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Personal Adsense make big money, good foundation is the most critical

building a website is like opening a company. Before you start a company, you need adequate preparation. Who dares to fight the battle that is not sure? Of course, in the establishment of a web site before, also need to have adequate preparation, although the site did not open the company is so troublesome, but the site also need to spend money to manage, otherwise, how can the site become climate?. So, what does the stationmaster need to do before building a station to be able to make his website operate normally, or even good enough?

1, sign up for a good domain name

domain name is the cornerstone of the network, is the site of the school number, characterization of a web site, the webmaster in the station before, must seriously register a website related to its own domain name. According to the domain name, your website brand website to register the domain name, but not too long, so as to be easy to remember, so as to make your site more easy to remember. And a simple and profound significance of the domain name is also conducive to search engine optimization, because the domain name and also has a direct relationship, so for the webmaster, in the site before to register a good domain name has been a small step.

2, select a good host service provider

why choose a good host service provider rather than buy virtual host good? Because a virtual host speed, stability and safety are all service providers directly, if the owners can choose to a good hosting service providers that need not worry about the quality of the host, even if the host fails. Customer service service provider service well done, so also does not affect the development of the site and the mood of the webmaster. Due to the current lack of understanding of the innumerable hosting provider, IDC industry webmaster, this time can be on the virtual host to select the evaluation of network service providers, through the evaluation of users to make a comparison of these service providers, the webmaster want to buy a good virtual space is not so difficult. Always more than their own blind bump, and finally buy a frequently trouble host, more worry. With the opportunity provided by the professional platform, choose a good space for your website, so as to provide a high quality network environment for the operation of the website, and this is also an important foundation for the success of the site.

3, accurate positioning of the site

is the domain name space and the webmaster can everything is ready except one crucial element. Front said, do the station is like opening a company, open the company need to do planning, that site also need to do integrated planning. Don’t look at the integration of planning seems very profound, is actually very simple, as long as the webmaster in site before think about what you want and what kind of station, what is this station profit model, and give the site a good name is planning one of them. Do the above, go further to think, if someone has to do the same station than you, the webmaster to go beyond this time, the core positioning website with the webmaster, do stand to find their own ideas to become an independent school their own unique ideas, into the the core of the website, the website of the brand image, do stand purpose, development goals are integrated.

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Zhang Lianglun out of Amoy from shopping guide to flash purchase Secrets

lead: occupy the clothing category, occupy the beauty category, from the rice network separated from the babe net can occupy the mother and baby category?

? has occupied the clothing category, has occupied the beauty make-up category, has separated the net from the rice folding net "the baby net" to be able to occupy the mother and baby category,


| Liu Yan

in the end whether or not through the shopping guide cross-border to mother and child sale, the founding team into a very tangled among. After much hesitation, meters off the network founder Zhang Lianglun is determined to try, he will not leave any regrets. In 2013, after spending about 1000000 yuan heavily to buy the most suitable to do maternal and child supplies domain, Zhang Lianglun also spend hundreds of thousands of bought Finalize the babe network domain name, he is off from the posterior front, forcing myself to adventure. After several months of intense preparations, Beibei net finally in April this year formally launched.

today, the only 4 month old on the line has not disappointed Zhang Lianglun. It quickly broke the vast majority of the electricity supplier is difficult to exceed the monthly turnover of 60 million yuan mark, and in the monthly growth rate of over 100%, the monthly turnover of 100 million, just around the corner.

Zhang Lianglun this move did not go wrong. In the Taobao policy continues to close,, beautiful and other shopping guide site suffered severe pressure, he tried to lead the rice fold network transformation, but accidentally discovered the mother and child sale this valuation depression.

after,, Beibei network can become a baby mom and pop category of flash buy big winner?

why cross border for mother and baby sale,


the widdy, this is Zhang Lianglun founded three meters off the greatest feeling of years. Although the meters off the network shopping guide websites to the first camp in the 100 meters sprint speed, turnover of 500 million yuan a month, but it doesn’t make him feel relaxed, because any wind sways grass Taobao are likely to bring no small shake.

simply do shopping guide website, although there are suppliers settled, but the final transaction link still depends on external completion. Zhang Lianglun want to order transactions, cash flow, after-sales service and other supply chain back-end has a deeper involvement, so think of doing B2C, in order to reduce dependence on Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms.

last year, in the search for "Amoy" in the process of exploration, Zhang Lianglun not only saw the charm of the sale, but also found that meters off the background has a very valuable data trends: the mother and baby market growth is very fast. This attracted a great deal of attention from the team. After investigation, found that in China, only 600 billion of the market size of children’s clothing, and other maternal and child category, there will be trillions of "cake."". But from the current domestic consumption habits, most people to line consumption mainly, the largest transaction volume is still online under the mother and child store. If you can hold the line babe network first chair, or will become the industry giant".

, but not <

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The initial stage of the site, with rich content to retain and accumulate users

Internet grassroots webmaster number millions, tens of millions of individual sites, some owners through the Internet platform to gain a lot, some websites are also impressive, but most of the people is still in the initial stage of development, the website also has not improved. Why do others succeed, and some people are still wandering,


November 18th Admin5 forum Thursday invited Pizhou forum version Xu Wei share site development initial stage operation and accumulation of users topic, this paper focuses on baby finishing, welcome to discuss.

asked: the site early stage, operation, user accumulation, traffic and other issues are very concerned about the webmaster. How does the Pizhou forum start to solve these problems? How to build a user base and build their own brand?

answer: Pizhou forum stage is a focus on the "news media" the people’s livelihood type of forum, not as many local forums that rely on line users activities started, that is to say at the local station, we stand at the beginning by the website of real content to attract visitors to the website just at the start of the 06 years also didn’t want to become a business forum, just as an ordinary people to speak the place, in the early development because there is no any commercial behavior, there is no so-called financial difficulties, to say that is difficult, netizens use the forum to push in the public opinion the frontier, and the government to push in the opposite. Until now, we still survive in the government and the ordinary people, the people to stand in the position to speak to the


in the initial stage, a small town in the network media has not been recognized by most people, till now, the small town of network media and did not like the metropolis as recognized by the public, and sometimes I even in the family and relatives about our company and our work are not communication with them, for they this industry is not very understanding, they also represent the vast majority of people in the small town.

groundless talk over the past four years, these four years we have been trying to do is to let everyone know about Internet media, e-commerce, the company is doing all in this network of e-commerce is not very developed county, put the word "Pizhou forum" the brand set up.

speaking guests of the website, the user stickiness is very strong, a lot of "to the Pizhou forum, and the society of loyal users" on the Internet, want to ask guests, how do you do it? Hope to talk about the specific.

answer: early development of our website is the development of "media" direction, in the early days, the Pizhou Forum on the Internet is not here to see what delicious good drink fun, but come here to see what was happening in Pizhou today news! For the Pizhou forum, users are sticky, because they can see them in the "Pizhou radio station and Pizhou TV station" > at the Pizhou Forum

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The gentleman’s love of money in a proper way, the site do not earn ill-gotten gains

          these two days, coincided with the "3.15" consumer rights storm coming, so the network published a lot of news about consumer protection. "Users upload" website to evade responsibility camouflage "expose" users upload "content is actually made by the parties to organize people to upload sites, they use such camouflage to deceive a lot of people who are not familiar with the Internet, the website to make full use of network virtual property, under the guise of the name of the net friend upload infringing works. In order to achieve a business advantage. "Buy a fake website search ranking touting consumer fraud" is undoubtedly a most incisive interpretation of black sites to consumer fraud boon. Similar to such infringement reports abound, here on the "Shanzhai" web site, relying on the search network search engine ranking phenomenon published their views.

China Association for quality promotion recently announced the 23 fake "copycat" repair station, these "copycat" maintenance station the main use of the Internet and the "114" directory assistance information issued to mislead consumers. Among them, more than half of the "Shanzhai" maintenance station is to rely on the search network search engine competitive ranking business to attract business. According to the survey data, the "Fortress fastness" maintenance sites pay high advertising costs to search engines, in fact, far less than they are "black" to consumers. "To a 70 yuan regular water heater parts, for example, fake repair stations overcharged consumers 230 yuan, remove the money Baidu points, they can earn more than 100 yuan."." Why the regular manufacturers can not afford the price, "cottage" repair point, but can never forget the top two pages? I think the final reason is to blame in the Baidu search engine body,


gentleman loves money, should also be in a proper way. First open, end the site is trying to make money as profit, such as Baidu Internet portal, as one of the major search engines, must be strict "quality", the "quality" is required by your own web site included a good reputation, (I know the Internet site and China station network by virtue of its own reputation, in addition to earn legitimate interests necessary, in the credibility of good play, deep Internet users), whether it is a real integrity of the site, you deserve to be included, although it used to price bidding to the home page, you the website also not because you want to make money to be moved, isn’t it? Remember what time last year, CCTV of Baidu PPC fraud As had been exposed, it makes users of Baidu, the most authoritative media websites and search engines have questioned, but also on the Internet everywhere, emerge in an endless stream fraud of fear, downhearted. In this case, there is only one result: your website will end up in bankruptcy.

review the underlying causes of the "degradation" of the web site

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Webmaster should learn to use reverse thinking to do website

for a long time I did not write anything, chat with friends today, friends are talking about the website why do not, some more than a year of flow less than 100IP! Heard many such people helpless and complain. If your website does not operate well. You might as well do reverse thinking and see where your website is,


first you have "become" visitors to view your site! Visitors to your site can see what see is advertising? If you don’t see the love I am full of ads, so people don’t see love. So the advertising should be modest! And the best relationship to the content of the web site and less! Hanging unrelated advertising, such as do car sites, hanging in the medical advertisement we can see A5 (, accounting for advertising space is very small, and are concerned with the site


browser on your website can get what? If the content of your website you are too lazy to look at, so what a waste of time to look at the others? Only by the superposition of keywords to cheat others in traffic? Then one second after the closure? So the website should have good content to increase the viscosity of the website! For most visitors to become your


visitors on your site and what needs to be done! If you want to watch a video on the site, when you click on the ready to play, that requires you to register as a member to play, what is your first action? Anyway, I open the first action for Baidu direct viewing of the visitors to our website! Is to create wealth for us, so we have to simplify their operation steps. For example, nets, the webmaster here video tutorials are directly watched, other sites charge the site here are free to see. We also benefit by bringing convenience to others,


so don’t just ask what the website brings to you. We need to think about what websites can bring to others. Learn to converse and think differently. Maybe the solution to the problem will be found soon,


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Tips for webmasters who run women’s websites

today received an e-mail, is love female net webmaster to me, let me take the time to diagnosis of his website weight why not go, and let me give his love of women network operators provide a bit of advice. In fact, before I often receive some help from some problems operation of female net webmaster friends, today I give you the detailed operation of the road about women, of course this is just a little of my personal opinions, welcome to participate in the discussion. China’s Internet development today, the birth of a large number of successful Internet companies, of course, more small and medium-sized Web site is still struggling in the food and clothing line. In the two years to ETUDE’s network, Amy, the Qixi Festival women network led by portal development women in just three years, set the industry benchmark for a time, all kinds of women from all corners of the Internet sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain to take out. The number of women’s websites in China is more than 200 thousand, according to the South China source, a well-known commercial source provider. Although this data is exaggerated, it reflects the popularity of women’s websites in one aspect.

was love women’s website asking me why I don’t go to the website, open his website, printed into the eye of "I’m very disappointed, the female network program fits, a female program using dedecms fine imitation, structure optimization design is very beautiful, very good, the whole site looks no flaws, at least on the surface it seems so, but because of the female network program is very good, so with so many people, more on the flood, a flood has become a waste program, you think ah, the same page, the data are the same acquisition, what most of the webmaster is very lazy, even a column name without any modification, label what did not make any changes, most of the webmaster to revise the program simple configuration, modify name Word and logo, a brand new station is on the line. We do so, if the weight of the site is high, but strange, this approach is difficult to attract search engines included. Well, if you don’t say a few words, go back to business. Then I’ll give you some personal experiences about the operation of the women’s web.

one. The choice of website space. Most of the women network program is too large, especially the home page index files are generally more than 60kb or even some arrived in 100kb, open the super slow speed, it was influenced by the large network of women, think home to do very versatile claim to operators is the female portal, people can use the server to carry large program website, and ordinary webmaster is a virtual space rental. So the owners in the choice of space is very important, generally not recommended to support a variety of scripts running the website, but not to complex, the best choice of supporting only one language operation space, now I still recommend the use of php space, this is a big trend in the future, ASP will be a step out of.

two: Web site configuration, web site keywords, description is very important, and this is often overlooked, or directly copy other sites >!

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51, school, occupation, home, ants, China SNS who can laugh in the end

51 user base data, said it has billions of dollars, and its brilliant point is that for the lack of interest in the city of two or three levels of hormone secretion exuberant children, provides a network entertainment city. Although the industry’s evaluation of 51 is complex, 51 is sure to make money because the Chinese are willing to spend money on the relationship between men and women. From Avatar to casual games, 51 of the pace is no problem.

campus users base of about 20 million, has swept the Chinese universities. Originally, they are the most like Facebook, but the name on campus will bind them for a long time and hinder them from setting up an off campus network. Barracks of the students, the school after graduating from school to go abroad? So, money is not difficult, it is difficult to return to scale


seat, will the wind gone, because the market has been the first university campus, really do not need second things to occupy, as like as two peas two? And the seat always love to make simple things complicated.

at home, all of China’s SNS users experience the best one, IT white-collar is its core users, from the value of investment to do white-collar market points. If you don’t make mistakes, the domestic market is promising, because of the need for such a mature real social network.

The development of

ant is finally on the SNS striking one snag after another, on the road, but just get lost. Its slogan is to Bo Friends, blog import is its characteristics, there are major BSP suspects. Ants have been advertised in the past to explore the social business route has been drifting away, the reason is very simple, business and blog is basically two groups. The target group positioning ants are still vague, uncertain.

SNS business model is not complex: identify your target customers, and let them build a deep relationship, but also to help you build channels, and then large-scale distribution of products or services.


Zheng Min: a researcher on human travel behavior, an outdoor travel consultant, an Internet professional.

China Adsense QQ group: 48331115 (Note: Webmaster) Zhejiang Internet practitioners QQ group: 41354957 (Note: Internet), please don’t repeat to join,


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How to let the grassroots webmaster website when my hair achieves waist length

how to evaluate the success of a website, each grassroots webmaster has different standards, of course, using value estimation site is a more common way, such as the value of this site, how much money and so on. At present, Baidu, Ali group, the Tencent to enclosure on the Internet, they think I began wantonly acquisition of various sites, various venture companies also on the Internet looking for a potentially valuable website, webmaster website if get VCs favor, or to Baidu, Ali, Tencent under the door, also was successful however, you want to make your site to achieve "when my hair achieves waist length" state, can not be


"when my hair achieves waist length" and last year’s "Yuan Fang, what do you think", almost overnight became popular in the network, the network buzzwords hot, and "Yuan Fang, what do you think", "when my hair achieves waist length" seems to have a lot more poetic, with more meaning. It is reported that, "when my hair achieves waist length" from a study at the University of Cambridge of China handsome boys & girls, under an obligation to help a domestic company to make international lawsuit, two people posted in two different intimate photos, two photos of the biggest difference is the heroine’s hair long, so someone for this photo with poetry: you accompany me from long hair bobbed hair to the waist, so I accompany you from pure sentimental to calm certainty. And comment: when my hair achieves waist length, will you marry me young man?

this is the beginning, "when my hair achieves waist length" into the latest network popular in inadvertently, a positive or inspirational spoof, also sad, many users were surprised to find that the long hair and waist of the rich connotation can be infinitely extended, extended to personal feelings and life, of course can be applied in all walks of life! So, grassroots webmaster treat their website as "long hair", "how to make the long hair and waist"


from the physical point of view, all human hair, hair length, under normal conditions, the hair every day can be 0.3 mm long, 1 mm for 3 days, one month to 1 cm long, about 13 centimeters a year, if the long hair and waist, probably at least have to to more than 50 cm, it takes about 4 years or so


in reality, "the long hair and waist" women are not uncommon, but there is a beautiful black haired woman is less and less, why? Because it is need to ensure the hair length, but also to ensure the hair brightness and purity is not a simple thing, to choose a good conditioner, to know some hair, for hair patient care every day, do to fight a protracted war, it is the female especially married women, because of birth, breastfeeding, need to age and give up long hair, "in short, long hair and waist" is not easy


if their website as growing hair, so how to make the final growth for the beautiful black long hair? First of all to ensure a healthy state of mind if you do, then, even if the website distractions, insist on doing a lot of years, because of the complex of seven.

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Internet business success (eight) website advertising optimization three steps

after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

two, advertising alliance to choose carefully,

three, large advertising alliance introduced

four, is the site good for an advertising alliance,


five, website advertising optimization method

six, Google Adsense apply for actual combat

seven, analysis advertising click, enhance website revenue

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (eight): analysis advertising click promotion website revenue in reading.

eight, website advertising optimization, three steps,

the same amount of Web site, the income can also be different, do not think that the more ads put in, the income will increase. In fact, only a reasonable set of advertising sites, in order to maximize the advertising revenue of the site. Now we will tell you how to increase your website’s revenue by optimizing the size, quantity and format of the ads.

1. is the best

many webmaster often like the biggest advertising pictures, in the selection of advertising, often choose the biggest advertising, think this will have more click through rate, but the actual situation is not the case. The sizes of ads for different websites are different. They need to be determined according to the type of the site itself.

generally speaking, the size of each page’s advertising should be less than 1/20 of the entire page, but for a large number of pages, you can modify it according to the actual situation. In a word, choosing the size of website advertising to the site can not affect the browsing, not too prominent advertising overwhelming principle.


most ad organizations provide advertising codes of all sizes, and can easily select and modify the size patterns. According to the management background of this kind of alliance, it is convenient to customize the advertisement.

2. content conforms to the location is very important,

determines the size of the ad, the next step is to choose the form of advertising content, there are many types of advertisements in various types of advertising, such as text, click the guide registered mobile phone short message paid, in the choice of advertising is the first health and positive principle, and it is best not to put SP advertising such as mobile phone SMS registration type. If the choice of a certain content of fraud for the sake of temporary benefits, the development of the site is very unfavorable.

for different types of sites, the chosen ad is also >

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Advantages of website construction for enterprises

is the first Internet has all of the text, picture, color, film, three degrees space, virtual reality and other media advertising function, through it, so that customers can easily see the company introduction, product description, service mode, contact address, and you can add sound, pictures, animation and video information, to achieve real and to establish a good corporate image.

second customer market and every corner of the world, whether you need or not, you will find online customers may come from all over the world. In Northern Jiangsu, a company providing dehydrated vegetables has received several orders from overseas customers. Overnight, it became " international " the company.

third provides instant business information, catalogues, advertising, marketing, and more. Many companies in order to update the contents of advertisements and catalogues, and printing fee need to spend a lot of manpower, and once the data is put on the page, not only immediately appeared " ", started to take effect, more can be updated at any time, correction, saving time, saving manpower and cost of printing large.

fourth advertising and marketing of low cost, compared with other advertising media, the Internet can cost very low, compared to the printed catalogue and television advertising, the cost is more insignificant, and the Internet advertising area to every corner of the world extends.

fifth: reduce the company " pre-sales and after-sales service " operating costs, the traditional " pre-sales and after-sales service " is the staff to answer the phone, may cause human error, delays in business opportunities. But on the web, can provide a carefully designed " often encounter problems, the solutions of " " " and " commodity note;; guide to using " and other information, so that customers can store or print on your computer is fast and convenient.

sixth can bring advertising, marketing and order into one, contributing to the purchase intention. On the Internet, you can design purchase orders, allowing customers to select, print, order, complete, send back, or send directly online, to provide customers with faster and more direct channels of purchase.

seventh offers all-weather advertising and services without additional expenses. The maintenance and operation of the web site will be handled by the Internet service company, with professional design of computer software, 24 hours of automatic processing of information, statistics and archiving, without increasing the operating or personnel costs of the enterprise itself.

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