’s reading habits. read more

Do web site to catch a early

, it’s been two years since we started doing it. Because of the lack of knowledge and experience, we seldom send articles on the internet. But the webmaster home page article, I must see every day, what difficulties, always on Adsense search. Recently, several Agricultural Bank of China MM came to the unit to pull us to do "civil service card", in a detailed understanding of it, just know that this "civil service card" is actually a kind of credit card. So I have a lot of interest in credit cards. I want to make a website with the credit card as the theme. Coupled with the previous experience, (Baidu) is included in the reduction, we must find a new site direction. So I took the "credit card" as the theme, and immediately applied for the domain name (

hey, speaking of domain name, I also experienced a detour, always want to register in accordance with their results, neither fish nor fowl, one day in the Baidu search for "experience", you see, the row in front of the website with the domain name what features? Oh ~ ~ is actually a lot of Pinyin, and SEO tutorial all told, but I do not pay attention to, so this time I chose "credit card pinyin" "". With the choice of the domain name, you may want to scold me, why ah wide of the mark is not urgent, immediately start?. read more

Great products only have one button The fate of the Home key is not a big problem at all

Home key is the fruit powder used to show the extent of their nouveau riche just need. At least in China, or otherwise entangled in the fate of a Home, it is better to tangle screen size and cell phone color?.

compared to the volatility in the stock market, recently from iPhone rumors, but also stimulate the fruit powder – Apple may debate on the iPhone hardware is simplified. Apple designers are looking to integrate touch and display chipsets on iPhone screens and may also add fingerprint recognizers. If the news is true, then Apple will have the opportunity to remove the Touch ID sensor from the Home key, or even remove the Home key itself.

Home key if delisting, then iPhone is not and Android brothers become good base friends?


great product has only one button,

of course, all of this is just a trend or may only, although many predictions about Apple products are true, but if you see every day will be a new set of Apple broke the news at the time, you will find the octopus Paul eight different orientation of the antenna, one refers to the direction, will become the prophecy God read more

5 years of my 5 years webmaster life

university is the major of computer science and application, now also did not want to know is a kind of luck or misfortune; and the Internet was just the first job just graduated from the University for 03 years, when the software is made in a state-owned enterprise in Xiamen; at that time it’s no exaggeration that Chinese three Internet only in Xiamen City, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen; visible Internet atmosphere of Sheng, then a lot of well-known Internet companies and personnel from Xiamen; China station hooligan,, resource of top-level domain name providers, Cai Wen Sheng and his, and many well-known IDC; and then the first personal webmaster are held in this beautiful city, this beautiful garden city, the development with too many people and businesses to the Internet China a glorious page.

Several colleagues around

in external live help a well-known IDC development background, but also has its own website; but also hold now is still very valuable domain; even made some very famous sites do not know to cherish, then expired domain name and give up; now do people do things working technology too little has been done; in software, do the Internet nature be nothing difficult to take advantage of free time; registered the domain name, started a joke entertainment station; there is a small story, the beginning also used the domain name later felt good enough to give up; the foreign professional website website history; read more

Buy website how to undertake website analysis, (one) understand group buying website characteristic


this is a very realistic problem, the domestic group buying websites mushroomed, homogeneous and fierce competition. Good site data analysis, and constantly optimize conversion rate, is one of the required internal strength of enterprises. It’s a subject that puts pressure on me. Because not only the subject itself is very specific, but my idea of doing this series is to put aside the methodology, write from the point of view of the implementation, write down the code, and manipulate things from the A-Z.

See friends @

from SEMWatch in Beijing. The butcher got me doing this series of ideas, to the real pen have a month. Finally decided to write, on the 10 to Lyon to participate in the directional crossing of the train. When looking out of the window is pulled thin scenery I know waiting for me in front of 2 days will be carrying more than 10 kilograms of luggage non-stop down the mountain to find the arduous journey point; when the line of sight back inside the car to open this subject notebook to write down I know what is waiting for me in front of the challenges and risks? Of course I know, then let them go and welcome questions and opinions! (also welcomed the work in the company of friends of your group purchase demand and case, through the comments or via email: hailongxia AT read more

Female stationmaster’s sad history what’s left of me

A few days ago

with this topic made in an article that was said to be speculation, it is said to be soft, is to provide more help to me, what I can’t explain to the website, I have not learned to hype, do not mix so far.


website has been for a long time, really tired, now traffic is very small, there is no clear, even busy graduation exam, have a big head, today a friend said to me SEO, I really have no time to busy this, this is not 3 days to two learn something.

and friends and I said: "in China webmaster net saw your article, don’t know is hype or what?". But still have to warn you a word, people live for decades, some things should give up, must give up, and some things should strive for, must strive for. Boyfriend, no more, you can find, and if the school is gone, it is a lifetime thing. Think it over yourself, · finish your studies carefully. Go on and on your life…… Consider for a long time, may find themselves not suitable to do, everyone has their own direction in life, everyone wants to pursue their own ideals, looking at a dormitory for students admitted to the graduate students, there is a kind of unspeakable pain, you should also continue to study in the University, read on life is always my dream, so I decided to give up the site, a year of hard to test students looking for work, I have no courage to resume my head, the station ( do not know to have friends, I know not how, but it cost me too much, a little off unfortunately, if a friend can also feel, please contact me: qq594998744, how much money can you look for, also hope to have a friend to help If You Are The One, reproduced, transferred to others as soon as possible, no time management, six The month is about to answer. read more

How to operate the franchise chain

bags to join the chain in the market is very popular, if you want to attract a large number of customers to come home so you may need to spend some thought. Many operators have shared their successful business know-how, you can contact us if you are interested.

first, to create a strong sales atmosphere.

whether it is the case of the chain store franchise image or chain store sales atmosphere, we must create a good. Let the consumers have a good impression. Therefore, the overall image of the chain stores to try to create a beautiful, pleasant feeling, and then the clerk, but also to give others a warm and considerate feeling. Just imagine, if the whole store sales atmosphere is very strong, all the presence of consumers can not produce the desire to buy their products immediately impulse?

second, to create dazzling shop decoration, but also to create a warm shop decoration.

either outside the store or shop, can not ignore the decoration. Because it is the key to attract people’s attention. A good store image to let consumers at first sight, so to ensure the rich content and eye-catching decoration. Then is the shop decoration, should try to create a happy and rich feeling and atmosphere, so that the majority of consumers into the store to stay in the store, watch products, products, and try to guide in-depth communication and so on. read more

Jade Dynasty by heaven, by the ground, by the team of the chapter

Jade Dynasty team to create the world’s first jade circulation platform, professional value, appreciation, circulation of treasures handed down the family jade; Jade Dynasty team through the Internet and for jade, Hui, min, Gong, wide letter, five in the world! When it was named in the Jade Dynasty, had announced to the world the great ideal, but the cause of the early move, we rely on what to stand, what to rely on what to create a real breakthrough, "Jade Dynasty"? I think: "by heaven, by the ground, by the team.""!

Before the promotion of thinking your product is qualified

our products if you want to occupy more market share, usually need to achieve promotion, but in the promotion before inspection thought our products can withstand the market and users? If we vigorously to promote a defective product, so most users will only attract a look to meet curiosity, they will not leave and become loyal users, so the product promotion, a defective product is largely futile, but before a product promotion, pondering whether the product defects have become a crucial step, the author discusses how to work together with you whether evaluating a product can withstand the test of the market.

stability: will your product continue to operate,


, many articles have mentioned the importance of stability, and here I am going to make a long winded speech. Is an Internet product, stability refers to the following aspects: server stability, regularity and stability of product update performance, generally speaking, that is our product or web site to ensure that whenever you use or access, and our products to ensure the regularity of the content and the updated version. Instability will let users tired and eventually abandon our products, more deadly point is that instability will cause our website even dropped by K in the search engine rankings, believe that the webmaster for a deeper experience. read more

Interception Baidu traffic, and let him included your new station

today for you to introduce how to get traffic from Baidu, and the previous online methods are not the same, every day to see the content is repeated, no change, it is too boring.

today, I’ll tell you something else. Something substantial. We have done a new site, there is no traffic, the first thing to do is to promote. So many people want to go to Baidu post bar, Baidu knows to send connection. This is really easy to get some IP, but the problem comes, you often send your website connection, it is easy to Baidu to K, just stick it as an example. You sent a lot of, Baidu will think your hair connection is advertising, will shield you out. There is sometimes a little something to connect the hair, Baidu will not let you send. Say it’s an advertisement. I think a lot of friends have had this kind of problem. Here I talk about how to Baidu post bar advertising.

Baidu does not let you advertise connection is normal. Why do you send other connection addresses on your website?. If you want to send it, you should send someone else’s address. So, ha ha, you should send Baidu address, so he is not afraid of K, you stand, shield your domain name, not let you post. For example, my younger brother, I have a breeding website, the address is, if you send it directly, it will be easily blocked. Then we send it, go directly to Baidu search "" this word. After the search, the page address is,, so that the hair will be issued after the connection with Baidu, so that Baidu will not K you. This method also has a use, is to Baidu included your new station has certain function. You want to?. If a few W people in your web site as keywords to search, that Baidu does not pay attention to you, ah, he does not want to let the majority of Internet users disappointed ah. So which bar popular, you go to which post bar hair. read more

Enhance user experience from detail to help users save time

Internet products have a very important goal is the pursuit of a good user experience, and to all the users, the most valuable and the time of users, especially in some western countries, many things are more important than time. There are many Internet products, users use one or more times, and then no longer use, because the time spent on this product is too much, and even affect the user’s life and work. A small detail above an ordinary website can affect a user’s good experience because of wasting time. Therefore, in order to enhance the user experience, we should start from the details, to help users save time.

first, the performance of the product can greatly save the user’s time. Now there are a lot of computer software, especially computer optimization software, will be at boot time in the lower right corner of the taskbar pop-up boxes a display boot with a long, this is an example to enhance product performance. These software is also often Internet products, in order to maximize the user’s time savings, through technology to enhance the performance of PC, in the boot to reduce user waiting to bring a better experience to the user. This is why we often need to optimize the performance of the website, through the website optimization, website JS HTTP request or pictures to improve the response efficiency of the website, especially the website, the response time is one of the important factors in customer. read more

Baidu 301 redirect test grassroots webmaster 4 months of research results

Baidu 301 in the end there is no use, how long will it be useful? Most of the webmaster will encounter this problem, because sometimes inevitably encountered change the domain name problem. I do a more than 4 months of the Baidu 301 test, basically recorded every time ranking changes, now the end of the experiment, the test results will be announced, and do a simple analysis of the data, I hope to help the webmaster have the same problem:

1. Test the basic situation

1, test the original domain name: (the following content is replaced by website A)

test target domain name: (the following content is replaced by website B)

site A did 301 to website B.

2, A domain name opening time: April 19, 2008

B domain name opening time: December 28, 2010

3, opening 301 hours: December 28, 2010

4, test Keywords: online part-time (that is, each time the so-called rankings are based on Baidu search online part-time ranking data prevail), 301 ago, A in Baidu’s ranking has been in between 15-35. read more

Experts suggest website SEO on the optimization of related links

we’ve learned that link factories are not working on site optimization, and using link factories, you’ll be punished in the search engine results page. But you also know that if you want to have a good location on the result page, you have to have links. Link Factory allows you to get a lot of links quickly, but most of them don’t relate; the related high quality links will eventually bring you more good stuff than the mass of junk links.

so how do you get the relevant links? There are a lot of articles on link building and link exchange on the SEOchat forum. If you want to have a good understanding of this, you’d better listen to the advice of Larisa Thomason, a senior network analyst at NetMechanic. When she first gave her advice in 2002, she had many connections with her. She stressed four points:

keep relevant topics and make sure that all the links on your site are relevant to your web page topic.

two is with a popular group. Search engines focus on the extent of the links, not just their numbers. "100 good internal links from popular web pages are much better than 1000 link factories that are made up of garbage sites," Thomason says." read more

6 years the road of the site didn’t make a stop to

02 years of the initial contact with the computer, I was the little city in Internet cafes are not many, the machine is not good, the Internet is also expensive. When it is started with the students in the past, look at others, I don’t know QQ chat, read more, think chat feeling pretty good, so I apply a QQ number to play. Just started playing quite a dish, open a web page does not stop at the link, never close the window, so often engage in a crash. After adding QQ, a Zhejiang MM, talk very speculative, then exchange the address to write to each other. From the beginning to the present, the past 6 years, has been linked with.

until two years ago, I still stay in the QQ or CS level, do not make progress. But because of playing QQ more, so often find some QQ related resources, at that time, often hear people say free brush member, three drill. What I am interested in this. So slowly mixed with " hacker " related forums. When there is a Guangxi hacker alliance, where the QQ resource update soon, where successful rushed several members of the free three drill. Have a great sense of achievement. One day, following the network warfare Links. I went to another forum, there are more points and rookie, I slightly more than most people understand something, there is a mixed one. The day after the administrator do often go to see some hacker " " black tutorial, several websites also Zhaomaohuahu. Internet cafes also stolen over the others QQ. slowly feeling I thought I was too much food. I had too much to learn. So I left the forum and started the process of doing my own station.. read more

Another way of development for women’s forums

forum pays attention to member interaction, pay attention to is a stickiness. The development of women’s forums is a special environment.

now MM likes shopping, like to dress up, make up, like to star. If someone can help them provide a better shopping platform, the way to dress up, make-up, and the latest news of the star, can bring users. But these have been done badly on the Internet, and if you find a good female website, it’s ten and a half months to get all the information.

but did anyone think that shopping was targeted? From profit analysis, I summed up the following possible options:

, for example, a webmaster with a business combination, as long as it is a member of the station, how much discount can be played?. This communication process depends on their eloquence, mutual benefit and win-win situation, the site to help businesses do free publicity, as long as there is no negative impact, businesses will consider.

now free make-up make-up shop also has many, if for regional on the site to do the corresponding publicity, I believe will attract many members to retain for a long time. This process takes time, and if you don’t want to spend your time without energy, the effect is quite different. read more