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Case analysis information website using love Shanghai billboard drainage

, two, illustrated the wayWe all love to see

startling step by step

reasonable use of hot events to lead flow every day to watch love Shanghai emerge in an endless stream, billboard became a lot of habits, for a relatively high weight of the site, it is easy to put some hot events into traffic, as long as their intentions to do an article, perhaps every day can bring thousands of flow, one thing which is unmatched by many owners, after all, their website no weight, even with the then popular articles, the search engine will not give good rankings, analysis of information website is how to use love to Shanghai billboard drainage below.

The key of

beautiful things, an article is written to fill the page, it sure if with a few feel dull as ditch water, beautiful pictures up, so this effect may be able to remind the user’s interest in reading, for example, the information network is reasonable tea station placed two Zhang Jimei set up to let the user does not produce visual fatigue, to search engine, and also a good optimization method.

love Shanghai index in recent months:

which is related to whether an article can get traffic, such as "watching a startling step by step, find and match your temperament, this article fine tea", is the combination of tea and characters, such as: four the elder brother temperament, thirteen elder brother tea tea may express is not very temperament. The ideal, but this creative description will attract users to read an article, so as to reach the site to increase the amount of traffic, must first consider the user’s reading, only.

love Shanghai billboard today search: 137818 last seven days: 864609 today ranking: 6

three, the article show the contents of the

Key words:

introduction: "startling step by step" adapted from the novel of the same name Tong Hua Qing wear. Is the recent hit TV series


web site of the title of "watch the startling step by step, find and match their temperament, cleverly exquisite tea and tea were startling step by step the words together, this is not only to type their own website, but also achieve the optimization goal of key words, although the very popular keywords startling step by step in general, the site is no way near the top of the screen there are many large websites in front of the queue, we can gain some traffic from the long tail keywords.

here to talk about a tea class website if with a movie name together, so as to optimize the overall effect:

, a website title written

site optimization type: tea category information website

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B2C mall optimization guide eight steps to build a successful B2C website


Keywords site procedures

B2c Shanghai Longfeng optimization guide is my feeling online without authority on optimizing B2C data writing a document. Whatever you want to do B2C individuals or companies will therefore benefit.

I often see some cases, such as a watch website, finally from the sale of cosmetics, selling up bags. I believe that such a change is not appropriate, because you look like a grocery store. Of course, if you are powerful, of course you can open a store, but you can not be like a grocery store. This is the website positioning.

in our country, shopex and ECSHOP is the value of the recommended two, you can choose one.

determine your home page according to the website of your location, such as you are selling watches, it is very simple, if you want to become the watch industry’s largest online shopping mall, your website keywords is relatively broad keywords, such as watches.

for example, I am now ready to sell watches. What is my position? You need to consider hundreds of factors to locate your site, for example, is your own production of small products, you are only those styles, your human is not a lot, so your location is a small website selling watches.

I often see, some people put keyword classification page layout to the home page, such as

need to locate your site in the early stage, then what is the location? Is very simple, you want your website is a website what position, this is very critical, for example, are you ready to sell those products on the Internet, will now sell those products, will reduce will increase?. After some complicated factors to consider, you can reach, after your site will be in what position in the internet.

you are developing their own website program? Back or use open-source program? I recommend to use mature open source program. Of course, if you are strong enough, you can also set up a team of their own development process, but if you need to develop procedures, it may take several years to have a strong program.

if you are also agents of the well-known watch brands, abundant funds, manpower is abundant, then your position is lofty ideals and high aspirations, a large comprehensive watch store.

three, to determine how many words and columns according to the website of the product, and the distribution of keywords.

A After

was elected the program, need a set of exquisite template, with your site style, also has a good user experience.

< title> poly fashion luxury Mall – 100% authentic Tissot Longines watches in | > |

B2c optimization preparation. To determine the site location and program.

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Five daily habits improve website rankings and chain

don’t create content and create content. Instead, you should make sure that the article is relevant and professional, high quality. This is a good habit to the most effective and will surely return.


3) re written introduction

good daily habits are good for you. If you have the correct brushing, eating, exercise, daily drinking water, you will improve health. As for digital marketing. If you can start some daily habits to improve website rankings? Some simple operations will lead to the success of the enterprise.

4) add a new paragraph in the article

through daily modifications one or two articles, you can give the injection of new life, have more links to show more, so as to enhance the entire site condition.

like all things, the content will be out of date. Even if your content is permanent, but I still advise you to make some changes.

write a thing is the most time consuming but the most valuable.

long form content can get higher ranking, but also require a longer time to write. If you spend at least one hour a day of time to write, you should create at least two a week long article or more.

Time required: 10 minutes

2) to change the article in H1 H2 tag

modify the old article

wrote and published an article that




Time required: 1 hours

6) delete important paragraphs

often changes the content are more likely to rank higher. From the beginning of 2007, Google launched the algorithm more "QDF" (fresh content query value) features, the idea is to give a query the latest date of publication of the search results. The goal is to provide users the latest information on a given topic to provide users.

can learn the following things

9) share your article to get more active users

7) to write the conclusion

1) with more relevant keywords to change the title of the article

the creation of new content is the only way to bring traffic to the site the best.

a daily habit of promoting Shanghai Longfeng and will have a great market success. Some of the following practices required daily operation:

why do you need to update the old

to get links from the new website

5) adding links to other sites link to the new

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Cause analysis of Shanghai dragon Er are not to be underestimated 360 must focus on 360 Search Searc

Senmao science and technology search on the BD no 360 search 360 drop-down box, which shows the effects of the current insufficient attention is limited, it is also just beginning but I expect that in the near attention and visibility will improve.

3. key:

I think after

1. that my first 360 comprehensive search experience:

A lot of

is used on the whole is good, and the previous 360 product style, the whole page is not what a big change, the key is to look at the Shanghai dragon of search results, because I’m a dish, not on the 360 search engine principle and so on further analysis of the system, it can only rely on A5 the master had a jar.

2.360 comprehensive search the degree of concern at this stage is not enough:

when I first saw the 360 search in a customer there, there is a news show 360 search information, I guess 360 to engage in the search engine, what situation ah, no in-depth view, open the A5 forum home see several comprehensive search information on the 360, I also generally looked on start using 360 search engines, in fact I do not work, good is the kingly way.

China Internet users is white for the search engine can be said that many users do not need to manually enter the information website, people who want to understand the relevant knowledge unless it may open the corresponding website directly enter the URL to want to query, but most users of China computer proficiency is not good, is what is what. I believe that there are a lot of people in China, so 360>

? The binding effect 360

search results on the whole and BD ranking of 65% identical, because they are comprehensive search may be comprehensive all things together, but there is the weight of old domain and information to a comprehensive search website and a list of 360 sites, so the package of the new domain name may be lower 360 search rankings and this is an initial product, the latter may also strengthen many aspects, but the 360 release of the first search again, I personally think it has achieved a stage of success.

Senmao technology recently found that 360 of the search is the fire ah, our novice Cougerenao, express my personal meaning, if there are mistakes please pat, you must not give us a lot of points, will be improved, here thank you in advance for, nonsense is not much, in today’s theme "why not 360 to search for the new force"

products 360 are free of charge, especially the 360 anti-virus and security guards of these two products is very high popularity in late 360 will put 360 comprehensive search bundled into his security guards inside, so the stability of users will be huge, why?

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How do enterprise stand stable keywords ranking



1. web space

is not intended to do within the chain rankings, many CMS system has the function of program, only keywords polymerization of the same article, and not related to the demand is recommended. My personal feeling is not very good, I used the manual recommended, the main purpose of the 1. users reading this related needs, meet the user read to the end of the 2. contact demand.


I have been adhering to the principle is to add the contents of the "want", I am doing sales work, will meet the customer put forward all kinds of problems, dig out the needs of users, finishing the corresponding article. This is not very good to do an original, written in a station in Shanghai Longfeng angle, can add pictures and pictures that can add video and video page, do the richness of your peers is not only the text, you have more difference advantage, I write this article is: "segmented, short sentences, read fast".

stable keywords ranking is the middle of website operation, today I took the operation of ecological wood website to share with you, I is how to do keywords ranking, the first 1-2 of your site keywords ranking on the home page.

station in the search engine perspective, why the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, because users change and demand change, the search engine in order to better meet the needs of users, constantly adjust and improve the user experience. Your site is standing in the user’s point of view, to meet the needs of users? If you pursue Ranking Ranking? This is our reflection, say so much nonsense to tell you: standing in the user’s point of view to do the work.

2013 with love Shanghai algorithm updating algorithm to update every time, see Shanghai dragon practitioners forum, group, talk about the most is the ranking up and down, the site was K, ranking floating, ranking do not complain, that if you stop and think about why me? Why why ranking is not stable, fell..

users can read very comfortable. Update frequency according to the actual conditions of 2 days, 3 days a week, etc.. To ensure the steady growth of station data, remember: the ranking is up on the matter, three days two days net.


2. content quality and update frequency of

enterprise website, generally adopt a virtual host, recommend the best use of network space, if your web site keywords ranking up, traffic will become large, you need to ensure the stability of the space, if the site often isn’t open, even if you and the ranking of the first, he will fall down, this is the basis of. We can love Shanghai tools to test the space velocity, suggestions are more than 85 points in Unicom telecom.

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Each site should seize the chance to fall in love with the sea

in fact we see this title was confused, here to explain. We all know that love Shanghai click principle, is also the top twenty websites can enjoy the click principle. If your website in the top twenty, if you click on more than the first, then tomorrow to update your ranking will be to love Shanghai home. This is the legendary click principle, we may ask what does this have to do with a chance to love Shanghai. Because of this opportunity principle is according to the principle to click. Because the search engine only your website mentioned on page second first page to know your website user experience is not better than the current page of these websites.

impressive art just make people feel the real value and find everything fresh and new, not. If you want to have a real value to the users, we also need the content. Can attract or to solve the user difficult content, which is required by the user site. Of course, this is a function of demand, of course, if we can meet. First time users are satisfied, the next encounter similar problems I believe will come to our website again.

if you are selling products of the site, you must clear their site’s core competitiveness. To express their core competitiveness, that is to say to the user a reason to choose our website. For example, either you or a good service, good quality, low price and so on either. Our rural words you must have a three sihde.

said these are some things about the user experience, these things should be done well in the early stage, but today we want to say is love Shanghai give us this a chance to enter the home page. >

means that each site as long as you can with the strength of the top twenty, but this time the search engine will give you a chance to enter the home page. The observation and practice of many sites and keywords that experience. In fact, of course, when the site into the top twenty, this time not to fight the update and the chain. The chain can only help you squeeze into the top twenty, but it is very difficult to help you in love with Shanghai home. The reason is because of the principle of the principle and click, click on is how to do, click on the principle is based on the principle of the user experience and come. You want to, when a site is when users click on the more, this is of course the users love the site. The search engine is such a judgment, the above is to tell you clearly principle. The next is to give you some practice.

said some of the experiences of author in these aspects, the author observed a lot of websites and keywords. When you can enter the keywords from page second page when the first day we may feel very fresh, never seen this website. Look at the others and what is not the same place, the first time may enter. But if the first time you cannot attract people, give people a good impression, they may never give up your web site. So in this respect our website in terms of style or art must be impressive.

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Guizhou network company can bring you what service

finally, the network company is also responsible for the follow-up services, perfect service are very sound, so even if the process of post operation in what problem, can find problems in time, also can timely make up. So for the site later development also has a positive effect.

secondly, if the website design is not very good-looking and scientific, so the image of the website in general is relatively poor, it is difficult to have an advantage in the fierce competition, and now all kinds of products have a very fierce market. The overall image so the network company can help you optimize your website, after optimization, the image of the website can be raised to a higher level, so as to have a good development.

network company: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝, please explain, thank you

is now a very large number of various types of Internet companies, can provide you with professional service, these services are mainly to help the website has a lot of progress in a short period of time, to get the economy further and better harvest. For many first contact business friends, for specific network companies can do is not very understanding, once Guizhou high network for network company specific business can give you a detailed introduction.

once again, high network companies will provide you with a lot of traffic flow after drainage services, greatly increased, there are a lot of people click, click, the volume will increase greatly. And these are the drainage can be converted to the purchase volume, click on the site is not to say that after leaving, the click rate can also help business people believe that more profitable and long-term development.


This paper consists of: Guizhou

first, the electricity supplier website must expect a good website ranking, ranking it, only to have the business, business is much, to be able to get benefits, also can have good development results. So the network company can help you on the basis of scientific ranking rules to optimize the optimized reorganization after the website ranking can quickly rise to a higher level and standard, and click on the amount and volume of better.


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Exchange website optimization Links when you need to pay attention to what the details


webmaster tools, the other side of the transmission. You can see into the basic information of the site, to see the first love Shanghai love Shanghai weight, weight can determine the level of a web site quality, the higher the weight that the love of Shanghai site optimization do better; and then look at the domain name age, see this website built how long if the time, a very short, but included and the traffic volume is high, it would have to be careful, this may be a short-term profit website.


two, the flow of Shanghai and Shanghai love love

is the most intuitive point of a website is to see the love of Shanghai included the number, the greater the amount collected, indicating that the site traffic will bring more and better the website optimization. The chain is the same, the number up, the quality of the whole site will go up.

love Shanghai shows how much traffic website traffic statistics in the days, the higher the better flow effect of their own website; a part of love Shanghai snapshot is also very important. Love Shanghai to see a website, is to look at the frequency of updates within the site, a site is updated every day, with a monthly update time, visiting frequency of love in Shanghai is not the same, if your site is updated every day, every time you love Shanghai to search the website can be detected by the new in the article, the love of Shanghai on this site will generate goodwill, visiting times are more and more frequent, Shanghai will be a Monday for love snapshot or better is two days for a change, these are reflected in the love of Shanghai snapshot.

every time we just open a web site, see a row of other sites in the bottom always, this is your site chain, and how can we find the right links? A few points to see each other website:

Shanghai dragon

it’s notice should be in the friend exchange chain, you want to find a good friend chain, to find all the data above your own website.

three, love Shanghai included and anti chain

of course, you look for friends of the chain website of others, if you love Shanghai snapshot within a week, the other side of love Shanghai best in half a month, in addition to half a month, it is necessary to carefully manage their website, may very lazy.

exchange Links can give their website ranking promotion, send original articles within the site relative to add links, a chain of benefits is much higher than the benefits of dozens of articles. When we exchange chain, the most important is to analysis whether the site of others and their own websites match.

website promotion website promotion



, a web siteOpen the

The basic information of

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A5 Optimization group comprehensive website Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic manual.

at present, most of the enterprises in Shanghai dragon know very little, with the liberal boss after seen Shanghai Longfeng effect, one is the choice of the Shanghai dragon outsourcing company, is a choice of Shanghai Longfeng staff professional, but a lot of the time, the two Shanghai dragon have encountered a problem: Shanghai the Dragon is unreasonable and there is no clear direction in Shanghai dragon. Because they are not targeted for understanding the direction of corporate profits, may have a preliminary understanding, but only on the charge of speculation, the speculation really got the actual work is not enough or even terrible.

1, Shanghai dragon direction of unreasonable selection of

at present, enterprise website is a kind of stand up, small and medium-sized enterprises also need to carry out network marketing through the Shanghai dragon this very cost-effective way, but the lack of correct choice in Shanghai Longfeng road. Especially for the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon, in many cases, internal risks and external performance is echoed, is very typical, this time we need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, this is our A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon) to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service of the mind, to solve the hidden Difficult miscellaneous diseases for the majority of enterprises with the most professional knowledge, let Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to make better use of network marketing.

enterprise station easily met in Shanghai Longfeng in question is very typical, one is because Shanghai Longfeng staff is not professional, technically not able to provide the most professional solution for Shanghai Longfeng marketing purposes, especially when some difficult problems will be at a loss what to do; the two is Shanghai dragon is out of touch, this department is a new department in the enterprise, not pay attention to, in addition to Shanghai dragon Er mostly engage in technology for communication to the poor more, many departments and cohesion is not enough; the three is for the product understanding is not enough, can not take the best strategy of Shanghai dragon. These kinds of problems for our website optimization brings many problems, one is the direction, is a push, one is the implementation of. May these problems are not technical, but a simple Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, then take some strategic adjustment, make enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is more reasonable.

enterprise website Shanghai dragon must do Shanghai dragon positioning, positioning is the key to profitable direction, especially when the enterprise has a number of products, enterprises can suggest product keywords to split up, focus on the selected direction, do so together, accurate self promotion, can grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. As the enterprise, must be timely communication and Shanghai dragon company or Shanghai Longfeng workers communicate the latest direction of their earnings, and starting from years of experience, choose the best keywords, let the key operation, quickly realize the value of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is diagnosis and corporate communication, grasp the direction of enterprise profit, to do good positioning, Shanghai Longfeng policy >

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Dragon training market in Shanghai can also fire

The 2. part why so hot?The development of the Internet search engine

3. search engines now really is not perfect

webmaster exaggerated

filled with such information in the Internet, a webmaster experience in speaking of success, how he earns 100 thousand a month, a month to make millions, so many webmaster in one hundred thousand at the age of 18 to earn hundreds of are not many, said that almost all of them have a characteristic is either to your training, copying his success! Or let you envy him, the membership fee, training fee to pay…… I really believe that a lot of money, but they will not say to others. In the face of many people like you, the Shanghai dragon earned plenty of money, you are not the heart of Wuhan, Shanghai Dragon Millennium snow today to the agent training time, want to go to the Shanghai dragon training, they are very surprised at me — without his consent I will omit some words his carelessness is Shanghai dragon, become more and more people forget the topic, now the Shanghai dragon training. Besides fishing. He returned from abroad, now runs a Microsoft certified, CISCO Certified Class school.

is now the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce on the Internet, more and more people network marketing, in five or six years ago has personal website is rewarding, engaged in the Internet people just write what words will be included in search engines, but also is the main link included, it has completely artificial included YAHOO, You’ll see. in the past, the site owner can easily succeed, many past successful predecessors put this he had success on the Internet for something (actually say it in when he said that most are not very successful), want to know the search engine is changing, now who can do such a hao123贵族宝贝 website, the search engine technology is not perfect, the rapid development of e-commerce and network marketing, Shanghai dragon.

, Shanghai dragon training

With the development of

1., Shanghai has 10 years of love in Chinese, along with our culture, improve the education level, the search engine is more and more people are familiar with and accepted by some small webmaster, often talked about in the experience through the network once earned about one hundred thousand, from this point of view, the mainland’s richest man love Shanghai the head of the first generation of Li’s richest man is a real return. The popular search engine, but the search engine also can not solve the problem, and will produce ancillary services, search engine optimization service was born

industry in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training is the most popular topic, also is the biggest selling point, before the old man claimed the first Chinese Shanghai dragon Wang Tong, Shanghai dragon why helmsman Cardiff, later that many, many did not have what set off waves, which in 2010 the rise of the at most, scale, it is also spreading rapidly than mlm.

4. too many people.